Friday, August 4, 2017

success is a journey, not a destination, and other minority reports from Key West, Birmingham, Alabama and the White House

Kari Dangler reported a dream last night, in which we were in Chicago. Then, we were on an airplane for a long time. Then, we were walking across a desert, alone, barefooted. A big desert. It was hot. Dry. We were thirsty. Tired. We walked up on top on a big sand dune and looked out and all we saw was more desert. Our feet were buried into the sand up to our ankles. Kari asked if we should keep going? The dream ended.

I said, Chicago is where the American Bar Association and the National Association of Realtors headquarters are. And where the Urantia Foundation is located.
I told Kari that I learned of the Urantia book from Millard Wells many years ago. Millard said he was living in Chicago, and someone he knew told him he should try to find a copy of the Urantia Book and read it. So, Millard went to a bookstore he knew and asked the owner if he had the Urantia Book in stock? No. Millard left and then was called later in the day by the bookstore and was told they did have a copy. He went back to the bookstore and bought the book, read it. 

Millard stopped drinking himself into oblivion. His lovely wife, Jean, decided not to leave him. They moved to the Florida Keys. She gave up her career as an artist in her own right, and ran the Wells Gallery in Islamorada, which sold Millard's paintings.

Kari knew Millard from when she lived on Key Largo and attended AA meetings. 

The Urantia book is about the history of everything, including this planet. It is much thicker than the Bible. It was channeled. It is nothing like the New Age channeled books. It is an alternative to the Bible. It is not like anything else I ever read. It can be ordered from The Urantia Foundation in Chicago.

Later this morning, I told Kari that Chicago is where the commodities and futures exchanges are. Your dream was a future dream. Are we going to be the rest of our lives in an endless desert? If things do not change? 

Is the dream a continuation of your walking out of the new planet of the apes movie just as the apes had escaped the apocalypse that killed all the human soldiers, and the apes were trekking across a desert, not knowing if it went on forever, but it did not, and they found a beautiful lake and a valley with woods around it, where they would start over?

Are you and I the apes, wondering if we should keep crossing the desert? If you don't stop drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes, I don't see anything but desert for us together.

Kari also told me this morning that the other day someone who worked for Publix told her I am gay, and Kari said she didn't think so, she had first hand knowledge. She said someone else asked told her the same thing a couple of months ago.

Moving laterally across the desert on a horse that has no name ...
Yesterday brought an email from a woman on the mainland saying she had read posts I had written about the North Roosevelt Blvd construction, a nearly 3-year nightmare that forced a number of businesses in along that road to close. The woman asked if I was willing to speak with her about that? I emailed back, "Sure", and provided my telephone number. 

She called, said she is a lady trial lawyer, who usually litigates insurance claims, but she was calling me about the Wendy's on North Roosevelt Blvd. She said she had read several of my posts about the North Roosevelt construction, including my post in which I described a "chance" bumping into former Key West city commissioner Barry Gibson at the Winn-Dixie on Big Pine Key, when I lived on Little Torch Key during that nightmare. 

Barry had told me then that his one regret as a city commissioner was he had not held out for working round the clock on the new North Roosevelt Blvd, instead of only during the day. Round the clock would have shortened the construction time, nightmare, by at least half.

A few days later, I attended a North Roosevelt Blvd workshop in Old City Hall, at which the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) was represented by its executive director and some of his staff. North Roosevelt was FDOT's project, because North Roosevelt is a state and federal highway. The city government wanted North Roosevelt redone, it needed to be redone, but the city was not the overseeing government agency.

During that workshop, I dragged out of the FDOT executive director, over serious interference from Mayor Craig Cates, that the reason FDOT did not have the contractor work round the clock was the city's noise ordinance. Meaning, the mayor and city commissioners had opted for a nearly 3-year nightmare, to keep the peace and quiet along North Roosevelt in the evenings and nighttime, which decision drove lots of businesses out of business, instead of a year and a half nightmare, which those businesses might have survived.

Gwen Filosa, who then reported for the Key West Citizen, was there during that workshop, typing notes in her laptop. I walked over to her and told her the FDOT executive director had just explained why the North Roosevelt construction was not done round the clock. Did she get that? Yes, she said. It was the mayor and city commissioners' decision. Did she get that? Yes, she said. Everyone had been blaming FDOT for not doing the work round the clock. 

