Sunday, July 9, 2017

Key West Sunday homily - Jesus, Archangel Michael, Magdalene Melchizedek-trained healer for hire, come prepared to die, if you want to get the help you really need

Thor (lightning and thunder) chased me from Harpoon Harry’s diner to Sippin’ Internet Café this morning. Last night, Thor hung out for a while over the police station where I slept in on a bench in the front lobby. When Thor is around, that means change is at hand for me.

Yesterday  afternoon, my sleep deficit overpowered me and I took a good nap in my new hammock in the local state park. During that nap, I dreamt of Ohio, which I figured had to be about the woman who went around the world with me, as that’s where she is from. I met her through my hoodoo witch friend, in mid-1999.

By around 9 a.m. last night, I was trying to fall asleep again, and since it was too early to go to the police station, I went to an inner city park where I had seen an old bench with wooden slats, but two of the slats were missing and it was too uncomfortable on my already sore back and I left.

I went to another park where there was a bench with metal slats and it was available and I lay on it with my small cushion up against the armrest for my head and took close to a 2-hour nap. I dreamed, but do not now recall the dreams.

I woke up a little after midnight and got up and onto my bicycle and headed to the police station, where awaited Thor and dreams that felt more like earthquakes to me.

In one dream, I was in France with my mother and father, and I got really mad at them and said my parents are real shits. I woke up from that dream flummoxed. I don’t associate my parents with France. My mind started running permutations with France, and didn’t get anywhere. My mind started running permutations with Birmingham, and didn’t get anywhere with that.

Sleep returned. More dreams, which I don’t remember now. But I was glad to get back to sleep until I finally work up for good close to 6:30, which is really late for me to still be bedded down in the police station front lobby.

Pedaling my bicycle to Harpoon Harry’s, I thought perhaps my parents were in France, because they wanted me to cover something I saw the other day and commented on in Key West the Newspaper, by John Donnelly of Key Largo, about “immigration”. Naja and Arnaud Girard publish the blue paper every Friday at Arnaud is French. Naja is fluent in French due to her immigrant parents having spoken French in their home when Naja was young.

That caused me to wonder if perhaps the MRSA like pimple on the upside of the joint closest to the fingernail on my right hand’s bird finger was related to John Donnelly’s article? I first noticed the pimple two nights ago and scratched it open with a fingernail and dowsed it with apple cider vinegar and then swabbed it with some petroleum jelly into which was blended red liquid iodine. My homemade MRSA remedy.

Yesterday, I made up a fresh batch of the home remedy, as the batch I had used was made over a year ago and the iodine, which is neutralized by heat, sunlight and air, might have lost its potency. I kept scratching off the pimple and applying the new home remedy throughout the day. I was pretty sure it was MRSA, because MRSA pimples have a special feel.

Or, it was something the angels were doing to make the pimple and have it seem to be MRSA, to get my attention about something they wanted me to address. In fact, I reported in the past two days at this website that Naja and Arnaud currently are investigating leads that there is MRSA in the sheriff’s jail on Stock Island.

Also, in early 2004, my mother came to me in a dream and gave me a Wilson Staff golf ball. I later came back down with MRSA. MRSA is a mutated, flesh-eating antibiotic-resistant staph, or staphylococcus, bacteria. MRSA is fatal, if not treated. And MRSA is very difficult for modern medicine to treat. MRSA came about because of too much use of antibiotics by doctors and also in food animal feed.
It’s not wise to mess with Mother Nature.

So, I will keep scratching the pimple off and applying the new home remedy, as I do my best to engage what my dreams are showing me to engage, as with me there always is a spirit component to any disease, including my low back being out somewhat right now, due, it seems, to the huge spirit load I am carrying, which includes living on the street, trying to do something with my father’s estate, engage blue paper articles, engage Key West Citizen articles, engage my critics, engage national politics, engage critics of my friends, engage people like the woman in yesterday’s post, who asked me if she had sinned by loving a much younger man, and so forth and so on.

I have to engage and work through the spirit components of physical malaises I experience, because the physical and the spirt are interconnected. They are in tandem. For me. For every person. Maybe in a thousand years medicine, psychiatry, psychology and theology will understand what aborigine people and their shamans knew as well as they knew the habits of wildlife and the natures of vegetation around them, and when it was going to rain, and when it was going to flood, and so forth and so on.

