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gothic writing conference at Key West's Hotel California

Miriam Webster definition of gothic writing:

of or relating to a style of writing that describes strange or frightening events that take place in mysterious places
Text message yesterday morning from my mainland hoodoo spellcasting witch amiga:

A dream: in a medium sized room like an event space in a hotel, you were giving a lecture or presentation regarding various differing parths to homelessness – such as addiction, financial reversals, etc.

I text'd back:


She text’d:

What do you mean?

I text’d:

New post maybe

She text’d:

My thought was some day you would have opportunity to speak to an audience that’s truly interested and attempting to brainstorm solutions when and where solutions are possible.

I text’d:

Ha ha. No solutions. Free housing is rave some places. My solution unpleasant. What needed is miracle. The woman who started soup kitchen in KW used to say to her staff, it’s our job to feed homeless people, it’s God’s job to fix them. Plz use email for stuff like this. (I have a flip phone which is a beast replying to texts.)

My later thoughts:

I recalled Robert Marbut coming to Key West after being promised $20,000 by the KW city commission to impart his wisdom turning homeless people around in San Antonio, first, then elsewhere, he claimed. He made his pitch in Old City Hall.

I got there from Little Torch Key just as it was winding up. After the meeting was adjourned, I introduced myself to Marbut and asked what was his success rate turning homeless people around? 90 percent. Or maybe he said 95 percent. I asked if they were still in his entry shelter? No, they had moved on to other housing. Are they making enough money to pay their rent, utilities, groceries? Not usually. So, they are still being subsidized? Yes.

They paid him $20,000 for what I and Father Stephen Braddock, CEO of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, which offers halfway house programs to homeless people who are not drinking or using other drugs, unless prescribed by a physician, to try to turn their lives around, would have told the city for free.

A after speaking with Marbut, I spoke with Wendy Coles, executive director of Southern Assistance Homeless League (SHAL), which was under contract with the city to run KOTS, the city’s homeless shelter on Stock Island, the next key above Key West. I asked Wendy what was the point of paying Marbut $20,000? To get different points of view, she said. I told Wendy she was far out of her depth and she should find another line of work. Wasn’t long after, she resigned.

Wendy was SHAL’s first paid executive director. She politicked to get SHAL to do that. Since then, SHAL has had 2 more paid executive directors. 

After I outed Wendy’s successor for alleged tampering homeless people’s uncollected mail, she resigned. 

The 3rd and current executive director reminds me of an old hippie who once took a lot of funny drugs.

I could write a lot more about SHAL and KOTS, and have published a lot in the past. But today, I return to my hoodoo spellcasting witch’s dream. 

Causes of homelessness.

In just about every case, the homeless person ran out of money; did not have enough money to pay rent, utilities, groceries, etc.; had no family or friends to stay with, so living in a vehicle or on the street or in a shelter was only choice beside getting incarcerated in a jail, asylum or cemetery.

One or more frequent contributing factors:

physical disability
mental illness
life trauma
war veteran

In today’s Key West Citizen:

