Thursday, July 20, 2017

The four horsemen of the apocalypse ride again. Are they after Sloan Bashinsky, of Key West? Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama?, who sued Sloan, again, this time yesterday in Birmingham, going after his inheritance, again, which he has not received

My errant former homeless girlfriend Kari Dangler reported this morning that she dreamed three nights running, as of last night, of 4 black horsemen of the apocalypse mowing down a lot of white people. I told her, a dream like that, repeating, means I'm not getting the message, and may she isn't either, and the dream is really important.

The rest of today's post is kinda personal.
Forward from my friend and lawyer and Key West City Commissioner yesterday:

From: Sam Kaufman <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 12:16 PM
Subject: FW: Sloan Bashinsky, Key West, FL


Samuel J. Kaufman, P.A.
Trial Attorney

3130 Northside Drive
Key West, FL 33040
p: 305-292-3926 / f: 305-295-7947

-----Original Message-----
From: Samuel Kaufman []
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 12:12 PM
To: Sam Kaufman <>
Subject: FW: Sloan Bashinsky, Key West, FL

Samuel J. Kaufman
Commissioner, District 2
City of Key West

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 7:46 AM
To: Jimmy Weekley <>; Billy Wardlow
<>; Clayton Lopez
<>; Margaret Romero
<>; Richard Payne
<>; Samuel Kaufman
Cc: 'Mud Dawg' <>;
Subject: Sloan Bashinsky, Key West, FL

TO: Commissions,

Attached is a lawsuit filed against Sloan Bashinsky that details his violence and criminal acts perpetrated against me beginning in December, 2016 and continuing through to the present date.

This is the same individual who regularly presents himself before you in meetings to register false complaints against SHAL and the KOTS director.

Presently he is espousing his lies to The Guardian in hopes of ruining the lives and reputations of those who are dedicated SHAL employees. Upon
information and belief, he is also exerting pressure on other homeless people to file false complaints against SHAL and KOTS. His cruel revenge tactics against those who banned him from KOTS knows no boundaries. Ruining the lives and reputations of his imagined enemies is his stock and trade. He is a danger to any community where he is allowed to walk free to
harm, harass, threaten, and defame others in order to achieve some psychological payoff and media notoriety.

Do not give an ounce of credence to the psychotic ramblings of Sloan Bashinsky who belongs in jail, not on the streets of Key West.

Judith Haney

Cc: SHAL, KOTS, Adithya Sambamuthy, Key West Police Department, Monroe County Sheriff's Department

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 6:28 AM
To: ''
Cc: 'Mud Dawg' <>
Subject: Sloan Bashinsky, Key West, FL

TO: Adithya Sambamurthy, The Guardian

Before giving ANY credibility to anything Sloan Bashinsky has to say about Florida Keys shelters, read the attached lawsuit filed against him yesterday and contact the Monroe County FL Sheriff's office and the Key West Police Department and talk to them about the problems they have constantly had with Sloan Bashinsky.

He is a psychotic trouble maker for everyone he comes in contact with who refuses his threats and demands.

He has, for the past several years, used the Internet to defame and harass the KOTS Shelter director and SHAL in revenge for have been banned from
KOTS on account of threatening the lives of other homeless people who use KOTS services.

Be careful about drawing any definitive conclusions based upon the psychotic fantasies and notions of Sloan Bashinsky. He is a paranoid schizophrenic loose on society who refuses psychiatric treatment and
intervention, preferring to threaten others with violence and death when they refuse to do his bidding.

Judith Haney

Cc: Mike Tolbert, KOTS Director

-----Original Message-----
From: AlaFile E-Notice []
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 6:26 PM
Subject: Notice of Complaint Filing - 01-CV-2017-902922.00 - MGG


FILED ON 7/18/2017 6:26:02 PM
My email back to Sam yesterday:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 1:17 PM
To: Sam Kaufman
Subject: Re: Sloan Bashinsky, Key West, FL

Thanks, Sam, for the heads up. Judith Haney did not email me a copy. 

Saw the Keynoter article on charging clients rent at KOTS. Can't make them stay there and charge them, as you know.

You, Steve Braddock, Charles Davis and I told them not to build KOTS.

Hope your time with your family in Israel was fantastic.

Welcome back.


