Saturday, July 22, 2017

no prisoners and related heaven and earth hellish sporting events in Key West and Birmingham, Alabama, featuring a cast luminaries, including Donald Trump, who should have hired Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama, as his new spin doctor

Yesterday went swimmingly.

At 10:18:34 AM yesterday morning, shortly after I posted yesterday's ramblings at this hear fool's website, Her Imperial (sorta rhymes with Imperious) Royal Majesty of Leeds, Alabama, that would be Judith Eloise Haney, filed a new pleading in her new lawsuit against me in Birmingham. 

Again, apologies for the formatting. I can't figure out how to copy PDF efiled legal documents and hold the formatting in the paste into this website, or into Microsoft Word. It all runs together and I have to separate it out by hand.



 JUDITH E HANEY, Plaintiff

 Vs CASE NO: CV-2017-902922.00 



Plaintiff Judith E. Haney ("Plaintiff") hereby files this Second Amended Motion for Waiver of Service of Verified Complaint, and states: 

1. On July 21, 2017, Defendant, Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr, (“Defendant”) effectively waived service of the verified complaint pending against him in this court by acknowledging receipt of it and publishing it, in its entirety, on the Internet at Exhibit A, hereto. 
2. Defendant is a drifter with no permanent address. Given the Defendant’s ever changing physical location and lack of attachment to permanent housing, there is no feasible, practical, way to locate and personally serve him with the verified complaint. 
3. Premises considered, by way of his having published the verified complaint on July 21, 2017, the Defendant has provided prima facie evidence of his having received it. 
4. Plaintiff requests the court order the circuit court clerk to show the effective date of service of the verified complaint upon the Defendant as July 21, 2017, concurrent with the date he published it on the Internet. 
5. Plaintiff requests the court order the Defendant to file an answer to the verified complaint 30-days from today’s date, or no later than August 30, 2017. 

WHEREFORE, premises considered, the Plaintiff requests the court order the circuit court clerk to show the effective date of service of the verified complaint upon the Defendant as July 21, 2017, concurrent with the date he published it on the Internet. Plaintiff further requests the court enter an order requiring the Defendant to file an answer to the verified complaint 30-days from todays date, or no later than August 30, 2017. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Judith E. Haney, Plaintiff PO Box 380911 Birmingham, Al 35238 205-821-0519 

A true and correct copy of the foregoing has been served upon the Defendant via his postal address at P.O. Box 2681, Key West, FL 33045, with proper postage affixed thereto, and via electronic mail to on this the 21th day of July, 2017. 
Judith E. Haney, Plaintiff PO Box 380911 Birmingham, Al 35238 205-821-0519
This here defendant can't find any record on my end of Her Imperial Royal Majesty's prior motion(s) for waiver of service. 

Attached to Her Imperial Royal Majesty's 2nd amended motion for waiver was the full post at this hear fool's website, which I was slap dab happy to see, 'cause it had to slap dab been a riveting read for anyone in the court clerk's office, and I imagined wagging tongues. 

All of that on the heels of Her Royal Majesty having filed at 1:06:59 AM yesterday morning a motion for Judge Michael J, Graffeo, to recuse himself, the text of which motion was in yesterday's post at this hear fool's website.

I couldn't help but wonder, therefore, if the court clerk and her staff and Judge Graffeo were a bit confused by Her Imperial Royal Majesty asking Judge Graffeo to recuse himself at 1:06:59 A.M. yesterday morning, and then at 10:18:34 AM yesterday morning, Judge Graffeo (the court) was asked by the same despot to rule the despot did not have to serve me like everyone else has to be served in civil lawsuits? 

I couldn't help but wonder if Judge Graffeo took that as a constructive waiver by said despot of said despot's prior motion that he recuse himself?

I couldn't help but wonder how Judge Graffeo, or any hapless judge who replaces him, and the court clerk and her staff, might feel after learning from me, in due course, that Her Imperious Royal Majesty might have kinda lied through her teeth to the court and the court clerk about it being hard to find me to serve court papers in Key West? 

