Monday, July 10, 2017

waking dreams, sleeping dreams, which is the chicken, which the egg, and other perturbances that make the world go round

Right after publishing yesterday’s especially wild metaphysical post, I checked my email account and found from my mainland hoodoo witch friend:
Just a snippet of a dream last night......

I am walking along a quiet tree lined lane with you and we are deeply involved in a discussion of some (important in the dream, unremembered on waking) esoteric matters.  The discussion is both verbal and  telepathic. All of the content lost on waking.

I replied:

thanks, see today's post, esoteric wall banger

Later yesterday during a telephone conversation, she told me about the dreamer and dream teacher Robert Moss, and then emailed:
Here's a link to Robert Moss' blog and a second link to a listing of his books.  I've read parts or all of most of them. He's had dream experiences as fantastic as some of my own and it began for him in childhood as was the case for me as well. 

After reading a bit about Moss online, I replied:

Looks like he's making a nice living at it, I'm envious, I think. 

She wrote:

Me too. He works very hard at it, though, and is committed to encouraging individuals to wake to the value and worth dreaming, so in my opinion deserves every penny he earns. I doubt I would be able to travel as extensively ha Moss does without jet lag doing me and my dream maker in.

I replied:

I'll forward the email I sent to his radio station. I wonder if you or I will dream about him tonight? 

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Sunday, July 9, 2017 7:23 PM
Subject: potential interviewee on your radio show

I told the American who told me about Robert Moss today that I imagine in some way aborigines were in on the things that happened to him when he was young in Australia, which led to where he is now. The wild aborigines viewed dream time as the real time, and what we call reality as a distortion. I think they had it figured out, certainly much better than the white invaders. 

I catch plenty of hell regularly for relying on my dreams and using dreams other people have about me. 

I have done probably 300 radio and TV, mostly radio interviews over the years, but nobody ever wanted to interview me about my experiences with dreams, the supernatural, etc., which are ongoing.

When I was in Australia (Darwin) in November 1995, a male and a female aborigine came to me out of dream time in the rear of an SUV in Kakadoo containing several younger Australians and me. Back then it was my habit to ask spirit visitors what I had that they wanted? They laughed, said, we are real people, what could you have that we would want? Real people is what the aborigines in Marlo Morgan's MUTANT MESSAGE DOWNUNDER called themselves. Embarrassed, I asked them, well, why did you come? To invite you into our tribe, they said, and went back into dream time. This conversation was telepathic and only I saw and heard them. 

Below is a link to  today's post at my website, this is July 9, 2017. I live in Key West. The title of today's post might be a joke, as I have not really tried to commerce in what I was trained to do, although I'm starting to wonder if that was how it was supposed to go, or if that is changing and it will be something I move into?

Sloan Bashinsky
Born Oct. 7, 1942, Birmingham, Alabama

My hoodoo witch amiga replied:

LOL!  If they read your blog, you probably won't get an interview invite. 

I wrote:

If they read my blog and don't invite me, then that tells me more about them and Moss than they can possibly imagine. I have seen many people promoting their spiritual "wisdom" for money online and before the internet in other ways, and I have yet to see one I felt was as tuned in, wired in, to what mattered as she/he held forth. Not all that much different from TV Christian evangelists.

A dream last night might have been about Moss.

People were mad at me for giving a man a knife to kill himself. This went on a while, I was beleaguered. Then, a woman spoke up, saying she thought I had done it right. I replied, with some mirth, that I had offered him the entire kitchen. 

Below is a link to somebody else's view of Moss, who seems new agey to me. Don't know this critic, who raises interesting questions about Moss' relationship with women. You know I think the New Age is as messed up as Christendom, different ways of messed up.

She replied:

Can't help but notice the mention of "kitchen" in your dream and I wonder if the "knife to kill himself" references how I feel about the guy currently helping us install the new kitchen floor. 

I don't view Robert Moss as a fraud of any kind.  He started out doing other work and got drawn into his life's work, very much as I was drawn  into my life's work, and as you were drawn into yours.  It has been advised:  "Do what you love and the money will follow." While my earnings are, I'm certain, not anywhere near that of Robert Moss, I do love what I do, though would very much also like to be able to retire some day and thus have more time for studies and explorations that intrigue me.