My email this morning:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 11:05 AM
Subject: Fw: Sloan Bashinsky, Key West, FL

Good morning, everyone -

City Commissioner Sam Kaufman, who is an old friend and my attorney, forwarded Judith Haney's Sloan Bashinsky praise report to you, which Haney did not copy to me.

Why copy me? Or sue me? I am a paranoid schizophrenic psychotic (Haney's words). In her lawsuit yesterday, she stated under oath that I am mentally ill. Thus, not mentally or legally responsible for anything I say or do. 

Including, according to Mayor Craig Cates and his campaign manager and wife, thanking me for getting Craig elected without a runoff in his first mayor's race, 2009.

Including just newly elected Mayor Cates asking me in the next breath to be on his mayor's homeless advisory committee, because I knew so much about homelessness.

Including, being the person who caused the city to build KOTS in 2004, because the then city government knew, with Attorney Sam Kaufman's help, I would put the city in federal court under the Pottinger case, if the city kept using its police to keep homeless people from sleeping outside at night. Jimmy Weekley was city mayor then.

Including being one of the two people in the Florida Keys County Commissioner David Rice, a PhD Psychologist who ran The Guidance & Care Clinics of the Florida Keys for many years, which processed a heap of homeless addicts, said at a homeless summit in Key West hosted by Florida Keys Outreach Coalition in the Harvey Government Center, said he looks to on homeless issues. The second person was Father Stephen Braddock, Florida Keys Outreach Coalition's CEO.

The Monroe County Commission likes Southern Assistance Homeless League so much, that it again this year denied SHAL's request for county funding.

But don't take a mentally ill paranoid schizophrenic psychotic's word for it. Ask Jimmy Weekley, Mayor Cates, Sam Kaufman and David Rice.

Meanwhile, down below is email from a Birmingham FOX TV News journalist this morning, and my this morning reply. 

Adi, of The Guardian, which I understand is a major UK news publication. You said you are looking into homeless people being given one-way bus tickets to somewhere else. Well, down below is a suped-up version.

I saw in today's Key West Citizen a syndicate article about the weather woes of having to play rounds in the afternoon at the British Open golf championship, which started this morning. I played St. Andrews once. Yikes!!! Another story.

This story is, professional golfers play the course, and the weather. You don't get to roll the ball, improve your lie. You don't get mulligans. It's a sho nuff X-ray of the soul. Especially, the British Open. 

See you next week, Adi. Be sure to rent bicycles. It's the best way to meet homeless people in Key West and hear what they have to say. Not likely homeless people will tell you at KOTS what they will tell you on the streets of Key West. Not likely the mayor and city commissioners will know what KOTS if like, if they never slept one night there.

But don't take a mentally ill paranoid schizophrenic psychotic's word for it. Sleep at KOTS. Talk with homeless people on the streets of Key West.


From: Harris, Sherea <>
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 6:53:41 AM
Subject: FOX6 News request

Hi. This is Sherea Harris with FOX6 news in Birmingham.  We’re looking for a comment about the harassment lawsuit filed against you by Judith Haney.

Sherea Harris-Turner
News Reporter
Cell: 205-317-5773
Desk: 205-583-8452
Twitter: @ShereaHarris
Facebook Fan page: WBRC Sherea Harris

Hi. This is Sherea Harris with FOX6 news in Birmingham.  We’re looking for a comment about the harassment lawsuit filed against you by Judith Haney.
Sherea Harris-
News Reporter
Cell: 205-317-5773
Desk: 205-583-8452
Twitter: @ShereaHarris
Facebook Fan page: WBRC Sherea Harris

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 10:10 AM
To: Harris, Sherea
Subject: Re: FOX6 News request

Good morning, Sherea -   

Thanks for giving me a chance to respond.

This will take a while, and it will only be a synopsis, which might seem to be a joke, but it's not.

Judith Eloise Haney, currently of Leeds, Alabama, alleges in her sworn pro se Complaint that I'm mentally ill, and in an email yesterday to the Key West mayor and city commissioners, which one of the commissioners forwarded to me, since I was not copied with it, Haney stated I am psychotic and am paranoid schizophrenic. That commissioner, Sam Kaufman, is my friend of many years and my attorney. 

It's been a good while since I practiced law in Birmingham, but my recollection through nearly 75 years of what's left of my grey matter is, such a person, as described by Haney, is not legally responsible for what he says, writes or does, and therefore is judgment proof in a civil lawsuit, and Haney's Complaint, as a matter of law, is due to be dismissed with prejudice.

