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Redneck Mystic Pop Quiz: Why is this insane guy, Rudolph Steiner, talking about spirits? And other questions that perhaps should not be asked if you don't know enough to ask the question

not William Blake

Panhandling Zone
My erstwhile Missouri hick homeless girlfriend Kari Dangler called this morning 
to say I needed to check out something she'd heard on a local radio station about free (no interest) loans being available for websites performing community service in the state of Florida. I said, I need a grant, not a loan. I wondered, why not just give the money to people performing community service? Why burden them further by making it a loan that has to be repaid? And, the IRS will view the waived interest as income to the borrower.

Heaven only knows how much of my own money I spent since 2006, trying to help Key West and the Florida Keys, and the people living here. For which I was not paid. For which I was not given grants. For which I was sometimes given small sums when I was broke and facing not being able to continue publishing. But no money was I given to get me off living on the street. 

Two different households did let me stay with them for over half the total time I lived in the street since March 2015. Another household let me store my belongings on the front porch. A restaurant, a coffee shop and a sports bar let me hang out and use their wi-fi, as long as I bought a modest meal, and even if I didn't buy a meal.

Kari said this URL was given out by the radio station.

I entered it into a search engine and up came:

Inmotion Hosting - Otherwise Known As Total Disaster Hosting

Run, Don't walk from this hosting organization

I do not include here the rest of it. 

I called Kari back and said it appears this thing is full of spiders, snakes, scorpions, centipedes, poisonous sea snakes and moray eels. Kari said I
 left out barracudas.

Hoodoo Witch emailed yesterday from the American heartland:

By the way, have you read any Rudolf Steiner?  I was talking with someone about my experience of the other worldly attorney become judge become attorney and he suggested that I should read "How to Know Higher Worlds," by Steiner.  As I recall, I think back in the day I read a book by Steiner that was about Intuition.... but not this one.
I called Hoodoo Witch and said I had not read that book. We talked quite a while about Rudolph Steiner and stuff I don't usually discuss with people in Key West. 

Here's a link to Wikipedia's fairly extensive report on Rudolph Steiner:

I found online found several links to "How to Know Higher Worlds".

This one tickled my ass with feather:

Dalebat Maybe Friedrich Nietzsche best answers your question, "Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who did not hear the music."
8 Months Ago
Darryn I would suggest the quality of your question means you are not ready to understand the answer.
Perhaps a different question might be: Why doesn't everyone have such experiences? 

That's the question I, Sloan, often put to people, who criticize me for having "mystical" experiences ongoing, which began with a life-changing experience in early 1987, at age 44. I was not then, nor had I ever, nor have I since then, used psychedelic plants or manufactured psychedelic drugs. I did not then abuse alcohol, and for many years now, I abstain from it. 

Here's another link, with lots of thoughtful reader comments:

A longer reader comment at that link lays out Steiner could be viewed by "the new age" as its real father and "the new age" pretty much missed the boat.

rated it it was ok
This right here is the seed bed of the Late New Age. "Spirit Science" enthusiasts. Weekend reiki trainees. "Light workers" with round-the-world plane tickets, harem pants and deity tattoos. People who think channeling disembodied entities is beneficial for humanity. If this is you, put Higher Worlds on your kindle.

A weird thing though is that, unlike everything in the Late New Age, there's a bit of empirical heft to the teachings here. It's a little bit grounded. And some of what is being transmitted here is a little bit real. There is a legitimate energy in the text.

And something even more striking: Steiner wrote this before the first World War. Whole worlds away in terms of culture and consciousness. The only really meaningful experience of this book for me was an attempt to empathize with the awareness that could have produced it. The late edition's serial prefaces aid in this.

Steiner's a weirdo, but still demonstrates a creative spiritual intelligence that truly inspires. Some of his personal understanding of layers of consciousness connects with insights that career meditators and hallucinators would not write about for many decades to come. The intelligent combination of mental clarity and spacious awareness makes for a tolerable read even when he gets a little lost in his own idiolect. His constant exhortation that clairvoyant play MUST NOT take one away from daily life helps explain the worldly legacy he left through writing and institution building, and in this there is a sort of early 20th century grit amid all the chakra spinning.

But to what end? Ultimately Steiner seems to think clairvoyance is a gift from the dubious disembodied ghosts of the astral realms. The book is a preparation to make yourself into a channel for whatever or whoever wants to borrow your bodymind. That's awfully sketchy, especially given Steiner's exhortation not to depend on a teacher but to open up your consciousness to random occupation. That said, who knows, maybe the astral realms weren't such a dive bar a hundred years back.

Some of the techniques Steiner offers for dilating the upper chakras are genuinely creative and for that context. His warnings against cult tendencies and loss of personal responsibility are more than a little prescient with Crowley and the Theosophists on the horizon. Though I do expect some spacey readers of this book have ended up far dumber as a result of reading it, it is wonderful to imagine how readers a hundred years ago might have been opened up to new feelings of the cosmos as a result of Steiner's - well -clairvoyance.

