Monday, July 17, 2017

Key Way West of Weird altered states metaphysical clinic for people not playing with a full deck

Morticia wrote to me yesterday:

I just wished yesterday you had not started that drama back up with the lady from AL. But then as I always say.. you did not ask me!  I thought that fire was almost out and gasoline was poured on it again.  PLEASE QUIT STIRRING THAT POT!!!!!! Let us know about your friend that is very sick and I hope he improves. He sounds really sick.  Very scary.

I replied this morning:

Young Prophet attacked by demon, might be something about that in today's post.

Despite upheaval from my publishing what you, Young Prophet and Hoodoo Witch's angels wished I did not, there were things going on with me that could not be ignored, before and after I published it, which left me feeling it needed to be done. 

Not saying I was right, but I could not ignore what I saw and experienced.

Morticia wrote:

I guess you have to do what you feel you have to do.

I replied:

I sometimes do things I don't particularly like doing, because it seems that's what I'm supposed to do. 

For example, I don't like trying to get more money out of my father's estate, but it seems I'm supposed to try.

I had an infection in the quick of my left bird fingernail and bad itching in my fanny crack and my groin, which cleared up right after I did what you wish I had not done, but my dreams had pointed me to do it. Left is the female side of the body.
Sancho Panza wrote yesterday:

If truth be told, the whole idea of inheritance and wills is quite freaky, the dead exerting control over the  living.... this whole idea that something of  value can be assigned to a person(ownership) is also very mysterious and arbitrary... why your stepmother and not you?  But we accept all this as if they were true physical laws, like gravity; they are not! Karma is actually a better way of looking at this, actions and inertia have consequences that require no litigation, no enforcement mechanism and it's irreversible... this was true for your father and it is true for you... so stop your whining and take your medicine!  *>:) devil  

I still think that it is very cruel of your daughters not to pay for a rental place for you to stay off the street... by now they know you're not playing with  a full deck, they may have some karma to pay for that... there is such  a thing as the sins of omission!

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:

I felt I had come to terms with the karma, whatever its roots, in 2011. I expected no help from my father's estate, nor from my daughters, with whom I then had no communication. It wuz the angels, and my father in dreams, who conscripted me back into asking for money from his widow or his estate. I fought it for quite a while, then he came in a dream and said I would be sorry if I didn't do it. I said something sharp back to him, I was pissed. But I then wrote to his lawyer and laid out my predicament. I also recounted some fun times with my stepmother. Perhaps that was a bad  move. I doubt it would have mattered. 

Well meaning friends pushed me for years to try to force a reunion with my daughters. I knew my friends were out of their depth. When I finally approached my daughters separately, on Facebook, it was in a way I had been shown in dreams to go about it. One responded fairly quickly. The other took a while. 

From my perspective, humanity ain't all there, including you, my daughters, because if it can't be hit with a hammer, then it ain't real. I know you, and they, think I ain't all here. That's part of the comedy. 

I reported the other day Brenda being kicked out of where she lived in the nighttime and sitting on the ground crying and being eaten by mosquitoes when she called me. And I had talk with Archangel Michael, and Brenda called me back and said Michael showed up, went in the house where the man was who had thrown out her belongings and kicked her out. Then two dogs came by her into the house and started eating the man's soul. And before long, he came outside and picked up her belongings and took them back inside, with her, and she has slept in that same bedroom ever since.

Yesterday, Brenda called me with news of that man's father, with whom, and his wife, Brenda had lived until the man tried to force her to have sex with her and she called the police on him, and then she went to live with his son who was destined to meet Michael and his wolf pack, but he did not know that yet. Well, the father went into the hospital and they found blood clots in his lungs. Today, he was being kept alive by a respirator and they family was deciding whether to give the go ahead to pull the plug. Brenda did not have to tell me that was what the man did to himself by mistreating her. Brenda sees stuff like that loud and clear, and she did not even graduate from grammar school. 

When I said the man got his just due, Brenda replied, he sure did. Not to tell his family, but between her and me, we have such conversations. 