Sometimes dreams speak on many levels, and to more than one issue at the same time.  I resonate with the symbology of your dream on a personal level.... while ever aware of kitchens involving spiritual nourishment/food

I replied:

When I dream of a kitchen, it's where food is prepared; spiritual food. 

Perhaps you will have a dream about Moss. 

I did what I was trained to do and the money did not follow, at least not from the people and societies I was trying to help. If Moss is what you think he is, I think he should be really interested in what I posted yesterday. 

She wrote:

My advice is that you read several of Moss' books before judging him. 

I replied:

I put the bait on the water, now will the fish bite?

My hoodoo witch amiga also emailed this morning:

Dream within a dream within a dream

In the midst of a mostly unremembered dream which involved normal day life stuff, a man well known and respected by me in the dream, though not anyone I know in waking life, walks into the scene triggering a dream shift in which I then find  myself standing with him in a lobby of a large building.  I begin telling him that I'm uncertain I want to use the guy currently helping us with replacement of our kitchen floor, if/when we might have a future project.  He is agreeing that this is a matter to be considered, when here comes a woman approaching us to tell me "we are ready for you now."

I follow this unknown dream woman into a large light filled conference room.  There is a long white conference table in the room, with a bank of clear and silver chairs on the far side of the table (12 or 13 I think) , but only one chair on the side I am approaching.  All chairs on the other side of the table are occupied by men and women dressed as professionals though somehow exuding light.  Even while in this dream, I find myself pondering/wondering if this is what's meant by "the Shining Ones." There is a wall of windows behind them and I try to decide if it is light from the windows causing this effect, but no, the people themselves are shining.

It becomes apparent that I have come here (probably I have requested this meeting rather than them requesting it of me) to advocate or plead for your financial relief.... either in the form of a monthly stipend or a lump sum that will see you through for a few years (number of years mentioned, lost on waking).

I am told that the matter is under consideration, but that you are being tested.  "Has he taken within and mastered the (words lost on waking.... but of the gist of)  teaching or lesson presented by 'that woman?'"    At first I'm perplexed wondering "which woman" they reference .... might it be Kari, JH, Brenda, some other lady? [JH is the women who sued me, as reported by me many times.]

It becomes apparent that they are referencing JH and Brenda.  I ask which of the two they are speaking of (and in the dream begin hoping they will advise regarding whether JH is no longer of concern, or if she will return revitalized for another go at you).  I am told "They are one and the same."  Practical me, in the dream I'm now asking for further explanation.... as in do they mean that both are hoping for or depending on some financial gain (JH) or relief (Brenda) from you?  "They are one and the same" is repeated and poof I wake feeling as if I've been somewhere beyond normal dreamland range.  

I wrote back:

Interesting, that rules out Kari as a major threat to me, at this time anyway, and Young Prophet does not get tarred either.

Kari dreamt of horses against last night, her past, good dream. 
I said, maybe the angels are showing you what would make you happy, to be with horses again, somewhere, even in Missouri. Just think about it.

She said she's too old to do what she used to do with horses, but she could teach people how to ride horses. I said, she would be valuable on a horse farm and even to a farm vet who treats horses. She can speak to them, and they do speak back to her. 

She has other portals into the other realms, as well, as I keep reporting.

Also interesting about your dream, it's not about my father's widow or his estate.

Brenda called this morning about dreams she'd had. In one, she was told somebody had intercepted a letter to her containing a check for a lot of money. In another, she was talking with her deceased father and other relatives about moving back to where lived on the Georgia-South Carolina border. And in real life she's talking with relatives about that, too. She said her physical condition is awful, her feet and heels swollen, lots of other ails. She's hoping for her SS disability to be approved.

I'm not going to send her the $30 she said I had come in a dream and said I was sending, unless I am told in a dream to do it in a way I trust the dream. Obviously there are lots of cross currents in the spirit realms, as well as in the human realms. 

I am wondering if I will hear from my lawyer in Birmingham today, and if not, what that will lead to?

