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The devil, you say! (various beauty pageants)

Received by certified US Postal mail yesterday with the new lawsuit filed by vexatious litigator, wanna be Judge Judy, Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama. The lawsuit was mailed from the Clerk of the Court in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. I signed the return receipt, because I did not want the judge to think I am playing games with the judicial system.

I looked up online how to defend the case pro se in Alabama, using e-filings. Qualifying for that is more complicated than in the Florida courts. If it's too complicated, I suppose I will do it the old-fashioned way, with paper pleadings.

If it goes the paper way, I wonder if I will have to rent a warehouse to store all of Haney's paper pleadings? 

It would have taken two or three warehouses to store all of Haney's paper pleadings in her lawsuit against me in Key West earlier this year, which was dismissed, without prejudice, by local circuit court judge Bonnie J. Helms.

In her Birmingham lawsuit against me, Haney says so many charming things about my alleged out to do her in co-conspirator, Rick Boettger, below, of Key West, that I was left flummoxed why Haney did not sue Rick in Birmingham, too? 
I left Rick a voicemail to that effect yesterday. Rick still is trying to pursue a counterclaim against Haney in the lawsuit she filed against him in Key West, in which she later filed a motion to dismiss, after she learned from one of Rick's pleadings that he was about to counter sue her. 

I bet Rick can file a motion to intervene in the new lawsuit in Birmingham, as a necessary alleged co-conspirator party, suing Haney for libel, frivolous litigation, malicious prosecution, cyberstalking, etc.

What Rick did wrong in wannabe Judge Judy's universe, was he got pissed off that she sued me in Key West, and he dug up a heap of dirt on her online, and he gave me the dirt, and I published it on my website. 

In wannabe Judge Judy's universe, it is illegal to use the truth to defend yourself in a libel lawsuit. 

In American Jurisprudence, however, if wannabe Judge Judy files a libel lawsuit claiming defamation of character, then she puts her reputation at issue in the lawsuit, and the alleged terrible defendant is allowed to dig up whatever dirt on wannabe Judge Judy does not agree with what she sez her wonderful reputation is.

Anyone who cares to know what Judith Eloise Haney's wonderful reputation is where she lives only needs to call the Leeds, Alabama city attorney, Johnny Brunson, whom Haney sued for his telling me what Haney's reputation is in Leeds. Brunson's telephone number is: (205) 702-6700.

Anyone also might try calling Alabama 10th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Michael Graffeo, who has recused himself from Judith E. Haney pro se civil lawsuits assigned to him, including the lawsuit she filed against me in Birmingham. Judge Graffeo's office phone number is (205) 325-5644 . 

I do not know and have not talked with Judge Graffeo, and have no clue what he might or might not say about Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama.
I suppose the cruelest thing I could do to Haney is get myself bumped off. Then, she'd have to resurrect me from the dead, because I don't think it's legal to keep suing a dead person. 

But even if it is legal to do that, the spendthrift clauses in my father's estate plan prevent my creditors from getting any of my inheritance before I have it in my own paws, and my inheritance is what Haney is after; she said so in her lawsuits. 

If I die before the inheritance is in my paws, the inheritance goes to people I left it to in my last will and testament, or, if I don't have a last will and testament, it goes to my daughters.

I dunno, do ya think that, instead of hiring body guards to protect herself from me and Rick Boettger, Haney should be hiring body guards to protect me, and paying doctors to keep me healthy and alive, and keep me in an apartment in Key West, instead of having me live on the street and sleep nights in the Key West police station front lobby, all of which stress on my 75-year old body is burning my remaining nine lives up pretty darn fast?

The more the merrier.
Farther down below is a continuation of one of the Facebook threads in yesterday's post at this hear you heah?, feral wannabe Al Jazeera blog. It's about someone I think should hire Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama, to be his combined security adviser and public relations director.

In fact, I think they are so alike that I still would like to stick a pitchfork through Haney into him until death do they part.

