Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Leeds, Alabama's intergalactic beauty contest entree, Judith Eloise Haney, has serious competition in Key West

My mainland hoodoo witch amiga emailed re yesterday's post at this website:
A few brief thoughts here.... more to come later.... 

SOoooooo, the 100% disabled, near death, self-appointed tyrannical Goddess of the Universe and assorted Parallel Dimensions is at it again.

How does she manage to file so many lengthy complaints, amended complaints, exhibits and motions day after day after day?  Would not this energy be better directed toward physical healing?

Oh, wait, there is after all $2,000,000  at stake here, according to the first complaint.  Can't wait to see what is being demanded in the second amended complaint.  

As a graphologist, I enjoyed seeing her signature.  More on that later perhaps. 

I replied:

It truly is amazing - miraculous? - that someone 100 percent disabled and that close to death has plenty of energy to sue me, and other people, to hell and back. If she has a heart attack and dies from all the suing stress, will she then come back from the dead and sue me for killing her? 

I wonder if her doctor advised her that suing people is good for her health? I wonder, because, after I called her doctor's office a few months back and told the doctor's office manager how many people the doctor's patient was suing, including the city attorney of the patient's own city in Alabama and the patient's neighbor across the street, and maybe all that suing was causing the patient's medical woes, the patient kept suing away. 

Maybe the patient and the doctor should go into business together, start a health spa down on the natural scenic Cahaba River, where nirvana seekers are taught the financial, anatomical and metaphysical joys of pro se suing to hell and back people they don't like?

A Jupiter, Florida amiga responded by email to yesterday's post at this website:

Sloan, you are a lawyer. You need to calm down and write everything out in legal format. You have to be careful about slandering because slander is verified by whether it is true or not and you cannot do that initially. Need to be careful. I'm 75, I don't know your age, but I'm not sure this is worthwhile pursuing this attack at your age if you only have a few years left and are not in good health. It's not worth pursuing whether you are right or wrong. It's not worth youy r life there are many other good things that you can do in Key West this woman is not worth it it sounds like she has accomplished little in life and it's not worth yr effort and your high blood pressure. Best ginger in Jupiter

I replied:

Hi, Ginger -

Thanks for your concern.

Have never been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Every day, I hope is my last. Meanwhile, I trudge on.

Slander is spoken words, libel written words, which are not true and defame another person.

Looks to me the lady suing me again libels herself a lot on her pleadings. She don't seem to tell the truth too good, either.

This morning, she emailed me a copy of her motion to have the record sealed, because I'm publishing her pleadings which have her name, address, telephone and email address on them, which she views as her private information, although she made it all public when he filed the lawsuit, which is a public record. 

Another twist is, she is a public figure by virtue of her pro se litigation addiction and her past history as a mayor candidate of Leeds, Alabama, and her website, on which she promoted herself as a nationally- recognized investigative journalist and news commentator and lobbyist for women's rights before the U.S. Congress, and had her email address on it, her telephone number, her name, etc. 

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Once I receive an email from her, that email belongs to me. This came up when she sued me in Key West. She asked the court here to seal the record, and the judge declined. 

She asked the judge here in Key West to recuse herself, making wild often hilarious accusations of judicial misconduct, including the judge being in cahoots with me, and the judge declined to recuse herself.

Later, the judge, sua sponte (on her own motion), struck all the pleadings, including my pleadings, effectively dismissing the case without prejudice. I tried to get the case dismissed with prejudice, so the professional litigator could not sue me in Birmingham, which I figured she would do after getting clobbered in her lawsuits down here. The judge denied my motion to dismiss with prejudice.

The judge did not rule on my motions for summary judgement based on the 1st Amendment, freedom of the press, a public figure suing a public figure, perjured and false pleadings, all of which I felt were good grounds, under Florida law, for dismissal with prejudice.

I personally think the lady is out of her mind, and is under demonic influence, and that's an opinion, which the lady learned in her lawsuits down here, is protected by the 1st Amendment. I think whatever judge ends up presiding over her new lawsuit against me, in Birmingham, will look at the lady's pleadings and wonder what is really going on? In time, I will have to file defensive pleadings. I can't make the case go away. A judge can.

Meanwhile, I will continue reporting and commenting on the lawsuit as it progresses. If the lady doesn't like me doing that, she can stop filing pleadings. She can give the judge time to breath and come to a decision based on the pleadings and the evidence, of which there is almost none, so far. Allegations, sworn or not, not supported by facts, are not evidence.

I feel really sorry for any judge who presides over this case. I felt sorry for the judge who presided over the lady's lawsuit against me in Key West. I told the judge that during the one court hearing in Key West, and that I did not know the lady was a vexatious litigator until after she had sued me and it was told to me by other people who had been sued by her elsewhere.