Haney makes an interesting attempt in her Complaint to make it out that venue and jurisdiction lie in Birmingham, even though she well knows I am a resident of Key West and have been for many years, to which the Key West mayor and city commissioners all will vouch, if asked, as they all know me. They all know of my blog,, and of its predecessor, They know I publish the blog every day. They have heard me speak many times during citizen comments at city commission meetings, not always to their liking. 

They might not know that I have a Monroe County, Florida driver's license, showing my last residence in Key West as the address. I obtained that driver's licence in early 2006. I have been a resident in Key West or on Little Torch Key, about 45 minute drive up US 1 from Key West, since 2006. 

During that time I ran for local public office 7 times. 4 times for mayor of Key West, 3 times for county commission, and 1 time for school board. I also ran for mayor of Key West in 2003. 

Before Haney flew me 1st Class on Delta to Birmingham last December (2016), after making many offers I could not rationally refuse, which she did not describe in her Complaint filed yesterday in Birmingham, that I had not been out of the Florida Keys since a brief visit to Birmingham in November 2008.

So, what's left of this mentally ill, paranoid schizophrenic, no longer practicing attorney's grey matter does not see how venue or jurisdiction lies in Birmingham. If Haney really believed otherwise, she would have sued me in Birmingham last December 30, for libel, cyberstalking and invasion, instead of in Key West. All of the pleadings, Haney's and mine, eventually were, sua sponte, stricken from the record by Florida 16th Judicial Circuit Judge Bonnie J. Helms, without prejudice. Sua sponte means, on the judge's own motion. 

From the Monroe County Clerk of the Court's website this morning:

After suing me and her case getting assigned as the 1st civil action in 2017, Haney sued 3 prominent local citizens for their getting involved and speaking and/or publishing about her and her lawsuit against me. Those lawsuits did not go to Haney's liking either. 

From the Clerk of the Court's website this morning:

In addition, Haney sued the Leeds, Alabama city attorney, Johnny Brunson (205) 702-6700, for telling me what he knew of Haney. Brunson said Haney had sued him and the mayor of Leeds in the past. Brunson said Haney is well known in Leeds and in Birmingham courts as a vexatious litigator and for siccing the police on people she does not like. Brunson said he thought maybe Haney iss the only lay person in Alabama with her own Alabama Courts e-filing portal, and that he believed she must stay up all night working on her lawsuits. 

Brunson said Haney had driven away three owners of the home across the street from her in Leeds, one was an 80s something church woman; and now she was driving away the current neighbor, Brandy Barnes Gill, with whom I later had extensive Facebook chat, in which she confirmed what Brunson had told me. 

I also called the Leeds chief of police, last name Jackson, don't have his phone number, or Brandy's, and he told me the same things Brunson had told me. 

I corresponded with Brandy last. Haney had already sued Brandy before she sued me. The way Brandy wrote it to me, Haney had either sued Brandy again, for speaking with me, or had added that into counts in the suit already filed against Brandy. I don't know how the Leeds lawsuits are progressing.

I also had extensive Facebook chat and telephone conversations with Haney's 4th husband, Robert Fureigh, who is an alderman in or near Little Rock, Arkansas. He contacted me out of the blue on Facebook the morning after I was served with Haney's lawsuit papers in Key West early this past January. He offered his condolences. Said their divorce lasted 7-plus years, counting the bankruptcy case Haney filed to get out of paying 1/2 the marital debt as ordered in her and Fureigh's divorce decree. 

Fureigh said, when he was married to Haney, her shrink told him that he had detected at least 4 personalities in her. Fureigh said he then identified 4 personalities, and assigned names to each of them, which he used when one of them was engaging him and vice versa. 

Fureigh said, after the divorce was finally over, Haney created a website just for him, in which Haney offered a $1,000,000 reward to anyone who brought the criminal Robert Fureigh to justice. He said it took some effort to get that website taken down. He said he looked for his records on that but could not find them.

Fureigh said he would give me an affidavit for all of that, but I did not send him an affidavit - yet. 

You can reach him at 501-xxx-xxxx. 

