Monday, July 24, 2017

selected spiritual pitfalls: is Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama, trying to kill herself? the obvious is hidden in plain view; in youth and beauty, wisdom is rare; iron sharpens iron; Trump elected president was a miracle, but was it God's? what sharpens steel and diamonds, really bright sunlight? in money we trust, all others, including God, must pay

Text of email from my hoodoo witch friend on the mainland, yesterday:
In a brief dream last night, that was more like that of a "presentment" than a dream, I was sitting in the peanut gallery of a courtroom.  Her Imperial Royal Majesty was at the plaintiff's table..... orating  vigorously and loudly with vehemence and rage that would not be tolerated in any courtroom....  demanding that the court grant her demands for satisfaction - and of course huge $$$ - at times partially standing and pounding on the table -  also in a manner that would not be tolerated in any courtroom.  The energy exuded was way beyond what could be expected of one claiming to be 100% disabled.  

Suddenly, in the midst of this, she slumped forward.  Her head went down on the table, and she became quiet with a quietness that echoed throughout the courtroom.  A court officer walked over to her, checked briefly and pronounced her dead right there at the table. 

I doubt this is precognitive of actual courtroom events at some point in the future, as the loud unceasing demands, fueled with  vehemence and rage would not be tolerated.  But I wonder.... just wonder ... if there is a symbolic message concerning how things might go. 
I replied:

She could end up being posthumously tried by the district attorney for murdering herself with her pro se cyber terrorism litigation addiction.

Here's the text of an email to me the day before yesterday:

Subject: your lie


There  is noway you could have done all the things that woman in Bama  has
accused you of in  75 years.  Soooo, admit you are more then 97 years old!

I replied:

She has a LSD level imagination. 

Actually, I'm a lot older than that, and I did a great deal more that actually happened, but I'm not supposed to talk about that, because it could cause the US Government to abduct me and take me to the giant underground X-Files research facility at Area 51 😊
The United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training ..
A dream last night cause me to see in plain view all along: 

Her Imperial Royal Majesty not only used me, she sued my father's estate, but she did not have a summons issued for my father's estate, which clearly is a necessary party in the lawsuit, since Her Imperial Royal Majesty goes to great lengths to explain in her lawsuit that she is entitled to my inheritance from my father, and what my father's estate (she thinks) consists of, and where it is located, and that's why she can sue me in Birmingham, instead of where I live and work, which is Key West. 

I believe the law is, if you do not include a necessary party defendant, that is, a person or entity holding a substantial stake in the outcome of the litigation, then your lawsuit is due to be dismissed. That's part of due process. 

Today, I will forward to the law firm representing my father's estate, Her Imperial Royal Majesty's lawsuit against my father's estate, so the law firm and my father's widow will know the the estate has been sued by Her Imperial Royal Majesty, who, I swan, I ain't entirely convinced ain't in cahoots with my father's widow.

Today also is looking like the day to relieve my erstwhile former law partner of duty, due to his failure to communicate with his client, who is me

Then, I move to Plan B, or is it Plan C? Or Plan D? 

Hee, haw, I need to get me a heap of pitchforks, don't you think?

This morning P.S. to the hoodoo witch: 

In a continuation of the Facebook thread with the Bible fellow reported in yesterday's post, I finally stitched together how it might have come to pass that I could be blamed for my brother Major's death.

