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Happy no fig leaves testosterone out of control 4th of July fireworks from seedy, raunchy, paradise pretend Key Puritan West

2009 Mayor's race campaign billboards

Yesterday's post at this website ended:

Meanwhile, I'm hoping to see a repeat of last 4th of July, when a nudist biker gang showed up at Smathers Beach in Key West to celebrate their freedom of expression.

People in Key West and the Florida Keys would know that was a joke. What a joke indeed.

That photo is of Halover Beach just above Miami, which indeed is clothing optional. People come to Halover from all over. They bring money. They have fun. They do not race loud motorcycles on city streets. They do not wear gang colors. They do not beat up people in bars. 

Right now, Key West saloons, strip/sex clubs, restaurants and lodging places are reeling from the possibility that Bike Week will not happen this year, because of all of that happening last year during Bike Week, which caused the local sponsor of Bile, er, Bike Week to stop being its sponsor.

Back in the 2009 Key West Mayor's race, I promoted Key West turn the not well used upper half of Smathers Beach into a clothing optional beach. 

My proposal created a commotion. The result of that commotion, no clothing optional beach, was that I learned seedy, raunchy Key West, with its many saloons and strip clubs/houses of ill repute, all which also serve as exotic drug dens, and its wild Fantasy Fest week, where people in body paint and scant costumes, or nothing practically, or nothing at all, wander all over lower Duval Street, is, at heart, a Puritan conclave. 

When I published that back then, the then chairman of the local Democratic Party said I had lost my nude beach. (I had published it after Democrats had spoken poorly of naked bodies on city beaches.) I told the Chairman of the local Democratic Party that it was not my nude beach. I had no interest personally in a nude beach, would not use it. But it would be a boon to the Key West economy, and that is what he and the local Puritans had killed.

Not even seedy, raunchy Key West stood a chance of reversing that dang fig leaf story in Genesis, even though in God's eyes every last one of the Democrats, Republicans, Independents and political agnostics in Key West was naked as the moment they were were born. Not even one tiny fig leaf did they wear when they entered this life with their and their mothers' privates in plain view.

Which brings me to most interesting things that happened during my wanderings in Key West yesterday.
I had an appointment with the Housing Authority re my application for an efficiency in the senior housing complex on Kennedy Drive, Key West. 

After the nice young lady Conch (born and raised in Key West) had spent about an hour with me, she called her supervisor to consult her on my disclosure that I had a future interest in both an inheritance and a trust, which, if I got it and was living in senior housing, I would rent an apartment in the open market and free up my senior housing unit for someone like me now, who cannot afford open market housing.

The supervisor came and thanked me for having that attitude. She told the young lady who had helped me that my future inheritance and trust interest was not in play until I received it. The young lady left to do something, and I talked a while with the supervisor about what the unit, an efficiency, would cost me, what was provided, etc. 

It was really reasonable, I can afford it, because I can cook my own meals in the unit's kitchen, which consists of a sink, standard stove with 4 top burners and oven, and a standard refrigerator. Buying groceries at the nearby Winn-Dixie and Publix and cooking at home is far cheaper than eating every meal in a restaurant or grocery store deli.

They charge a little extra for electricity, if I want air-conditioning - they provide window units. I imagine I will want AC, given how hot and muggy it is here in the summers, although when I had my trailer and land on Little Torch Key, I finally turned off the AC and lived 2 years without it and did not die. I used box fans, which cost about $20 each at Home Depot, to move the air and keep me from passing out.

When the supervisor mentioned cable TV and that the residents voted to use Comcast, because it has more Spanish channels, I asked if there were politics in the senior center? Yep. Like a condominium association? Yep. 

She said, When Viagra came out, everything changed in the senior center. I fell out laughing. 

I left with a list of a few more documents of Sloan history that I need to provide, which I will be taking care of over the next few days.

