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the color of money in damned if you do, damned if you don't, paradise lost - Key West Dispensable Church Sunday homily

Texts from Young Prophet yesterday said he is in a hospital with bleeding peptic and duodenal ulcers, peritonitis, and is on oxygen and IV drips. 

Seizures during awful dreams about me, angels and demons caused the hospital staff to give him Lorazepam, for seizures, and Haldol, an old powerful anti-psychotic, which once was forced on me by an ignorant psychiatrist and his nice Nurse Rached, and caused me to feel like I was instantly transformed into a zombie, which they then diagnosed as major depression, for all of which I do hope their karma was, and is, appropriate. 

Same for their today's counterparts treating Young Prophet for that which they know zero. 

Young Prophet also texted that this all is due to him and me being attacked by demons, which attack increased three days ago, when I published something about the color of money where I come from in Alabama, which he and my hoodoo witch friend both were told in dreams I should not have published, as reported in yesterday's post at this website.

However, I was having my own not of this world physical and psychic signs and experiences, which left me thinking perhaps, hopefully, I had not messed up totally and terminally, although I do hate what Young Prophet is going through.
Two days ago, my errant homeless girlfriend Kari reported pain in her left hip where she was stomped in the back by a rabid, drug addict homeless woman maybe six weeks ago, which rivaled the pain of giving birth. She was at her wits end. 

I told her it was due to the company she keeps on the streets of Key West and her drug habits and not wanting to change and work for God. She did not agree. 

Later, I wondered if it was a demonic attack caused by what I had published two straight days about the Alabama woman who had sued me for my future inheritance from my father, which the hoodoo witch and Young Prophet were told in dreams I should not have published?

Yesterday morning, Kari reported sleeping really well the night before and waking up with no pain in her left hip. 

This morning, she reported sleeping really well last night but now the pain is in her right hip. 

The left side is the female side and relates to female issues; the right side is the male side and relates to male issues.

I told Kari the pain in her right hip could be about my father's estate. Also, it could be about what I already told her about the company she keeps and her vodka and cigarette habits.

If you are into praying, and if you are not into praying, please pray for Young Prophet and his soul's safety. Same safety prayer for my hoodoo witch friend, Kari and me, and our souls, also appreciated.

Thank you.

Also in the southernmost continental US proxy for paradise lost ...
Reader and editor debates under yesterday's new blue paper immigration article got pretty frisky after I made the first reader comment yesterday morning., published online every Friday

Of interest from other sources:

Arnaud and Naja Girard, owners and editors of the new, digital, Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) previously reported for the former Key West The Newspaper, Key West’s longest running independent weekly, published by Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D., from January 1994 until November 2012. The Girards are perhaps best known for their discovery of and extensive research surrounding the US Navy’s 1951 claim of ownership of Wisteria Island but are also responsible for top investigative stories including breaking news coverage of the highly controversial in-custody-death of Charles Eimers on Thanksgiving Day 2013, the catastrophic police tasing of Matthew Shawn Murphy, and the property tax scandal involving Balfour Beatty to name a few. Arnaud and Naja have lived in Key West since 1986.

Responses to “Immigration: Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t…”

  1. Nicely done. Now I see the issue. Follow the money.
    I imagine “We the People” in the US Constitution were American citizens by that day’s definition. I doubt the drafters of the 4th Amendment contemplated how it would wend its way forward until now, protecting people not legally in America.
    What will Sheriff Ramsay do now that it seems this is about federal funding of his jail?
    How will that play out during the next sheriff election?
    I can’t see Sheriff Ramsay being unseated because of it. Nor can I see him being unseated if he tells President Trump and Attorney General Sessions he cannot hold for Border Patrol or Ice local detainees who otherwise are legally due to be released from his jail.
    It has always been my understanding that this jail is a holding tank for south Florida area federal detainees, and if that is so, then this jail might be different from other Florida sheriffs’ jails, in that other Florida Sheriffs might not be facing a comparable $$ loss if they buck President Trump and Attorney General Sessions?
    I have a hard time seeing Sheriff Ramsay bending to the blue paper, or to anything, if it means giving up all that federal funding for his jail.
    I have a hard time seeing the Monroe County Commission, which provides the rest of the funding for the jail, and for the Sheriff, being keen on the jail losing all of that federal funding.
    I have a hard time seeing the conservative, or perhaps even the liberal, county taxpayers being keen on the jail losing all of that federal funding, and then they end up having their taxes raised to keep the jail going in the s[w]ay Sheriff Ramsay wants it to operate.
    It’s a hell of a problem, and lurking underneath is 9/11 and the colossal impact it had on America’s collective psyche. For a fact, 9/11 put local law enforcement on edge. Every homeless here saw that up close and personal. That edge did not go away as time passed.
    I don’t envy Sheriff Ramsay’s dilemma.