Vulcan, atop Red Mountain, 
overlooking Birmingham, Alabama

The continuation of that Facebook thread, the first comment is from the Bible fellow:
Wjames Baldwin as iron sharpens iron...
Christopher-Marc Parenti Wasn't the Blue Paper interested in meeting with the writer/reporter ?
Sloan Bashinsky Arnaud said they were interested, I emailed that to The Guardian reporter with Arnaud's telephone number, and recommended he call Arnaud.
Sloan Bashinsky The jury is still out on the reporter and The Guardian. I gave the reporter much bigger stories to ponder than homeless people who live in the mangroves and take one-way bus tickets out of KW.
Sloan Bashinsky It's been my experience that society, including reporters, scientists, ministers, etc. are not inclined to go outside the boxes they are in, and are reactionary to going way outside those boxes. God must be really lonely regarding human beings on this planet?
Christopher-Marc Parenti Maybe he is rounding up more reporters. There is much to be reported there. I hope they show for humanity's sake.
Sloan Bashinsky He doesn't need more reporters. He needs to dig into what I gave him, which was a HEAP.
Christopher-Marc Parenti That goes without saying. I meant full coverage of the Keys and so called "Paradise"
Sloan Bashinsky He's the one standing before God with all of that HEAP. Will he step up to the plate?
Sloan Bashinsky It does not go without saying. What I gave him is his real assignment, the other he was nursing along was the bait to get him to his real assignment. Arranged by, yep, angels.
Sloan Bashinsky That isn't obvious to you?
Sloan Bashinsky The reporter was connected with me through a chance conversations started by someone else in Key West with him, who told me about it and that he had me in mind when he talked with the reporter.
Christopher-Marc Parenti Yes, I know all too well.
Christopher-Marc Parenti Calling you now to tell you the sychronicity.
Sloan Bashinsky You should have heard what the local "middleman" had to say about Mike Tolbert, who manages the city's homeless shelter. I mentioned that to the Guardian Reporter, and summarized what I hear on the street and from city public works employees, who work in the field, about Tolbert.
Sloan Bashinsky Of course it was synchronicity, but how many people know what that means, or that synchronicity is part of metaphysics, or spiritual science, and angels are there doing a heap of arranging called synchronicity?
Sloan Bashinsky Why don't you write up your story about what happened to your business, and send it to me.
Sloan Bashinsky Start with Duncan Ford, and fast forward, as in straight a line as possible, without sideshows, for now.
Christopher-Marc Parenti No one cares Sloan, no one cares.Focus on the homeless and what they are going through to find a bed at night. Right now I am trying to expand my business in the marine field and cleaning supplies. Thank you though.
Sloan Bashinsky Roger that. The 300, or so, local homeless have a bed in Key West at night, if they have not pissed off Mike Tolbert, or his boss, John Miller, or Miller's prior Southern Homeless Assistance League executive directors. I figure half the homeless in the Key West area, who could stay at KOTS, don't. There might be another 50 here, who are banned for life, or because they accepted a one-way Greyhound ticket and left, then came back.

SHAL and Florida Keys Outreach Coalition and the Continuum of Care try, but they have not reduced homelessness here, as far as I tell. I look at what I see on the streets, not at statistics published in newspapers. I'm seeing quite a few homeless in Ft. Zach State Park, which I used not to see there. I wonder how many homeless will hang out in the new city park next door to Ft. Zach? Then, will the city lock the public restrooms there like they locked the public restrooms at the Simonton Street fire station, because homeless people were using those restrooms?
Christopher-Marc Parenti Mike Tolbert drove for my courier for years. I know him.
Sloan Bashinsky There ain't no cure for society to homelessness. It's part of society, like lots of other things people don't like are part of society, and no amount of wars to end it have ended it.
Sloan Bashinsky I knew Tolbert well, before he went to work at KOTS. I watched him change. Or, a part of him I had not seen before, emerged.
Sloan Bashinsky Tolbert and Judith Haney became bosom buddies. The two of them sit at the feet of Roger Shuler, the "legalschaunzer" blogger in the Birmingham area, who accused me of being in on my brother's murder, which was impossible, since Major murdered himself, but I ain't convinced yet that Haney had not leaned on him, because he was bisexual in the closet, and she knew it, somehow. She had dated him back a ways in time. Maybe somebody learned it from my stepmother. I had told my father's lawyers, in an email, in the fall of 2004, that Major was bixexual. I had also told them that my father should appoint Major to look after all of his business and financial affairs, because I didn't trust them, his lawyers, or his 2nd wife to do it. I told them, the lawyers, Major was smart, tough, and mean, and a tax and elder law attorney, and he would not let them get away with anything. I imagine they passed that email along to my father, but I also figure his 2nd wife intercepted it, as she was intercepting all of my mail to him back then, my 1st wife told me during that interlude in my life, and sending it to her for her assessment of my state of mind. So, I had Major murdered, because my father did not appoint him to be the family guard dog? Fucking hilarious.
Sloan Bashinsky Then, Haney takes pity on me and flies me 1st class to Bham last December and puts me in an apartment with rent prepaid 7 months, and she's paying utilities, wi-fi, cable TV, and giving me a car to drive on her insurance, and putting me in new clothes, and paying my doctor bills, and giving me a credit card she will replenish, and that apartment overlooks the pond where Major's body was found, and, hey, I'd have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not wonder what kind of set up that was?
Sloan Bashinsky That was the nightmare on Elm Street nightmare of all 1-way bus ticket to a homeless man nightmares - if The Guardian jumped on that, then it just might go viral world wide. Who gives a shit about homeless people given 1-way bus tickets out of the Keys and if they come back, they can't sleep at KOTS? The real story is, why they came back? What happened when they got to where they were going, compliments Southern Homeless Assistance League, the Sheriff, KWPD, Key West, Monroe County? Why come they didn't stay gone? Did their family and friends get tired of having them around? Did the problem just get exported to some place else to fester and cause disturbances? Yes, plenty often.
Sloan Bashinsky If the Guardian reporter were to ask homeless people away from KOTS what they think of Mike Tolbert, and that got published in The Guardian, I bet it would not make the city mayor and the city commissioners happy.
Sloan Bashinsky I imagine I will be sharing this with The Guardian reporter.
Sloan Bashinsky Iron sharpens iron. What sharpens steel? What sharpens diamonds? Real bright sunlight?
Christopher-Marc Parenti I thought Mr. Baldwin was nice. First one to comment for a spell out of your almost 200 followers. I don't think he means any harm. I love you Sloan and hope the Guardian gives you a full time job. They could use your insight on what needs to be said with out fear. Don't get mad at me posting this, I love Bill too....