I bicycled out to Fort Zachary Taylor, to string my new hammock between a couple of Australian pine trees and read a new novel and snooze.
After I was settled in the hammock, my cell phone went off. Didn't recognize the incoming number. It was a man with a Spanish accent asking if I was Sloan Bashinsky? Yes. He was calling off the chess at the library every Wednesday evening ad in the Key West Citizen. Did we play on Mondays? No, just Wednesdays, when the library is open later. It was the library's idea, I just host it for them. 

Well, could we play now at library, or in a coffee shop? No, have something else to do now, but could meet at Harpoon Harry's at 6 p.m. and we could play there until they close at 9, if he eats something to keep the waitresses happy.

He asked my level? Said he's rated 1900 standard, but lower in speed chess. Top work rank chess players are close to 3,000. I said, if he is telling me that, then he's not going to have any trouble beating me. 

He had said his first name was Carlos. So I asked, Is your last name Fisher? (Bobby Fisher). Ha, ha. Carlsen? (Magnus Carlsen, #1 chess player in the world). Ha, Ha. Oh, it's Jackal. Carlos the Jackal! Ha, ha.

I will call a young friend who can give you your money's worth, and see if he can join us. Okay. 

I called my young friend and he said he would be there.

I got to Harpoon Harry's about 15 minutes before 6, planning to get online for a few minutes. The young fellow I had called came in right behind me and we went ahead and started a game while we ate our meals - mini order of meatloaf and fixings. $6.95. Filled us both up. Full order would have been too much food. 

I was playing well with white, had the advantage, then made one dumb ass move and there was no coming back from it.

Carlos the Jackal arrived and sat down at our booth with a pretty young woman. I did a double take. Said to her, dang, you look just like a young woman who helped me today at the Housing Authority. That's my twin sister, she said. You are A's twin sister? Yes, she said. She already had given me her name, how about M for this report.

Right, my mystical antenna were vibrating at top speed. No way this was not arranged by angels. No way. 

Carlos had brought his speed clock, and I said I would try to play speed chess. Carlos told us, that for his rating he once had won the state chess championship. He demolished me two straight games. I resigned with time left on my clock. I turned him over to my young friend, S for this report.

S and Carlos were pretty evenly matched. Carlos seemed to have the stronger game, S seemed to have the faster game, and he won the first game on time even though Carlos was winning on pieces and position. They tied some games. Carlos won a game with checkmate, with one second left on his time clock. I think they each won 3 games. 

During the chess, all four of us were talking steadily. I don't know how Carlos and S talked about this and that and played speed chess. I could not have done it. I'd had plenty of trouble when I played Carlos with remembering to hit the clock every time I moved a piece.

I told them what M's supervisor had told me about the effect of Viagra on the senior center. Ha, ha, ha. Except for S, who went on a l-o-n-g rant about sex. Humans are like monkeys. Sex is like heroin, it releases the same chemicals in the brain. I had seen S go on this kind of rant before. 

Once he starts, there is no getting him to stop. Compulsive-obsessive. Deep religious training reaction, I wondered? 

I kept trying to get the subject changed. No luck with S. I tried to get the volume turned down. No luck with S. I told M that maybe S was not getting any sex. She thanked me for being there. I said, I don't need Viagra, and I'm nearly 75 years old. People who need viagra, there is something wrong that has nothing to do with Viagra.

It came to an end when Carlos and M said they wanted to go to Mallory Pier for what was left of the sunset. It had stopped raining by then. Carlos said he would keep my phone number. He came down from Miami pretty often to see M. I said I looked forward to it, we'd play more chess, the three of us, and I'd try to get in touch with another player who would push Carlos the Jackal.
When my homeless errant girlfriend Kari called me later yesterday evening, I told her about going to the housing authority and being helped by A, and the phone call from Carlos in the park, and then he shows up with a woman who looks just like A, but she's A's identical twin. Kari said she could not believe that. It was the same woman. There were no twins. I told Kari goodbye.

When later I called my hoodoo witch friend on the mainland and told her about how I'd come to meet the twins, she laughed. She knew it was no "accident". I told her what had happened when I told Kari about it, and that I was fed up with people who are brain dead.