Here's a link to the main order in the Haney v. Fureigh bankruptcy case:

Here's an excerpt from the bankruptcy judge's opinion:

Bankruptcy No. 98-41169 S. Adversary No. 98-4059.
238 B.R. 432 (1999)
In re Judith Eloise HANEY. Robert Fureigh, Plaintiff, v. Judith Eloise Haney, Defendant.
United States Bankruptcy Court, E.D. Arkansas, Western Division.
August 25, 1999. 
MARY D. SCOTT, Bankruptcy Judge.

"......The debtor testified that she has mental health problems. The Court file in the case, this adversary proceeding, and the conduct of this trial, reveal the credibility of this statement. She that she needs therapy and that she has been urged by various doctors to seek such assistance. While she previously had customers, she testified that she had effectively "driven" them away. She even believes that she may have suffered some sort of brain damage a decade ago. While the debtor introduced no supporting documentation or other evidence of her disabilities, the Court can readily believe she has been repeatedly urged to seek professional mental care..... "

Haney had been reading my blogs for many years, before she brought me to Birmingham last December. I lay myself bare on my blogs, and I lay other people bare. There is very little Haney did not know about me, when she brought me to Birmingham last December. 

Here is something Haney sent me on Facebook in early 2016:

Conversation started February 22

2/22, 6:42am
Judith Haney
Hi Sloan, I just read your Major redoubt and was glad to know that more of the pieces of the puzzle are finally set in place. Major’s death was a huge loss to so many people. Although I only knew him briefly via tennis, I really felt so sad to learn of his death. I hope you are doing well. I also enjoy your ramblings. You are one of the best writer’s I have ever read. Take good care.

Major redoubt was a comprehensive article I had published at my websites, mostly to counter allegations being made by Roger Shuler of the Birmingham area, on his, that Major did not commit suicide as had been determined by the Jefferson County Medical Examiner, the Birmingham PD detective, and the FBI, but was murdered, and I had something to with it. 

Haney was, and is today, a Shuler disciple. The apartment she ended up putting me in, in Birmingham, had a great view of the pond on Highland golf course where Major's body was found in early 2010. 

Haney and Major had met at Highland Racket Club above that golf course. They had dated briefly. Major later met his first wife to be at Highland Racket Club. She was its tennis pro. She was the Alabama State Women's Tennis Champion. Major met his second wife at the Racket Club. She, too, was the tennis pro there and the Alabama State Women's Tennis Champion. Haney was living in that apartment complex when she met Major. 

I had lived there before that, when I was starting to practice law. I did not know Haney then. First time I saw her in person was after she brought me to Birmingham last December.

Despite Haney telling me otherwise before she brought me to Birmingham last December, on her dime, I felt she was courting me. Hell hath no greater fury than a woman scorned. Fureigh is pronounced, fury.

I would have been sound asleep not to wonder why Haney put me in that apartment, with a view of that pond where Major's body was found, instead of an apartment in Five Points South, which I had said I preferred. 

I knew it was all about Major. Either, Haney was trying to get me to own up to having had Major killed, or she was in on it, perhaps, and was trying to deflect that away from herself occurred to me. 

I asked Haney in a post at, the header of that post is an exhibit to her new Complaint, to please tell me that she was not the one who threatened to out Major for being bisexual, which led to his theatrical suicide made to look like murder and save his reputation and throw a large life insurance policy on himself to his creditors and his second wife. Haney did not respond to my plea.

In fact, Haney lured me to Birmingham last December, with promises of keeping me in an apartment there for 7 months, rent prepaid; she paying the utilities, cable TV, Wi-Fi; giving me a $1,500 limit credit card on which she and I were signers, which amount she would replenish for my maintenance during those 7 months; she would furnish me a car to drive, and pay the insurance on it; she would pay any physician expenses I incurred; she would buy me new clothes; and she would fly me to Birmingham first class, on Delta, which she did, and put me in the apartment, and gave me the credit card, and the car to drive. With no strings attached, financial, relationship, or otherwise. She was not looking for a relationship, her health was poor. She was doing it because other people had helped her in the past.

I have copies of Haney's and my Facebook chat and emails proving all of that.

I have copies of her and my emails proving what happened after I arrived in Birmingham.

Within a week, Haney changed her mind and offered to fly me back to Key West at her expense. That was in an email. I needed time to think. She emailed I had been disrespectful for not responding timely, and she revoked the offer to fly me back to Key West. She threatened me with the police, if I did not move out the next day and live on the street, for all she cared. 