    • Re: “I imagine “We the People” in the US Constitution were American citizens by that day’s definition. I doubt the drafters of the 4th Amendment contemplated how it would wend its way forward until now, protecting people not legally in America.”
      So, do you mean to say that the founding fathers did not consider that people would immigrate to America? In any case, the Supreme Court jurisprudence is clear and overwhelming that civil rights apply to every person in the United States and not just “Citizens”.
      Also, you may have heard something about these concepts as well: “probable cause”, “judicial oversight”, “first appearance”, “warrant for arrest”, “judicial order” and “innocent until proven guilty” and here’s a couple more: “mistakes are made” and “due process” and “constitutional safeguards”.
      Many of the cases were of US Citizens being detained by Sheriffs based on a detainer hold request created by a Border Patrol or ICE agent who had not properly done his homework or due to a mistake in ICE’s database.
      Nothing whatsoever is keeping ICE from doing its job properly, under the law, and obtaining a judicial warrant or order and presenting that to the Sheriffs along with the detainer hold requests – as the Sheriffs are demanding.
      In fact, one of the cases determined that ICE agents do not have the power to arrest people on civil immigration infractions without a warrant unless there is a probable cause determination that the suspected undocumented alien is a flight risk or a danger to the community and so they determined that ICE agents could not legally delegate powers that those ICE agents do not have.
      • Naja, you put the US Constitution in the video I watched. The Constitution begins with “We the people”. They were already living here. Yes, they were expecting immigrants. Of course, they were. Some of them may have been immigrants, certainly their ancestors were. They could not possibly have foreseen what lay ahead regarding immigration.
        Looked and sounded to me from this video that the elephant in the sheriff’s living room all along was brought out, or I was asleep in your prior articles on immigration. The elephant seems to be federal funding to local law enforcement. That seems to be the only reason for Sheriff Ramsay’s position.
        That’s how the video came across to me.
        It is all about money.
        Federal funding.
        To the sheriff’s jail.
        And that needed to be put into the bright sunlight.
        The title to the article is perfect. “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” I feel that way when I see your rejoinders to the comments I submit on your immigration articles.
        You really do have a huge charge about this subject. It was not so evident in the video, but it is in your reply to my comment.
        If I had to hazard a wild ass guess, or bet, I’d say immigration is going to get more contentious, as is immigration going to increase.
        Immigration looks to me why Donald Trump got elected.
        As will homelessness increase.
        And all sorts of social malaises.
        Symptoms of something fundamentally awry in America, including Key West and the Florida Keys.
        None of which responds well, if at all, to “treatment”. If not “mutating” l like MRSA, and becoming more resistant to “treatment”.
        Gosh, maybe the only solution is a massive Divine Intervention into all Americans.
        Then there would be other things to holler about :-).

