Thursday, August 3, 2017

Actually, the big joke is, fake news is the real news: it's all about money

Looks like much of today, and the next few days, will be spent working on a response to Judith Eloise Haney's sitcom re-run lawsuit against me.

Meanwhile, ain't it entertaining to be watching on the national fake news, the fake national president's fake national propaganda making the fake national news bite itself and the fake national president in the ass and elsewhere nearby? 
I mean, could you ever have imagined a U.S. President would be the world's greatest comedian? 

I mean, you can't really believe he carries on like he does, because he believes it makes him look good, can you? 

You have to believe he all along intended to make himself, thus America, the greatest laughing stock ever of the entire planet, don't you?

I mean, do you really believe the fake president is fuming about Congress passing new, stiffer sanctions against Russia, after the president said 10,000 times during his campaign last year that he would make America great again, and then we learned that he had gotten elected because someone, it seems it was Russia, leaked a heap of dirt on Hillary Clinton and her political circles, and on the Democratic National Convention, and he said the election was rigged, and the miracle happened: the wannabe president got elected the president. Then, it turned out a heap of people the no longer wannabe president knew, including one of his sons, despite prior claims otherwise, had had meetings with Russians during the 2016 campaign. Which morphed into the no longer wannabe president setting out to try to stop anyone from blaming Russia and his tribe and him for the rigged election last year.

Well, the elected by leaks anti-leaks president do look kinda like he turned around and swallowed his own tail, don't he?

Just joking. It's all part of his super evolved Reality TV show, about which he will write a trillion dollar best seller after he is pardoned by President Pence.

It's all about money, ain't it? You didn't accidentally plumb forget about that, did you?
On that same Green Party topic, the back and forth between Naja Girard and me under the latest Key West the Newspaper ( illegal immigration article, not wishing to be trumped by the president, turned into high comedy.

Immigrant’s Unlawful Detention: Who’s at Fault?

