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riddle me this, humanity

Birmingham amiga, F, responded to yesterday's post at this website:

You need to get rid of both Kari and Brenda! Neither is good for you--only want your money.

I replied:

You might be right.
Sancho Panza responded to yesterday’s post at this website:

I have met many of these type of "special" people you consort with for spiritual guidance and they were either charlatans or plain pathetic idiots with high IQs and little common sense .. very little difference between a devil worshiper and a Holy seem to be heading for a mental breakdown, Sloan... get the Hell away from all those people feeding you the same old contrived sign posts and useless metaphysical garbage that have lead you to where you are Today... they are  driving you insane!!!!!!!!!!!  Insanity = repeating same action and expecting different results.... listen to the Old Lady, she gave you the best advice! I like her!

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:

Here's what the "old lady" (Morticia) sent yesterday:

"ONLY YOU... came to my mind when I saw this."
According to many, I have been insane a long time. None of them, that I recall, dreamed, or if they did, gave their dreams any heed. 

The dreams of one of the charlatans predicted to a T the outcome of the lawsuit the nice lady filed against me: everything was reduced to sand by the judge in his dream. In waking life, the judge struck all of the nice lady's and my pleadings, effectively ending the lawsuit.

Navigating dreams and other non physical phenomena is indeed challenging for mere humans. However, the supernatural is very real, despite science not being willing, or able, to deal with that. My experience has been, and my experience is extensive, that either people are wired to engage the supernatural, and ETS which are not supernatural, or they are not so wired. 

Look at what I'm doing in the human realms. I'm engaging what shows up in front of me. I'm meeting it where it is. I'm dancing with it. 

You, for example, who has never in his life experienced non-human phenomenon. I could, very seriously, judge you insane, because you are totally out of touch with most of reality. I could, very seriously, put you in the same leaky boat with many Christians I know, who, because of the Bible, ought to be dealing ongoing with the supernatural, as exhorted by their beloved St. Paul, as reported in yesterday's post. But and instead, they have turned Christianity into a superstition, mostly. Which is the same thing science has done to the Creation. Which is the same thing medicine and psychiatry have done. 

Witches are no longer burned at the stake. Today, they are judged insane and given pills to shut them up. Or they are given electroshock. Or they are locked up for their own good. Is another way it could be said.

Suppose I took your advice. Suppose I shuck everyone who is not like you. Concrete. Not having supernatural experiences. You cannot imagine how utterly boring and crazy that would be for me. I'd seriously consider killing myself, if I was confined to something so constricted as you experience. 

If dreams are what Morticia sent me, then explain two friends of mine and I having dreams that revealed I had an older half brother, and when I went to my father's brother and asked him about that, he confirmed it and said he wanted nothing to do with it.

If dreams are what Morticia sent me, then explain my being told in my sleep one morning to leave Maui and go to the Florida Keys, and although I had no money, in three days I was on an airplane en route to Los Angeles, and from there on Greyhound en route to the Florida Keys.

But for that dream, you never would have heard of me, in all probability. No one in the Florida Keys would ever have heard of me, probably, who did not already know me from many years before, when I used to hang out here.

Quite simply, the world you experience bores the living shit out of me, and if I did not get to play with it, tweak it, toy with it, in keeping with my own perspectives and what I'm being fed by what you have never experienced and cannot possibly imagine or evaluate, then I would give serious consideration to killing myself.

Engaging the miasm that is my father's estate and his widow and my birth family is the very last thing I want to do, yet my dreams insist, as does my financial malaise. Yet the financial malaise alone would not budge me to attempt that I am attempting. The dreams are what budged me. 

Dreams are what got me into Florida Keys politics. No way that happened without dreams. 

Dreams are what caused me to approach my estranged daughters a few years ago. Years of being hounded by people who thought they knew what I should do about that did not budge me. I knew they were out of their depth. I knew the timing was wrong. I knew I had to wait on the Spirit to lead me into it.

One more howler.

Explain how a Birmingham News journalist and I, at the same moment, nearly 1000 miles apart, had the same shocking thought: that my brother killed himself and tried to make it look like murder. When nobody knew he was even dead. And then, after his body was found, the county medical examiner, city police detective, and the FBI concluded it was suicide made to look like murder.

I doubt a dozen people in Alabama accepted that. Who's insane? The less than a dozen Alabamians who sided with those three authorities? Or the tens of thousands who still believe Major was murdered and, yes, many of them, thanks to a deranged blogger in Alabama, think I was in on it. The lady who sued me is one of those tens of thousands. She is so sure I was in on it, that she put me in an apartment with a great view of the public golf course pond where Major's body was found.