I think, if the lady really was worried about her reputation and privacy, she would behave very differently. I think she loves the limelight. Perhaps this is her way of trying late in her life to win beauty contests. She told me years ago in an email that she once was a beauty contest winner and still had her great figure. But when I finally met her in Birmingham last December, she was as big, or bigger, around as she was tall. 


Now to the wish she herself is the judge's motion to seal the record:
filed at  12:31:41 AM today, 

according to the Ala Courts E-File Notice, 

showing a new judge presiding:  


If the lady was using a lawyer, her personal information would not be on her pleadings, because her lawyer's name, address, phone number, email address, mailing address, etc. would be on the pleadings. When the lady sues pro se, she is required by law to put her public information on her pleadings, which are public records she creates for all the world to see and reproduce.

Note, in this new pleading, the lady only shows her P.O. Box in Birmingham. She could have done that from the start of her new lawsuit against me.


JUDITH E HANEY, Plaintiff 

Vs                                  CASE NO: CV-2017-902922.00 



Plaintiff Judith E. Haney ("Plaintiff") hereby files this Motion to Seal Record, and states: 

1. The nature of this cause of action will require the Plaintiff to introduce evidence to the court that consists of the Plaintiff’s private facts, financial records and health information. 

2. The term "private facts" refers to information about the Plaintiff’s personal life that has not previously been revealed to the public, that is not of legitimate public concern, and the publication of which would be offensive to a reasonable person. Private facts also refer to the Plaintiff’s social security number, medical and financial records, credit reports, date of birth, and other information that is typically private, personal, and not for public consumption. 

More specifically: 

a. Public Disclosure: The disclosure of facts must be public. Another way of saying this is that the defendant must "give publicity" to the fact or facts in question. 

b. Private Fact: The fact or facts disclosed must be private, and not generally known. 

c. Offensive to a Reasonable Person: Publication of the private facts in question must be offensive to a reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities. 

d. Not Newsworthy: 

The facts disclosed must not be newsworthy. Stated differently, the facts disclosed must not be a matter of legitimate public concern. 

Thus far the Defendant has published on the Internet all of the pleadings filed in this case including the Verified Complaint, Amended Verified Complaint, and motions filed by the Plaintiff. 

4. In a previous, now dismissed, cause of action filed against the Defendant by the Plaintiff, he published the entire case record on the Internet inclusive of the Plaintiff’s private facts. 

5. Since December 21, 2016, the Defendant has targeted the Plaintiff with identity theft by publishing her private facts on the Internet and inside of mass emails to third parties. 

6. The more often the Defendant publishes the Plaintiff’s private facts the more likely it is that the Plaintiff’s identity will be at further risk of criminals who will exploit the Plaintiff’s identity. 7. Plaintiff hereby requests the court seal the record and order the Defendant to cease and desist publishing and distributing the Plaintiff’s private facts. 

WHEREFORE, premises considered, the Plaintiff requests the court seal the record and order the Defendant to cease and desist publishing and distributing the Plaintiff’s private facts. 

Respectfully submitted, /

Judith E. Haney, Plaintiff 
PO Box 380911 Birmingham, AL 35238 


A true and correct copy of the foregoing has been served upon the Defendant via his postal address at P.O. Box 2681, Key West, FL 33045, with proper postage affixed thereto, and via electronic mail to on this the 26th day of July, 2017. 

Judith E. Haney, Plaintiff 
PO Box 380911 Birmingham, AL 35238

My thoughts:

Hmmm, the name, address, phone number, email address of a known vexatious pro se litigator is supposed to be sealed so law enforcement and the general public will not know about the known vexatious pro se litigator, or her whereabouts?

Or what she looks like?

Or what a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge wrote about her?

Bankruptcy No. 98-41169 S. Adversary No. 98-4059.
238 B.R. 432 (1999)
In re Judith Eloise HANEY. Robert Fureigh, Plaintiff, v. Judith Eloise Haney, Defendant.
United States Bankruptcy Court, E.D. Arkansas, Western Division.
August 25, 1999. 


MARY D. SCOTT, Bankruptcy Judge.

"......The debtor testified that she has mental health problems. The Court file in the case, this adversary proceeding, and the conduct of this trial, reveal the credibility of this statement. She that she needs therapy and that she has been urged by various doctors to seek such assistance. While she previously had customers, she testified that she had effectively "driven" them away. She even believes that she may have suffered some sort of brain damage a decade ago. While the debtor introduced no supporting documentation or other evidence of her disabilities, the Court can readily believe she has been repeatedly urged to seek professional mental care..... "

Link to entire opinion:

Moving laterally in the intergalactic search for beauty contest:



Le Poète est semblable au prince des nuées
Qui hante la tempête et se rit de l'archer;
Exilé sur le sol au milieu des huées,
Ses ailes de géant l'empêchent de marcher.