by Arnaud and Naja Girard…….
What everyone knew was that Osman Torres Huete was going to be deported. His family had posted the $1000 cash bail for his release, but at any time during the next two days Border Patrol was going to pluck Osman out of the county jail on Stock Island and send him back to Honduras.
However, when, against all odds, Mr. Torres Huete’s immigration lawyer, Reggie Smith, arrived at the jail on July 8th to challenge her client’s “unlawful detention” an embarrassing situation came to light:  There was no trace of the $1000 cash bond that had been paid by his family on the 6th of July.  A $1000 check was hastily written on an MCSO bank account to replace Osman’s cash bond and he was subsequently released.
The Monroe County Sheriff ordered an internal affairs investigation. This week we received a copy of those findings.
The IA Report explains it like this: The $1000 in cash was paid into an electronic machine located in the jail lobby. Touchpay’s [the private company that manages the machine] system did show the payment, but the company had failed to notify the proper parties at the Sheriff’s office, so Osman was mistakenly kept in jail until his attorney showed up two days later.
We’ve published the full IA report below, but first, there are a few questions raised by this official version of events:
First, during those two days, jail personnel told [and texted] the Torres Huete family they knew that Osman’s bail had been paid but that he could not be released due to a request by Border Patrol to keep him there. Investigators did not contact the family member [whose name appeared on the bail record]. She would have told them that she had paid the bail using the machine in the jail lobby with the help of an MCSO employee.
Another issue is the claim that Touchpay didn’t inform MCSO that Osman’s bail had been paid. Touchpay confirmed they had indeed sent a notification the day Osman’s bail was paid [July 6th] to a list of MCSO employees. But, according to the IA report, the email distribution list was not “current”.
On July 13th, Jim Painter, IT Director for MCSO, wrote an internal email to several MCSO employees including Sheriff Rick Ramsay. In the email, Painter stated that Touchpay’s July 6th “emails did go to all that were on the list.”
However, on July 26, 2017, Painter emailed the IA investigator Michelle Maxwell, stating that he had checked the firewall and that “we did not see any instances of the email of the 6th being delivered to anyone in our agency.”
Why the contradiction?
And what about all of the other inmates? Were all other inmates who posted bail during the time period Touchpay was using the out-of-date email distribution list also kept in jail for days after their bail was paid?  Or did the problem only arise with inmates who were under the cloud of deportation?
Interestingly, the IA report never mentions the central question raised by Osman Torres Huete’s attorney: What is MCSO’s policy when it comes to cooperating with immigration detainer holds at the Monroe County jail?
A legitimate question on the minds of many is: To what extent, if any, was MCSO’s failure to release Osman, after his bail was paid, related to avoiding a conflict with ICE — one of the jail’s largest patrons?
For me, the $1,000 bail part of the story, which seems to be the story, is hilarious, keystone sheriff bad behavior, while the illegal immigrant part of the story is maudlin, redundant, whining.
We now know, thanks to the blue paper, that Sheriff Ramsay’s “illegal immigrant policy” is driven my federal funding he gets for housing federal inmates, and that for Sheriff Ramsay federal funding trumps US laws, blue paper reports, feelings of the detainees’ family members, and feelings of some blue paper readers, as it appears other blue paper readers think all illegal immigrants should be locked up and deported.
It also appears, despite the adverse blue paper publicity in the court of public opinion, Sheriff Ramsay does not care one mullet wrapper what the blue paper publishes about illegal immigrant detainees.
I keep wondering why the two immigration lawyers, whom the blue paper featured in past blue paper illegal immigrant detainee articles, did not put Sheriff Ramsay in federal court, if said lawyers were so sure federal laws had been violated by Sheriff Ramsay’s deputies?
I keep wondering why the ACLU has not put Sheriff Ramsay in federal court?
I keep wondering why the blue paper has not put Sheriff Ramsay in federal court under some federal whistle-blower law? Arnaud and Naja Girard have litigated a number of lawsuits pro se in the US trial and appellate courts; they know that legal terrain and they are as good at it, or better, than any practicing attorneys in the Florida Keys, including the two lawyers interviewed in earlier illegal immigrant detainee articles.
Meanwhile, if the detainees are illegal under US law, they get a free pass, get to stay in America, because Sheriff Ramsay’s deputies, during the normal course of their duties as law enforcement officers, learned the illegal immigrants were illegal immigrants and reported that to Border Patrol/ICE, whose job it is to enforce federal laws against illegal immigrants?
I’m sorry, but this former Alabama practicing attorney, who often has been accused of being a bleeding heart liberal, just can’t seem to wrap his mind around that defense counsel legal argument.

  • Silly Sloan,
    What exactly is keeping ICE from doing its job here? These people are not escaping anything. If ICE would like to pursue some civil immigration proceeding against them they have all the tools they need to get that done.
    Surely a former lawyer is able to understand the concept that the Sheriff must obey the law?
    Interestingly, an Arizona Judge has just been convicted of criminal contempt for disobeying a judicial order to stop violating the rights of foreign-born persons in his County.
    Our Sheriff is not going to go that far – although the federal government has put him in a difficult position.
    I’m hearing that policies are changing over at the jail thanks to our reporting and the work of Reggie Smith.
    • Surely a newspaper journalist with your political experience, Naja, is not surprised a sheriff puts that much federal funding ahead of everything else. He has told his deputies not to report illegal immigrants they come across in the course of their jobs as law enforcement officers not to call in Border Patrol and/or ICE?
      If not,I look forward to you and Arnaud, the ACLU, the local immigration lawyers, the South Florida US Attorney, US Attorney General Sessions and President Trump prosecuting Sheriff Ramsay in federal court :-).