Before they were corrupted by “civilized” people.

As if something was in the wind, this came into my Faceook account last night from a Key Largo friend, while I was not online and was sleeping on the park bench:

Sloan Bashinsky Based on my dreams and dreams other people have and share with me, dreams augment and help explain what we experience when we are not sleeping. Both states are reality operating in tandem. Without dreams, so-called reality is seriously distorted and incomplete. Aborigine tribes knew this, and if not too polluted by "civilization," still know it. The Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung knew it. Mystics, shamans, advanced spirit workers and many seasoned ministers/priests know this. Many ordinary people know this. But compared to the species, they are but a small segment of all of humanity, which believes what happens when they are so-called awake is all there is to reality. Psychiatry says psychosis is being out of touch with reality. So who is psychotic, psychiatrists who dream and use their dreams to try to see what is really going on when they are not sleeping, or psychiatrists who do not dream, or who dream but assign their dreams to just being dreams, not relevant to reality? Substitute people for psychiatry and ask the same question.

As for John Donnelly’s article, it’s about MRSA, actually; MRSA in the spirit; America’s spirit:

“Human”, by Steven Gonzalez
by John Donnelly…….
Has the United States Government under the tutelage of Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton and Reagan, along with the many thousands of congressmen and women who’ve served under their leadership, had enough time to formulate “comprehensive immigration reform”? Why is it that the leaders of our nation have been unable to develop a  plan of action that contains clear, cogent, humane and enforceable immigration laws?
So much for “big government solutions”. Governance in accordance with the “will of the people” has never been a priority for career politicians.
Disgraceful as it is, their malfeasance has reached a tipping point. Oppressive actions similar to theirs precipitated our “Revolutionary War”. This 7 year fight for “Independence and Self-determination” whereby ordinary citizens took up arms and “pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to defeat the barbarity of “British Rule”; will forever remain a defining moment in world politics. Common ordinary folk in the form of American “citizen soldiers, were pitted against a well trained and disciplined war machine, possessing the strongest and greatest naval force on earth; the British Royal Navy.
The suffering and sacrifice endured by the forerunners to the United States of America were not in vain, as they secured their victory and birthed our Nation. They fought unto death for the liberating principles contained within our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
But why accurately assess the sacrifices of these patriots and the mockery being made of their offerings on the altar of freedom, via the actions of the aforementioned presidential jesters and congressional bumpkins; when one can whip themselves up into an endorphin rich frenzy, riding high on emotionally charged waves fueled by their hatred of our newly elected President of the United States. As all human beings, our Commander-In-Chief is flawed and imperfect. However, he’s also secured some spectacular accomplishments.
Why can’t we glean some insight and perspective from the successes and  miscalculations that have been made by the  predecessors to President Trump? So as not to repeat past mistakes, while tweaking and improving upon the achievements they accomplished. We don’t need to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel, as we move forward.
Unfortunately, the vileness and hate coming from the losing side of our recent presidential election is beyond comprehension. It’s suicidal in nature. Even in the South Bronx when we bloodily battled away for victory in whatever event we had undertaken, upon being defeated, we stuck and stayed and played another game, determined to do better the next time. We concentrated on training and improving our performance, so we could get the better of our opponent, next time. We didn’t blame, curse, ridicule and find fault with the other guy, team or neighborhood because they beat us. Silently we hunkered down and set out to destroy them, within the parameters of the rules set before us. We knew the code of the street, and for the most part adhered to it. Talk is cheap in the Bronx. One’s bold, aggressive, courageous and victorious actions; were what got you  attention.
Although very young and on the streets, we were significantly more mature and established than the highbrowed politicians and members of the media, who had rooted for the losing side and now can’t get over it. Such punks and losers, who chronically complain and hold others responsible for their loss, were not looked upon fondly within our community. You moved on, and you didn’t have to be told not to make a fool of yourself, by bad-mouthing someone else because you had been beaten by them.
No one ever stayed home or took their ball and went home because they had been publicly embarrassed or defeated. Everyone eventually tasted defeat no matter how good they were. We would work our way back into contention and take another shot at victory, no matter how long it might take. We practiced and tried harder for the next event. Whiners and cry babies were not allowed nor welcomed in our company.
I’m apolitical, however, I just don’t get it; the Democrats had a presidential candidate that was lousier than the Republicans, and she lost. There really isn’t anything more to it. End of story. Please get over it.
Impugning our Commander-In-Chief with a never ending barrage of malicious and hateful statements is not the way to go. Regardless of the harm resultant from such behavior, it has become an acceptable form of political expression. In some employment and social settings the political partisanship is so severe, one must acquiesce their rights and beliefs in order to survive.
How can we transition from a nation that coddles conformity, tribalism and identity politics, while condoning hate speech and violent acts on certain citizens; into a country adhering to the vision and hope penned by President Abraham Lincoln. So that: ” A government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.
Insolent and spiteful malcontents have infiltrated the halls of leadership within this nation. Ripping the heart and soul from our republic, they’ve chosen to pursue wealth, fame, power and personnel gain; rather than serve the “People” who put them there. But why should we be surprised, the ruling class has perfected their favorite pastime of censoring and subjugating those who challenge and question their authority. The standardization of this “New Norm” is the spark that will eventually ignite our Homeland into an inferno. The kindling has been gathered. A combustible mixture of anger, hate and rationalized violence has squeezed the slack from the trigger. Will an effort be made to disable the weaponry that has been assembled in the hearts and minds of those Americans, who can’t get over the result of our presidential election? Shall anyone stand up to their fiery discharge and extinguish the hateful blast that will terminate our existence?
I dunno, John, perhaps a good place to start would be for every American to admit and publish that the Vietnam war was an American war for corporate profit having nothing to do with protecting America. Then, the US Congress votes to pay Vietnam mega reparation$. I say that, because that war is where I saw America come unhinged and it's being getting more unhinged ever since.
I fell in love with the Florida Keys in 1956, at age 14, when my family stayed a week during spring break at the Ocean Reef Club on Key Largo. Riddle that back into my dream last night about my mother and father I being in France, and then I think of the John Donnelly of Key Largo article, and then I get that video on dreams being reality from a Key Largo friend.