Vietnam Living Memorial rededicated during Fourth of July ceremony

July 5, 2017
Photos by BRIAN BASHAM/The Citizen Jerry Hughes, a Vietnam Living Memorial board member, speaks to a crowd of about 50 people gathered Tuesday morning at the Bayview Park veterans' monument to rededicate the Vietnam Living Memorial. The six granite panels were recently replaced, with more names added and some misspellings corrected.
Key Wester Scott Cates had no idea that the Polaroid photo his buddy took of him in 1968 while serving in the Army in Pleiku, Vietnam, would eventually be used to tell the story of that war for generations to come in Key West.
A copy of the small Polaroid of Cates has now been immortalized forever in granite as part of the Vietnam Living Memorial in Bayview Park.
Cates was one of about a dozen Vietnam veterans who attended the rededication on Tuesday. The organizers recently replaced six of the granite panels and did other repair work to the memorial. They also added roughly 30 new names of locals who served in Vietnam to the memorial, which brings the total to 390 names.
Cates was drafted right after high school and drove a tank in the 1st and 2nd Army Armored Cavalry in 1968 and 1969. 
“I had never even seen a tank, let alone drive one,” Cates said Tuesday. “I wasn’t so much worried about dying, but more about losing a limb. In those days, there wasn’t a lot they could do for you and they just sent you home and you were on your own.”
The memorial was first dedicated in November 2015. However, the six panels cracked and needed other work, which was completed last month.
Local businessman Ed Swift funded the bulk of the recent repairs in the name of his father and World War II veteran Edwin Swift  Jr., his wife Nancy’s father Navy veteran Peter Carlton Bacle and Ed Swift’s friend and Army veteran Francis Brooks.
The east side of the park now has several monuments and memorials commemorating the soldiers who served in various wars or in other duties dating back to the Civil War
Nearly a dozen Vietnam veterans and some 40 family members and friends gathered on the Fourth of July at Bayview Park for the rededication of the Vietnam Living Memorial.
“I get a little angry when people talk about making America great again,” said Billy Williams, who served in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969. “It has always been great.”
“A lot of people have lost their lives to keep this country free,” added Williams, who serves as president of the board for the memorial. “I am proud to have served and I am glad to be from Key West.”
I did not serve in the US armed forces. I had friends who did. I had friends, still have, who went to Vietnam, were in combat there. Two of my college fraternity brothers died there. I was saved going to Vietnam by a miracle.
Just my opinion.
The Vietnam war had nothing to do with defending America. It was an American corporate war for profit.
It was not worth one wounded or killed or PTSD American or Vietnamese or Russian soldier or emotionally battered spouse or child or parent of same.
Same for America’s wars since then.
Every one of which produced PTSD combat vets prone to becoming addicts living in mental institutions and/or on the street.
Living on the street a good bit led to my meeting street people who said they were American war veterans.
One I met on Maui in mid-2000, before I came to Key West late that year. He said was going blind. He had been in the US. Army during the Persian Gulf War to liberate Kuwait's oil wells from Saddam Hussein/Iraq. His vision was good then. His vision started deteriorating shortly after returning to the States. He thought he had Gulf War Disease. The Army doctors didn’t buy it. The Army refused to treat him for a service related medical problem. Now he was living on the street, on Maui.
He was well educated. What drew us together was I saw him reading a metaphysical book in a fast food restaurant. He had the book about 6 inches from his face. We talked about what he was reading. I told him a little about what I was experiencing. He told me why he soon would not be able to read and what he thought was the reason and how the Army doctors had treated him. I wished him well, not imagining it was going anywhere but to hell for him.
Shortly after arriving in Key West from Maui, I met a man who told me he had been in combat in Vietnam and after he returned to the States he became a firefighter and got married and he and his wife had a business, and that went on a good while. All along he was having nightmare flashbacks to Vietnam combat, which left him trembling. Eventually, he retired with a small pension from being a firefighter, and his wife and he were divorced and he started living in a van he had bought. He traveled around in the van, sometimes he was in Key West, elsewhere other times. Sometimes he stayed with friends. That’s still his life. Including the combat nightmare flashbacks.
I have a old lawyer friend in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he and I both attended law school, but he did it later after returning from being in the Army in Vietnam. He was a captain in an artillery company. He is rabid against America being in any kind of war. He started by marching against the Vietnam war after he got back to the States. For many years he was the lead trial attorney in the Tuscaloosa Public Defender office. The worst felony cases were assigned to him to handle. He also taught an undergraduate law class at the University of Alabama. He does not think any American war since WW II was to protect America.
My father felt the B-29 bomber on which he was navigator-bombardier stationed on Guam was protecting America from the Japanese. His B-29 flew night bombing missions from Guam to Japan. I saw many black and white photos he took from his aircraft of Japanese cities burning. His B-29 and its crew were under heavy anti-aircraft fire over Japan They never were hit. He suffered a detached retina shortly after that war ended, which saved him from being drafted into the Korean War. He did not like the Vietnam war.
Next today …
Back in early 2010, when I was publishing at my websites about my brother Major going missing and ending up dead and it was ruled suicide made to look like murder, I picked up a few new email friends in Alabama, one of whom went by the handle, “Morticia.”
She emailed yesterday regarding the report yesterday of my visit to the local Housing Authority office:

I truly have been asking God to get you that apartment. Remember we talked about it a few weeks ago email..  I was cutting grass this week talking to the man above about several things and one was getting you an apartment. I hope it works out soon.