I knew when I went to Birmingham that she had no clue why I was coming there on her dime. The whys of my coming there didn't show up, because she went haywire in about a week, which could be likened to insane.

She shares your view of me. So you are in good company.

Kari's dream last night was she was dead and birds were pecking out her eyeballs. Nothing to worry about, though, it's just a dream.

My dream of her last night, she was dressed nice, wearing some lipstick, giving me advice about something, which I could not recall on waking. 

It was just a dream. Forget it.

Live in one dimension.

Like Donald Trump.


Sancho replied:
Oh, Sloan, you're so in love with words and you have made esoteric symbolism your religion to the point that you're blind to the common reality that's in front of you... I told you that the judge was going to dismiss Judy's case against you and send you both packing, it wasn't a dream, just common sense... I told you that nothing good was going to come from your taking up the offer of becoming a kept man, it wasn't a dream, just common sense... I told you to make peace with your daughters, it wasn't a dream, just common sense.. I told you, too many things.............. 

The way I see it, Sloan, your life at this point is boring and limited too, everything revolves around Angels and Dreams... whatever is in front of you has to be forced fed into your ADD(angels, demons, dreams) paradigm.... ADD is your medicine and your curse, but I do agree with you that there is little YOU can do about it and anybody offering advice, who is not experiencing what and how you feel... and specially, the history that got you here, is just pissing against the wind! 

I will leave with this morsel...

"Loss is a cousin of loneliness. They intersect and overlap, and so it’s not surprising that a work of mourning might invoke a feeling of aloneness, of separation. Mortality is lonely. Physical existence is lonely by its nature, stuck in a body that’s moving inexorably towards decay, shrinking, wastage and fracture. Then there’s the loneliness of bereavement, the loneliness of lost or damaged love, of missing one or many specific people, the loneliness of mourning."

I replied:

I was leery of the Alabama lady's too good to be true offer. But I knew there were reasons for me to be in Birmingham, and I was worn out living on the street, sleeping nights in the police station, and I accepted her obviously suspicious offer to let her keep me in Birmingham for 7 months.

As for my daughters, as we saw recently, my reconnecting with them didn't turn out all that great. Their response to my situation seriously disturbed some of my good friends. I was not surprised, though. If I had not been pushed in dreams to try to reconnect with them, I would have left it alone.
During one of my cell phone conversations with my charlatan hoodoo witch amiga on the mainland, I asked her if she had wondered yet why Kari and the charlatan Young Prophet had not showed up in the same barred cell in her dungeon as the lady who sued me and my “adopted” daughter Brenda? Brenda probably has as much spirit wiring as anyone I have met, although she still has a long way to go using it well.

My hoodoo witch friend said she had wondered the same thing. I told her I had called Brenda and had a heart to heart with her; that she needs to never forget that my generosity to her is why I am homeless, and her wanting my money still puts her in the same boat at the lady who sued me for my inheritance. Brenda got really quiet, subdued. In my opinion, nothing anyone says to the woman who sued me would subdue her, cause her to look at herself differently.
Meanwhile, the gothic baby of an LSD mother Facebook friend, who made her debut at this website two days ago, responded to yesterday’s post at this website – her parts in grey, my parts in blue:

THU 3:04PM

No one can take your place but there is no need for it as death is but a graduation. Earthly matters matter but less about matter and more about metaphysical. When I acknowledge that nothing is outside of God it is not denial of evil. I have no blithe spirit, unaware of the Under Toad. I do know that I have nothing to fear and wonder why AA Michael has been so good to me. A difficult childhood perhaps. Worry not over Brenda's worry over your struggles, you know of course that undeserved punishment is redemptive and she's as likely as not hiding romantic feelings and wisely keeping the focus on her and her own needs. Better to paint yourself as Scarlet and be rewarded than pine away and be forgotten.