Did not dream about that last night, I don't think, but the recently released from jail homeless fellow Daniel from Birmingham showed up in the police station around 6 a.m. this morning. I asked him why he came in then, when the station is closed, instead of waiting until it is open? He said voices in his head were telling him to kill himself. I asked how long that had been going on? Many years, they had diagnosed him bipolar, PTSD, ADD, and he was really thinking about killing himself. I said, then he should be talking to police. However, had he ever seen a priest about it? No. It might be a demon telling you to kill yourself, that's why I ask. I'm a priest. You are? Yes. If it's a demon, the police and doctors can't do anything about that but lock you up for your own good. Do you want me to pray for you? No. God doesn't like me. God loves everyone, God's not like people. Do you want me to make the prayer? No. Pause. I'm going to make the prayer anyway. 

What else could I do? He's from my hometown, clearly was put in front of me to try to help. In my thoughts, I prayed, In the name of the Christ, if it's God's will, give Daniel whatever help he needs.

She replied:

That dream I had, a bit ago, of Kari riding a horse, caused me to realize she's a horse whisperer or holds that capacity.

I wrote:

She was talking to horses and they to her when she was a child.

She replied:

It's really so unfortunate that Kari's life has become as it is.  She is a woman of awesome potential, IF she would just rise to it.  That said, I'm aware - not from my own life, or that of  family - but from others, that addiction to alcohol is not easily overcome. And Kari may not want to overcome it, because it relaxes her and quiets the voice/s from within that she would rather not hear.

I wrote:

Just as I was about to publish my post today, which is your and my email since yesterday, Kari called back to say she had gone shopping at a grocery store and was toting her backpack, which is heavy, and the groceries in a shopping cart to a nearby city bus stop, and a KW police officer came by and said he was going to arrest her for stealing a shopping cart. He gave her a warning ticket.

This is what I call a "waking dream". Here's why.

I told Kari, dang, woman, after all the times you got onto Tim Gratz, an ex-lawyer, about using grocery store shopping carts like that, and then you went and did it? 

Don't you see that the angels are all over you, cutting you zero slack? That you need to think before you do something? 

Lots of conversation back. And, she ain't happy with the angels picking on her. More like demons.

I said the angels are picking on you because you are with me. 

Because I know you?

It's more than that, and you know what I mean.

More conversation back.

The angels arranged that, and maybe they used a demon to do it. They can do that.

They look like they are going to ride hard herd on you until they have your attention.

Then, I said, it wuz thinking this morning, if you did get a job on a horse farm somewhere, and if you had your head screwed on reasonably good, I would like to live on that horse farm with you.

That caused another pause in the conversation.

She replied:

Oh, well, now THAT may be motivation for Kari to think a bit about returning to horses.  I can see the two of you doing something like that..... you the mystic of rural Missouri, and Kari the horse whisperer.

I wrote:

We plan, God laughs!
In the US politics zoo, my hoodoo witch friend emailed yesterday:

Worth considering

From: Kunstler <>
Date: July 8, 2017 at 4:03:07 AM CDT
Subject: Clusterfuck Nation
Reply-To: Kunstler <>

Posted: 07 Jul 2017 06:12 AM PDT
Clusterfuck Nation
Now appearing Mondays and Fridays
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But if Mr. Trump agrees to work with Mr. Putin despite a list of Russian transgressions beginning with the annexation of Crimea and ending with its interference in the 2016 presidential election, he will also look weak while Mr. Putin can claim that he reconstructed the relationship.
The New York Times