For, Her Imperious Royal Majesty's paid process servers in the lawsuit she filed against me in Key West on December 30, 2016, who found me right where Her Imperious Royal Majesty knew from reading my website daily that I slept nights: the Key West police station front lobby.

Her Imperial Royal Majesty's paid process servers also found me right where Her Imperious Royal Majesty knew from reading my website daily that I write and publish every morning: Sippin' Internet Cafe, on Eaton Street.

Her Imperial Royal Majesty's paid process servers also found me right where Her Imperious Royal Majesty knew from reading my website daily that I sit in my folding tube chair and read at night: the fire station on Simonton Street.

The law in Florida is: lying to a court is grounds to have your lawsuit dismissed with prejudice.

This former Alabama practicing attorney bets the that's the law in Alabama, too.
It occurred to me kinda out of the wild blue yonder yesterday afternoon, that I may have slap dab let something in plain glaring view slip by. 

That, deep down inside Her Imperial Royal Majesty, like our dear President Donald Trump keeps doing, Her Imperial Royal Majesty keeps trying to tell the world who and what she really is, all the while outwardly (not from deep down inside), she keeps trying to tell the world she is the winner of many beauty pageants. 

I swan, if I still don't think President Trump keeps blowing it by hiring and firing mentally retarded spin doctors, instead of using Her Imperial Royal Majesty to promote him for Mr. Universe Forever.
Just this morning I bumbled across two President Trump Mr. Universe Forever exhibits

Report: Trump is particularly disturbed that Mueller can dig through his tax returns

We’ll Miss You, Sean Spicer

The we'll miss you karma comes back and bites you in the ass is a slap dab bend over and crack your ribs laughing howler, says this hear redneck mystic. 

The tax return karma comes back and bites you in the ass article ain't no laughing matter at all, says this hear former tax lawyer.

Let me count the ways President Trump makes me think he should win Mr. Universe Forever:

He loves to get out of doing what he agreed to do

He loves to fuck people in lawsuits

He loves to say one thing and end up saying he didn't say it

He loves to do one thing and end up saying he didn't do it

He loves to admire himself

Does he remind me of Her Imperial Royal Majesty?

How bout sending me an email telling me your answer and I publish your email with your name on it.

Aw, you don't want to get sued?

Shit fire! I'd still like to stick a pitchfork through Her Imperial Royal Majesty into President Trump, until death they do both part.

Oh, my bad, I just did that.

Right, it was satire, lampoon, art, poetry, metaphor.

Right, I should expect Her Royal Imperial Majesty to file a new pleading swearing on her mother and father's graves that I threatened to kill her with a pitchfork.

That's what Her Imperial Royal Majesty did in her lawsuit against me in Key West, after I published how I'd like to wed her and Trump with a pitchfork, and plainly added: That's metaphor, but it won't surprise me if she files a pleading telling the court that I threatened to kill her with a pitchfork. She filed several pleadings, some under oath, stating for a fact that I had threatened to kill her with a pitchfork.

I did not mention her parents back then. I mention them today, because I wonder why Her Imperial Royal Majesty never talked about her parents to me, and why she said very little about them on her website, on which she had a heap to say about a lot of things? 

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Young Prophet told me yesterday that he had done some research on Judith Haney, and had learned she had attended legal secretary classes for two years at Jackson University, which could be Jackson State University in north Alabama.

Young Prophet also told me that a biker club friend of his had some knowledge of Judith Haney's buddy Mike Tolbert in Key West. 
That Tolbert fancied himself as motorcycle gang material, but he is a wannabe; and he had left Key West many years ago, homeless, under circumstances that might not jive with what he tells people were those circumstances.