I have had quite a few online discussions with John Donnelly about Vietnam, and he steadfastly declined to condemn that war. If you read what he publishes at the blue paper, in articles and reader comments, and if you read his letters to the editor in the Key West Citizen, you see he is really scattered. Looks like severe PTSD to me. Rooted in horrific combat experiences in Vietnam, and perhaps horrific earlier life experiences.
Also in the current blue paper, another article by a newly arrived “healer” in Key West, who is using articles to try to drub up clients for her healing practice. I leave for you to open the teaser's link and see the entire article, which will increase the blue paper's reader count:

Key West Neighborhood Boy Makes Good — Real Good!

The intro on Corneil McIntosh’s Facebook page reads: “creator.innovator.believer.” His Facebook followers total 2,758. He has 12.1k followers on his personal Instagram page.

An article written by “Bruce A.” of describes him as, “an American entrepreneur, actor, director, producer, film maker and the founder of one of the most popular urban musical companies in the world.”Continue reading »

by Arida Wright……

Arida Wright, President of Powerlines Healing By The Sea Ministries lives her philosophy of self-empowerment, which for her is a lifelong mission of spirituality. She draws her wisdom from her rich cultural ancestry as a Shinnecock Indian/Afro-American woman. Arida’s personal and cultural experience with spirituality has led her on a professional journey as well. She is a Minister of Metaphysics and a Traditional Reiki Master. Arida relocated to Key West from Long Island, NY in 1997

Responses to “Key West Neighborhood Boy Makes Good — Real Good!”

  1. What a great story! Thank you, Arida, for sharing this news. And congratulations to Cornell and his entire family and his teachers.
  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Nice story, I wonder how much money Cornell is making? That’s the “litmus” for entrepreneurs and all businesses on this world.
    I wonder if I send the blue paper existential reports of people I know well in Key West and the Florida Keys, and provide an author biography offering my psychospiritual services (for hire), rooted in my own awful psychospiritual healing and training by angels, the blue paper will give me free commercial advertising?
    I wonder what it would be like for Arida to undergo the angel healing and training I experienced? I wonder if she would quickly wish God did not exist?

Arida is just getting started as a healer. She will remain just getting started, if she does not experience her own healing, which has only just started, if it has started at all.

The Ohio lady who went around the world with me was a healer. So was the fellow she was with. Made so by Jesus, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek. If those three ever take a shine to Arida, she just might come to wish God did not exist.