So, who's not all there? Brenda. Or most of humanity? Including you and my daughters? The hoodoo witch and Young Prophet have to deal with that all the time. Kari, too. 

As for my daughters not helping me out, perhaps the karma is increased BECAUSE they believe I am not all there and they do nothing?

Same question for my father's lawyers and widows.

It ain't easy being Don Quixote and people around me don't see what I see, and hear, and sense, and feel physically and in other ways.

Sancho wrote:

I can't imagine your homeless life and the things you have had to deal while trying to navigate the existential  maze you've created, but I hope that you, somehow, get to "dream" of the NEXT Megamillion lottery numbers... now, that would be terrific and painless for all involved! *O:-) angel


I replied:

Well, that would be a sight, me winning the mega million lottery via a dream, what a metaphysical clinic what would be! But, I think on this planet, still, you have to have a piece of paper, or a ticket, or something you can hit with a hammer or stab with a knife, or see with a microscope, or view online, to cash in on a lottery - then the fuckers cut the income taxes out of it right off the top. 

A metaphysical clinic is what it looks to me the angels are running right now, using a few not all there by this world's measure as exhibits, lab rats, whatever. This clinic ain't nuttin' like what new age folks flock to see and pay money for. They ain't into negative energy, as if the truth gives a shit what they think of it. It's what it is, the truth, and that ain't negative or positive, at least not in deciding whether it's good or bad. It just is. As is love. 

A fellow named Rumi once penned:

What you call are but subtle degrees of domination. Love is like the moon in the window, it's just there!

Another Sufi, maybe Tabriz, said,

When people ask me about God, I just laugh!

Science will never disprove God exists, nor prove God exists. That's the bitch chasm between science and MEGA REALITY.

I'd be happy just earning a living wage for entertaining, flabbergasting, pissing off, amazing, confounding people with what I say and write. Seems I do that pretty well. It should have some monetary value. Certainly, I don't fuck things up nearly as bad as the guy you voted for president and his son, Junior. But I know that's why you voted for him, to fuck up awful. It is pretty funny, how it's been going with him. I bet the mainstream Republicans are having trouble not wishing he would be killed by a sniper. God. Whatever. Abducted by aliens okay, too.

Maybe I should sick Brenda on Trump. I bet he'd love being visited by Michael and those two nice puppies :-). 

Look at it this way. You are fluent in several languages, which seriously impresses me, as does your science knowing and your intellect and wit and irreverence and calling a spade a spade. Brenda is fluent in languages you ain't never heard of, which really exist. 

Imagine what it's like for Brenda, seeing, hearing and feeling other dimensions pretty much ongoing, surrounded by people who do not. I imagine what it's like for her feeling in herself what is going on in people around her. Their aches and pains. Their heart misbeats. Their liver howling. Their terror screaming. And she can't shut it off. And she don't take no chemicals to cope with it.

Imagine what your run of the mill psychiatrist would do with Brenda. Shades of the Spanish Inquisition!

Sancho wrote:


"No man, therefore, escapeth these daemons. Ye shall look upon them as daemons, and as a common task and danger, a common burden which life hath laid upon you. Thus is life for you also a common task and danger, as are the gods, and first of all terrible Abraxas.'
I replied:

I suppose so. 

Interesting text message from Young Prophet's father last night, because my name is on Young Prophet's cell phone people to call list. He said his son is too religious, pissed off nurse, he might be out of hospital by Wednesday. A nurse with religion reported seeing a tall blond man with a sword scabbard leaving his son's hospital room and tried to chase after him fell down and busted her butt. She's a biddy, the father wrote.

In a voicemail the other night, Young Prophet had told me his plight, and he had been visited by Archangel Michael, as a tall man with long lustrous blond hair and a big shining sword. 