My hoodoo witch friend also burst out laughing when I told her what M's supervisor had told me Viagra had done to the senior citizen center. I did not tell Kari about that. She didn't believe it was twins, that was the end of the conversation.

Kari came to me in a dream last night, asking me to include in my post today money she owed. I woke up, thought that as spiritual currency and probably had to do with her not believing it was twins.

When Kari called me this morning, she asked me what were my plans for the 4th of July? No plans, I said. Just another day. Like Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's, Thanksgiving, my birthday, are just another day. Except on those days the angels load me up more.

I asked, Did you have a dream last night? Yes, but I don't want to talk about it now. Goodbye, Kari. I hung up.

She called back. Tell me the dream, I said. I don't feel comfortable telling that kind of dream. Goodbye. I hung up.

She called back. More of same.

She called back. More of same.

She called back, okay, I will tell you the dream. Then she started editorializing. I said, just tell me the dream. She kept editorializing. I said, just tell me the dream.

She told me the dream, but it took three tries to tell it as it happened.

She and I were younger, walking in some woods she did did not recognize in real life. A great big ferocious male wolf like thing came after us, it wanted to eat us, and then it didn't want to eat us, and it left.

The aggravation Kari put me thought before telling me that dream had to be contrived, is how I see it. Passive aggressive. Punitive. I don't have the juice for it.

Then, she called and said she wanted to go to the fireworks tonight. I said I don't do that any more, I used to like fireworks, but now the loud noise bothers me. I'd told her that a dozen times in the past.

She said how about meeting for a meal, she has money. Maybe, I said, but she'd have to meet me and that meant ride her bicycle, which she doesn't like doing.

I have money, will take a cab she, she said.

Money you got from your friend in jail. Using his credit card. 

He told me I could use it.

I believed that, he would give her everything he had to get her to be with him.

I said, I won't have anything to do with wasting money on a taxi. 

She'd done that yesterday, to go out the jail to put cash into his commissary account, after using his card to pull cash at an ATM.

Then, I'll have a steak alone, she said.

That you will. I don't have the juice for your attitude now. 

What's going on with Kari? I think same thing going on with her friend in jail. The same thing going on with S. The same thing that causes men to need Viagra. The same thing that causes addiction. The same thing that causes crime. The same thing that causes war. Seriously disturbed internal feminine. Stuck in yang.

I have not identified yet, the big bad wolf. Mike Tolbert, perhaps? Kari dreamt the other night that he stabbed and killed her with a knife. Young Prophet told me the other day that my stepmother had sent a man to Key West to find someone to kill me for money, and he had talked with Mike Tolbert about who down here might do that and had gotten names.

All of that is testosterone out of control.
Speaking further of which, syndicated article in today's Key West Citizen (keysnews.com):
Judge: New stand-your-ground law unconstitutional


MIAMI — A judge ruled Monday that Florida’s lawmakers overstepped their authority in updating the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law. In ruling the law unconstitutional, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Milton Hirsch said Monday that the changes should have been crafted by the Florida Supreme Court instead of by the Legislature. Local newspaper reports that the 14-page order is a victory for prosecutors who have firmly opposed the law. Critics have said the law makes it easier for defendants to get away with murder and other violent crimes. The Legislature modified the 2005 statute and Gov. Rick Scott signed it into law in June. The bill was backed by the National Rifle Association. The controversial law has long been criticized for fostering a shoot-first mentality, which eliminated a citizen’s duty to retreat before using deadly force in responding to an apparent threat. Prosecutors said the law made it easier for judges to dismiss criminal charges if they believe someone acted in self-defense. The newspaper reports that in Miami-Dade County, judges have tossed out several high-profile murder cases after pre-trial immunity hearings. But they’ve also allowed others to go to a jury. Now, the new law requires prosecutors to shoulder the burden of disproving a self-defense claim. State attorneys have said that essentially forces them to unfairly try a case twice, making it easier for criminals to escape justice. Under the law, prosecutors must prove by “clear and convincing” evidence that someone wasn’t acting in self-defense. The judge’s ruling likely will lead to legal wrangling in the appellate courts and the Florida Supreme Court. Kylie Mason, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Pam Bondi, told The Associated Press they would appeal the order. Scott spokesman John Tupps also said the governor’s office is reviewing the judge’s ruling. The 2012 killing in Florida of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman opened a debate about the limits of self-defense, and it hasn’t let up since. Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder after jurors received instructions on Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

