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nut job report from Key West: the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and there are far worse things than being homeless

I friend of mine living up the Keys above Key West went out of town for a while and I'm house sitting and getting up there and back to Key West on the city's transit bus lower keys shuttle, which cost old farts $1.00 one-way. Best deal in the Florida Keys. Courteous, competent, friendly drivers. Often interesting people to chat up. Sometimes people I wish had caught another bus, or I had.

My erstwhile "knight errant"homeless girlfriend Kari Dangler reported this morning that she dreamed last night that I was sitting in my office at my desk shuffling papers and a green scaly lizard with a rat-like face and rat-like whiskers and a sharp pointed rat-like tail and two horns sticking out of the sides of its head, and another horn sticking out from between its eyes walked into my office and stabbed me in the heart with a pitchfork, and killed me.

Because of the pitchfork, I asked Kari the shape of the creature? Ordinary human shape she said. Then, it's not about the nice Alabama lady suing me, as she's great big around. I said, I suppose it's about Pritam Singh, since he kinda looks like he has a rat face.

I paid Pritam tribute in yesterday's post, with two comments under the anti-Pritam article in Key West the Newspaper (

Retrieving from yesterday's post my first comment under the blue paper anti-Pritam article:
A different point of view.
Don’t blame Pritam.
He is well known in real estate development circles and among county and city planning boards. attorneys and elected officials.
Historically, Pritam says he’s gonna build one thing, and it ends up something else thing.
This is well known in the aforesaid circles.
So, blame the aforesaid circles for doing business with Priam.
He is what he is. He’s not gonna change.
Apparently, the aforesaid circles like Pritam just the way he is, because the aforesaid keep doing business with him.
In the law, that’s called “res ipsa loquitur” – the thing speaks for itself.
Here's my second comment, which the blue paper declined to publish, the green (for money) rat-face pointed-tail 3-horn lizard monster's handiwork, which stabbed me in the heart and killed me with a pitchfork, so to speak:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
My dream maker got onto me last night, because I let Pritam off light.
So, check out Pritam’s great and wonderful, kinda reminds of Donald Trump’s great and wonderful, website:
Read of Pritim’s spiritual evolution:
“Also in 1971, Singh was arrested and spent several days in jail with a group of anti-war protestors protesting the Vietnam War in Washington, D.C. His early political activism was always combined with a parallel spiritual search and Labombard entered a Sikh Ashram in Massachusetts a couple of years later at the age of 21, remaining until he was 24. While in the Ashram, he married Kaitlin Briggs. It was also during this time that he took the name Pritam Singh. Pritam means “God’s Beloved” in the language of the Sikhs, and Singh, meaning “lion,” is the surname all Sikh men adopt.”
“The scale and scope of Singh’s real estate acquisition and development projects had grown enormously since his modest beginnings in Maine. By 1994, he had spent 15 years in a relentless cycle of non-stop work on project after project and his material success had been remarkable. As work on The Key West Golf Club was getting underway, Singh had another life-changing experience when Ann Johnston introduced him to the work and thought of the acclaimed scholar, peace activist and Zen Buddhist Master Thich Naht Hanh. Johnston gave Singh several books by Hanh, most notably the well-known Peace is Every Step.
“Such was Singh’s enthusiasm and appreciation for Hanh’s work that he would eventually edit several of the scholar’s later books, including Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers (1999); Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames (2001); No Death, No Fear: Comforting Wisdom for Life (2002); Creating True Peace (2003) and Taming the Tiger Within (2005). In 1997, 600 people from Florida and around the nation gathered at the Key West Golf Club for a silent weeklong retreat hosted by Singh and guided by Thich Nhat Hanh.”
Wonder what happened to Pritam’s begging bowl? Is it stuck down in the bottom of his golf bag? Wonder how much of the money he makes in the Key West and the Florida Keys, he donates to local charities/non prophets, er, profits?
Read of Pritam’s wonderful real estate contributions to Portland society:
“In 1978 Singh emerged from his long period of meditation and study in the Sikh commune and moved to Portland, Maine. In Portland, he and Kaitlin had two daughters, first Siri Sahaj Kaur and then Charan Kamal Kaur. Kaur, meaning “Princess,” is the surname of all Sikh women. In 1979, after a period spent traveling to India, he bought his first house in Maine – a building that had been condemned after a fire – using a loan from his lawyer, a mortgage from the seller and $500 on his credit card. Singh turned the building into ten apartments.
“He formed a company called Great Bay and began turning low cost and foreclosed properties into a series of small-scale development successes, and his career as one of America’s most talked about real estate developers began. From the very beginning as a small New England builder focusing on historic preservation, Singh displayed the deep reverence for beauty and tradition, as well as for quality design and craftsmanship that continues to distinguish his projects today.
“Singh was a principal force in the revitalization of Portland’s downtown district with a series of acquisitions, each larger and more ambitious than the last. He took four historical buildings called Frothingham Yard and turned them into 16 affordable condominiums that sold out in two days. He purchased, renovated and quickly sold historic buildings like Carroll Mansion. He took two buildings in downtown and turned them into the Oakview Condominiums. Then came 35 condominiums at 99 Silver Street.”
A local prominent architect told me that a prominent architect buddy in Portsmouth, Maine told him that Pritam lost all of his wife’s substantial inheritance in his real estate deals and had to leave town on the lam and was not welcome back in Portland.
Jim Hendrick, Pritam’s fellow Buddhist admirer of the same Zen Buddhist monk and disbarred super land use wizard lawyer, over dinner in Jim’s home, told me that he was going to prove to me that Pritam was not possessed by Lucifer, which I had published on my websites was so. Jim’s wife, his girlfriend, and a mutual male friend were there and heard it:
I told Jim to put on his case.
Jim said, Pritam was the best salesman Jim had ever seen. Pritam could get people to look only at what he wanted them to look at, and not look at what he did not want to look at.
I said, That’s how Lucifer sells. I rest my case.
Dang do I wish Thich Nhat Hanh would return to Key West and I could sit down with him and see how much he really knows about Pritam Singh and Gautama Buddha, or, as sometimes called, Siddartha Gautama.
Dang do I wish the city and county governments would start telling Pritam that any real estate development he is involved in they are against, because he cannot be trusted to do what he says he will do. What a fun lawsuit, filed by Pritam, that would be for this former practicing attorney to watch unfold.
Perhaps I would be called as a witness to report that conversation between Jim Hendrick and me, in Jim’s home, with his wife, his girlfriend and a mutual male friend present, who could be subpoenaed to back up my testimony.
I did not put into my second comment, when I see Pritam about town, he seems benign. When I see him before city or county commissions, I see on him the countenance of Lucifer.