America wakes up to astonishing bullshit from its so-called Newspaper of Record in this lead front-page propaganda dump du jour. Granted, American education has succeeded in destroying the critical faculties of at least three generations so that the public drowns in a soup of unreality every day. In the news business now, as in the national life generally, anything goes and nothing matters.
One has to wonder, though, about the editors who serve up this baloney. Are they mere servelings of the Rand Corporation, Raytheon, and other parties with an interest in the war business, or can they possibly believe their own extrusions of fabricated agit-prop?
For instance, the imputed Russian “annexation of Crimea,” as if the place was some kind of nostalgic, sore-beset Ruritania of independent princes, colorful peasants, and earnest postal clerks cruelly enslaved by bloodthirsty Cossacks. No, Crimea had been officially a province of Russia since exactly 1783 — which was, by the way, the same year that the American Revolution officially ended via the Treaty of Paris.
After the Russian Revolution (1917) the Crimean peninsula became an autonomous province of the Soviet Union, meaning it remained a part of what was then Russia. In 1954, Nikita Khrushchev turned the administrative duties over to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which was then also a province of the greater USSR, i.e. Russia. Through the entire modern era, Crimea has been the site of the USSR’s, and now Russia’s, only warm-water naval bases. Ask the average American college student why that is, and you will surely receive a blank stare.
Crimea is a peninsula on the Black Sea, which connects to the Mediterranean Sea. Hence Crimea’s strategic value. For a few short years in the 21st century, following the breakup of the USSR, the now-independent Ukraine had possession of Crimea and essentially rented the existing naval bases to Russia. That provided a much needed revenue stream for the struggling country, which was also utterly dependent on imported Russian natural gas supplies, which Ukraine had to pay for.
When the elected president of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych, was overthrown in 2014, with the help of the US State Department and CIA, Russia was obliged to secure its naval bases in Crimea — where the overwhelming majority of citizens were culturally and linguistically Russian anyway. A referendum ratified the transfer of Crimea back to Russia. Apart from these procedural details, it must be obvious that Russia would never have ceded its strategic naval bases on the Black Sea to Ukraine, especially when that beleaguered country was being manipulated by the USA and NATO into becoming an adversarial presence on Russia’s border.
At the same time, the US and NATO have been running war games near Russia’s border in the Baltic region and American soldiers have been deployed into Lithuania. What war are they preparing for exactly? What is supposedly at issue (besides America’s apparent lust for war)?
That last question applies equally to the incessantly repeated trope that Russia interfered in the 2016 US election. What is supposedly at issue? The New York Times has been making this empty allegation for a year now, without ever specifying exactly how Russia might have “interfered.” In the process, the newspaper has squandered its credibility on what looks exactly like a witch hunt — a campaign against dark and mysterious supernatural forces. It is doing great harm to an already badly-educated, misinformed, economically distressed, drug-addled American public. It also looks like plain old war-mongering.
Coverage of the Trump-Putin meeting during the G-20 conference this week is being played like a WWF championship bout. Which president is weak or strong? Which one will be a loser of a winner? This is no way to cover geopolitical relations. The United States and its news media look like they want this country to commit suicide by stupidity.

I wrote back:

What does your guidance say about Putin? Ukraine? Crimea? Russia tampering US 2016 presidential election? Trump, or his people and/or family being involved in that?

She replied:

The Puppet Masters began stumping for a renewed Cold War and trouble with Russia.  Observe Hillary Clinton's stance going into the campaign. She was the candidate of choice of the puppet masters, thus the shenanigans of the DNC regarding Bernie Sanders. Still, they lost control, thus new tactics and strategy are now in motion. 

IF some Russian or group of Russians hacked those emails (of which we are assured we did, though with no presentation of proof), they did the American public a favor. The result being but a speed bump on the oath of the globalist puppet masters, who will ultimately prevail in their continual war mongering, unless the American public wakes up en mass and demands that our politicians serve the interests of our people rather than the goals of the puppet masters and the 1/10th of 1% mega wealth gobblers. 

Putin is the Russian president; no better, no worse than some U.S. Presidents.

Coincidentally, your note came through while I'm watching Reality is a Dream.... the YouTube link included in your blog post today.  Dream masters may be able to escape the global agenda.... 

I wrote:

This is your thinking on Russia, or you were told it in, say, a dream? I'd like to hear what you hear in dream time. I think Donald Trump, whom I can't stand, is a saint compared to Putin, and I think Putin is a lot smarter and a lot sneakier than Trump. 

She replied:

As you know, I'm always attuned to guidance, sleeping or waking. But I will alert you should anything new come zipping in.

I'm hoping higher minds can envision and manifest a better reality for all 

I wrote this morning:

Lucifer has great plans for humanity, fact, not opinion, and Trump and Putin are great puppets in my opinion.

I don’t think I dreamed about any of that last night, but when I went online this morning, I found this below in my Yahoo News, and I agree wholeheartedly with the Republicans who think Trump is loco about trying to partner with Putin on preventing cyberstalking.