Brenda had romantic notions and may still. I never felt it. She became like an adopted daughter.
I keep getting told by well meaning friends to shuck Brenda, and perhaps it will come to that, but I'm not ready yet to do that. Similar to being told to shuck Kari. Like, I have a big social life and family relations checking in on me.
We are all different, therefore no two of us should be treated alike by the spirit realms. Mainstream religion is like a cookie cutting press trying to stamp out robots.
Crushes the feminine, creativity, intuition, receptivity to the spirit realms, wonder, awe, exploration, adventure
In March 2004, "the voice" asked me in my sleep: "What do you think of the species?" I replied on waking, wish you had not asked me that, but since you did .... The species has lost its creativity and is spiritually cloning itself and devolving; look at all you have done to help me and the mess I still am; if you do the the species what you did to me, 50,000 people might survive. (Later that was reduced to 5,000, then to 500). Perhaps the kindest thing would be to take the species off this planet and put it somewhere it can evolve, move forward.

Speaking of, I'm not actually gnostic. I do not actually believe that archons are here feeding off of negativity and keeping us stuck in a time loop, unable to move beyond Earth, being reincarnated perpetually. But neither do I not believe it. What appeals to me regarding gnosis is the focus on intuitive knowing. Listening to that which you and others consider our feminine aspect.
Don't know if I ever heard of archons before. Had to look it up. My understanding is, Evil (demonic realms), cut off from God energy, feeds on strife energy coming off of and in beings their stir up. I understand Gnosis as knowing something beyond human by hearing from it, seeing it, feeling, interacting with it, instead of believing it exists, or does not exist, or just don’t know.
Hard to do gnosis with feminine aspect shut down, crimped, pissed off about how she feels; we hear her pretty good when she's pissed off, in various ways not usually decoded for what they really are, such as many human illnesses of body, emotions, mind, soul.

THU 5:37PM

Mad Max it is. Needs must when the Devil drives. In times like these your saints will more often be found imprisoned, impoverished and on the streets than in the burbs. Same as in the days of Jesus. There's nothing new under the sun.


Ha! Tell scientists and doctors that. I imagine in God's eyes, human science has not progressed far pass the planet is flat and the sun revolves around it.

I just enjoy that quote for coming from the bible. Watch enough Ancient Aliens and you'll be convinced that the doctors and scientists are cavemen playing with sticks compared to where we were prior to the Big Event.

Watch Ancient Aliens? Hell, I have seen ETS, and am an ancient alien - hee haw

Watch Ancient Aliens? Hell, I have seen ETS, and am an ancient alien - hee haw.

Me too I suppose. Pleiadian Starseed so the new agers say. It's all good. Your friend who is under attack reminds me that from my vast research in paranormal eyewitness accounts, demons are tremendously more likely to attack those who wear their religion on their sleeves, have crosses hanging and the like. Investigators say that demons are angered by the crosses and such, instigated. I say they see it as a sign of a lack of faith. I hung my great grandmother's amethyst cross on the door of this sketchy motel, then laughed at the idea. I love that cross, it's a wonderful reminder of where I came from, who's watching over me. But I could lose the cross, all crosses, everything and protected I remain. Should I find myself under attack for announcing my faith, inviting injury, that too is "ok", another test. Anything temporal is temporary. Stay gold.
I do not ave faith, I have awareness of fact.

My friend under demonic attack because he was used to pass information to me I needed to have. He is not particularly religious, as far as I know. Not in church sense. He might have been raised in a church. He knows the supernatural exists, it has proven that to him in spades. So he does not proceed from faith, I don't imagine, but from direct experience. He is new at this, and he gets rattled easily, as would anyone new to having the intense experiences he is having. I don't see why demons would be too interested in Christians who think wearing crosses means something, other than to wear their religion on their sleeves. Such Christians might make tasty snacks, but they do not threaten the demonic realms. Got something on FB day before yesterday from a Christian I had a good bit of conversation with some time ago. He is sincere and looks to me he shrunk God down to the size of the Bible, so to speak. I doubt he has tolerance for ETs. I doubt he wonders why the dinosaurs receive no mention in the Bible. I imagine he would be freaked out to experience what Young Prophet is experiencing. ETs have their own agendas. They can be helpful, but who knows what they really are up to?

I've no idea nor recall any experience as an abductee. The orb I saw was motionless and I felt something reading me as I was reading it. Not entirely dissimilar to the feeling when looking at the Jemison Home, mistakenly known as Old Bryce in Northport. But the feeling of being watched was far more hate filled at the former insane asylum. Felt more like being watched from a more evolved species. "Note the humans surprise but these do not seem shocked."
I tend to not seek ET encounters, but that's really important to many people. Angels, and demons, that's an entirely different arena. I told a friend this morning that this stuff I'm publishing lately suits me a lot more than writing about local politics, into which I have to bend myself. I can do it, but it doesn't come naturally. It's not much fun. Although writing about Trump and national politics is fun, mostly. When I write about matters of the spirit and heaven/earth interface, that's when I feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be, at home, so to speak. Comfy. Feel better, too. Usually.