Young Prophet said he also had a very high regard for Roger Shuler, 
the blogger in Birmingham, Alabama. Shuler kept making out that I had been in on having my brother Major killed. Tolbert and Haney are Shuler disciples, based on what Tolbert published online and Haney testified in court on March 31 this year in Key West. Haney put me in an apartment in Birmingham, with a great view of the public golf course pond where Major's body was found. Haney did not do that by accident. 
Young Prophet said he would not be surprised if Haney and my stepmother in Birmingham were not in cahoots all along, and Haney bringing me to Birmingham last December, on her dime, was part of that cahoots, and they had in mind really fucking me up while I was there, and Haney got cold feet, and that's why she aborted the promises she had made to me and tried to send me back to Key West.

I said, the hoodoo witch had a dream a while back, in which she was told the Birmingham trip had to be aborted, or something worse would have happened to Sloan in Birmingham.

For a fact, the six male Birmingham police officers who came to make me leave the apartment with a great view of that pond Haney ad GIVEN me for 7 months, rent prepaid, no strings, financial, relationship or otherwise, according to one of her emails to me, plainly did not like me. As if I were a Muslim terrorist was how it came across to me, whom they did not even know. I wondered what Haney had told them about me? 

I wondered why, when I called Birmingham PD maybe a month ago, I was told by the supervisor in BPD's records department, that there were no records of that incident with 6 BPD officers? I told the supervisor that I wondered if the reason there were no records, was because those officers had been paid to get me out of the apartment? The supervisor said she no longer could talk with me and she ended our telephone conversation.

Note my question marks.

Fair questions, not just I have asked.
Back to Her Imperial Royal Majesty's motion filed yesterday morning, for the court to rule I waived service of process by publishing what Her Imperial Royal Majesty had emailed to me herself, which does not comply with the requirements of service of a civil lawsuit.

If I were the judge looking at that motion, I would be darn reluctant to rule Sloan Bashinsky waived service of process. 

I would be darn reluctant, because I would not want to later have an appellate court tell me I had committed reversible error. 

I would be darn reluctant, because the Defendant, Sloan Bashinsky, is known to be indigent, living on the streets of Key West, as per the Plaintiff's sworn Complaint against the Defendant.

I would be darn reluctant, because the Plaintiff alleged in her sworn Complaint that the Defendant is mentally ill.

I would be darn reluctant, because the Defendant's family is prominent in Birmingham.

I would be darn reluctant, because I don't want to get smeared by the local news media.

I would be darn reluctant, because I don't want to be laughed at by my fellow and sister judges, and by the Birmingham and Alabama Bar (lawyers).

I would be darn reluctant, because I have to run for reelection every so often, and I don't want my opponent telling the voters that I knowling ruled that an alleged mentally ill defendant had waived service, when in fact, a mentally ill person cannot waive service, as a matter of law.

Furthermore, a mentally ill person is not legally responsible for his her words, writings and actions, and the Plaintiff should have asked the court to at the very least appoint an attorney to represent the alleged mentally ill defendant, and the court, sua sponte, on its own motion, should have appointed an attorney to represent the alleged mentally ill defendant.

No way, as that judge, in the face of the Plaintiff's sworn Complaint that Sloan Bashinsky is mentally ill, do I rule that Sloan Bashinsky waived notice of service by publishing on his blog what he received from the Plaintiff by email.

No way, as that judge, do I do that.

And, here's something else.

If the Plaintiff amends her complaint, to remove the sworn allegation that Sloan Bashinsky is mentally ill, then I, the judge, issue a bench warrant for the Plaintiff's arrest, because she perjured herself in her Complaint, by alleging, under oath, that Sloan Bashinsky is mentally ill.

I can't wait to see if Her Imperial Royal Majesty efiles this post with the court clerk. That's a kinda damned if she do, damned if she don't, ain't it? Catch-22, some might call it. Boomerang karma, others might opine. Redneck justice, others might say. 

Right Curtis and Leroy?
Right, Sloan.
Her Imperial Royal Majesty keeps harping in her pleadings against me, on the massive damage to her pristine reputation as a real estate appraiser operating out of Leeds, Alabama, caused by my blog posts being picked up by search engines. 