Now while that's metaphor, I fully expect Haney to tell the new judge in her Birmingham lawsuit against me, that I have yet again threatened to kill her with a pitchfork, except I doubt any pitchfork's prongs are long enough to go through one side of former beauty contestant winner Judith Eloise Haney and out the other side, because when I finally met her in person last December, in Birmingham, her circumference exceeded her height.

Back in 2010, when we were talking dirty to each other online, she told me she still had her former beauty contest winner figure.

I can't help but wonder if Haney's former beauty contest winner figure had something to do with her filing a motion to seal the record in her Birmingham lawsuit against me?

It won't be surprised if Haney also files a motion to have the case tried in closed chambers, where the public, and reporters, cannot see her.

Haney filed such motions in her Key West lawsuit against me, and the judge denied both motions.

Here's a selfie video the former beauty contestant winner made of herself and put on the Internet to make sure she would not be forgotten - I still wonder what passed between her and the guy in the pickup truck before the chase began?

Here's the continuation of the Facebook thread about the fellow I think should have married the American beauty contest winner Judith Eloise Haney, instead of a foreign immigrant.
David Tomlinson Mr Sloan, can you see the almost invisible beam shooting in the right temple of mr sessions? May explain the confusion on the matter.. and many more to come
Sloan Bashinsky Oh, that righteous (self kind?) Alabama lawyer turned US Congressman turned, well, libel laws being what they are and all, don't look to terribly uplifted in this photo of his ownself being sworn in as top US law enforcement officer.
Image may contain: 1 person, suit
Gregory A. Beamer I need to read up before I make a determination of where I stand, but I am a bit tired of the media "black and white" reporting, largely against Trump. He has had a target on his back from day one. And, to date, we have not found the smoking gun promised almost hourly, which makes me question if there is one.
Sloan Bashinsky Trump ran an attack campaign, so, hmmm, karma?
Gregory A. Beamer Sure Sloan. Everyone knows the media is right being biased and unprofessional as long as the other kindergartner started it. 
Sloan Bashinsky FOX and right media just as biased as other media - a bunch of Trump folks, including Sessions, lied about no contact with Russians during last years campaign, that 's not fake news, but I suppose real news is fake news too
Sloan Bashinsky I watched Trump plenty on TV last year, he struck me as an arrogant bully megalomaniac self-loving nice all around American who would make America a laughing stock overseas, and, I didn't like Hillary any better - they both should be locked up, far as I'm concerned.
Gregory A. Beamer Okay, so you want to play "sides"? I don't. I don't disagree with different media biased in different ways. My issue is the media taking their bias to the point Colbert making fun of a press conference was front page news. Anything to bash Trump, even non-newsworthy.

And, I think EVERY American should be appalled that non-news is getting center stage, regardless of their bias. 

I don't particularly like Trump. I did not vote for him. But he is our President and I would like more professional, less social media, journalism in this country. When evidence is edited to fit bias, it is propaganda, not news.

As for "locked up", I would love to see the whole DC machine removed and replace it with new bodies. When Congress is a career, there is a problem.
Sloan Bashinsky Trump attacked his FBI director, now he's going after his attorney general - it seems to be how Trump operates, unfortunately for him, this is the national government, not one of his private companies.
Gregory A. Beamer Sessions was a mistake. He might be qualified, but way too much baggage. Interesting political statement to push him, but too much risk of backfire. Oops! Too late! Comey was already in place, so not "Trump's" FBI director, per se.

We do have to realize hirings and firings happen routinely
Sloan Bashinsky Trump tried to get Comey to put Trump ahead of the law, and Comey declined, which was correct. Trump is bad news. America deserves him. Karma. I don't have to watch the news on TV to know Trump. I watch Trump on TV and on twitter. It's hilarious, if you see it's just what America needed.
Sloan Bashinsky I'm from Alabama. I practiced law there many years ago. Sessions had a reputation going way back, in Alabama. Then, he got into Congress. I hope Trump fires him. And I hope Trump tries to fire Mueller. I want to watch the Republicans deal with that. It will be heap fun to watch, like it was heap fun to watch the Democrats deal with the Hillary leaks and the DNC massacre of Sanders.
Next today, heap fun from Key West's "tame" Al Jazeera, Key West the Newspaper (, published by my friends Arnaud and Naja Girard online every Friday. 
Naja was another co-conspirator Haney sued in Key West, and lost, because the 1st Amendment protects people's opinions about other people, including people's opinions about Donald Trump and Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama.