Sloan Bashinsky Mr. Baldwin was arranged by angels of the Lord to share in a public forum some of his claimed direct experience with God, and he ducked. No iron in that. He was one of the 2 frigate birds I saw 2 days ago in the state park, heralding I was going to be spiritually attacked. The other frigate bird was the fellow in the police station front lobby night before last. You need a new set of eyes and ears, Chris, and you need to tighten all the nuts and bolts in yourself really good, you are all over the place.
Christopher-Marc Parenti Well I do have a vehicle so I do get around a lot more than you. Thanks for the tip and keep up your great work.
Sloan Bashinsky Not about that kind of vehicle, but the vehicle you are. Was it you who asked me about the eye being single yesterday? Focused. Laser-like. The sun screen link you posted here yesterday totally off topic. You bounce all over the place when we talk on the telephone. The angels can help you with that, if you really want that kind of help, and they are authorized to provide it. Probably, you will have to ask for that kind of help, and then see what happens. If the help comes, the angels will be design it and it will be your part to try your best to embrace it, probably for the the rest of your life. The you you now are will recede and you will become someone else, with the old you still with you but a bit player. That's what Jesus meant by dying and being born again.
Christopher-Marc Parenti If you watched the video it does not bring up sunscreen. You hear what you want to hear, not what people are saying to you.
Sloan Bashinsky my bad, I think the video deals religion the pasting it deserves. But, if it says Jesus is a myth, then that's a myth. Jesus gets crucified all the time by Christianity. Sancho Panza had a cute take on Baldwin's and my back and forth, which will be in today's ravings at my website.
Sancho Panza responded to the James Baldwin and me parts of yesterday's post at this hear website:

Hmnnn... well, we do know that this person is a google warrior who, like all of us in this here cyber saloon, enjoy our analnymity ... isn't progress a great thing? Anybody can be a luminary on any subject via Wikipedia.... even wars have become impersonal...we now can kill people on the other side of the World dropping hell fire bombs at a wedding party from un-manned drones... all in the name protecting our way of LIFE. The idea of GOD in a world as insane as ours is just.... *=)) rolling on the floor