I did not put into my second comment, back in 2010, Jim Hendrick told me that Pritam wanted the three of us to have lunch, so he could talk with me about my view that he is possessed by Lucifer. I said, fine, just tell me when and where. 

A few days later, I bumped into Pritam in his office building, in which my landlord's real estate management company had an office. I was there to pay my rent. I told Pritam what Jim and told me and Pritam said he looked forward to it and they would be getting in touch.

Do you think they got in touch? 

Might be fair to say my heart felt like a pitchfork got stuck in it, when I saw the blue paper had rejected that second comment I had written and submitted after the angels had ripped me up for going light on Pritam in my first comment.

Maybe the angels also created that dream for the lady from Alabama, who sued me, to read and maybe help her get over the fantasy that when I write that I would like to stick a pitchfork through her into Donald Trump, until death they do part, I do not mean kill her literally with a pitch fork.

Back to the future in hornyville:
When I advised Young Prophet of a recent dream about my daughter, the eye doctor, trying to get me involved in a nasty artificial intelligence mechanical killing machine, with ariel abilities, kinda reminded of terminator movies, wreaking havoc on people, and I told my daughter that I wanted nothing to do with it, Young Prophet said that AI monster reminded him of Diana Napolis, and that Donald Trump has a retreat near Asheville, NC, where he spends some weekends, instead of at his resort in south Florida. I said, my eye doctor daughter lives just outside of Asheville. 

Young Prophet told me to check out Napolis online, but I didn't.

Last night, I had a dream in which I was traveling the world, attending conferences, and I ended up on New Zealand. I have, in fact, traveled the world, and I have, in fact, been in Auckland, New Zealand, and I did talk with a lot of people during those travels, but no conferences, per se. I wondered if the dream was about climate change?

Unable to return to sleep, I got up and woke up my laptop and googled Diana Napolis, and saw of her having traveled about trying to sell her ideas, and she went to New Zealand, where she was rejected by the audience there. The same thing happened to me when I was New Zealand.

Here are 3 links for Diana Napolis, she wrote the 3rd:

Napolis got locked up by the authorities, and my take is she was onto something but became delusional about it and was not able to be objective. But then, maybe she was delusional because she was having those things done to her.

Here's a photo of one of the actresses Napolis stalked:
My doctor daughter looks a lot like that actress.