I think you and your in-law relations in Russia and their and your in-law and blood relations in America don’t want America getting pissed at Russia and stopping your Russian in-law relations from visiting their relations in America puts you in a tough position to be in the clear about what Putin and Russia really are like. That’s a reason I wondered if you would dream about all of that? I also wonder if your Russian relations are why you voted for Trump? You hoped he would go easier on Russia than Hillary Clinton or the other Republican candidates?  

Trump backtracks on cyber unit with Russia after harsh criticism
By Phil Stewart and Valerie Volcovici, Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday backtracked on his push for a cyber security unit with Russia, tweeting that he did not think it could happen, hours after his proposal was harshly criticized by Republicans who said Moscow could not be trusted.
Trump said on Twitter early on Sunday that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed on Friday forming "an impenetrable Cyber Security unit" to address issues like the risk of cyber meddling in elections.
The idea appeared to be a political non-starter. It was immediately scorned by several of Trump's fellow Republicans, who questioned why the United States would work with Russia after Moscow's alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.
"It's not the dumbest idea I have ever heard but it's pretty close," Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told NBC's "Meet the Press" program.
Ash Carter, who was U.S. defense secretary until the end of former Democratic President Barack Obama's administration in January, told CNN flatly: "This is like the guy who robbed your house proposing a working group on burglary."
Trump's advisers, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, had recently sought to explain Trump's cyber push.
Mnuchin said on Saturday that Trump and Putin had agreed to create "a cyber unit to make sure that there was absolutely no interference whatsoever, that they would work on cyber security together."
But Trump returned to Twitter on Sunday to play down the idea, which arose at his talks with Putin at a summit of the Group of 20 nations in Hamburg, Germany.
"The fact that President Putin and I discussed a Cyber Security unit doesn't mean I think it can happen. It can't," Trump said on Twitter.
He then noted that an agreement with Russia for a ceasefire in Syria "can & did" happen.
Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona acknowledged Trump's desire to move forward with Russia, but added: "There has to be a price to pay."
"There has been no penalty," McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, told CBS' "Face the Nation" program according to a CBS transcript. "Vladimir Putin ... got away with literally  trying to change the outcome ... of our election."
Trump argued for a rapprochement with Moscow in his campaign but has been unable to deliver because his administration has been dogged by investigations into the allegations of Russian interference in the election and ties with his campaign.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the matter, including whether there may have been any collusion on the part of Trump campaign officials, as are congressional committees including both the House of Representatives and Senate intelligence panels.
Those probes are focused almost exclusively on Moscow’s actions, lawmakers and intelligence officials say, and no evidence has surfaced publicly implicating other countries despite Trump's suggestion that others could have been involved.
Moscow has denied any interference, and Trump says his campaign did not collude with Russia.
Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN's "State of the Union" program that Russia could not be a credible partner in a cyber security unit.
"If that’s our best election defense, we might as well just mail our ballot boxes to Moscow," Schiff added.
Separately, U.S. government officials said a recent hack into business systems of U.S. nuclear power and other energy companies was carried out by Russian government hackers, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.
Trump said he "strongly pressed President Putin twice about Russian meddling in our election. He vehemently denied it."
He added: "We negotiated a ceasefire in parts of Syria which will save lives. Now it is time to move forward in working constructively with Russia!"
In Trump's first attempt at ending the six-year Syrian civil war, the United States, Russia and Jordan on Friday reached a ceasefire and "de-escalation agreement" for southwestern Syria. The ceasefire was holding hours after it took effect on Sunday, a monitor and two rebel officials said.
Any joint U.S.-Russia cyber initiative would have been a different matter. Depending how much it veered into military or espionage operations, it could have faced major legal hurdles.
Language in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act prohibits the Pentagon, which includes the National Security Agency and the U.S. military's Cyber Command, from using any funds for bilateral military cooperation with Russia.
Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, also noted restrictions on sharing information with Russia that would clearly prohibit offering Moscow a sense of U.S. cyber capabilities. Russia would be similarly adverse to revealing its capabilities to the United States, he noted.
"It just will not happen," McFaul told Reuters.
(Additional reporting by Yasmeen Abutaleb, Jeff Mason and Roberta Rampton; Writing by Arshad Mohammed and Phil Stewart; Editing by James Dalgleish and Peter Cooney)

She replied:

I voted for Trump because there's no way in hell I could justify to voting for Hillary Clinton and I realized that a third party vote would have the capacity to toss the election in Clinton's direction.  I was FURIOUS over what the DNC had done to Bernie Sanders.