I text'd back that the biddy really did see Archangel Michael, the biddy is the proof, who is there to protect his son, who was demonically attacked for reporting to me his dreams about me and what angels told him in his dreams and in visits with him, and this for real, and the haldol the hospital has him on is dangerous for him and is getting in God's way, and all he needs is the best medical care, without psychiatry, which is way out its depth with him, and his prior head and back injury was a demonic attack for helping me, and he is being prepared and trained by God's angels, and to google Father Malachi Martin.

As for living on the street, it's really draining. I got a break for 3 days when a friend went out of town and I stayed in his home while he was gone. Last night was first night back in the police station front lobby. It was quiet there last night, but it was not quiet inside me, and my dreams were mostly fractured, but I got the sense I was to write about Michael and Young Prophet today. 

In my email account this morning, from my first wife, an old photo of her and our daughters, which is attached. 
Comic relief today provided by a Facebook amiga not sure I have had the pleasure of meeting in "real time", she "liked" my contributions yesterday, I posted the altered state Higgs Beach thingy this morning, that's a flying saucer behind the palm tree:
Just a note to you guys that come here from the mainland..First, if you live in Miami, you do NOT live here.. Second if you purposefully sit down in a seat next to a woman that was talking to friends one seat over when there are lots of available seats and start calling her baby, honey, sweetie and put your hands on her legs, back etc and she gets her shit together to leave, be happy that she didn't knock your bar stool out from under you!! Really?? You don't impress us, you look like an ass, you sound like an ass and you need to go back to where you came from!! End of rant!! This was for informational purposes and no one was hurt during this rant.. Hahahahahahahaha
Shannon Gaytan I have had Miami (locals) idiots all day.
Cindy Plume wth is wrong with them??
Tami Valdes Hey now us Miami people are not all bad!
Cindy Plume Tami Valdes Love you Tami! You guys are the exception to the above.. xoxoxox
David Fronius I've had many women call me baby, honey, sweetie and darling, then they give me my take-out order and say, 'move along, you're holding up the line.' 🙄
Cheryl Wayt Jozwiak We need that toll road now...real locals will be exempt.
Cindy Plume LMAO!
David Fronius Of course there was one woman who took it to another level after being harassed...
Cindy Plume Good for her!!

Ava Marie Wesley Go back to the mainland fool
Mel Mansbridge You get em!!!
Ken Mrock I am sorry. I won't do that anymore. Lol
Kelly Bishop Ikr! They come to my store too, not all have that attitude, but boy, alot do!!
Max Ryan Huh???????
Charlotte Scott Snow ...this is why I moved to northern Florida as soon as you hit West Palm Beach thats when it all begins, you just feel it
Cindy Plume I love Key West!! The people here are awesome and we are truly like a big family!
Charlotte Scott Snow yes love it too, always have
Cindy Plume I wouldn't want to live anywhere else 
Susan Grudzinski So tell how you really feel
Cassie Stout Can't stand the Miami idiots
Steve Mellette I am guessing this was not just a hypothetical
Rick Steffen But Babe I live here (
Amy Paulsen Sound like someone should have been hurt...
Cindy Plume you know I will!! 
Charlotte Roehrig Well said!!!
Nikole Lee Well said! ❤️❤️❤️
Kathleen Jamrog Well said!!!
Jim Grudzinski Miami wise guy. Now just remember I'm a NJ wise guy. We know better
Image may contain: outdoor and text
Keith Little Oh that was you at the bar I am so sorry Cindy! Only kidding yeah when I go to Key West I see it all the time I go down for five times a year my brother used to live there and he's guys got from Jersey or Pennsylvania whatever think they own the fucking island thrown a few in the water in my time
Theresa Reavey And they better be thankful she didn't have a 357 magnum on her😎
Sloan Bashinsky sounds sort of like an epilogue to "Just Another Roadside Attraction"
Janet Cherry Vitarelli Ugh!!!!🤢🤢
Todd Ringling Seems that you've run across similar tools over time?

Cheryl Lacy Farmer I am VERY surprised someone is still walking and talking!
Kim Mccormick allways wanted to visit the keys--maybe whem
Sloan Bashinsky Higgs Beach in altered state

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