I have had no personal conscious experience with what Napolis claimed about NASA and that kind of human scientific human tampering technology. However, I have had a great deal of direct personal experience with the demon realm tampering humans, and some direct personal experience with the ET realm. Some ET races indeed tamper humans. Some ET races do not. All demonic beings around this planet tamper humans. All humans have a demonic twin, which is allied with the demon realm.

It is possible NASA has the technology Napolis claimed NASA had. 
Time traveling backward again ...
At a 2003 candidate forum in Old City Hall, Key West, I opened my mayor candidate remarks with something about it might take a hurricane to solve Key West's problems, and later during the forum I was told by the forum MC that the mike had not been on when I first started speaking and I asked for a little more time and they gave it to me, but I did not repeat the hurricane remedy.

In 2006, in Key West, a fellow I knew barely said he had heard me say that at that candide forum, and I had told him back in 2001 on Mallory Pier during Sunset Celebration, that I am a shaman. He said, shamans can call in hurricanes, and because of me he was leaving Key West and the Florida Keys. He also said he had been raised in a Satanic Cult in California, and he'd had programming put in him that would awaken at different ages and there was nothing he could do about it.

Satanic cults do exist in America and elsewhere. They have their secret rituals and practices. They are not to be scoffed at. Nor is Lucifer to be scoffed at. Nor, for that matter, is Diana Napolis to be scoffed at. 

Once when I lived in Boulder, Colorado and was driving to San Diego California, I picked up a hitchhiker in Utah, who said he was headed to San Francisco to check out The Church of Satan there. That was an interesting conversation for the next several hundred miles. I gave him a one-hundred dollar bill when I let him off in Nevada where I paths diverged, and wished him all the best. He was recovering from a rough divorce, trying to start all over, looking for something new. 

Another time, I was talking with a good friend in Salt Lake, who asked me what was wrong with someone, and I asked my friend if she really wanted to know? She said, yes. I said, demonic possession. 

Whereupon, I heard my friend shriek and cussin' loud and running around inside her house shrieking and cussin', while I kept yelling in the telephone to stop fighting it and let me handle it, and finally she was reduced to lying on her floor whimpering, and I said, In the name of the Christ, I ask for protection, and the attack stopped. 

A couple of months later my friend was diagnosed with a rare, virulent cancer in her lungs. One lung was almost gone. The demons killed her, because she was trying to help me with something into which she had been dragooned by the angels, if she knew what was good for her, was how she had reported it was put to her.

She'd had a habit of trying to win everything by force of words and action. I had kept telling her she needed to let God do some of the work. The very last thing you do when attacked by a demon is fight back. You ask for protection and hope like all get out that it comes. I have done that many times, and the help, so far, has come.

Find a copy of HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL, by Father Malachi Martin, and read the chilling ordeal of the Catholic priest who tried to do an exorcism alone, and someone blundered in and interrupted him and he spent his remaining few days fighting to save his soul, his physical death was certain.

Father Martin wrote in the Preface of a later edition of HOSTAGE than the edition I had read, that the Roman Catholic Church was possessed by Lucifer at very high levels.

Later, Father Martin was killed by a demon while attempting an exorcism.

During the brief time I have known him, Young Prophet was attacked and nearly killed three times by a demon, or demons, because of his trying to help me.

Kari told me this morning that mainstream people come up to her on the streets of Key West and ask her, "Are you Kari?" She does not know these people. They have seen her photos on this website, I suppose.

Kari said she sometimes tells these people that she knows Sloan Bashinsky, and she gets back this and that not entirely Sloan friendly. 

One man, she said this morning, said, Sloan is nice, and he's a nut.

She took that to mean, a nut case. I said, perhaps he did not mean it that way. Perhaps he did. 

Over the years, up to just a week or so ago, I sometimes called for the hurricane remedy. A category 5 hurricane that meteorologists track, and a spiritual category 5 hurricane that most people do not contemplate.

The house I'm sitting sits high on cement pillars and it has concrete siding. If a big hurricane really is coming in here, I suppose that's where I will head. I also suppose I will be told it's coming, so I can publish on this website and tell people I know that that it is coming.

When I was up in Alabama in the fall of 2005, chomping at the bit to come back down to Key West, a voice told me in my sleep, let's wait a few more days. In a few more days Hurricane Wilma visited the Florida Keys. Key West lost 10,000 cars and trucks, and thousands of mopeds, bicycles, lawn mowers, household appliances, air conditioning units, beds, sofas, gobs of sheetrock, shrubs, trees, etc. The Keys above Key West up to Marathon fared about the same.

Wilma was category 3, when she arrived in Key West.

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