Monday, July 31, 2017

it got really weird yesterday in Key West, then it got a lot weirder

Waiting for me in my Facebook account when I reached Sippin' Internet Cafe this morning:
Sloan Bashinsky Amen, old babysitter, hope your troubles start getting easier.
Yesterday, I wrote about what humanity's problem actually is, while my hoodoo witch amiga was telling me on the telephone once again that she is starting to believe that maybe there really are demons, but I'm mistaken about Lucifer, he is the lighter bearer and many people are laughing at me for saying he and his demonic legions are the problem.
I fell asleep maybe 9:30 p.m. last night and slept mostly through the night. Dreams all over the place, tough to grock. Most sleep in one night, in years.

In the last dream, some woman I don't know in "real" life and I are about to have a roll in the hay, and I say, "After this, why don't we dive really deep?", and she says what she wants is, "to leave this hotel."

I wake up, in the dark, literally and mentally, wondering what she meant by "this hotel?" 

The "Hotel California" nut house where I live by way of Key West? 

The company I keep? 

Living on the street, sleeping nights in the Key West police station front lobby? 

Sometimes staying nights in my friend's home up the Keys a ways from Key West? 

My stepmother dies, I inherit another million Golden Flake doubloons and can rent an apartment? 

I wind a lottery I did not enter?

Hollywood calls all hot to trot to make a blockbuster movie out of one of my old novels? 

A TV sitcom producer calls wanting to make a rave sitcom out of the shitbanger pro se litigation terminator howler being produced by Judith Haney of Leeds, Alabama?

Meanwhile, I try to see the time on my cell phone. No go, too blurry. 

I reach over to the night stand by the bed and pick up my eye glasses and put them on. Still, I can't see the time on my cell phone well. It barely looks like 6:30 a.m. 

I crawl out of the soft bed I so much have missed and waddle down the steps to the main floor to my laptop. Yes, I can barely see on the laptop that it's going on 7 a.m.

I think I went legally blind overnight. 

What did I do to cause that? 

This is not a not an insane question. 

One night in 1969, I went to sleep perfectly healthy (physically) and woke the next morning with a devastating bowel disorder that would wreck my life. 

Not all miracles are welcome. 

On the other hand, one afternoon in 2005, my father's lawyer called to tell me my father had passed away, meaning, I had inherited $1,000,000 and soon would not be homeless. 

Maybe the same lawyer calls me later today to say my father's widow, his 2nd wife, died yesterday and soon I will not be homeless, because I have inherited another $1,000,000. 

Maybe I'll see flying pigs later today, too.

I increase the font size on the laptop, which helps some, even as I'm wondering if I have been put out of the reading and publishing business, and rendered unable to read novels in regular print? Maybe I'm going to become a wanderer like the young homeless Jesus-like pilgrim I met yesterday afternoon, who does not work but everything he needs is provided?

The morning's off to a great start, for sure.
My erstwhile errant homeless girlfriend Kari Dangler calls. She wants to know what the doppler weather radar for Key West is showing? 

I tell her that I woke up nearly blind. That's terrible, she says, but it's not her fault. What's the weather look like? I tell her the angels did it, I'm not blaming her. Let me try to bring up the doppler weather radar online.

It takes me a while to find the doppler, as I can hardly see what I'm reading at Google - good thing I touch type.  

The regular link for the doppler is not working. I find another doppler showing almost no weather over Key West. Kari says the weather looks awful.  I look outside. The doppler is wrong,  it looks like a major storm front over head. 

I tell Kari, the doppler is showing nothing over Key West and the Keys, but a big storm front is showing over Naples and above there on the west coast of Florida. Kari says she needs the weather for Key West, not Naples. She's really mad. At me. It seems.

I ask Kari if she had a dream about me last night? Yes, but she's not going to talk about it. She's worried about the weather. 

I say, I'm legally blind this morning, and you won't tell me the dream? She hangs up.

I call her back and tell her I'm legally blind and she won't tell me the dream? No. She hangs up.

I call her back, she tells me to quit bothering her on the telephone, and I say, no problem, this is the last time I will talk with you on the telephone, forever.

I'm thinking about the hotel dream. The company I'm keeping. Including hoodoo witch saying yesterday that everyone is laughing at me because I say Lucifer is the bad guy. 

I'm thinking of hoodoo witch's dream of the night before last about a master Tarot dealer going to a nursing home. I'm wondering if the master Tarot dealer is hoodoo witch, because she is a Tarot reader and maybe she's way out of her depth with my messes and she needs to retire from that scene?