I told her she had made a contract with me and was in breach, and that would be decided by a judge, if I decided not to move out of the apartment which she had given to me prepaid, no strings attached, financial or otherwise, stated in an email to me. But she could have the credit card and car back. 

I emailed, if she brought in the police, that was a public event, especially given my family’s last name, which was prominent in Birmingham and in Alabama. I emailed, if she brought in the police, I would publish her and my Facebook and email correspondence at my websites. Heretofore, by agreement with Haney, I had not disclosed online who the benefactor was. 

Haney called in the police. 

2 Birmingham police officers came the next day, I told them my side, they said a judge would have to decide it, and they left.

6 police officers came the next day, Haney was with them, and the manager of the apartment complex, who said he had cancelled Haney’s lease, so there was no lease and I was trespassing. I asked him if had refunded Haney’s prepaid rent. He said that was between him and her. 

I told the police I needed 15 minutes to pack. They were not happy, but let me pack. I asked them to take me to the airport. No. To call a cab for me. No. I don’t have the cab company’s number. One of the officers told me the number. I called. (When I called Bham PD about a month ago and asked to be sent the incident reports for those 2 incidents, the supervisor in Bham PD records department told me there were no records of those two incidents.)

A yellow cab came in about 15 minutes. I went to the airport and published what had happened. I think that was December 23. 

Back in Key West, I published Haney’s and my online correspondence. 

She filed suit on December 30. 

On January 4, she had the alleged near fatal heart attack, evidence of which I never saw. 

While I was still in the apartment, before the bloom left the rose, Haney brought me a different car to drive, and said she was headed from there to a hospital emergency room, because of a bad pain in the left side of her chest. 

Looked to me suing me caused Haney's alleged heart attack. Otherwise, she would have had it when I published what had happened and her and my online correspondence. 

If you read Haney's new lawsuit against me, you will not know what I really published. In the Key West lawsuit, she filed reams of pleadings, oceans of pleadings, alleging all sorts of things that never happened, or did not happen the way she alleged. Some of her pleadings were sworn, some were not. 

One of her allegations, which she kept making, was that I had threatened to kill her with a pitchfork. Here's what I actually published, which Haney did not include in those pleadings:

Will someone please see that this Presidents Day not in anywise surgical strike legions of collateral damages fully intended post gets to President Lucifer's Trumpet, to make sure he knows he has in Leeds, Alabama, a more than able Cainish successor to his throne? Not that I thought Hillary was any better than Trump.

"I nominate first for that carrier pigeon to the White House role, an in-the-closet-Donald Trump-loving friend of mine, who came to me in a dream before dawn this morning and told me to check out what people are saying in Marathon. When the dream came, I was sleeping somewhat peacefully in the front lobby of the Key West police station, after I had mused several times yesterday that I just might have to get out my own pitchfork today and stick it through Judith Haney into Donald Trump till death do they part. 

"That's metaphor, folks, but it would not surprise me if Haney adds it to her lawsuit, saying I threatened to kill her with a pitchfork, and I libeled her by comparing her to Donald Trump."

Haney never claimed I libeled her for comparing her to Donald Trump. But she alleged many times that I had threatened to kill her with a pitchfork, and she made that allegation in her Complaint filed yesterday in Birmingham.

Haney alleged in her pleadings in her Key West lawsuits against me and the other defendants named above, that we were in a conspiracy to harm her and to harm her lawsuit against me. Yes, we indeed were in a conspiracy. To bring out the truth. 

The Leeds city attorney and chief of police, and the neighbor across the street from Haney, all told me Haney's reputation in Leeds is terrible, due to herself, and could not be further damaged.

I wager, if Haney's real estate appraisal business has suffered since she brought me to Birmingham last December, it is because she was spending too much time suing people, pro se.

I wager that any serious medical problems Haney has are rooted in karma for her vexatious lawsuit addiction.

Naja Girard, Rick Boettger and Bruce Gorman, whom Haney sued in Key West, are well-known local respected journalists and/or media providers down here in Key West and the Florida Keys.

I emailed Haney a settlement offer the day or day after I was served with her lawsuit last January, in Key West. I offered to take everything down and stop publishing about her, and she would cease suing me and trying to sic the law on me. The settlement would be approved by the judge and binding on both sides, and if either side breached the settlement offer, the other side could sue the side in breach. 