Did Filosa have that in her article the next day, reporting the workshop? No, what she had in it was Mayor Cates dressing me down for embarrassing the city by my yelling at the FDOT executive director to stop talking with his underlings while I was addressing him directly, trying to get him to answer my question, which he clearly did not want to answer, because he did not, I supposed, want to finger Mayor Cates and the city commissioners for why the North Roosevelt construction was not proceeding round the clock.

I was the only journalist in Key West and the Florida Keys who reported what the FDOT executive director said was the reason the work was not being done round the clock: the city's sound ordinance. Which, the mayor and city commissioners then waived, so work could be done in the evenings on North Roosevelt.

The lady lawyer said she had filed suit three years ago, representing Wendy's, because the North Roosevelt construction had caused structural damage in that Wendy's store. I asked, caused by the sheet pile being driven into the seabed to make the sea wall? That, and perhaps concrete pilings also had been driven into the road bed, she said, and she is having trouble getting straight answers out of the contractor, who is claiming there had not been a sheet pile driver. 

I said, I saw the pile driver myself, driving sheet piling into the sea bed. It made a of noise each time it struck the sheet piling. Before that, I said, there was a big flap about not driving in the sheet piling to begin with, when it was supposed to be done. Instead, they built the new roadway's fill foundation and laid in the infrastructure, and then they drove in the sheet piling, which seemed crazy to me, because it might disturb the new roadway foundation and the infrastructure. 

The lady lawyer said, first there were small stress fractures in the Wendy's building, then the fractures started growing. She said she has progressive photos of the increasing damage in the Wendy's building, and she is moving toward trial in state court in Key West in the near future. 

I said, gosh, if Wendy's is having that much trouble, I wonder what's going on in the road fill and and infrastructure under North Roosevelt Blvd, which is much closer to where they drove in the sheet piling than Wendy's? I suppose that would have been a good moment to play the theme tune from "Jaws"?

I asked the lady lawyer if she knew about Arnaud and Naja Girard at Key West the Newspaper (, which had done articles back then about the SNAFU'd construction and sheet piling? Yes, the lady lawyer said, and they had sent her their telephone numbers. 

I still chuckle when I think about this in wannabe Judge Judy's pleadings in her new lawsuit against me in Birmingham, Alabama:

"7. Upon information and belief the Defendant is not now employed in Florida, does not own, rent, or lease, any real estate in Florida, does not own or have registered any vehicles in Florida. The Defendant’s nexus to the state of Florida is minimal and his whereabouts as a homeless drifter is unknown on any given day." 

The other day, our supervisor of elections typed up for me a letter under her official seal addressed to the 10th Judicial Circuit Court in Birmingham, stating the 8 different offices in the Florida Keys, for which I had run from 2006 until now, and all the times I had voted in Florida Keys elections from 2
006 forward. Madam Supervisor of Elections said I had voted a LOT. Primaries, general elections, every year but 2013, which was an off year.

I asked Madam Supervisor of Elections if anyone else ever ran for that many offices in the Florida Keys? Perhaps Andy Griffiths, who has been on the school board for what seems like forever. Andy and Madam Supervisor of Elections would split their sides laughing at wannabe Judge Judy's allegation that my nexus to the state of Florida is minimal. So would a lot of other people in Key West and the Florida Keys.

Speaking further of that legal circus, text of an email from one of my few Birmingham friends:

The average person does not have the intelligence to file cases in court representing themselves.  

Do you think someone or some lawyer is behind the lady in AL filing all those legal documents?

If you have not gone to law school how do you know how to word all those articles and suits?

Is there an online form where you can just fill in the blanks or do you think a lawyer is helping ?

I am not stupid but I would not have the knowledge on how to do that. 


I replied:

Hi, Morticia -

Young Prophet told me that he searched online, he's real good at that, and had found the Plaintiff did a legal secretary/legal assistant course for 2 years at some college. 

At different times during my law practice, I had a couple of legal secretaries who were better lawyers than I was and my life as a lawyer was a lot easier when they worked for me. 