        • There are many many others out there who do not believe, as you do, that this is all about money. Those others believe that civil rights are indeed important and they recognize that everyone in America is owed the protections of our Constitution.
          • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
            Naja, in your video it seems to be all about money for Sheriff Ramsay, who all along has been your target, since it’s his deputies who were detaining immigrants for the feds.
            I don’t understand where you get I am against following the law? I wrote else where in this discussion, in your and Dickford Cohn’s debate, that I tipped my hat to the sheriffs who declined to bend to Washington on this issue.
            I think you put a whole lot of heat on Sheriff Ramsay, when you disclosed his office’s huge federal financial stake. You have shown your readers the truth. Money trumps the law of the land. No new concept. It happens all the time in America, and elsewhere. That’s what law enforcement his supposed to stop. But that’s a problem when law enforcement is getting the money that influences it not to want to follow the law.
            I think that is a HUGE story. Arising right here. It should be viral on the Internet. Like the blue paper’s first story, when the deputy showed no concern for the immigrant bicyclist who had been run over in a clearly marked crosswalk by a white woman, whose side the deputy took, it seemed because the bicyclist was an immigrant who turned out not to have papers to be in America, as I recall your reporting.
            The conservative right in America claims America was founded on Christian principles. Well, one of Jesus’ most poignant sayings in the Gospels is, “You cannot serve/worship God and mammon”. Honored in the breach, mostly, in America, even among most liberals. For which paradox, mammon-loving Key West and the Florida Keys are glaring proxy for all of America, with Sheriff Ramsay one of the head ambassadors.
            You and Arnaud hit a home run, Naja. Why don’t you run the bases with it?
            And,why have not the 2 local immigration lawyers in your video for this week’s edition, or the local ACLU chapter, not filed suit in Federal Court challenging the legality of Sheriff Ramsay’s immigration policy and actions?

  2. Naja & Arnaud,
    Exemplary video and coverage, again. I would say the country is caught in a tug of war between President Trump, Attorney General Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary General Kelly. I don’t like what I’m seeing or hearing.
    I’ve listened closely to all three men and they’ve made incongruent and inconsistent statements regarding immigration and the enforcement of its laws. Just now, as I’m making this comment, it’s reported that President Trump is reconsidering and revisiting the DACA issue. In short, it appears to me that they don’t know what they’re doing or where they’re going on this issue. They’ve been slow, sloppy, leaderless and without direction, as it relates to detaining, arresting and deporting hard-working residents who’ve obeyed all of our nations laws, since they were given the “Green Light” to enter the United States, via our nation’s refusal to enforce its immigration laws.
    The result of the federal government’s incompatible and antipathetical remarks and actions on immigration policy, which have been broadcasted across the world, demonstrates an embarrassing incoherence and tone deafness that is disconcerting and disturbing. Our nation’s blundering in fulfilling its promises on boarder security, while humanely protecting the illegal/undocumented aliens who have been working hard, paying their taxes and adhering to all of our laws since setting foot in this country; is a cause for deep concern and unrest.
    I expect more from our leaders. I’m not settling for their baloney. I’m taking a detour on my way out to LA and will stop in DC. Someone will sit down and look me in the eye and tell me: “What’s Going On”.
    So far, they all should be ashamed of themselves. Causing harm, injury and suffering to innocent children and families, while incarcerating and deporting the heads of their households. It’s unwarranted and unnecessary. It’s not what the American People were promised.
    Sheriff Rick Ramsay has contradictory and paradoxical directives being cast at him via the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government. Immigration Law is a Federal Matter. The federal government refuses to specifically set in place a clear, transparent, consistent and uniformly established methodology to enforce United States Immigration Law. Furthermore, a cogent and succinct mechanism for the federal government and states to successfully interrelate and communicate with one another, is lacking.
    Perhaps if it were President Rick Ramsay, an intelligent exactness would take hold, illuminating with precise accuracy the muddled mess that has been dished out from DC. President Ramsay’s integrity and forthrightness would guarantee an assembly of the best minds available, as a paradigm of success was designed, deliberatively adjudicating immigration laws founded upon the principles contained within our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way…
    With Love, Blessings & Respect

  3. This is a tough issue. If they retain and the victim is not illegal they could face a huge law suit easily costing them more than paid. Now comes a big question of why was this man arrested ? Did he now commit a crime that would be cause to deport him. Or were they simply detaining him without even knowing if he is wanted ?
    As far as I been seeing Ramsay is doing a fine job so not likely to be an issue, wish I could say the same about KWPD chief Lee.
    Most important issue here is if this is legally required of him to detain ? If not then he is breaking the law and if pushed hard enough could be criminally charged for unlawful detainment and that could be a felony costing him his job.
    Have no good suggestion as am not a lawyer.
  4. Sloan, along the same lines of follow the money, who is paying the bill for Reggie Smith, the immigration attorney? Warm and fuzzy feelings alone aren’t paying for the gas in her Corvette, and since when does a lawyer chauffeur around low wage clients? Does she work for Uber on the side?