I heard the other day that Bill Becker announced on his US 1 News Radio program that Naja would not be interviewed on Thursday morning, as she usually is, because she and Arnaud are still away from the Keys on vacation. I saw Naja and Arnaud in their home about a week ago. I saw Naja in her home two days ago.

I think this is the third straight week they have not published anything of their own. If they are on vacation, good for them. But perhaps they should tell their readers that, because the blue paper ain’t nearly the same without their articles, which tend to rattle the establishment’s cage and teeth and bones.
My errant homeless girlfriend Kari called me as I finished the Arida part of today's post. She said she had nice dreams last night. She was with horses back when she was young. Back when she lived with her parents on their quarter horse farm. Back when she was a rodeo champion barrel racer. Maybe the angels wanted her to have a night off, a vacation, from the nightmare dreams they have been giving her to show her what she is doing to herself.
Another thing about France for me is it represents love and romance. It also has Chartres Cathedral, said to be a hangout for Rosa Mystica, which means something in some esoteric circles. This is her poem she wrote into me in 1994:

Rosa Mystica
Sweet Mystery
Bride of Christ
Living water
without which
there are no rainbows
and God is dead

Mary Magdalene was Jesus' Rosa Mystica. I told Kari several times that she is an incarnation of the spirit that projected the soul that was Mary Magdalene, and Kari said that could not be. But it is so.

The woman I was with when that poem came into me was an incarnation of that same spirit, and she knew it. She was a licensed clinical social worker and certified Sandplay therapist. We were together when the heavens opened wide to me. She was there. She lived with it. And she never doubted it. Back then.

As for that lady from Ohio, who went around the world with me, she makes an appearance in the middle of these heretofore unpublished excerpts from Facebook chat with the Tuscaloosa, Alabama-borne of LSD parents woman reported in yesterday and the day before yesterday’s posts at this website. All the money in the world would not buy for her what I gave to her during our Facebook chat the past few days. Her parts in grey background, my parts in blue background:

Reminds me of a little something I wrote years back called Pigs In Mud. (oink)

All want the security of the well fed pig. Horror at the baseness unrecognized. A lifetime spent in shirt stuffing. And pen comparison. Is truth more palatable when honeyed? Is a stark soulscape less so with the eyes of Monet? May my affectations always be known and understood. The mechanisms by which the common sow operate are so small. But Who Am I to say.

Just because I am fearful of a greatly expanded perception does not in any way mean I am unfamiliar with what to me is only felt. I guess you know that. I did wonder if you'd had your brother killed but only because I was unfamiliar with your bare-it-all style so took mention of repressed homosexuality as looking to cast suspicion away from self. Then again, to carry on in a business as usual fashion is the most sensible course of action and when money is involved, as you well know from attempts on your own life, anyone is capable of anything I suppose. I've never truly been tempted and for that am grateful.

Courtney Love, the widely rumored black widow of Kurt Cobain is something of a friend of mine. Not close now but we've been intimate in a way that's like a psychological romance. She's brilliant. My point? The Devil's got a job and while Hell may have a slippery slope it is not a cliff, there is the absolute possibility of redemption while alive.
I was flabbergasted that people thought I had something to do with my brother Major's death. People who did not even know me went for that viewpoint. Why would I want that kind of karma? Why would I even think about killing him? I never thought about killing him. I thought plenty of how tormented he was and I hoped it got better for him. What was the motive for my killing him? Not money. I got no money from his death. His children moved into his shoes under our father's estate plan. I had not spoken with Major since shortly after our father's death in August 2005. Major went missing in early 2010. Had no clue what he was doing even in 2005. Or thereafter. I did not keep up with him online. I only looked after his website after he went missing. There was a page where he was praising the athletic ability of his son by his second wife. My stomach churned. He'd done the same thing to his son by his first wife, and been a terrible little league daddy. That son finally rebelled, but before that, the basketball coach had banned Major from coming to his son's basketball games, Major told me. I finally concluded, and published, that the real reason Major died had nothing to do with what was being bandied about by the pundits, nor even by me. He could not be allowed to rape another son in that way, so he had to die. For his 2nd son's sake. I learned a great deal more about Major and his first son as the years after his death. It was ugly.