      • Sloan,
        Pay attention. This is about detainer hold requests that are not accompanied by the constitutionally required judicial warrant or order. Federal law states that no one (legally) can establish law or policy that would prohibit sharing information. Sheriff’s deputies (or anyone) can call Border Patrol or ICE all day long and share their hunches and no one is saying that is not legal. If ICE is interested it needs to proceed in accordance with the law. The Florida Sheriff’s Association (and apparently our Sheriff now too) recognizes that it is not legal to hold people longer than the constitution allows. It is considered a second arrest to hold people in jail after they have been released by a local Judge or have paid the bail required by the local Judge. As you know there are constitutional requirements that accompany an arrest to make it legal. Again: nothing is keeping ICE from doing their job in accordance with the federal laws that do indeed recognize constitutional requirements. Defendants then have rights and defenses – some of those defenses lead to being given legal status and other times the outcome is deportation. The Sheriffs across Florida get it Sloan – why don’t you?
        • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
          Sheriff Ramsay has told his deputies to stop doing what they were doing when they made, say, traffic stops and learned the motorist was an illegal alien, and the deputies called in Border Patrol or ICE? If so, then I’m glad to see it, and you and Arnaud are the reason for that change in the Sheriff’s policy of leaving that up to his deputies to decide.
          Meanwhile, for me, the lost and missing $1,000 bond part of this article is where the heat and fun lie.
          The $1,000 bond part of this story don’t leave me thinking Sheriff Ramsay changed his policy of putting the federal funding he is getting for his jail ahead of everything else you and Arnaud have been getting onto the Sheriff about.
          It all remains a follow the money trail story for me, going all the way back to the first blue paper report of the illegal immigrant bicyclist being run over in a crosswalk by a local non-homeless motorist, and the sheriff deputy apparently did everything he could to see to it that the motorist did not get sued or prosecuted for failure to yield.
          But what the heck? money has long trumped whatever stood in its way in Key West and the Florida Keys.
          A pressing example, which partially involves the Sheriff’s jail, is the MRSA and scabies infections in the jail, and next door in the city’s homeless shelter. The jail and the shelter are incubators for those two lovely afflictions, one of which, MRSA, will kill you if not treated medically, and it’s darn difficult to treat as Arnaud learned when he got it from what he believes was the ocean near Wisteria Island.
          Lots of other people, who were living on boats there, got MRSA, too, I learned from you and Arnaud recently. A French citizen by birth, Arnaud flew to Guadalupe to be treated by French doctors for much less than it would have cost him in Key West.
          I’ve had MRSA 3 times, in Key West. So I ain’t making this shit up, when I talk about the deadly threat MRSA is, in Key West.
          Scabies don’t kill you, but, having had it myself, in Key West, I can attest the itching can cause you to maybe with [wish] you were dead.
          The Sheriff let Kari Dangler languish with scabies for nearly a year in his jail. The jail infirmary doctor refused to treat Kari for scabies, because, according to Kari, the doctor knew I would write about it on my blog, if Kari was treated for scabies. Kari said she heard the doctor and her staff say that.
          The jail staff were reading my blog. They knew I had been told by Dr. Michael Bernstein, a local dermatologist, who had diagnosed and treated me for scabies, that the jail infirmary should be told to treat Kari for scabies, since she and I had been intimate in a motel room shortly before she went back into the jail for the terrible probation violence offense of drinking vodka.
          Yet, the jail, and the Sheriff, declined to treat Kari, and let her mingle with the other women inmates for many months. You might wish to interview Kari about that.
          Jail releasees and homeless shelter clients with MRSA and scabies wander all over Key West, using public restrooms, sitting on benches, riding city buses, eating in fast food restaurants. That’s a HUGE threat to everyone living in Key West, including the city’s illegal immigrants. Including the Sheriff himself. Including the city mayor and city commissioners. Including every Key West police officer and deputy sheriff working in Key West and on Stock Island.
          That’s a boat-sinking story I think the blue paper should break. That Key West is a great place to get MRSA and scabies. Ya’ll come on down here to Paradise, ya heah? Bring lots of money. And when you get back to your homes on the mainland, you and your doctor might never figure out where you got MRSA or picked up scabies.
          There are many lovely photos that can be seen by google-image-ing “MRSA” and “scabies”. Dang if there are not plenty of elected officials near and far away, who might deserve to be tag-teamed by those two lovely sho nuff real live terrorists from Mother Nature’s Kingdom.
          Your ever silly Sloan
Also today, a bit of homeless high comedy, the lady with the burst appendix and blood clots is a lay minister, spends a lot of time trying to be nice to not nice homeless people, including visiting them in jail, including letting them stay in a local church at night after they have been banned from the city's homeless shelter. I met her in 2004, in Key West. My parts in blue background.