Ocean’s Edge Hotel grounds
by Naja Girard…….
Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc. announced this Wednesday that it has purchased “the 175-room Oceans Edge Hotel & Marina on Stock Island for $175 million.”
Ocean’s Edge Hotel has been an object of controversy in the Keys from the onset. It was pushed through as an upscale community consisting of “79 single family homes” and a small 17 room hotel. “It’s what we all want,” said developer Pritam Singh to the County’s Planning Commission, “to put our house by the water.” Each homeowner would own their own 2-bedroom unit with its own individual real estate tax number and, of course, each “homeowner” would have the option of living in their unit or, when they chose to, renting it out as a “vacation rental.”Continue reading »

Responses to “Pritam Singh’s 175-Room “Ocean’s Edge Hotel” Sells For $175 Million”

  1. Excuse ME! What is wrong with this picture? The article says that there are 175 rooms but the SIGN in the PICTURE indicates that just in that section of the place there are 205 rooms. Never heard of skipping numbers for hotel rooms to make the place look bigger.
  2. Ahh, just another slippery deal by Key West’s Donald Trump. Who is the best liar I wonder.
  3. A different point of view.
    Don’t blame Pritam.
    He is well known in real estate development circles and among county and city planning boards. attorneys and elected officials.
    Historically, Pritam says he’s gonna build one thing, and it ends up something else thing.
    This is well known in the aforesaid circles.
    So, blame the aforesaid circles for doing business with Priam.
    He is what he is. He’s not gonna change.
    Apparently, the aforesaid circles like Pritam just the way he is, because the aforesaid keep doing business with him.
    In the law, that’s called “res ipsa loquitur” – the thing speaks for itself.