C Baudelaire

The poet is similar to the prince of the clouds
Who haunts the storm and laughs at the archer;
Exiled on the ground in the midst of the huées,
His giant wings keep him from walking.

Automatically Translated

Sloan Bashinsky Oh, I walk plenty on this hear, you heah?, world.

Spent 2 hours, with Kari Dangler, talking with 2 journalists from The Guardian last night, in a local Chinese restaurant. Very interesting young men. I doubt Southern Assistance Homeless League (SHAL) and the folks running KOTS would have loved to be there to tell their sides of what Kari and I told for them, just in case they get their chance and only tell half of it to the 2 journalists.

At Kari's suggestion, I connected the journaists with a lay minister here, who hangs out with homeless people and visits them when they are in the local club med (jail). The journalists especially want to meet homeless people who camp in the mangroves and who took free one-way Greyhound bus tickets to the mainland after signing something saying, if they ever come back, they cannot stay nights at KOTS, and they lose access to other services to homeless people.

They journalists liked my suggestion that they park in the sheriff's parking lot this morning and chat up homeless people leaving KOTS. I'm to catch up with them maybe around noon, and take them on a bicycle tour of where homeless people hang out.

i'm really tired from not enough sleep in the police station front lobby last night

A miserable homeless woman came in the front lobby about 1:30 a.m., talking loud to herself, or to something; horrible hacking cough, blood coming up. She showed up there maybe 6 weeks ago for a few nights. There is little conversing with her. She lay facedown on the metal bench and slept a while. Then she got up, smoked a cigarette and stunk up the lobby, as she talked loud and hacked up blood.

One thing she said seemed to ring true: "You live, you learn, you die." Finally, I told her I was trying to sleep. No effect. But before long, she grabbed her bicycle handlebars and said, "Ciao", and left. Maybe 4:30 a.m. I waived goodbye.

Managed to have several fyi information dreams. If I don't get my usual nap this afternoon, my wings won't even flap.


Light is antiseptic. Good.

Sloan Bashinsky In my experience, light is anathema to SHAL and KOTS manager, Mike Tolbert. The 2 Guardian journalists already had heard plenty about Tolbert before they talked with me. I told them a bit more. I suggested maybe their story is bigger than they had set out to cover. Perhaps more than one article. Perhaps things will happen while they are here, to cause them to want to cover more than homeless people camping in the wetlands, and homeless people coming back here after being given 1-way Greyhound tickets elsewhere. I forgot to tell them that Tolbert was in a video recently dismantling a homeless encampment in the mangroves. Can't have competition for KOTS.

I told the journalists they should interview Tolbert and SHAL, and hear what they have to say, but keep in mind, Tolbert and SHAL are making money off of homeless people, and that colors what they say. 

The journalists also said they very much want to speak with City Commissioner Sam Kaufman, who is Chairman of the Board of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, and as a lawyer has over the years represented homeless people against the city, and wants to get someone else to run KOTS, but who in right mind would want to do it?

I told the journalists, without KOTS to run, SHAL would be out of business, that the county government recently declined SHAL's request for funding, and that I had gotten SHAL's two previous executive directors to resign, and am working on the 3rd, and how it came about that I caused the city to build KOTS in the first place, from which I am now banned for life, because of what I published about Tolbert and KOTS and SHAL, while they say, but have no evidence, that I threatened to kill homeless people on my blog, and that's how I came to sleep nights in the police station front lobby. 

The journalists seemed interested in how I got that to happen, by going to a city commission meeting and telling the mayor and commissioners I was headed from there to the police station to sleep there, or be taken to jail, and, unsaid but understood, then I sue the city in federal court.


I do not know Tolbert but I see his comments online quite often trying to be funny but coming across as crass, violent, woman hating, and knuckle dragging. I hope he ends up Jobless.

Dang, it plumb slipped my mind to tell the journalists that Mike Tolbert, above, and Judith Haney are good buddies.

Last beauty contest entree today:

On learning last night that one of The Guardian journalist's ancestral roots is India, I told him, back in 2002, I was told in my sleep, "Sloan, you married Kali!" I woke up, terrified. 

I told the journalist that I imagined he knew that anyone in India, who was told that in his/her sleep, would wake up terrified. The journalist agreed.

I suppose this is where I'm supposed to say, 

Stay tuned ...

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