THU 7:39PM

Sharon Slay
Sloan very sick, I had emergency appendicitis ruptured will in hospital 5-7 days
Yikes! Heal fast. Mug shot photo of Sandra Diane Mitchell just to the right here in my FB account.

Sharon Slay
Sloan still awful sick

It takes a while to get over that, do not rush it

Sharon, below is Diane Mitchell’s and my Facebook chat since you went into the hospital: 

FRI 11:41AM 

Thought you'd want to know Sharon's in the hospital and almost died. Get appendix burst open" 

Sharon told me last night, sounds really rough, I kept trying to call her cell phone since I learned from her earlier that she was at the ER, but no phone conversation since then She's in room 245 call hospital and get phone in room. Didn't now she called but knew you care for her. Have some good day Sloan she called me from Er, she sent me Facebook message later 

12:05PM Wednesday
Sloan to Diane Mitchell
Saw Sharon this morning. Told her the ruptured appendix reflects the company she has been keeping. You, especially. And John. Told her to get you out of her life, even it meant leaving Key West. She has blood clots, too. Taking rat poison derivative for that. Very dangerous, her situation. Kari's back remains really messed up from when you knocked her into her bicycle, which is still messed up from that, and then you stomped her back, and she reported that to the police. Word on the street is you are a snitch and screw cops, and that's why you get away with so much. I don't know about that, but my dealings with and observation of you is, you are headed for a really serious crash if you don't get off whatever chemicals you are using and start behaving really differently. 

2:59PM Wednesday
You are crazy Sharon even thinks are rude tacky have no maners and physco... Something is truly with you get some help. I text you about Sharon to be polite. But your a. freak get help And I didn't touch you'd drunk who're. I will show this to. The police
Sharon Slay
Sharon Slay
Wow & I do not think you are crazy never have. Diane called me around 4 to tell me it was her & John causing my problems. The women from Alaska also told me to get poison out of my life. I am sorry she beat up on Kari as we age getting healed up is harder. It was kind for Kari to visit me a good heart effort 

Thank you Sloan for everything.
Sharon SlayWED 9:06P
Diane's mugshot is still showing just to the right hand side of our FB chat. Actually, two of her mugshots. I cannot imagine what is going on inside of Colin that he let's Diane stay in that church. Is she having sex with him?
Sharon Slay
Sharon Slay
Then is Colin bind, deaf and dumb? Stupid?
Sharon Slay
Sharon Slay
Or have you not told him about Diane?
Sharon Slay
Sharon Slay
I tried to get rid of her he let her back the church is a real mess now

😔going to bed thanks for visiting me
Does Colin know what you know about her?

(Colin is the church's pastor.)

And to think the great court jester Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama, alleged in her Birmingham lawsuit against me:

"7. Upon information and belief the Defendant is not now employed in Florida, does not own, rent, or lease, any real estate in Florida, does not own or have registered any vehicles in Florida. The Defendant’s nexus to the state of Florida is minimal and his whereabouts as a homeless drifter is unknown on any given day." 

(Thus, Haney should be allowed to sue me in Birmingham.)

I swan, the president really missed a golden opportunity by not hiring Judith to be his court jester. With her on the job regaling Americans and the world, he would disappear into the woodwork, like the human termite he is.

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