    • You have remained silent on your position on the central issue of this piece: Florida Sheriff’s Association and 9 federal judges say that what happened to Nely and Osman is a violation of the 4th amendment. However, as you observed, Osman’s family had to spend a huge portion of their money to defend against what those Judge’s call a civil rights violation. Which leaves this question: Are we looking at what Martin Luther King, Jr. called ‘the intolerable silence of the good people’ or are you sharing the opinion of those that believe that the immigration situation is so dire that it requires systematic violation of the constitution? So, ‘intolerable silence’ or systematic violation of the US Constitution or a third option?
      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Looks to me, Naja, the central issues is Sheriff Ramsay is getting a whole lof of money from the feds, and that is why he is going at this in the way you and Arnaud and many decry.

  5. Thank you for a succinct headline that goes directly to the heart of your crusade! Thanks to Sloan, as well…for his cogent analysis of this issue.
    Your headline clearly exposes the dilemma in front of not only Sheriff Ramsay but also the community at large: It should be no secret as to why the Sheriff’s no policy “policy” is in effect…whether you agree with it or not.
    It should be pointed out that the opinions expressed by Florida Association of Sheriffs have no more legal standing or authority than does the Chamber of Commerce…or, The Blue Paper.
    Your challenge/recourse lies within the lawmaking bodies and/or the courts…as I have consistently maintained. By my gauge reading of the current political leanings of BOTH bodies…I can only wish you good luck.

    • And the Sheriffs indeed pointed out that every single court that addressed this issue found that Sheriffs that hold people based on the detainer hold requests absent a warrant or judicial order are violating the 4th amendment. The 4th Amendment has been around for a pretty long time. The judge’s had a lot of jurisprudence to rely on when each and every one of them came up with the same conclusion.

      • Well, let’s accept everything you say as gospel, Naja.
        That doesn’t negate the fact that this country has a longer effective history of deportation of illegal aliens than it does in litigating the 4th Amendment: Millions upon millions of deportees stand as mute testimony to that fact. Of course, that doesn’t make it “right” by itself…at least in some eyes. But, it’s done every day in this country…many times a day.
        However, if we did make it “legal”…if law enforcement did acquire that “coveted” warrant beforehand…what would that really accomplish aside from delaying the inevitable? The individual who is targeted WILL be deported.
        In my view, simply attacking the process does little to address the issues.