I hope the Florida Supreme Court sides with that circuit judge. I can't imagine any law enforcement officer liking the stand your ground law, which puts every law enforcement officer's life even further at risk. I can't imagine any state attorney liking the stand your ground law. I can't anyone but testosterone-driven people liking the stand your ground law.

Speaking of which, in today's Key West Citizen is this "note" without any ascribed source:
In his latest jab at the media, President Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted a mock video that shows him pummeling a man in a business suit — his face obscured by the CNN logo — outside a wrestling ring. It was not immediately clear who produced the brief video, which appears to be a doctored version of Trump’s 2007 appearance on World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. The 28-second clip was posted on Trump’s official Twitter account, with the message: “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN.” The president in the past has branded the media as “the opposition party” and “the enemy of the American people.” He has taken particular aim at CNN, calling the network “fake news.” 

I wonder if it ever occurs to anyone but crazy old Sloan, that the more Trump talks about fake news, the more he says he is the one who is fake.

Consider this in my Yahoo News this morning:

GOPer Who Voted To Impeach Bill Clinton: Donald Trump Situation Is 'Much More Serious'

 Lee Moran,HuffPost 3 hours ago 


and good luck convincing the people who voted for Trump that that they elected a testosterone sound byte.
Okay, the mainstream not fake bullshit covered for another day, here's something I think is far more important, because it goes to the heart of what I think is really awry in America, Americans and humanity. Stuck in testosterone. Note, I said I, and do not say the angels agree and that this should be published today. But it is on topic, in my opinion. Also in my opinion, Kari is an emanation out of the spirit that was Mary Magdalene, and that also is part of the money she owes.

Sheel Sheelman
If God has a Gender,( Male or female) Doesn't that make him or her a mere mortal?
The definition of the word "Mortal." Means someone or something that is mortal that can die, and if God is eternal?
I Leave the rest up to you!

Sindy Lee God has the energy of a male and a female ...the female energy called shchina ..this energy protects the children of israel in exile

Sheel Sheelman How about if "God" doesn't have an entity of any kind! and just.. is!

Richard A Carroll Alpha Omega. The Beginning and the End. God made Man in his imagine. But those that mean man is a likeness of God. Or is he merely the Image of what God foresaw him as. And where does that leave Eve. You know. Adams second wife. Wait. Does that mean he was divorced or a widow? I love philosophy

Sloan Bashinsky Looks to me, regardless of what scriptures are read, that western "man" has gone about remaking God in "man's own image and is still hard at it. Who today actually knows that Adam and Eve actually existed? Much less that Adam's first wife was named Lilith and she was so contrary that God had to create Eve for Adam. Reading the Bible, and talking to many followers of the Bible, their God is male, thus it would have been impossible Eve to have bee made in God's image. However, in Judaism, Shekina, the spirit of God, is female. The Holy Spirit in Christendom's Trinity is represented by the dove, hardly a male symbol. But "man" made it so anyway. Absence of the operating female (yin) essence in western religions, in humanity generally, is the cause of wars, man-made and otherwise, and most human diseases of body, emotions, mind and soul. That suits the Devil just fine. Make's "his" job a lot easier. Enables "him" to spend a lot of time on a recliner on a beach goggling what "man" has pretty much twisted and distorted and subordinated - woman. I wonder if it has ever occurred to western religious adherents, leaders and pundits that Eve, being designed by their versions of God, was intended to do just that she allegedly did, it was part of God's plan for "man"? Adam had to be really bored before Eve showed up in his life, and I imagine Adam was boring God. Then, viola! Adam was no longer bored. But today he still clings to being boring. Predictable. Not particularly smart. Not particularly creative. Not particularly useful to God. And it's still all Eve's fault. That's seriously bizarre poetry.