Kill yourself because you're an overbearing narcissist? Nah
but did you like my poem?
It so reminded me of your blog today.

No, he killed himself because he was in a great deal of debt and he had a several million dollar life insurance that would take care of the debt and his 2nd wife and their children. That was secondary to someone who had it in for him knew he was bisexual and was going to out him and nothing he could do about it. His image was the most important thing to him. Murder, he would not be blamed for. No, he did not kill himself over how he was doing to his 2nd son what he had done to his first son. At the level of soul, though, that is why he killed himself. After Major went missing, law enforcement never contacted me. I was inviting them on my blog to contact me. I emailed the Mt. Brook police chief, and he responded as if he could care less. I offered to help them understand Major. They did not respond. I figured later they thought pretty quick after his body was found that it was suicide. I figured they had information they did not make public, perhaps out of concern for Major's family members.
I love your poem, and got distracted by you saying you had wondered if I'd had Major killed? He left a royal mess and I can't imagine the karma it created.
I worry about that for him.
If I am a repressed homosexualy, that's news to a lot of women, as well as to me. I never remotely felt like having sex with a man. I was really prejudiced against homosexuality when I was in my 20's, but as time passed, I grew out of it. I did not care that Major was bixescual, but it bothered him that he could not persuade me that he was not.

Of course it did, nothing is held in lower esteem socialy. We are not ancient Greece.
I've never not understood male sexuality or to a lesser degree homosexuality but female bisexuality or lesbianism is pretty much a mystery other than psychologically.

Probably 20 percent of the adults in Key West are homesexual.

everyone knows that
also lots of addicts and the two too often go together
for aforementioned reasons of societal esteem

Major lived here for a while, circa 1971.

Done bun and a rather typical one.

St. Paul was homosexual. His thorn in the flesh. Nothing in his writings about ever having had a wife, children. Weird, he was a Pharisee, meaning he had a solemn duty to marry and have children and increase "God's chosen people." His writings were not nice to women, nor to sex.

Say a prayer for his speedy ascension and be done with him.
I do not like Paul.
Mary was the partner of Jesus, this enraged Peter.

I made a prayer just now. Thanks.

Sure, did the same for my Mother and others recently.
I said Peter, we were discussing Paul

Magdalene nuff did enrage Peter, says so right there when she told Peter Jesus had sent her to tell them brave men in hiding she had seen him and he had said to tell them he would join them soon. If Magdalene washed Jesus' feet in public with her her hair and tears, and anointed his feet with precious ointment she scarce could afford, what do ya suppose she washed and anointed him with in private?

not a fan of either. Thomas on the other hand, yes.
You should read the lost gospels

I did read them. What, you think I'm still an ignorant hick from Alabama? But did not need to read them to see Jesus and Magdalene were a couple. It's there in the New Testament Gospels.

Ha, an esoteric eccentric prince with the luxury of time, I figured you were familiar.
mmmmm my sweet time

I read Elaine Pagels stuff, too. And other stuff. During the early 1990s.

I only read what comes to me so is usually at least a year out of date. My 2 current reads are both from 1937.

The greatest love story never told in Christendom, or hardly anywhere: Jesus and Magdalene. Man, did Jesus being a monk screw up Christendom and sex. As did his mother molesting him when he was a boy.
no prince, me

My cousin is a very Christian RH negative who tries her damndest every minute to seem normal so I like to tease that her bloodtype means she's descended from Jesus and Mary.
It's not a bad seed to plant since she's all about that Jesus.

She might be, but more likely you are - Holy Blood, Holy Grail

We are of the same, it's our maternal line that carries it.
Why she and her Mother pretending to be normal is sad and funny.

People with that bloodline do not feel like they are from this planet

nor seem
Hell I LOOK "alien".
And I also think that what is considered a genetic disorder, ehlers danlos, is a marker.

Not what I meant. From that blood line, you know you are different, but you might never know why

Sure and we have as a favorite rose "seven sisters" and are drawn to Sirius and all of that. Feels like being teased, this half remembering shit.
So whatever, I enjoying the views and avoid the humans, mostly.

Jesus was Pleiadean? I don't think so.

I have not looked it up. Got lost reading about the Basque people.
But I bet I can find something, even if it's just for larks.
I eyeroll every day.
well wow
that's rabbit holes aplenty

I read 3-4 pages, maybe I'll dream about it sleeping on a bench in the police station front lobby tonight. I figure it's a channelled book.