Nations striving to work together toward peace, for me, is preferable to ramping up a faux Cold War which is what the puppet masters want and what they will eventually get, because masses of people in our country have been programmed by propaganda.  

I suspect you did not read the link I sent you from Kunstler that very accurately details what happened regarding the Ukraine and Crimea. Facts that most U.S. citizens are not aware of.

I replied:

I read it. I have long thought America is committing suicide by stupidity. I also think Russia got Trump elected, with help from the Democrats running the only candidate Trump probably could beat. 

I told you a while back about what Ukrainians at the local state park told me. That the Russians in the Crimea wanted Russia to take it back over, and now they are worse off and wishing it had not happened.

I don't see your hopes for a better world material without the angels invading humanity en masse.

I still would like to hear if you have a dream about Putin, Russia. 

In early 1999, I was put into a deep trance one morning and was taken into the heart of China. It was a dead zone. No life. Felt awful. Then, I was taken into the heart of Islam. Same thing. Then, I was taken under the Pentagon. Same thing. Then, I was taken up above the planet to see Russia. It had a giant dome over it. The sense was, it was being ... fumigated? regenerated? But the future was not shown to me.

She wrote:

Do you for a moment believe that the U.S. has not meddled in the political affairs of other nations?  And are not continuing to do so even now?  We have become the bullies of the planet, and the complacent citizenry short of waking up, are sharing in the karma of that.

The dome over Russia is interesting as a symbol.  Wasn't it just last year that Putin announced that GMO crops will not be raised in Russia, and that Russia is preparing to gear up to feed their own, rather than being dependent on imports?  That's sort of a dome effect..... perhaps the one place on the planet that will not become polluted or decimated by GMO crops... unless our nation (and others) beholden to Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big banks manages to twist the arm of Russia and force acceptance of inferior chemicalized foods. 

Meanwhile, back in the US of A there is an uptick in intestinal issues in food animals, pets, and humans.... speculated to be due in part to GMOs, as is the gluten issue.  Wheat isn't what it used to be; neither is corn; neither is soy.

I will certainly report any dreams from the front lines.

I replied:

I have a good read on America. I'm wondering about Russia?

She wrote:

I agree... it's like that hunt for weapons of mass destruction

The Russians did it.  Where's the proof?  If you make a statement often enough people will begin to accept it as true.  Ala the weapons of mass destruction officials apprised us about.  There are individuals of the dim bulb variety who now believe Russians actually hacked voting machines.... whew!  Propagandists thrive on stupid.

I replied:

The angels told me the Russians did it and Trump was in on it. Whether humans can prove it is not my concern.

She wrote:

WHAT did the angels say that the Russians did, specifically.  Certainly they had absolutely no means of hacking voting machines, which is what the ignorant masses are beginning to believe our government officials are saying.  At most, some Russian, or who knows who, outed those emails.  I say THANK YOU to them WHOEVER they might be.... for they are patriots of the American People.  However, these days patriots are being spun as committing treason.  Witness Snowden.  What a true American Hero....

I replied:

Nothing to do with hacking voting machines. They hacked Hillary and Democratic Party and leaked what they found and that tossed the shit house (white shit) to Trump, and Trump had egged them on to do it when he sent his people over there, which the special prosecutor might never prove in court or in impeachment proceedings. The Catch 22 is, the truth needed to some out about the hacking, but, dang, don't drag Trump into it. He was thrilled with the leaks in 2016. Then he fired his own FBI Director for inquiring if he had cut a deal with Putin. I still think your Russian relations are getting in your way.

She wrote:

Think as you wish. That's on you not me. I also have strong thoughts about our role in the Syrian mess even though I have no Syrian relatives.

I replied:

I’d like to hear dreams you have about Syria situation. Dreams bypass the human mind, moods, beliefs, etc.

She wrote separately:

You are working me very hard today.... given that it's my 71st birthday.  Don't I deserve some birthday FUN.... rather than deep spirit work?

I replied:

Birthdays, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, solstices, other special days, the angels work me overtime. Happy birthday!

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