        • Civil rights protections are a good thing — something Americans are normally proud of. Don’t you agree? You seem to be saying applying civil rights law is a waste of time when the person is ultimately found to be an undocumented alien? What is wrong with standing behind these Sheriffs, who have sworn to uphold the US Constitution, and who are saying to the federal government – go ahead – enforce immigration laws – but don’t make us violate the constitution while you are doing it. I can’t help but ask myself if you don’t simply have a “problem” with immigrants. I will again point out that many of the cases that were litigated involved US Citizens who ultimately were not illegally present or deportable. You don’t believe in and can’t find it in your heart to stand up for the 4th amendment rights of people who speak English with an accent?
          • I keep wondering when the local ACLU chapter, or the blue paper, will hire a lawyer to test Sheriff Ramsay in federal court in Key West on his habit of ignoring the 4th Amendment in cases involving illegal immigrants, or immigrants who overstayed their legal welcome, etc.?
            I tip my hat to the sheriffs who did not bend to Washington. I wonder, though, as I asked in my initial comment under this video, if sheriff’s elsewhere in Florida are receiving the level of federal funding Sheriff Ramsay is receiving. If not, maybe it was easier for them to say no to Washington, than it might be for Sheriff Ramsay.
            Looks to me the heat and the lightning and thunder in this video is the large amount of federal funding Sheriff Ramsay is receiving for federal detainees, which he does not want pulled because he doesn’t go along with Washington on immigration.
            Might be doing Sheriff Ramsay a big favor by putting him in federal court and taking the political heat off of him, and thus many sheriffs in Florida, as that case would apply elsewhere than in Key West and the Florida Keys, if it went as high as the US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and was affirmed. Then, wow, perhaps the US Supreme Court would get it.
  6. One could argue that we are already living in an America where the Constitution already has many different interpretations for many different classes of people: Look at the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.requiring that states guarantee the same rights, privileges, and protections to all citizens. At the same time, look at affirmative action, which is a set of laws, policies, guidelines, and administrative practices that allow legal discrimination against one race with the intention of ending and correcting forms of historic discrimination against other races. The Constitution clearly does not allow legalized discrimination regardless of the good intentions. Nevertheless, the political and social climates permit affirmative action to continue. The same thing here. It is probably unconstitutional to hold people like the county does, but the political climate is ready to tap dance around those rights just like it does with affirmative action, and it too will continue.
    • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      In the nation that elected Donald Trump its president, in the nation that puts “In God we trust” on its currency (all other’s pay cash) , money historically and presently trumps God, the law, and country. How about America’s wars? For US corporate profits Starting with Vietnam and coming forward. The US military industrial complex against which General Eisenhower warned all Americans as he was about to leave the White House.
      How many times have I read reader comments under blue paper articles, saying, “Follow the money.” Too many times to recall. Now the blue paper has cried it out in this video, but does not seem, based on Naja’s debates with her readers, to realize the magnitude, the brilliance, of what she and Arnaud have done. Now where are the civil rights lawyers, the 2 immigration lawyers in this video? Why have they not already put Sheriff Ramsay in federal court over this?
      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        What irony, a homeless ex-lawyer, who is homeless because he gave a lot of people money, for which he was and still is slammed and called crazy plenty, defending this brilliant expose from the same people who published the expose.
Last today, 
Below is the text of an email yesterday from a fellow of Sicilian ancestry, whom I got to know by being a bum hanging out at Higgs Beach with the above living treasure (now in the real paradise) and his many beach bum friends:

Hi Sloan,
A friend of mine who lives in KW was just visiting and said they are really cracking down on sleeping in your vehicle.....  What's changed?
It's been that way for many years now.
Just wondering...
PS Thankfully that stage of my life has passed....  But it speaks to what Key West has become.

I replied:
Maybe they are cracking down even harder than before? Not having a car, and not spending nearly as much time with "vicious van dweller criminals" as I once did, after they got banned from parking during the day at Higgs Beach, I'm  kinda out of that loop. 
People who are here who don't pay rent or lodging costs are viewed kinda like foreign terrorists, or bearers of the black plague, or, well, perhaps the virus in the new release of The Planet of the Apes film series would level the playing field. See my review in today's post at link below.
Give the Capo my best regards. 
He wrote:

Thanks Sloan!
Nice work as always!
It saddens me personally when I remember times
gone by at Higgs that are no more and 
never will be. But the sweet memory will always remain of what Key West once was.... and will be captured in my upcoming book:  A Second Chance to Live, which should be out by year end.
Godspeed to you, my friend.
The Capo abides....
Don Emilio

I was moved to google "Michelangelo Key West" and lookee at what came up near the top from the blue paper, which should not have surprised me, given I dreamt of Naja Girard before dawn this morning, and of a number of bunches of a dried herbs she had prepared:

by Sloan Bashinsky…….
Something happened yesterday, May 19, 2016, which caused me to go to my website,, and find the February 16, 2015 post: “Michelangelo Giuseppe Peluso, a Key West living treasure, did it his way”. I felt moved to pull excerpts from that post into an article for the blue paper. So here goes, 