I'm also wondering if hoodoo witch's Tarot dream is about her hoodoo freeze spells on Judith Eloise Haney and Haney's litigation addiction causing Haney to have to be in a nursing home where maybe she is no longer able to bother me and terrorize other people? I'm hoping that is the meaning of the Tarot dream.
I take off my eyeglasses on the way to take a shower and I see they are my host's eye glasses. No wonder I'm legally blind this morning. I call Kari and leave her a voicemail about that, and that her not telling me about the dream is not okay. 

Kari seems to love making me beg to hear her dreams about me, and then she tells it her way, instead of what she actually dreamt. It takes several passes to get the actual dream out of her. I'm up to my gills with that. Especially this morning.

Kari calls back, mad as hell about my nasty voicemail. She keeps talking over me and hanging up, as I try to tell her I picked up the wrong eye glasses. She does not hear me. I call her back and same thing happens. I call her back and same thing happens. 

I call her back and this time she hears me say I picked up the wrong eye glasses, I'm not blind, but I'm really pissed you would not tell me your dream about me, and goodbye, forever. 

Do I think Lucifer is running Kari half the time? I KNOW that is happening. Her internal demonic twin wants nothing to do with me, and will fight me until it dies, or is transformed by the angels.
I catch the city transit lower keys shuttle into Key West. 

I get off the bus at the Whitehead Street post office and start walking the short distance to Sippin' Internet Cafe, and there is Kari sitting on the ledge at Tropic Cinema. I tell her she is history, goodbye, and I head toward Sippin' to set up my laptop to produce today's version of Hotel California by way of Key Weird.

Kari has plenty to say all the time I'm leaving her behind. 

She calls me and I don't answer my cell phone and she leaves a voicemail saying she loves me and I broke her heart, and she bets I broke those other seven wives of mine's hearts, and I think she's probably right about that, but she broke her own heart with me.

Not long after, I look up and Kari is standing by me in Sippin'. I tell her I want nothing to do with her and for her to leave. She says she's not leaving. I stand up, tell the barista behind the coffee bar that Kari was banned from Sippin' by the owner, who is in the kitchen cooking breakfast for other customers, who are having to hear all of this love lost drama. I tell the barrister to tell Kari to leave. 

Kari looks at me like she ain't believing what I'm doing. She says she loves me and I broke her heart and I'm not through with her. I follow her out the door, saying I know I'm not done with her, but I wish I was. If she loved me, she would have told me the dream she had last night. I told her goodbye and came back into Sippin'. 

I told the angels that they have not leveled with Kari, and that is not fair to her, nor to me. The angels have let her keep getting away with shit they would never let me get away with. 
Well, let me back up to yesterday afternoon and the Jesus-like pilgrim I met.

Something tells me I need to see Kari, so I call her and say I want to pedal my bicycle up to where she is in Key West and visit for a while, before I pedal back into Key West and catch the city transit shuttle back up the Keys to my friend's house I am looking after for a few days while he's out of town on business.

I get up to where Kari is and we start talking. 

Shortly, she points out a young man walking our way. She says he is interesting. God talks to him. He's on a journey. 

When he reaches us, I say that Kari says you are a pilgrim. He says, if I mean in the walking to God sense, then he is a pilgrim. I say, that is the sense I mean.

We then had about an hour conversation, which Kari kept interrupting with basically irrelevant comments.

He says he is 35. Was a bad man for a good while. Four years prior, he had asked God for help, had said he wanted to have gifts of the spirit and be a healer. A voice showed up and started talking to him. He's been captured ever since.

After he tells me how he had been captured, I tell him how I had been captured, by praying to God for help, then offering my life to human service, and then Jesus and Archangel Michael came in the nighttime and woke me up and told me, "This will push you to your limits but you asked for it (I remembered my prayer) and we are going to give it to you", and then I was jolted by three successive bolts of spiritual lightning, with accompanying bright white flashes, and Jesus and Michael faded out.

Later, I say, Melchizedek showed up, and it got even rougher. 

The Young Pilgrim knew about Melchizedek, both in the Old Testament and in the Letter to the Hebrews. 

I daresay he knows a great deal more about what's in the Bible than I do, but I doubt he was given the nuances I was given, and I don't know if that's important for him. He seemed to think he understood Revelation. He said the heavens are going to open, the beautiful and the nasty. In His time.

Now when the young pilgrim and I say were were captured, we mean harnessed, yoked, enslaved, steered, funnelled, driven.

The last person I knew with that condition was the woman the hoodoo witch referred to me in 1999, for me to try to help her. Shortly, that woman was taken over by Jesus, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek, and she got plenty of their kind of help, which I got to witness. After they got done with her, she was captured, and she had just about perfect spirit vision and hearing and insight.