Sheel Sheelman Do some people really know God better than anybody else?

Richard A Carroll Some deny God's existence. Some give lip service. Some have faith. Some believe what they are told. Some know. Some try to believe. Actually each individual must find God in his own way. To answer your question Yes.

Sheel Sheelman Because one believes in something doesn't make it real! The reality of one person, Maybe a fantasy to another. All belief is subjective, That's why everybody can be right and everybody can be wrong all at the same time.

Richard A Carroll True. Free will. We must make our choice. God has a great sense of humor. Try to reconcile Free Will and Devine Predestination.

Sloan Bashinsky Belief is just that, belief. Direct experience with the supernatural is something else altogether. Once that happens, belief is history.

Richard A Carroll Ah but we lock up those who claim they speak with God as crazy.

Sloan Bashinsky I am living proof of being locked up for telling of angels coming to speak with me. Beyond that, i am regularly accused of being insane, or a liar, for reporting experiences with angels daily, usually in my dreams, but they have a number of other ways of speaking to me and to people I know, including their dreams, visions, and quirky human experiences with blatant messages, if eyes and ears and even feelings are working okay.

 Sloan, If That's your experience, and you believe this to be true, Then it's no one else's business what they think of it. and if your not hurting anybody, including yourself, then there opinions mean very little. the Problem is when some people try to forcing others Into believing the same as them. 

 Sheelman, i don't believe it to be true. Belief is not knowing. I believed I knew what it would be like to be hit with a line drive baseball in the balls, but when it later actually happened, it was far worse than I had believed it could be, so as to render my belief superstition, so to speak. Same with believing I knew what it might be to make love, but when I did it, it was so different from what I had believed. I believed I knew what it would be like to have a child die, but when it happened, I learned I had had no clue what it was like to have a child die. People who talk about God, angels, demons, who have never directly experienced them, or people who deny they exist, know nothing about the topic, really, but they will never know that unless they have the direct experience. That said, God and angels, and demons, are unfathomable, in the sense they cannot really be known by human beings, but they can be met and heard from and felt in ways human are not entirely used to feeling, and in that way they are known, as opposed to believing they exist. Like seeing the tip of an iceberg vs seeing the much larger part under water, might be a fair analogy, except the part below the water is far larger than the submerged part of an iceberg.

 Ah. I don't care what others believe. I have refused for 62 years to try and "save" others. All I know is God and I go way back. I am not a Prophet. Nor a Savior. I know things and have seen things. I'm either the luckiest person in the world or God keeps me alive and has pulled me back from the brink of Death a hundred times. Some days...

Sloan Bashinsky Look at what happened in the world after Jesus left it. My opinion, he was the greatest human being recognized by humanity, even by his distractors. He had two friends with him, who I am pretty sure were at his level, but the Gospels don't make that very clear. Magdalene, and Judas. A team, a triad. And they knew it, each playing his/her role. While the rest of the folks around them slept pretty much.

Richard A Carroll I am a believer in the Old Testament as the Word of God. The New Testament is merely the teaching of his half-human son. And aren't most sons a disappointment. Besides the Old Testament is derived from the Hebrew Torah.

Sloan Bashinsky Jesus was human, and he was divine, as are we all, so to speak, but he was very developed and he knew who he was, or rather, what he was. If he failed, it was in making miracles, which distracted ensuing generations from living his new, so to speak, teachings, which in that day, and today, tended to be far more than people cared to try to live, or swallow.

Once up on a time, I received a transmission from what seemed really far away, it came in slowly, as my then wife stroked my chest lightly, which was our couple's way of inducing me into a waking trance. She had been reading a book in bed beside me and had stumbled across Melchizedek and asked if I knew anything about that. i said Melchizedek was around Abraham in the Old Testament, Abraham tithed to Melchizedek, a supernatural being in human form.