It all started for me, Sloan, in early January 1987, in response to a desperate prayer I had made to God for help, in which almost as an afterthought, I offered my life to human service. Maybe 10 nights later, I woke up in the wee hours to see two spirit beings hovering over me in the darkness. They were white with some blue tint. I figured they were angels, even though I saw no wings. I heard clearly, but not with my ears, "This will push you to your limits, but you asked for it and we are going to give it to you." I remembered the prayer I had  made. Then, I saw a white flash and my body was jolted by something electrical. I figured is was some kind of lightning. Then, a second white flash and electrical jolt. Then, a third. The 2 beings dissolved back into the darkness. 

Slowly, at first, then the pace increased. It indeed would push me to my limits, and still does. Beyond limits I could not imagine in 1987 that I had. Beyond limits I today cannot imagine that I have. I came to understand the two beings were Jesus and Archangel Michael. Later, Magdalene Melchizedek joined them. 

There were many different " seasons" in the "training" and "purification" and "alteration", which still involves a lot of looking in the mirror at myself. 

I quickly realized I had been captured, conscripted, and my side of it was to surrender and operate on this world in my dealings with myself and other people, groups of people, organizations, churches, municipal governments,  etc., in keeping with my evolving training and ongoing spiritual guidance, which primarily came in sleeping dreams, but there also were direct revelations. Sometimes I heard explicit instructions in plain English. 

There were  lots of sudden knowings: what I had not known, I knew. There were body sensations and manifestations which bore information, instructions. There were countless "coincidences", what some call "synchronisitic" and "waking dreams", which are readable like "sleeping dreams". 

It was, is, multifaceted, and the grist for all of it seems still to be what is "arranged" for me to experience on this world. I do not generally travel in the spirit realms like traditional shamans do. It is the inversion of that, mostly. This world is where I engage the spirits through the people, organizations, etc. "arranged" for me to engage. 

I can't imagine anyone truly resonating with what I have just described, who has not had somewhat similar experiences. It has to be experienced to be known.

I told Hoodoo Witch yesterday that, by way of analogy, no man can ever know what it's like for a woman to give birth to a child, nor can any woman know until she gives birth to a child. Likewise, no woman can ever know what it's like for a man to be hit in the balls with a line-drive baseball, nor can any man know until he is hit in the balls with line-drive baseball.

I told Hoodoo Witch I have the distinction of having been banned for life from the Unitarian church in Key West. 

That's impossible!

Apparently not, 'cause they did it. The board of directors, on which sat a good friend of mine, formed a committee against permanent insanity, just in my honor, and banned me for life, without even telling me I was on trial. My friend leaked it to me, said he had tried talk me out of it. I was relieved, actually, because that meant my work assignment in that church was over. Not long after, my friend left that church. He was their largest financial benefactor.

Later, they got a new minister, who, I later heard from a friend who attended the church, approved my being banned for  life. Later, I heard from another friend in that church, that they finally fired that minister, because he kept berating them during his Sunday sermons to raise more money so they could pay him more, and already he was the highest paid minister in Key West. Don't know about being the highest paid, but I heard later from someone else his berating them to pay him more money was why he was fired.

But the Unitarians don't ever ban someone!, Hoodoo Witch said again.

They banned me. Maybe they forgot their name: Unitarian Universalists.

Hoodoo Witch burst out laughing.

If they had let me preach a few sermons, they would have heard stuff they never would have heard from a minister wanting them to pay him a living wage.

The bosses of me cured me of believing God, angels, what I call Lucifer and demons, and even ETs exist. I KNOW they exist. Can't prove it, of course, at least not in human ways, and I suppose I would be insane if I believed I could prove it IN HUMAN WAYS

I share some of my ongoing "mystical" and "ordinary" experiences at this daily blog. 

I do not attend church, other than by asking, "When am I ever not in church?" It seems I'm always in church, even when I'm sleeping, in the sense most people view sleeping. 

Looks to me religion has tried to shrink down to something manageable by human beings, that which is boundless and incomprehensible even to "mystics", who are experiencing it.

Even today, it generally is not safe for people having experiences with other realms to share those experiences with medical doctors, especially psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, psychologists, etc. Nor with ministers and church congregations. Nor with relatives. Nor with friends. Who themselves are not having somewhat similar experiences.  For it is so, that people not having other realm experiences tend to be in the camp of those who ask: "Why is this insane guy talking about spirits?"


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    1. People are indoctrinated from childhood and thus fear, misunderstand, and are programmed to belittle, ridicule and discard anything they don't understand. Science and medicine are their crutch to say God, angels, Lucifer, demons, the paranormal, and even ETs do not exist. The problem with that crutch is that even the crutch's biggest "laws" and "facts" are not 100% fool proof. They use statistics to show their work is repeatable but is not discussed is that the work: these laws of science(say physics basic laws of thermodynamics) and medicine use statistical inference based on experiments and data. However any statistical result has a confidence interval and thus they are 85% sure, 90% sure but never 100% sure. They say TO IGNORE THE 5% OR 2.5% THAT DEVIATES FROM THEIR LAWS AND FACTS. They write it off as white noise, insignificant outliers. Too afraid, too blind, too scared to question scientists or doctors or too lazy to study the methods and learn the weaknesses. Thus they ask why that man talks about spirits. Will God be kind when the great roll is called up yonder ?