That or a enjoyable imagination with a great deal of care given to detail.

The Urantia Book is another very different historical report, of this planet, and the Creation
It's about 5 times thicker than the Bible.
No mention of the Pleiades in it, at least not by that name.

and I'm sure L. Ron Hubbard had his own ideas.
But it's fun to read such fancy.

The Urantia Book was channelled. Hubbard is in a much denser place.

ah, no lie, just different perceptions based on personal realities
different truths

You did not say anything when I said Mary molested Jesus.
Truth is truth, perceptions are perceptions

I figured with a statement as large as such you'd elaborate. Elsewhere they are mentioned to be twinflames. To that I thought if there was any truth they were mistaking his wife for his Mother, wrong Mary.
But who sees allllllll of the truths?

Jesus' mother Mary molested him.

Well where did you get that?

How I learned about that was not fun. But if you read the Gospels, you see who his adversary was, and his words to her and about her were pejorative. During the 3 temptations, he was challenged to make miracles, save himself, be a bigshot, called down angels, and he declined.

I denied my Mother, she did not molest me.

He comes out of that trial and there is a wedding and the wine runs out and his mother wants him to make more wine and he don't want to do it but she nags him and he does it = the first miracle reported in the Gospels.

All Mothers nag, it's what we do.

So who, or what was the devil during the 3 temptations, who left Jesus to return at a more opportune time, according to the Gospels? His mother.
We are not talking about your mother here.

could have been any trusted friend or even not a loved one

What was Christendoms downfall? The miracles unhinged Christendom, because that's what people fastened on, instead of Jesus' teaching about how to live differently. We even ended up with a miracle salvation, if you just believe this about Jesus, then you are saved forever, regardless of what you do otherwise; works have nothing to do with salvation.

I'm only giving direct example of one who was not molested but who turned away from. There are crimes against a child other than molestation.
She may have abused him in a myriad of ways.

I have not gotten to how I was told she molested him. Why don't you let me get there?

Whatever fashion she chose so I wonder why you think she molested.

It was June, 2000. The woman I was traveling with around the world and I were doing R & R for a month on the Island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. It started coming to me that there was an evil greater than Lucifer. I kept telling her that, and that I wondered why I was getting it? Then, she said, Michael came to her and told her, if Sloan can conceive an evil greater than Lucifer, then it exists.
This will take a while to finish telling.
So here goes
A day or so later, we were lying on the bed in the apartment we were renting and my lady said Jesus and her mother had arrived. She saw and heard real good after Jesus and Michael rebuilt her really fast, after healing her of gawdaful shit really fast.
When spirits came, she was the viewer and hearer, and she shared that with me and I talked with the spirits. She said Jesus and Mary were telling her that Mary had molested Jesus when he was young. I blew up, I was furious. Not because it had happened, no big deal. But because it had been kept secret by the good guys - Jesus, his Mother, Michael, heaven. That was the evil greater than Lucifer. I knew the effect of that being kept secret had a cataclysmic effect on Christendom and humanity. That was why I was so mad.
That secret in its nice dark hole had chewed the soul of Christendom to shreds.
As do all nasty secrets do that in families, organizations, governments, nations.
I'm just getting warmed up here.

So God chose the most evil Mother to incarnate in human form why?
Grow up. She was human. You are missing the entire point.

Quite, I'm lost.

She gained control over Jesus by molesting him. That's why he caved and made the more wine when he knew better. That opened the door to a ministry of miracles, which were so much more fun than the teachings, which were beautiful but today mostly practiced in the breach.
Much to Lucifer's delight.

Ah, so she was not the Most Evil, only being used as a tool.

This was the battle between Judas and Jesus. Judas saw the trap the miracles were. He was flat against the crucifixion and resurrection, because he felt the masses would be doomed to fasten on the miracles, and not on the teachings.

Yeah so I have had ONE temptation.

Be quiet, please. Let me finish.