  4. Doesn’t the state have an interest in this? Have they chimed in?

  5. This is why I left Key Weird and will never be back!!!!!
  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    My dream maker got onto me last night, because I let Pritam off light.
    So, check out Pritam’s great and wonderful, kinda reminds of Donald Trump’s great and wonderful, website:
    Read of Pritim’s spiritual evolution:
    “Also in 1971, Singh was arrested and spent several days in jail with a group of anti-war protestors protesting the Vietnam War in Washington, D.C. His early political activism was always combined with a parallel spiritual search and Labombard entered a Sikh Ashram in Massachusetts a couple of years later at the age of 21, remaining until he was 24. While in the Ashram, he married Kaitlin Briggs. It was also during this time that he took the name Pritam Singh. Pritam means “God’s Beloved” in the language of the Sikhs, and Singh, meaning “lion,” is the surname all Sikh men adopt.”
    “The scale and scope of Singh’s real estate acquisition and development projects had grown enormously since his modest beginnings in Maine. By 1994, he had spent 15 years in a relentless cycle of non-stop work on project after project and his material success had been remarkable. As work on The Key West Golf Club was getting underway, Singh had another life-changing experience when Ann Johnston introduced him to the work and thought of the acclaimed scholar, peace activist and Zen Buddhist Master Thich Naht Hanh. Johnston gave Singh several books by Hanh, most notably the well-known Peace is Every Step.
    “Such was Singh’s enthusiasm and appreciation for Hanh’s work that he would eventually edit several of the scholar’s later books, including Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers (1999); Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames (2001); No Death, No Fear: Comforting Wisdom for Life (2002); Creating True Peace (2003) and Taming the Tiger Within (2005). In 1997, 600 people from Florida and around the nation gathered at the Key West Golf Club for a silent weeklong retreat hosted by Singh and guided by Thich Nhat Hanh.”
    Wonder what happened to Pritam’s begging bowl? Is it stuck down in the bottom of his golf bag? Wonder how much of the money he makes in the Key West and the Florida Keys, he donates to local charities/non prophets, er, profits?
    Read of Pritam’s wonderful real estate contributions to Portland society:
    “In 1978 Singh emerged from his long period of meditation and study in the Sikh commune and moved to Portland, Maine. In Portland, he and Kaitlin had two daughters, first Siri Sahaj Kaur and then Charan Kamal Kaur. Kaur, meaning “Princess,” is the surname of all Sikh women. In 1979, after a period spent traveling to India, he bought his first house in Maine – a building that had been condemned after a fire – using a loan from his lawyer, a mortgage from the seller and $500 on his credit card. Singh turned the building into ten apartments.
    “He formed a company called Great Bay and began turning low cost and foreclosed properties into a series of small-scale development successes, and his career as one of America’s most talked about real estate developers began. From the very beginning as a small New England builder focusing on historic preservation, Singh displayed the deep reverence for beauty and tradition, as well as for quality design and craftsmanship that continues to distinguish his projects today.
    “Singh was a principal force in the revitalization of Portland’s downtown district with a series of acquisitions, each larger and more ambitious than the last. He took four historical buildings called Frothingham Yard and turned them into 16 affordable condominiums that sold out in two days. He purchased, renovated and quickly sold historic buildings like Carroll Mansion. He took two buildings in downtown and turned them into the Oakview Condominiums. Then came 35 condominiums at 99 Silver Street.”
    A local prominent architect told me that a prominent architect buddy in Portsmouth, Maine told him that Pritam lost all of his wife’s substantial inheritance in his real estate deals and had to leave town on the lam and was not welcome back in Portland.
    Jim Hendrick, Pritam’s fellow Buddhist admirer of the same Zen Buddhist monk and disbarred super land use wizard lawyer, over dinner in Jim’s home, told me that he was going to prove to me that Pritam was not possessed by Lucifer, which I had published on my websites was so. Jim’s wife, his girlfriend, and a mutual male friend were there and heard it:
    I told Jim to put on his case.
    Jim said, Pritam was the best salesman Jim had ever seen. Pritam could get people to look only at what he wanted them to look at, and not look at what he did not want to look at.
    I said, That’s how Lucifer sells. I rest my case.
    Dang do I wish Thich Nhat Hanh would return to Key West and I could sit down with him and see how much he really knows about Pritam Singh and Gautama Buddha, or, as sometimes called, Siddartha Gautama.
    Dang do I wish the city and county governments would start telling Pritam that any real estate development he is involved in they are against, because he cannot be trusted to do what he says he will do. What a fun lawsuit, filed by Pritam, that would be for this former practicing attorney to watch unfold.
    Perhaps I would be called as a witness to report that conversation between Jim Hendrick and me, in Jim’s home, with his wife, his girlfriend and a mutual male friend present, who could be subpoenaed to back up my testimony.
Not all that far removed, Sancho Panza continued our screwtape letters reported in the day before yesterday's post at this hear, you heah?, feral blog:

That's true, I am clueless about what you call the spirit world and how it drives people... Jihadist, for example... I can't understand what causes humans to kill and die for ideas, for attention and for many other things that have no intrinsic value, except the one assigned by others posthumously... and even in our daily living, I can't understand why we act in ways that are so destructive to others and to ourselves!

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:

Simple explanation science and society can't abide is, the Devil.

Sancho wrote:

If I take away science, everything that you take for granted would disappear and you would be nothing more than a howling hairless ape...
Take away religion and very little would change, other than some social rituals associated with mating, birth and death!

I replied:

Diversion, yours.

I gave you the explanation science denies exists and religion does not grok has religion in a choke hold.
Comic relief today provided by Don Emilio, of Sicily:
Your Eyes Only - A break from politics

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