I went into the trance, this came:

Melchizedek ... Melchizedek is an order of angel that comes to a planet in trouble ... Melchizedek comes to a planet to prepare it to receive the Christ ... Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek... Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek ...

Richard A Carroll Michael. Gabriel. The elder archangels. The defenders of the Heavenly Realm. Ancient before time was.

Sloan Bashinsky The New Testament Letter to the Hebrews is about human being initiation into the Melchizedek priesthood; there are references back to the Melchizedek with Abraham in the Letter to the Hebrews. Bible scholars tend to think Hebrews author was anonymous. The angels told me Magdalene wrote it and left off her name because it was known no man would read it, if it was written by a woman. I can't say I ever heard in any Christian church, nor from any Christian minister, the initiation into the Melchizedek priesthood described in Hebrews, although I suppose it is discussed in priest/clergy training, as some sects priest/clergy are ordained as priests after the Order Melchizedek forever, after the fashion of Jesus Christ, high priest in Melchizedek, according to Hebrews.

 The archangel who came to me, with Jesus, to kick off my wide ride, was Michael. They later were joined by Melchizedek. I have a friend on the mainland who was being run by Gabriel and Kamael, then recently Melchizedek joined the three of them in his living room, all 4 in the flesh he said, and the two archangels named above were yielding to Melchizedek. When Melchizedek shows up in my life, that means the heaviest of work is coming in, at hand. In my spirit code, 6 is Melchizedek. The 6-sided star actually is ancient Melchizedek symbol adopted by the early Hebrews. I was told.

Richard A Carroll But I deal directly with God. And only God.

Sloan Bashinsky People confuse angels and such with religion, which tried to lay claim to what had existed for a very long time longer than the planet and solar system.

Richard A Carroll Alpha. Omega. The Beginning and the End.

Sloan Bashinsky I can't say I ever dealt directly with God. Big as the Creation is, God might have more important things to do than deal with each sentient in form or spirit being, which have to number in the uncountable trillions in the Creation. Intermediaries are used, who are getting info and directs from higher up, so to speak, is how Michael explained it to me and a Jewish friend deep in the New Age and Eastern spirituality, they also had nabbed, but some years after they nabbed me. We were told the angels don't know what's all going to happen, they are doing what they are assigned to do, then they get new orders, so to speak and go with that until further new orders come in. They said they were trying to teach us to live in that way, as they lived. I am pretty sure Jesus was being influenced by angels, although it might have seemed to him, although today his followers say it was God speaking directly to him, to Moses, etc. In the Old Testament, it goes back and forth. And angels came and spoke, then another time God came and spoke. Abraham had that happen. God promised him a son, then an angel stayed his hand killing that son, Isaac. Was God and that angel the same, the Melchizedek Abraham knew? Why not? Angels can take many forms and be many places at the same time. The speed of light does not limit their travel.

Richard A Carroll God has nothing more important than his creation. Mankind.

Sloan Bashinsky There are countless, by human ken, sentient species in the Creation. God has as many names in the Creation as there are stars in the heavens, and as some humans say, there is only one God, which is in all human religions, and outside of human religions, unbounded, in flux.

Richard A Carroll Nine Billion names does God have. Not to be uttered by Man is the True name
 I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me. God is not the only God. But he is The God. First. Last and Always.

Sloan Bashinsky I have read and heard that many times. I have no clue what is God's true name, so I can't get in trouble by uttering it. Whoever learned God's true name then told someone else, uttered it? Just my barbarian thinking, perhaps God is more interested in how people think and behave, than in name contests and claims of whose God is the real God? Or what to call God? I use God because I was raised saying God. No other word works for me as well.

Sloan Bashinsky Here is a link to an article which attempts to explain how God worked with Moses and the Israelites. An angel could have done that very easily, but this is so different and constricted and bombastic from how angels work with me and with people I know and have known. An advanced ET also could have worked with Moses and the Israelites in this way. 


By pinpointing the duplications and discrepancies in the…

If I felt better, I might wish you a happy 4th of July.


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