Yet, not once has Her Imperial Royal Majesty offered on red cent of proof of any damage I have done to her real estate appraisal business. Yet, I can imagine her real estate appraisal business might have suffered as a result of all the time Her Imperial Royal Majesty spends suing me and lots of other people, pro se (without a lawyer). 

But don't take this alleged mentally ill defendant's word for that. Call the Leeds City Attorney, Johnny Brusen, who Her Imperial Royal Majesty sued twice, the second time for telling me all about her and that she has no reputation in Leeds to damage. Call Brunson at (205) 702-6700. Then ask him for the phone number for the Leeds Chief of Police, and call him and hear what he has to say about Judith Haney's reputation in Leeds.
Her Imperial Royal Majesty also keep harping in her pleadings of the terrible effect on her medical health I have caused her by what I publish on my blog about her. Well, very few people read this blog. Not 500 page views a day. Maybe 5 of the page viewers live in Alabama.


I put a gun to Her Imperial Royal Majesty's head and make her read my blog? I make her sit at her computer every morning waiting to see what I published that day? 

She wrote to me online when I was still in Key West last December, that she was in bad health. 

After I arrived in Birmingham, before the bloom left the rose, she told me she was having awful pain in her left side and was headed to an emergency room. We were face to face. The first time I had ever laid eyes on her. She had come by the apartment to swap a different car for the car she had given me to drive at her expense.

Much later, she alleged in her Key West lawsuit against me, that's she'd had a near fatal heart attack on January 4th, due to my publishing her and my online correspondence. However, I did that before Christmas last year. She did not then have the alleged fatal heart attack. She had it several days after she sued me. 

She caused her own near fatal heart attack. 

Whatever later medical problems she had, she caused by continuing to sue me, and other people.

As is sometimes said, karma's a bitch, then you die.

Moving laterally ...
The last part of yesterday's post was a Facebook message from me to someone else about my errant former homeless girlfriend, Kari Dangler:

Sloan Bashinsky Kari called this morning, she had the 4 black horsemen dream again last night. This time, she told me a part of the dream she had left out the other 3 mornings she had called and told me the dream. Now I know the context of the dream. I reamed her out for not telling me the whole dream the first time. The 4 black horsemen are charging a red mansion and mowing down lots of white people. That's my father's home, which he built for my mother, in which his widow now lives.

That FB thread continued this morning:

Wjames Baldwin Well it is also possible a drug induced dream lead you into a new reality and a path that reinforced some already developing disgust with the world and the way people treat each other. Given your Childhood trauma an escape was just what you might of needed. Of course I am just saying this "possibility" is also just as possible. Having read a little of your story I know you believe deeply that your experiences are reality, but as a skeptic of sorts I also know that what the thinker thinks, the prover then proves.
Take for instance your belief that whenever you see Magnificent Frigate Birds an attack from demonic forces is eminent. Is it not just as possible that your brain which is designed for survival to build sets, box items for identification, and make connections that enable the easiest use of resources may have connected your problems with a vision that is seen daily on an island where the birds nest and fish year round and can be seen every day if one where to make it his mission.
For instance after I first read about the birds I conscious started counting the times I saw them usually afternoon returning from their day fishing over Stock Island heading circling slowly back north to roost. Some weeks they were there like clockwork. Osprey and Pelicans also made the same afternoon trips.
As far as the effect of alcohol on sleep and dreaming I realize you are discounting science for spirit proof but it seems to me you can't poor poison on anything alive and not cause some damage.

Wjames Baldwin Maybe the Four are Cigarettes, Alcohol, Dangerous Men, and living on the Streets.

Sloan Bashinsky I never used LSD, peyote, etc. For a short while in the early 1970s, I used marijuana, which I came to realize caused a migraine the next day, so I stopped using it. I drank beer and wine moderately, until my G.I. tract and liver didn't tolerate it. Sometimes i went years without drinking anything. Sometimes I tried beer or glass of wine again, but it was about the same, then it got worse, and I was told in dreams in 2003 not to drink, and sometimes I tried a beer or glass of wine, and it went badly, and finally I gave it up altogether, except for a glass or two of red wine when I had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with Marathon friends, and then one time, I woke up the next day and my liver was screaming at me, that was in 2014, and I never drank again.