[Due to inclement weather, of which young prophet and my hoodoo witch friend are familiar, went off line in early 2016, and but for this blue paper article, my many writings about Michelangelo, Don Emilio, Super Cop, and quite a few other interesting and sometims not so interesting vicious van dweller criminals would be lost.]
What a sense of humor the angels have. A while back, I gave my Toyota Highlander to the mechanic who took care of it, for him to sell it for me, and last night I dream of it looking all spiffed up and shiny, and mounted behind it is a huge matching cab/trailer. I wake up figuring maybe that might be about vicious van dweller criminal (VVDC) Michelangelo Giuseppe Peluso’s pot luck memorial at Higgs Beach yesterday evening. His van was similar in color to my Highlander, which looked in the dream like a super upscale VVDC vehicle.
My count at yesterday evening’s memorial was 22 VVDCs. Somebody brought a folding table, which was set up to hold all the vittles. Some of Michelangelo’s friends seemed concerned about him, and I said he is doing a lot better than we are. He’s up there having himself a blast. His body doesn’t hurt any more, he can hear good again, he can have conversations with people again, he doesn’t have cops harassing him for living in his van.
I said I was at the city commission meeting when Michelangelo as much as told the mayor and commissioners they had made him, a World War II combat veteran, who had lived in his van a long time, a criminal for living in his home.
A VVDC told again of police, for ongoing sport, coming up on Michelangelo’s van in the later hours of the night and hollering at him to come out and rocking his van and making him mad and he would yell back at them. Support the troops. Yeah, right.
A fond remembrance expressed was several attempts to get Michelangelo to apply for senior housing and him snorting it off with he’d end up down on the first floor and would be flooded out by a hurricane, without acknowledgment that a hurricane would flood out his van. I said, well, he’s up in the penthouse now, no worries about hurricanes any more.
A VVDC recounted the times he had cooked oatmeal for Michelangelo, and it never was cooked long enough: Michelangelo wanted it cooked to mush; and the same thing happened after Michelangelo finally went to the hospital: he was giving orders how to cook his food, the carrots and peas had to be cooked to mush.
Another VVDC said the hospital killed Michelangelo, he went in there and two days later he was dead? I said, if so, that was Michelangelo’s plan; he was ready to check out and he was ornery enough to trick them into doing it.
Discussion turned to what had become of Michelangelo’s van? I said it should be turned into a shrine and mounted at Higgs Beach. It would attract more tourists than the Southernmost Point bouy! Amens.
I said that I had written a bit about Michael, as many of them called him, yesterday and the day before at
Michaelangelo’s memorial wound down for me with a VVDC playing on his radio Frank Sinatra singing “My Way”, which fit Michelangelo perfectly.

Then, VVDC Super Cop (retired), who did it her way, hugged me goodbye, just in case we don’t see each other again this year, she’s supposed to leave tomorrow morning. I told her not to be too hard on bad little boy cops elsewhere. Our mayor and city commissioners never took her up on her offer, conveyed by me to them at a city commission meeting, for her to teach their dysfunctional police force how to be real cops.
Let me back up.
I think Michelangelo was 94. A World War II European theater combat veteran, he was wintering in Key West when I arrived in late 2000. When warm weather arrived in May, he would head north, where he had a home. As the years passed and his body didn’t function as well as it once did, and his hearing got worse, and worse, he stopped making the annual pilgrimage north.
Eventually the Key West City Commission, frantic that people living in their vehicles were posing a dangerous threat to public safety and health, and to tourism and the local lodging industry, passed an ordinance making Michelangelo a criminal. I was at the city commission meeting when he told the mayor and commissioners what they were doing and that he had no other place to live but in his van. The city cops seemed to take delight in harassing him at night, but eventually they stopped. A 90-something year old woman friend who lives in an apartment in Key West told me yesterday at the Senior Citizen Center, where we were playing bridge, that someone told the cops to leave Michelangelo alone. I agreed.
The Key West cops who regularly harassed Michelangelo up to when he finally was so old and infirm he no longer could angrily respond to them, will not like their karma for the way they treated him. As they did to Michelangelo, they did also to the homeless man Jesus.
Celebrate Michelangelo is in a far better place now. He is with God.
His VCCD friends, however, have not fared quite as well in Key West. As they filtered down last fall, 2015, they were greeted at Higgs Beach by Key West police officers and Monroe County deputy sheriffs, and were told they no longer could park their vehicles there during the day, they were camping. So, they bought annual Florida state park passes, if they did not already have same, and started hanging out days in beautiful Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, where they were welcome.
That’s where I hang out in Key West outside during the daytime, when I want to be in Mother Nature.
photo taken at Ft Zach early 2016

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