Haney did not reply to the settlement offer, other than to keep filing pro se pleadings, and I kept reporting and commenting on it at my websites, because I am a public figure and a well-known local journalist and commentator, and Haney is a public figure due to her litigation addiction, having run for mayor of Leeds in 2012, and as a journalist and a commentator, as per her bio on her website, which I bio introduced into evidence in her Key West lawsuit against me. [Haney read it and told Judge Helms it was from her website, and Haney did not object to it being in evidence.]

Judith Haney is an investigative journalist who was born in the Appalachian mountains of northeast Tennessee.
She began working as a full time on-air talent for a television station when she was eighteen years of age while working toward an undergraduate degree at night.
Throughout her career as a journalist and broadcaster she has freelanced as a writer and art director for various publications. Also, she has worked as a field producer and on-air talent for various networks.
In addition to working full time as a writer, she was a competitive tennis player. Throughout the 80’s, she played and won several USLTA sanctioned tennis tournaments throughout the United States. She continues her involvement with tennis today as a coach to disadvantaged youth.
Since 1990, Judi has freelanced as a news correspondent for wire services, broadcast networks, and newspapers. Presently she travels throughout the United States providing up to the minute coverage of high profile trials and newsworthy events.
In 1996, she was the only national reporter to cover both Whitewater trials in Little Rock, AR. Throughout the trials, which lasted six months, she sat in the courtrooms each day listening to the testimony and observing the defendants. As a result, she became a recognized expert on the subject of Whitewater. During the trials she was a regularly invited guest on National Public Radio, Monitor Radio, and other news formatted talk shows. Judi reported the Whitewater trials for UPI Radio from the White House in Washington, D.C. on weekends and from Little Rock, AR during the week.

Via 1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution, NEW YORK TIMES V. SULLIVAN made Haney and me both fair game - about like, hmmm, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are fair game to journalists and commentators. 

I will call you and let you know to check your email in box. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. 

Sincerely yours,

Sloan Bashinsky

A couple of loose ends occurred to me, and I sent this p.s. to the city officials and Adi, at The Guardian:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 11:42 AM
Subject: Re: Sloan Bashinsky, Key West, FL

P.S. Ask Haney and the people running KOTS to show you anything I ever wrote where I threatened to kill homeless people. Don't hold your breath waiting to receive it.

Haney testified on March 31, in Key West, before 16th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Bonnie J. Helms, that she had tried to get KWPD, the Sheriff Office and the State Attorney Office to prosecute me, and they had declined. State Attorney Dennis Ward himself told me the State Attorney Office had twice declined Haney's attempts to have that Office prosecute me. I did not speak with KWPD or the Sheriff Office about it. I sleep nearly every night in the front lobby of KWPD. So far, not one word to me about Haney's complaints against me.

As for FOX TV in Birmingham, WBRC, I think:

I reached Sherea when I called her cell phone. She said they ran a blurb this morning, that Haney had sued me for libel, harassment. Did have a response. Sherea said they wanted something brief. 

I laughed. Brief? 

I asked Sherea if she had read all of Haney's complaint. 


Please do. And all of what I emailed you just a bit ago. 

She's after your inheritance?

She says so right at the start of her lawsuit papers, doesn't she?


She went after my inheritance in her Key West lawsuit against me.

As for a brief response, Haney spun what she alleged against me. 

And she alleged in her complaint that I am mentally ill, so I'm not responsible for my actions, according to her, so I'm judgment proof and her complaint is due to be dismissed as a matter of law.

As for suing me in Birmingham, obviously she's trying to make it out like I have reasons to be sued there, but she knows I don't. She sued me in Key West earlier this year.

Haney sued 3 journalists in Key West, too, because they got involved in that lawsuit.



Haney sued the city attorney of Leeds, because of what he told me about her. 



And her neighbor across the street.



Call the city attorney of Leeds and hear what he has to say about Haney. 

Haney is a well known vexatious litigator in Leeds, and in Birmingham. Go to the court clerk in Birmingham and ask about Haney.

Meanwhile ...

Haney's new lawsuit complaint is l-o-n-g, which is no surprise. Maybe I can figure out a way to copy and paste it into a post at this website. Or create a link for it.

Stay tuned.

Over and out.

I'm headed to Jack Flats to watch the end of the first round of the British Open. As I recall, it don't get dark in Scotland this time of year until about 11 p.m.

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