You told me God is very close to you, and that is true, God is very close to everyone. But you come across as having had no direct experiences with anything supernatural, of which you were aware. You come across like you know nothing about God, angels, from direct experience. Book learning you might have plenty of, but direct experience is something else altogether. And, I know there is nothing I can say that will change your view, which is shared by many, and I don't mean many who know me. I mean by the larger majority of human beings, who are going to be seeing and hearing very differently after they leave this life, perhaps wondering why come they were not able to do that before they died?

You very much need, for you, to make Kari's dreams out to be products of her lifestyle. For if her dreams are from Heaven, that seriously screws your spiritual beliefs and theories. Then, what does that do to your standing with God?, you would have to wonder? Or maybe that never would occur to you to wonder? 

My father came to me in a dream last night, after I'd had dreamt of a strange animal, cat on one end, dog on the other end. I had trouble pooping yesterday. That animal can't poop. Cat answers to nobody. Dog, God spelled backward, is man's best friend. I had a dream about a woman having trouble pooping. All those dreams about Kari, and her 4 horsemen dream, which she did not tell the part that told me the dream was about my father's home.
Sloan Bashinsky Just as i was typing that, Kari called, which was ARRANGED - the timing - by angels, given I was typing this to you, who had slammed Kari, and me, out of sheer lack of direct experience by you with angels and God - otherwise, you would be talking very differently about this.

Kari said, actually, the red mansion was not in the 1st 2 of her 4 horsemen dreams. it was in the 3rd and 4th of those dreams. i asked if she had the dream again last night? No. And, she did not dream of me last night. I said, you did not have the 4 horsemen dream again, because you finally told me the whole dream. It was given to you to share with me, and you fucked it up, and that nearly fucked me up, because I didn't know the context of the dream. You need to stop doing that. You are too dangerous to me, the way you go about it.

She also said she moved out of the man's apartment in the senior center, because he started trying to have sex with her, and because he had promised to pay her for what she spent on cleaning supplies, but he did not pay her. I told her she was an idiot to have believed his claims of being impotent and for spending her money for cleaning supplies, instead of making him give her the money for that. She said he said he did not have the money. I said, that's these same thing your husband David Dangler did to suck you into his life. He promised you things, you went from Missouri to live with him in Florida, and right away you saw he had lied to you, and you stayed with him because you wanted away from Missouri, and you stayed with the jerk in the senior center, after he got your money, because you didn't want to sleep outside anymore. Did you learn anything, yet?

She agreed, the 4 horsemen dream was not about that, but is about my father's affairs.

Every time I saw a man o war bird, hundreds of times, since I arrived in Key West in 2000, I was spiritually attacked. I pay attention to other birds. Nothing happens after I see them, unless it's a bald eagle, which means great change is headed my way. I can count on it.
Have not seen an eagle lately, but electrical storms near me also herald great change headed my way. I can count on it. Just as when my gut gets tight, i know something shitty is headed my way, which I will have to engage and work through.
Sloan Bashinsky Pray God never gets close to you in the ways God gets close to me. Pray that never happens to you. For it is does, there is nothing you know that will help you with it. For it will be beyond your wildest imaginings. Perhaps it's headed your way and that's why you bumped into me? Someone who would tell you that you are not crazy, and you darn well better not go see a psychiatrist about it. Nor will any church help you with it. To the contrary, both might be your undoing.

Sloan Bashinsky There could be a second meaning of the cat and dog animal dream. The lawyer I used to practice law with, who said he would try to help me regarding my father's affairs and my inheritance, is a dog (man's best friend) and a pussy (afraid to do what needs to be done). Wonder what kind of animal Judith Haney might compare me to? Great white shark?

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