Hui Tzŭ was prime minister in the Liang State. Chuang Tzŭ went thither to visit him.
Some one remarked: "Chuang Tzŭ has come. He wants to be minister in your place,"
Thereupon Hui Tzŭ was afraid, and searched all over the State for three days and three nights to find him.
Then Chuang Tzŭ went to see Hui Tzŭ and said: "In the south there is a bird. It is a kind of frigate bird, you know it? It started from the south sea to fly to the north sea. Except on the wu-t‘ung tree, it would not alight. It would eat nothing but the fruit of the bamboo, drink nothing but the purest spring water. An owl which had got the rotten carcass of a rat, looked up as the phoenix flew by, and screeched. Are you not screeching at me over your kingdom of Liang?"
Chuang Tzŭ and Hui Tzŭ had strolled on to the bridge over the Hao, when the former observed: "See how the minnows are darting about! That is the pleasure of fishes."
"You not being a fish yourself," said Hui Tzŭ, "how can you possibly know in what consists the pleasure of fishes?"
"And you not being I," retorted Chuang Tzŭ, "how can you know that I do not know?"
"If I, not being you, cannot know what you know," urged Hui Tzŭ, "it follows that you, not being a fish, cannot know in what consists the pleasure of fishes."
"Let us go back," said Chuang Tzŭ, "to your original question. You asked me how I knew in what consists the pleasure of fishes. Your very question shows that you knew I knew. 1 I knew it from my own feelings on this bridge."

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:

The Bible fellow wrote to me on Facebook about his and my dialogue, "Iron sharpens iron." I had so hoped he would share some of his direct experiences with the supernatural, which he said he'd had. Something for my readers to chew on from someone not in my cuckoo's nest. But, well, I suppose he didn't want other people to see it, with his name on it. Real he-man soldier of God stuff. 

You are right. The world is in the shit can, and the evidence is everywhere. 

Speaking of the shit can, I do so hope Mother Nature will call before I turn in tonight.

Today has been kinda shitty, but at least I ain't putting out tweets that the Republicans didn't cover my back. Does Trump really think the Republicans want his non-Republican shit smeared all over them? Hee haw!

Sancho rejoined:

Trump getting elected  POTUS is a "miracle"... maybe something is running things down here... and it ain't Angelic!  *>:) devil

I replied:

Ah, so, Grasshopper!

I bet this Yahoo News report below tickles your funny bone, if you did not already see it and got your funny bone tickled. I included the 10 most recent reader comments. On CNN News morning, Trump reluctantly surrendered to pressure for Congress to be the final decider of lifting sanctions against Russia, while making it sound like it was his idea.

Anthony Scaramucci quotes anonymous source on Russian hacking, then admits Trump was the source