Then we talk about it. Please.
When Jesus insisted on going through with it, Judas went along with it. He was so upset afterward that is why he killed himself.
He loved Jesus more than himself. He "betrayed" Jesus because Jesus insisted on it.
If Judas had not killed himself, he would have replaced Jesus. We'd never have heard of Paul, probably. Imagine the poetry, irony, Judas replacing Jesus.
Jesus, Judas, Magdalene were supernatural beings incarnated. They were a team. Each playing a role. They knew it, the people around them did not know it.
Back to Mauritius.
A day or so after we got the news from Mary and Jesus, my lady broke out in awful white hot lesions between her thighs, just below her vagina. Proof of the awful poison in the spirit into which we together had been taken by the angels.
She languished with that a few days, then I understood we needed to make love. She naturally was reluctant, given how much the lesions hurt and it was kinda not too romantic. I started kissing the lesions, and then I went a little higher up, and then she was ready, and I entered her, and it was really powerful, and the next day the lesions were receding, and in a few days, the lesions were gone.
And, I suppose, that giant abscess in the spirit was lanced, so to speak, and perhaps something beneficial would come from it eventually, although dang if I can see anything yet.
That's the kind of work I was trained to do, then she was brought to me and trained much faster. This shit I do in Key West is a far cry from that, but perhaps I don't see the big picture well. Yean, I'm a reincarnation of Judas.
She was not raised by church people. She was basically a white aborigine, in America, which the angels brought out at warp speed after she was sent my way by the hoodoo witch lady, not for reasons any of us then understood.
She was about as uncontaminated by Christendom as a white American can be, I suppose. She was an Eve initiate.

A perfect conduit.

As good as could be found, perhaps, given the "gene pool" the angels had to work with.
She'd never had an orgasm during intercourse until after the angel had taken her through a crash soul healing course, with me talking with her on the telephone during each healing session, 2-3 a day, for about 3 weeks, which were freaking her out.
She was in the midwest, I was in Alabama. The fellow people still think killed Major.
I had been taken thought such a course the year before, and much of it was terrifying.
That's how I was able to hold her hand, so to speak, as she was given much the same, tailored to her by the angels.
Imagine what a minister or a psychiatrist or a relative would have done with her, if she was in that kind of "care"

this coffee shop is closing, have to go offline now

I will send you my facebook page for later.

No, I will not grow up.

I meant, of course, look at the bigger picture, not the incest, which was as common then as today. Both the woman I was with and I had to be healed by the angels of incest when we were young; hers lasted much longer than mine.
the opportune time for the Devil to return after the 3 temptations was the wedding where the wine ran out
maybe good for me killing heretics went out of vogue for a while

no one pays attention to scripture really, it's just a club membership thing, say Jesus, bla bla blessed bla bla

there is much revealed in scripture but seeing it is not generally recommended for good health
For one example, how come theologians have not seriously questioned why Jesus spoke pejoratively to and about his mother?

Honor thy Mother and thy Father that thy days be long in the house of the Lord.

One time he was teaching a crowd and was notified his mother and brothers had come to see him, and he looked around and said, who is my mother, who are my brothers? They are those who do the will of God, and he kept on teaching. Unheard of for a Jewish man to do that with his own mother. Did that tell the crowed what he thought about his mother and his brothers' standing with God?

When that woman who went around the world with me first called me, after being referred to me by my hoodoo witch friend, she said she felt like she was dying and she would die if I could not help her. Could I help her? Yes, I said, with God's help, but she would have to die to get help. Did she understand what I meant? Yes, she said.
She was a New Age healer, her medium was foot reflexology. I talked with her a few times on the telephone. Sent her stuff to read I had written about healing. She went silent on me. Called a few days later. Said she was in her living room. Jesus and Michael showed up. Projected onto the wall like a slide presentation were the words, INAPPROPRIATE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR FATHER. She was shoved back against the opposite wall. Demons flew in and out of the chimney and windows. The walls and floor were bending. The house was bending and shaking. For maybe half hour. She heard that she'd had sex with her father from age 3 to age 18, when she left her parents' home and never returned. She said she had left their home at age 18, she knew she had to leave, and she never went back. Then, her healing began. 3-4 sessions a day, with me on the phone with her. Holding her hand mostly as the angels worked inside of her. Had I not already had much the same healing, I would have not been able to be with her through it. The healing lasted about 3 weeks. After that, she was about 100 percent accurate on what she saw in the spirit and heard from the angels and what she picked up in other people and places. We never charged money or asked for donations for trying to help people. Maybe we should have. Maybe that would have stopped us from going homeless and then breaking up.

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