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love overcomes, eventually, perhaps; meanwhile, the dark side has something to say, too - Key West tropic film reviews

For reason of its own, my laptop's camera, which I have never used and have no clue how to start running, turned itself on this morning in Sippin' Internet Cafe, where I write and publish each day, God willing and the Creek don't rise up. 

I took a selfie and then, miraculously, was able to find it in a video file on my laptop.

Yeah, I know that's not a great photo, but it looks about like how I feel this morning, after hearing from Young Prophet and Hoodoo Witch, that I was taken hard to task by spirit world heavy weights - Archangel Michael, in Young Prophet's dream; the high spirit conclave, in Hoodoo Witch's dreams - for publishing the past two days about the woman who had sued me in Key West. 

In Young Prophet's dream, Archangel Michael said I had broken a covenant with him, to be protected from the woman who sued me. 

Young Prophet had a dream, which predicted how the lawsuit would end. The judge would turn everything to sand. Which happened, when the judge, sua sponte (on her own motion), struck all the pleadings without prejudice.

The other day, I published a vision I had in 1994, featuring a great eagle, which was an great angel in disguise, and the eagle's wolfpack, which I knew when I had the vision was Archangel Michael and his wolfpack. The vision was their covenant with me, for me to ask God for ways other than war to resolve threats to me and people I love.

A few nights ago, after my friend Brenda was cast out of the home where she lived, onto the dirt, at night, being eaten up by mosquitoes, I asked Michael to help Brenda, and then she saw him with her, and he went into that house where the man lived who had thrown Brenda out for no good reason. Then, Brenda saw two dogs go into that house and start eating that man's soul. And soon, he came out of that house and picked up Brenda's belongings he had thrown out of the house and told Brenda to come back into the house and stay in her room where she had been staying.

In Hoodoo Witch's two dreams, the high spirit conclave told her I had rekindled the plaintiff and was feeding her and she was growing bigger and more dangerous, because of me, and the plaintiff and Brenda, both of whom want my inheritance, are why my share of the money in my father's estate is being held up and I am not receiving any of it, and that's all on me.

Metaphysically, that kind of thing can happen. It can explain why my lawyer in Birmingham seems to have lost all interest in helping me with my father's estate, because he continues not to communicate with me, despite my efforts.

The irony for me is, it sure looked to me when I woke up two mornings ago that, based on my spirit training and my dreams and waking spirit signals during the previous 2 days and nights, that the lady who had sued me was precisely what I was supposed to cover at this website.

Furthermore, Brenda and the plaintiff will always want my inheritance.

If the plaintiff gets a money judgement against me, she can wait until I receive my inheritance and garnish from it whatever I owe her. She also can lay back and wait until I receive it, and sue me again, if the statute of limitations has not run. 

As long as she lives, the plaintiff is a threat to getting a money judgment against me. 

Ironically, if I die before getting any of the inheritance, because of spendthrift clause in my father's estate plan, my inheritance cannot be garnished by any creditor I may have. 

So, if I die before receiving any of my inheritance, the plaintiff is SOL. 

Brenda, I can handle with or without dying.

If I get a pile of money from my father's estate, I put Brenda on a monthly stipend for rent, food, necessities. For the rest of her life. Say, $1,000 a month. Whatever else she needs, she, or the US Government, or churches, or charities, or the angels have to come up with. That also is stated in my last will and testament. And, if Brenda ever asks me or my estate for more  money, the stipend ends.

The rest of the "Golden loot" passes upon my death to people I like and want to get the loot for that reason, and because they need more money.

My deceased brother Major's oldest daughter is my only blood relative who seems to actually like me. She needs money, because she has had a challenging life and her father left her and her brother out of his estate plan, thus out of my father's estate plan. She never has asked me for money. I doubt she ever will. She is delightful. She is funny. She is irreverent. She shoots off her mouth. We talk and laugh and cuss about lots of things when she calls me from time to time. 

There are friends in Key West, who stood by me when I was really down. They know who they are. 

There is someone in the Florida Keys, who doesn't need money, but I'd like to give him money anyway. He knows who he is.

There another person, my wife when I practiced law.

I'd like to give money to Young Prophet and the Hoodoo witch and her husband, but she's so bound up in Puritan thinking, at times, that I doubt she'd go along with it.

Moving laterally ...
In one of my dreams last night, I was talking with a woman about her husband, who both were having trouble, and I said, well, I find it's usually best not to blame anyone, but, of course, that's hard even for me to do. 

On waking, I thought that might be the telephone receptionist of my lawyer in Birmingham. She also is his sister.

Then, there was a dream of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, very big players, perhaps linemen, all gathered around their quarterback lying injured on the ground and he was then carried off the field on a stretcher. The team was in its white uniforms, which it wears on road games.

In my dreams, the Crimson Tide represents something rough and tumble going on in my life, and the quarterback represents me, usually. I have similar, much less frequent dreams about the Auburn Tigers, and other college football teams. All messages to me about stuff going on in my life.

After hearing from Young Prophet and Hoodoo witch about their dreams, I felt like I was carried off the field on a stretcher. 

I felt more than that. I felt my soul was at risk. 

Except perhaps for Young Prophet, I don't know anyone right now who talks about ever feeling his or her soul is at risk. Or ever even thought his or soul was at risk, or even might be.

I have known a few such people in the past.

Talking with such people is very different from talking with anyone else.

Such people don't get alarmed over what alarms other people.

Such people would not get alarmed over anything in this email.

Don't fret. I'm not thinking about killing myself. I don't want that karma. But I'd be pleased to die of natural causes or by being bumped off. You would, too, if you were me.