Sonam Sheth, 

New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci named President Donald Trump as the anonymous source casting doubt on the intelligence community's consensus that Russia interfered in the 2016 election during a CNN interview on Sunday.
"You know, somebody said to me yesterday — I won't tell you who — that if the Russians actually hacked this situation and spilled out those e-mails, you would have never seen it," Scaramucci told "State of the Union" host Jake Tapper.
"You would have never had any evidence of them, meaning that they're super confident in their deception skills and hacking," Scaramucci continued. "My point is, all of the information isn't on the table yet. But here's what I know about the president —"
"Well, wait, wait, wait," Tapper interjected.
"Let me finish. Let me finish," Scaramucci said, before letting Tapper cut in.
"Well, you're making a lot of assertions here," Tapper said. "I don't know who this anonymous person is that said, if the Russians had actually done it, we wouldn't have been able to detect it, but it is the unanimous —"
"How about it was — how about it was the president, Jake?" Scaramucci said. "I talked to him yesterday. He called me from Air Force One. And he basically said to me, 'Hey, you know, this is —maybe they did it. Maybe they didn't do it'."
Scaramucci's use and subsequent revelation of Trump as an anonymous source came as the administration continues to slam media outlets for using anonymous sourcing in stories unfavorable to the White House.
After returning from his first foreign trip abroad in May, Trump said in a pair of tweets, "Whenever you see the words 'sources say' in the fake news media, and they don't mention names ... it is very possible that those sources don't exist but are made up by fake news writers. #FakeNews is the enemy!"
Trump cast doubt on anonymous sourcing as recently as July 12, when he tweeted, "Remember, when you hear the words 'sources say' from the Fake Media, often times those sources are made up and do not exist."
In an interview with Tapper directly after Scaramucci's admission, Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota expressed his disbelief that Scaramucci unmasked the president as his anonymous source.
"I thought — when he brought it up, I thought it was a disinterested intelligence expert who brought that [anonymous leak]," Franken said.
Tapper then brought up how Scaramucci said Trump still didn't accept his own intelligence agencies' conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 election.
"That's — what can you say? It's just bizarre," Franken said.
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    • Not remotely bizarre, if Trump and/or his sons and/or buddies cut a deal with Putin and/or his buddies: If Russia helps Trump get elected, then Trump will do what he can to get Magnitsky Act and other US sanctions against the oligarchs and Russia lifted. If Trump in on that, of course he is doing everything possible to derail that being proven and made public, including firing one FBI Director Comey, and threatening to fire the Special Counsel Mueller, and acting like he might fire the Attorney General Sessions. Today Trump tweeted a complaint that the Republicans are not covering his back. Hell, if Trump is guilty of trading with the Russians, what Republican wants to get smeared with trying to cover that up? Trump said many times last year that the election was rigged. Pointing the finger away from himself. Here's how the Devil sells: He gets you to look at what He wants you to see, and not to look at what He does not want you to see. 
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    • Lars 
      You have to admit that an "anonymous source" is much more credible than Donald Trump.
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    • The country is being run by complete morons.
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    • Trump still thinks he can find a way to make this whole Russia thing go away. Sad. The truth is he is going down.
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    • The leaker in the Trump White House is Trump himself.
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    • Trump hates anonymous sources and calls them "fake news". Unless, of course, he is the anonymous source. Then it MUST be real. Because he knows more than our spies, generals, scientists and God combined. Yes, I'm being completely sarcastic. 
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    • “If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”---- George Orwell ... "You must know all the while that it is there, but until it is needed you must never let it emerge into your consciousness in any shape that could be given a name." 
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    • This GOP clown car can't get its act together. And Anthony 'The Butcher' Scaramucci won't get the GOP clown car back on the rails, regardless of how many knee caps he cracks with his aluminum bat.
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    • Oh Mooch. Ya muffed it on your FIRST Sunday rounds!!! LOL "I see a little silhouetto of a man...

Sancho wrote:

I think you got me wrong there, Kimosabe... CNN and pretty much all of the main stream media is funded by the hidden powerful interest that truly run this country... anybody who partakes of the current political media pablum and thinks that by doing so they are intellectually or morally superior is just playing with him-herself! If you don't see that Trump is a manifestation of the country YOU have implicitly created by omission or commission, you are hopeless and there is nothing to see here..........................

I replied:

Agreed, Trump reflects America's fractured, conceited soul.

Last in today's pitfall, selected comments under the lead article in this week's every Friday edition of  online Key West the Newspaper (

Sign: Mile Marker 104, Key Largo
by Arnaud and Naja Girard…….
She’s an amazing photographer: photos of endangered birds standing on the flats, manatees drifting over the seagrass beds. I point to an extraordinary shot of the sunset. “Well, the place is called Sunset Cove,” observes Louise with a smile. Along with her husband, Louise Lindsay has lived within that secret corner of Key Largo for the past 30 years.
But like many others in the Keys, she now fears that the quiet peaceful days are over. Business, you see, has discovered their Paradise; specifically, the wedding industry. It is booming, and thanks to a bizarre loophole, practically unregulated. Continue reading »
  1. A Category 5 hurricane landfalling Key West and waltzing up to Ocean Reef Club at oceanside of Key Largo will reduce some of Mother Nature’s beefs with the invasive species (humans) in the Florida Keys – for a while.
    Meanwhile, follow the money.

  2. Sloan,
    RE: Follow the money.
    I think you need to amend that statement to conform with the reality. How about “Bring Money”? 😉
    • Dickford, it’s Been my observation in the Florida keys, since reincarnating flat broke here in late 2000, that when push comes to shove, money trumps everything else. Da ya think that’s the way it is on the mainland, too? Do ya think that’s the core message America sent to itself and to the world, when it elected Donald Trump president? In money we trust, all others, including God, must pay?

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