I love angel talk. I'm rarely much for trouble talk. I have my own darkness is how I reckon not being bothered. An as above so below, Jungian thing. I strive always to be good and am very shiny. So too my shadow must be great. Really I do not know why I am so completely loved by the invisible realm and untroubled. Also not tempted by the usual pitfalls. I am grateful. So grateful to be me.

The trick is blending in the angel stuff with the human stuff, as the two are seriously interconnected. While I'm receiving a great deal of information from "above", I engage the human saga proxies here, not in the spirit realms so much. Traditional shamans travel into the spirit realms and work things, which then affects stuff in the human area. I was trained to do it in reverse. Engage it here, and it works into the spirit realms. Or that's the theory. I don't see much of what goes on in the spirit realms as a result of what I do in the human arena. I just keep engaging what the human arena serves up to me, in keeping with my training and what I’m hearing in dreams and other ways. I get some time off, too. But even in time off, I have to stay on my toes, as there is no telling when a short vacation will turn into a work event.

This is the dimension where thoughts become things. Likely why I do not focus on what is unpleasant. I'm hoping that by the ease of internet communications we'll reach the "100th monkey" and enough people will remember the truth of our interconnectedness and why competition is only good when it's in good fun, we'll have a delightful time of it. A dear friend wants me to visit the spirit realm via a hack, dmt. I love this friend but he's a fox and I do not get a good feeling about the entire idea so I do not. If I'm to have a almost 100% tertiary experience on Earth, only sensing the bigger picture, that is fine.
I have never felt alone. Never felt without guidance.

Your history very different from mine. I started out "normal", but normal never seemed entirely to suit me. At about age 45, I stopped being normal during one supernatural event. Since then, I have been anything but normal. I think it was discovered what whoever came up with the 100th monkey archeology made it up, but it's a nice thing to imagine is possible. The New Age I spent lots of time it. It denied Evil existed. Which thrilled Evil. I saw lots of new age people striving to be positive, go for the light, think good thoughts, and I saw them eventually run out of rope, crash, and they did not even realize it, but intensified their new age practices. You mentioned Jung. He knew and taught that the more you ignore the shadow, the more the shadow stalks you, nibbles on you, and eventually might eat you, if you don't stop ignoring it. Free will is a joke notion, when you consider probably 95 percent of what makes people do what they do, think what they think, is rooted in their subconscious, of which they are not aware. Then toss in ETs, angels and demons influencing people unawares. Must be fantastic theater in spirit world theaters.

I think so, if we are cards I think I am a joker and was always given more awareness, likely from the lsd. Yep, gotta be aware of your shadow, mine's beastly. The friend who wants me to go visit the astral sent a movie showing that he sees my shadow, was called The Babadook and was a very loving thing for a fox to do.

On the lower Keys shuttle this morning I saw a man older than me, whom I met maybe a year ago on the same bus. He has a relationship with fish and birds and lizards similar to that reported to have been enjoyed by St. Francis of Assisi. I don't get the sense though that he has interactions with supernatural beings, which Francis had pretty much ongoing after he quit being "normal."

Dolphins invariably come to me, too many stories to bother and dull to anyone but me. I hope to continue not having supernatural, paranormal or extraterrestrial experiences.
Dolphins are sentient, but human scientists might be a few aeons figuring that out. You hope to continue NOT having supernatural, paranormal or extraterrestrial experiences?

Yes, I am happy with my low level sensing. Really do not care to blow a fuse.

Well, happy days, I just got dragged back into a local political nasty mess today, which started with me sending a FYI – heads up to Naja Girard, who, with hubby Arnaud, publish Key West the Newspaper ( online every Friday. The blue paper is kinda like Key West's Al Jazeera.

I have read it, it's an excellent rag. Go where ever you are led. These stories that make up a life do not write themselves.
Naja and Arnaud Girard

Text of my email to Naja this morning:

Subject: FYI - heads up

Heard last night, unconfirmed, that the Sheriff has been recording your and/or Arnaud's jail visits with the fellow charged with rape, who was operating your water taxi, and the State Attorney has the recordings, and the Citizen has been tipped off, and the accused has a prior record of sex offenses, and the victim might be just itching to sue you and Arnaud after the criminal case is over.