Meanwhile, I just get up each morning and deal with what is waiting for me ...

As for my father's estate ...
The spirit world did not have the plaintiff as an excuse when, in early 2014, I first approached my father's attorney and his widow about helping me. There was nothing then from the spirit world about Brenda being the hold up. All of that is very new.

I imagine if Brenda and the plaintiff were to die, there would still be a hold up.

I imagine it will all come back around to something in me, or something I am doing, or not doing, or have done, is the hold up.

All along, I have imagined it was that, and the spirit world just kept coming up with new reasons to divert away from the older, deeper current.

I am convinced I was induced by the angels to help Brenda out, and to buy that land and trailer on Little Torch Key, so I would run out of money, again. That something about me, karma, I imagine, required that to happen.

My knee jerk thought is to say, Fuck it. Forget the inheritance. Limp along with my Social Security retirement and medicare and medicaid, which I earned, and with whatever people might give me, or pay me, because they feel sorry for me, or like the work I do. Perhaps if I do that, there will be a metaphysical shift and I will start making money by my own endeavor.

For a fact, for a long time there has been a block on my earning a living wage. For a fact, that is why I have had to rely on inheritances, which bugged the living shit out of me, and left me resenting being subsidized. The money I had inherited reminded me daily that I was not making a living by the sweat of my own brow.

That block is why I came to meet Brenda. It is why I came to meed the plaintiff. 

But for that block, none of this discussion would have happened. 

But for that block, I probably would not have come to live in Key West.

That block is what I would like to see end.

Yeah, be careful what I ask for.

Well, I asked for money when I was broke, and I got it when my father died, and guess what? My spirit load increased several fold. My life got much harder in ways only a few people I know could imagine.

Maybe a way to get the block dealt with is for me to stop trying to get anything from my father's estate. If I live long enough, it will all come to me simply because I lived long enough.
I never wanted to go back to that well. I only did it because Brenda told me she was told in dreams to tell me that is what I needed to do. 

There you go, it's all the evil greedy Brenda's dreams' fault that I went back to that well. 

But for Brenda's dreams, I would not have done it, because I was not having those kinds of dreams before she told me of her dreams. After she told me, my dreams lined up with hers.

If the high spirit conclave really views how I deal with Brenda as one of the two reasons for my not getting anything out of my father's estate ahead of time, then that's kinda funny in a seriously fucked up way.

Well, enough of that metaphysical (insane) horror movie for today ... 
Caesar, the leader of the apes in The Planet of the Apes movie series, comes slab dab up against his dark side in the new release, "War for the Planet of the Apes", which I saw yesterday afternoon at Tropic Cinema on Eaton Street, just a few doors down from Sippin' Internet Cafe, whose Cordon Bleu chef and owner Michael Kinneer is ruining my American diet palate with gourmet meals that often are to die for.

In this installment, Caesar learns that he can hate, and that his hate might consume him.

My beef with the film is actually with its previews, in which Caesar says of the apes, "We are not savages," and "I did not start this war, but I will end it." I did not hear Caesar say that in the film. I wondered if that was a kinda bait and switch, to get people to see the movie?

What ends the war has nothing to do with Caesar. Nor with the humans and the apes. Unless you think metaphysically, then what ends the war has everything to do with the humans and the apes.

There also is an interesting metaphysical twist in the virus that initially made the apes smart and killed most of the humans.

I don't recall a scene in the movie with the young human girl on the back of Caesar's horse. There were several scenes of him acting like he wished he'd never found her, and how love slowly won that battle

I was given a Tropic volunteer pass to see the film, perhaps out of kindness, perhaps also because I review Tropic films at this website.

Moving to a different kind of review ....

Key West's version of Al Jazeera had an enlightening immigration feature in yesterday's edition. That's Key West the Newspaper (, published online every Friday by Arnaud and Naja Girard.

Responses to “Immigration: Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t…”

  1. Nicely done. Now I see the issue. Follow the money.
    I imagine “We the People” in the US Constitution were American citizens by that day’s definition. I doubt the drafters of the 4th Amendment contemplated how it would wend its way forward until now, protecting people not legally in America.
    What will Sheriff Ramsay do now that it seems this is about federal funding of his jail?
    How will that play out during the next sheriff election?
    I can’t see Sheriff Ramsay being unseated because of it. Nor can I see him being unseated if he tells President Trump and Attorney General Sessions he cannot hold for Border Patrol or Ice local detainees who otherwise are legally due to be released from his jail.
    It has always been my understanding that this jail is a holding tank for south Florida area federal detainees, and if that is so, then this jail might be different from other Florida sheriffs’ jails, in that other Florida Sheriffs might not be facing a comparable $$ loss if they buck President Trump and Attorney General Sessions?
    I have a hard time seeing Sheriff Ramsay bending to the blue paper, or to anything, if it means giving up all that federal funding for his jail.
    I have a hard time seeing the Monroe County Commission, which provides the rest of the funding for the jail, and for the Sheriff, being keen on the jail losing all of that federal funding.
    I have a hard time seeing the conservative, or perhaps even the liberal, county taxpayers being keen on the jail losing all of that federal funding, and then they end up having their taxes raised to keep the jail going in the s[w]ay Sheriff Ramsay wants it to operate.
    It’s a hell of a problem, and lurking underneath is 9/11 and the colossal impact it had on America’s collective psyche. For a fact, 9/11 put local law enforcement on edge. Every homeless here saw that up close and personal. That edge did not go away as time passed.
    I don’t envy Sheriff Ramsay’s dilemma.

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