If the Plaintiff is being advised by a lawyer behind the scenes, then either the lawyer is not much of a lawyer, or the Plaintiff is not heeding the lawyers advice. The Plaintiff's pleadings would get an F, if a law professor were giving her a grade. 

There are places to get the forms online for pleadings, and you just fill in the blanks with whatever you wish. The Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure can be found online. Law cases and articles about different legal topics can be found online. 

What puzzles me still is why the Alabama courts have not lassoed and hogtied her. Yes, the 1st Amendment and free access to the courts are hallowed in America, and should remain hallowed. Yet, there should be a line that is drawn with a habitual litigator, who keeps filing what, in the law, is referred to as vexatious lawsuits. Lawsuits without merit. Frivolous. Harassing. Malicious. Sham. Made up facts. Fantastical.

There always is karma, which has its own ways of providing resolutions, justice, etc. 

The Plaintiff keeps alleging I gave her a heart attack, when I published her and my Facebook and email correspondence. Yet, the alleged heart attack did not occur then. It occurred a few days after she sued me. 

In my line of work, which also is practicing law, but in a different system of jurisprudence, the Plaintiff gave herself the alleged heart attack. And, after she declined my offer to settle, by not even responding to it, and she was filing new pleadings daily against me, her health allegedly got worse. If she is, as she now claims, 100 percent disabled, she did that to herself.

I doubt she will ever see it that way in this life, but that is what I see, and I have friends following the lawsuit, who see it the way I see it. I imagine you are one of those friends.

Where this is headed, I don't know. I get up each day and deal with what's in front of me. That's the program God has me on.


This, too, from wannabe Judge Judy's pleadings cracked me up:
8. On or about December, 21, 2016, while he was residing in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, the Defendant devised and implemented a scheme to defraud the Plaintiff by falsely alleging inside of emails to her that she had “contracted” to provide him housing and financial support.

9. When the Defendant’s fraudulent “contract” scheme failed in its objective to extract financial support and other things of value from the Plaintiff, the Defendant began extorting the Plaintiff by sending her emails containing threats to use the Internet and his “family name” to harm her if she refused his demands for financial support and other things of value.

10. When the Defendant’s extortion of the Plaintiff failed, he commenced following through on his threats to harm her via using the Internet to publish and distribute defamatory content about the Plaintiff.

How did I allegedly blackmail Plaintiff in Birmingham? What did I do, say, write? It's not in Plaintiff's original and amended complaints. My emails to plaintiff not only are the Best evidence to prove her allegations, they are the ONLY evidence. Where are my emails? Why did not Plaintiff include my so-called blackmail emails in her pleadings, or in an exhibit thereto?

Here are those dastardly emails:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 6:12 PM
Subject: Re: Your Taurus?

I wanted to make sure I could use the Taurus. 

You had sent me several emails today. Each somewhat different.

We negotiated a contract when I was still in Key West. But for that contract, I would not have come to Birmingham. 

You offered to put me into a furnished apartment at your expense, for 7 months. You offered me a car to drive, for which you would pay the gas and insurance. You offered me a credit card with a $1500 limit, for me to use to cover food, gas and doctors bills. You would keep replenishing the card as I used it for those purposes. You said I had 7 months [to] become the professional you thought I should be. You said it was a gift. No strings. After I got here, you told me to buy more than food, gas and doctor bills. Things for the apartment, expensive clothes, and a bicycle. You would pay for it. You told me to take it easy, take it one day at a time, that’s why I was in Birmingham.

I have all of that that in writing from you.

I did what you told me to do. I did not breach the contract.

Now I see another email from you demanding I go back to Key West tomorrow, you will buy my airline ticket.

I need to sleep on your return to Key West offer. I will let you know in the morning. 

Relax, Judith. I am not trying to hurt you, rip you off. I am the same Sloan you have been following on his blog for a long time. The same Sloan you made your generous offers to.