There is no way to comprehend being captured, unless you have been captured.

The pilgrim says he is Jewish. Says, he is owned by the Messiah, and he means Jesus. He thinks he will be a messenger to the Jews about Jesus, in Israel. I say he might be right about that. (I told Kari later that he might be crucified in Israel.)

The pilgrim says, everywhere he goes is on foot, with no money. What he needs just shows up. In that regard, he reminds me of the "peace pilgrim", but she did not seem harnessed into the Bible, which the pilgrim is.

The pilgrim says he has a woman on the mainland, whom God changed and is to be his partner when he is sent back to her. Sent back to her, it is not his call. 

The pilgrim keeps calling God his father, and I say enough for him to ponder that God is his father and his mother, and Mary Magdalene was more important to Jesus than Peter and the rest of the male disciples, and Paul, whom the pilgrim is quoting a lot, did not care for women.

The pilgrim says he's still a virgin. I ask Kari if she is still a virgin? She laughs. Me neither, I say.

The pilgrim says Jesus and God are one and the same - before Abraham, I AM, Jesus said in the Gospels.

I say, in Gethsemane, Jesus asked God to let him out of his fate and then Jesus surrendered with, "Not my will but thine be done, O Lord." That was not the prayer of a man who believed he was God. 

I figure, that and the female side of God and Magdalene and Jesus, is why the pilgrim needed to meet me, but I do not tell him that. I tell him that I will be pondering why he and I have met, and what is the message to me, which he has brought?

Kari keeps interrupting us, and finally she gets up and leaves to smoke a cigarette. 

I tell the pilgrim that God is all over Kari and she is not interested.

The pilgrim says Kari is very much loved in heaven and in time she will flower, like one petal at a time opening. Love will do that.

I say, I know she is loved in heaven, by all the attention she's getting from angels.  But she wants nothing to do with it.

I tell the pilgrim some of what a Christian intercessor woman friend a generation older than I had dictated through her pen onto two long legal pages about me in 1998.

It was addressed to me. She had not wanted to  give it to me, but she was persuaded she had better give it to me, she had told me.

It began,

Sloan ....

People say Sloan is insane, that he has lost his mind, but I, THE GREAT I AM, say intercessors are praying for you, and you are being remade, and you will stir up healing in your profession and in the body of my believers; you will confound the wise; you have all gifts of the spirit except discernment of spirits ...

I tell the pilgrim, that transmission through the intercessor to me was when my very difficult training in discernment of spirits began, and it's still underway. Discernment not only in the spirit realm, but in the human realm; the spirit in other people, and it's no fun and it's ongoing, and I'm facing Lucifer and his demons ongoing behind people and in organizations, churches, etc.

I say, I can no longer go into a church, because I feel and smell Lucifer there.

The pilgrim says, he can't go into churches anymore, either, and Lucifer does have a smell.

The young pilgrim says his woman in waiting lives about 30 miles from Asheville, North Carolina.

I tell him about my dream of the other night, in which my younger daughter, who lives near Asheville, tried to get me involved in something regarding an awful AI terminator like monster robot, and I told her that I wanted nothing to do with it. 

I tell the young pilgrim that Donald Trump has a retreat in Asheville. Maybe you will get involved with that and the AI terminator when you are sent back to your woman.

I wonder how it will go with the young pilgrim, if he and his woman are reunited. Will it be wonderful, or will it be a bit different?
When Kari called me last night, I told her it would not surprise me if the young pilgrim now leaves Key West, since he finally has met me. 

I asked Kari how long she had known him? 

Since he got here last January. 

And you never told me about him? But and instead, you griped incessantly to me about all the awful people you have to deal with here. 

I knew right then and there something was really awry. 

That knowing expanded, as Kari told me that she and the young pilgrim get together and talk pretty often, sometimes for an hour or more, and people keep coming along and interrupting them. 

Like you kept interrupting him and me earlier today, I said.

Kari said several times, that looking into the young pilgrim's eyes is like looking into Jesus' eyes.

I did not think to say, he was put before you to try to wake you up, and you wanted nothing to do with it.

Kari doesn't wonder if God exists, or doesn't exist? 

Kari doesn't believe God exists. 

Kari KNOWS God exists. 

But I suppose it's not fair to pick on Kari. She ain't much different from nearly everyone else I know, who don't want God doing to them what God does to me and to the young pilgrim.  

Can't say I blame anyone for not wanting what the young pilgrim and I experience ongoing.

Yet, I am convinced that, unless God captures humanity, en masse, and does to everyone much the same as is being done to me and the young pilgrim, then humanity will remain fucked up.

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