Naja to me:

Well thanks for the lovely tip.  It feels so good be "loved and cherished" by "the all powerful" for our hard work and dedication to the voiceless members of our community.

As to "your" water taxi.  No. He owns the Water Taxi and has for many years - it is titled in his name - and he was running his own business - titled in his name.  When you've known someone since they were less than 20 years old and for about a quarter of a century - someone who has come in and out of your world depending on whether he was spiraling upward or downward at the time  [and when that person calls you when he's in trouble and you are likely the only person in the world who will even listen - you tend to go with the "innocent until proven guilty" mantra and you answer the phone... and you listen. You don't help him in all the ways he'd like you to. But you are decent. Humane. You heard what Jesus said.

We are working on a story about the jail possibly being a hotbed for MRSA. This particular inmate and others, current and former say they have contracted MRSA at the Stock Island jail.  I have asked MCSO to provide me with an employee in the know to interview on the subject because we are hearing from those on the inside as well as former inmates that the jail is infested with MRSA and that the jailkeepers are not properly cleaning the facilities or keeping those infected separate from the rest of the population and are thereby needlessly allowing it to spread.  

The Sheriff, through his PIO Becky Herrin, has categorically refused to entertain the concept of our interviewing someone about what is "really" happening at the Stock Island jail. We presented a request to verify or "debunk" what we are hearing. 

IF TRUE, people who go to jail, you know - for not having a valid driver's license or missing a hearing on a traffic ticket [and all the others] are risking contracting MRSA. IF TRUE  then it seems like a bit of  "punishment" before being found guilty... We both know how horrible that disease is and that it can be life threatening. 

When these inmates get out of jail and have MRSA they are highly contagious - some of them are homeless - they have open oozing puss-filled wounds and they are sharing public spaces with the rest of us.  

This also leads to questions about how our Hospital is [or should be -- pursuant to contract] taking care of the indigents in our community via their "Primary Care Clinic" and questions about what all government officials [MCSO, hospital district, health department] involved could [should?] be doing, in collaboration, about protecting not only our indigent population [inmates and those residing at KOTS or on the streets included] but residents and visitors from contracting MRSA spread by these homeless inmates when released. 

The homeless, as you well know, are typically placed in jail for having done nothing more than having violated the open container law that is systematically ignored when it comes to the rest of us - especially tourists. The associated expenses: police, incarceration, and now the added cost of medical care and the cost to the rest of us who might contract this disease that will be spread by homeless inmates once they are released should be addressed.   The Sheriff won't even entertain the question.

I would not be surprised that our Sheriff is looking for ways to "get" us because we have "dared" to cross him by questioning his "no policy" policy on immigration enforcement by his deputies. We also asked the Sheriff to respond to a host of questions on that topic after his deputy verbally abused an injured man laying on the side of the road questioning his "illegal" status instead of offering him medical care and he [thru his PIO] refused to even acknowledge our email.  I get responses like: 'We don't have to answer your questions - we only have to respond to public records requests' --- this is from his taxpayer funded PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER [not a "public records custodian"].  

I'm quite sure that our MCSO, nonetheless, claims to be extremely "transparent".  In fairness, on the topic of immigration policy his office has reportedly been just as uncooperative and rude to a several other publications.  

The Sheriff is understandably unhappy with the national coverage that came about "thanks to"  The Blue Paper. 

As to what the Sheriff is going to get accomplished by keeping a file of audio recordings between Arnaud and/or I and the inmate accused of rape: If I were the Sheriff and State Attorney I would also keep and pay attention to all audio recordings of conversations for an inmate being prosecuted for such egregious crimes. I would hope that the impetus for doing so is justice for the victim and for keeping a dangerous man behind bars and not for "getting" a couple of journalists that have the guts to ask questions of the local Sheriff about things like policies on local law enforcement of federal immigration law or the cleanliness of the local jail and concern over spreading contagious, potentially life-threatening, diseases to the local population.

As to getting sued by a victim for talking to an inmate that she has accused of a crime - I wonder just what that cause of action would look like.  


I replied:

I wonder, too, if the inmate owned the water taxi for many years and you and Arnaud had no interest in the business during that time.

I'm glad you are looking into the health conditions in the jail. I have heard of MRSA being contracted there. More about scabies, though. From Kari, when she was in there. 

According to Kari, the jail's doctor, Rose Chan, M.D., whom I knew somewhat from her crusades against society being mean to homeless people, refused to treat Kari for scabies, despite my loud and frequent clamoring at about it. Perhaps because of my loud clamoring, Chan did not treat Kari. 