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 8:02:42 PM
Subject: Re: Leaving Birmingham tomorrow

I am not ignoring you. I called Delta. But I had other things to consider. As do you.
Live on the street in Bham? No. i have no problem traveling Greyhound. I have the money to do it. 
However, there is a contract. You made an offer, we talked about it, you amended it, I accepted the final version and acted on it. I did not then breach the contract. I have physical proof  our many emails. That’s what I would tell a client in my shoes, if I were practicing law again, a professional. My brother would have told you the same, if he was honest and not worried about upsetting you.
I am not surprised it has turned out this way, even though I had hoped it would turn out differently. I have no interest in being in a power struggle with you. You have shown me your .32 pistol, for which you said you have a permit. You might learn that eviction requires notice, then a period of time in which to move out. The police should tell you that. If not, I will tell them. If you bring them here tomorrow morning. 
If you bring the police here in the morning, your privacy in Birmingham will be no more, given my first and last name. I will explain to the police why I am in the apartment, who put me here, and I will offer the police your and my emails and my lap top and its pass code, in case they want to put me in jail, so they can learned the backstory later.
If you bring the police, soon your and my emails will be in the hands of the general public. I will see to that. Your name, email address, telephone number, and that you live in Leeds and are certified appraiser will be on the Internet. If that’s what you want, Judith, then go for it.
Delta has a flight out of Bham tomorrow at 11:54 am, connecting with a flight leaving Atlanta for Key West some time after 2 p.m., as I recall what the agent told me. She said the person buying the ticket will need my name on my ID and date of birth. If they need my  Soc. Sec. number, it’s xxx-xx-xxxx . My Florida drivers license number is xxxxxxxxx . 1-way coach is fine. I will leave keys on the table in the living room.
BUT, if I were you, Judith, I would not book that flight tonight. I would  not bring the police to this apartment in the morning. I would wait until you hear from me in the morning that I am going back to Key West at your request, if you can book that flight in the morning. If that flight is not available tomorrow morning, then on the morning it is next available. 
If I tell you in the morning that I am holding you to our contract, then it will be on you whether or not all hell will break loose, which I hardly would like to experience. Nor would you like to experience it.


From The Daily Beast, on the vexatious litigator who most reminds me of Judith Eloise Haney:
6:30 a.m. ET

On Thursday afternoon, as President Trump was heading to a rally in West Virginia, The Wall Street Journalreported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington, D.C., to investigate possible criminal charges against Trump's campaign, business, or administration associates, perhaps even Trump himself, in Mueller's expanding Russia investigation. The grand jury, in place for a few weeks, has already issued subpoenas in connection with Donald Trump Jr.'s June 2016 meeting with a Kremlin-backed lawyer, Reutersreports, and CNN says Mueller's investigation has veered into any financial tiesTrump, his family, and his associates have to Russia.
The reports set off alarm bells in the White House, because of the increasingly legal jeopardy but also out of concern that Trump could make things worse, The Daily Beast reports. In an interview with The New York Times last month, Trump agreed with the idea that Mueller digging into his family's finances would cross a "red line" and be a "violation." If the new reports are accurate, Mueller is well on the other side of that line. "The worry is what the president does now," one senior Trump official told The Daily Beast. "Just keep him off the Twitter and on the teleprompter."
Trump offered a relatively subdued denial at the West Virginia rally, calling the "Russia story" a "total fabrication." But the big concern is that he would order Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fire Mueller — a decision that would set off what one White House adviser called an "apocalyptic sh--storm." Two different bipartisan pairs of senators introduced legislation Thursday to shield Mueller from firing, and two White House officials told The Daily Beast that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly would strenuously oppose such a move.
But "people react really stupidly to these proceedings all the time," and "Trump and his team seem incapable, as a matter of character, to react ... in a prudent way or follow good advice or do the things you have to do to survive it," former federal prosecutor Ken White tells The Daily Beast. "They convince other people to lie for them, they destroy documents, they come up with lies they're going to tell themselves, they do all sorts of idiotic things — not realizing part of a fed prosecutor's point is often to drive them to do that." You can read more at The Daily BeastPeter Weber

Maybe I'm a minority of one, but I doubt it. 

The more Trump carries on, wails, yells, points the finger elsewhere, the more he convinces me that he and Hillary both should be locked up. 

Likewise, the more wannabe Judge Judy carries on, wails, yells, points the finger elsewhere, the more she convinces me that she is pointing the finger at herself.

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