I bumped into Chan in the hospital cafeteria one morning and tried to tell her what Kari was telling me about her horrible itching and the red bumps all over her body, and Chan said she could not discuss a patient with me, it was against policy. I said I was not asking for any information, but was simply informing about a patient. Chan said I had to call her in the jail to do that. I asked her how I could call her in the jail? She did not say. She was really upset with me. She got more upset when I said this is about the Hippocratic Oath. She said it was not and stormed off.

I was not then sure it was scabies. Kari also was having a terrible time digesting soy meat substitute, which is a big part of the jail diet. The soy meat was tearing up Kari's G.I. tract. I saw online skin breakouts from soy food allergy that resembled scabies photos. I asked Sheriff Ramsay in the jail waiting room to look into it. Kari said he was there one day she was in the infirmary and they decided not to treat her for scabies, because Sloan might write about it. They decided that knowing that I had been treated for scabies shortly after Kari went into the jail, by Dr. Bernstein, a local dermatologist, and he had told me to tell the jail that Kari needed to be treated for scabies, since we had been in intimate contact in a motel room. 

After Kari got out of jail about 9 months later, she went to see Dr. Covington. One look at her by him and his nurse and they would not let her in the waiting room, because they were sure she had scabies. I was there for that. They prescribed the scabies cream, which has permethrin in it - an insecticide. That cleared up the scabies sores everywhere but her feet, which looked like something out of a monster horror movie. 

I borrowed a 5 gallon bucket from you and filled it with water and poured apple cider vinegar in it and she soaked each foot about half hour. Then we repeated it with bleach in the water. Had to make sure it was not also fungus or bacterial infection, before treating for scabies.

Through a friend, we acquired a veterinary potency liquid scabies remedy, containing 10 percent permethrin. I put in into a plastic spray bottle with water to dilute it some, and Kari started spraying her feet with it twice a day. After about 2 weeks, her feet were mostly normal. She had no recurrence.

While you are after MRSA in the jail, go after MRSA at KOTS [Key West's homeless shelter]. And scabies at KOTS. Kari said KOTS is where she first caught scabies and they gave her the permethrin cream for it, which is 5 percent permethrin. 

While you are after MRSA, divers and doctors I have talked with say the local ocean is full of MRSA and if you enter the water with a nick or scratch on your skin, you can end up with MRSA.

Dr. Covington's predecessor at the free medical clinic, Ian Garriques, M.D., a retired infectious disease specialist, who treated me for MRSA in 2003 and 2004, told me he had called all over the US and medicine has no answer to MRSA. Later, he had a letter to the editor in the Citizen saying MRSA is pandemic in the Florida Keys. Doctors here told me they are treating MRSA all the time.

Don't hear any MRSA warnings from the mayor, city commissioners, city official spokesperson, chamber of commerce, lodging and watersports industries, or the tourist development council.

That fellow charged with rape, I told you and Arnaud, after the fellow started hanging out in your home at times, with his pit bull outside, that he was seriously messed up. Because of his criminal background, I think he might not be the best (credible) source for MRSA problem in the jail. 

His female pit bull is much calmer when I see her with her new owner, who also now is the boyfriend of the accused's former girlfriend. I told the not yet accused in your kitchen one day, when he was telling me there was something wrong with me that his dog didn't like me, that it was my experience that dogs reveal what their owners are really like. You and Arnaud laughed. 

Back story:

During 2015 and 2016 I lived, in aggregate, about a year in Arnaud and Naja's spare downstairs bedroom. For free. Since I was broke and homeless and we were friends and were doing our darndest, in our own ways, to make a difference in Key West and the Florida Keys.

My P.S. to Naja:

I think Arnaud still has to be careful about MRSA recurrence? 

Dr. Garriques did not heal me of MRSA. Angels did, starting the day he told me he could not and I said that must be awful for him, having dedicated his life to trying to cure people. He looked like he was going to cry. I felt like I was doomed. But that night, in my sleep, I had a dream which left me feeling on waking, that if I just took one day's dosage of Dr. Garriques new prescription for the same antibiotic he had two other times prescribed, then the angels would take care of the rest.

I took that day's dosage and no more. The new MRSA sore on my arm slowly started drying up. After about two weeks, it was gone. Medically impossible. Scientifically impossible.

Later, I learned home remedies that successfully treated MRSA skin outbreaks for me and other people. A few doctors seemed interested, when I told them about the home remedies, but I got no reports back.

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