I replied:

Me, too, thanks for your prayers. Hope all good with you and hubby.

Morticia wrote:

AND I forgot to add... I hope when you do get your inheritance this time you find a reputable trustworthy company to put it in a trust  and they allot you X amount of dollars a month to live on, it can make money in the investment company and you do not let everybody on earth talk you out of your money.  This time you say HELL NO to the angels and everyone else. You have lived a hard life on the streets and I hope you fix it where you can live the rest of your life comfortable. What is left you can leave to whomever you choose but while you are here I'd take care of Sloan and no one else. You have given enough away so if you NEVER give one dime away again you have given your fair share. Especially women. They will be all over you to get what they can. PLEASE THIS TIME do the right thing. Live for you and you only.

Sometimes you know how downstairs sends his angels in disguise. You will be thinking it is coming from above and it is really coming from below. 

You live comfortable and when you time comes you can leave whatever to whoever you choose but until then, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF..  I hate it people take advantage of you. They do.  They will. You'll have to go in hiding.  

My heart breaks in two for you about your children situation.  I much had rather have you as my father than the one I had. If so you'd not be on the streets.  You can not be that bad of a person that your two children turned their back on you regardless of what they have been told and brainwashed.  Maybe they have enough demons and guilt of their own that they can not face you. 

Let it go.  Just love them from a distance.  Someday they will realize what they missed out on but it will be too late. 

I am double timing it talking to the Lord so you hurry up and get ready to move to the senior apartment!!!!  It will be here before you know it. I feel it in my bones. Kudos to you for not going to that dinner. KEEP HANGING UP THAT PHONE OR GET A NEW NUMBER.

Then she wrote:

His back.. he is having issues with that.. But other than that we are ok I guess.   I feel really good about you and getting the apartment. I wrote you another long email about when you get your money I hope you have the sense which I know you do this time to put it in a trust or something where you can only get to a certain amount each month and not give it away.  People will come to you right and left. You need to take care of you. You have lived a hard life.

But then of course you did not ask me for my opinions. I keep quite until I am about to explode!!!!


I replied:

Todd German can help me salt the loot away, as can an old friend who used to handle Golden Flake’s cash, did so well that he quit when they would not pay him nearly what he was worth to the company.

No way I can go to dinner with Kari and she's using another man's money to go out with me and he sure would not want that to happen. Bizarre.

Very tricky dealing with women the angels arrange for me to try to make a go with.

Back side of my left hip and lot of left side of my back nerves and neck went to ailing during nap today. Left is female side. Rough stuff with Kari today could have caused that. 

My gut tight today, too. 

Heavy shit coming in, already in. And tomorrow. I suppose I need to get back to work on Bham stuff, whether that lawyer is going to work out, or I need to get another lawyer. Or sue pro se. The nice lady from Leeds (Alabama) taught me how, using e-filings, bless her heart.

Your opinions welcome, even if I don't agree, or use them.

Morticia wrote:

You haven't mentioned the woman lately from Leeds. As far as eating off another man’s money.. I am with you I could not do that either.  You are too much of a gentleman.  Great you can trust Todd and your other friend. I just worry about people trying to take advantage of you.  I have been used so much myself before I woke up...  Keep on writing I enjoy your carrying ons. 

Take care.... M

I replied this morning:

The nice woman from Leeds ...

I checked a bit ago with the Clerk of the Courts website.

The nice lady's lawsuit against Bruce Gorman and his wife and Bruce's corporations and's Coconut Telegraph public forum was dismissed by Judge Koenig without prejudice on June 15. Grounds for dismissal: the nice lady did not give Gorman the statutory required 5 days’ notice to take down what he had published to which she then objected; and the nice lady's complaint was a long narrative of perceived wrongs and did not address each transaction separately as required by Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. Judge Koenig granted the nice lady leave to refile in accord with the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

I had thought the 5-day rule was procedural and not substantive, and failure to comply would not result in dismissal with prejudice in my case. I pleaded the 5-day rule, but I also pleaded grounds that required dismissal with prejudice, such as: what I published about the nice lady was protected by 1st Amendment and similar wording in the Florida Constitution and a Florida statute; false and perjured pleadings by the nice lady; and her mental incompetency to prosecute her litigation pro se (without a lawyer). If the nice lady refiles against me, which she can do because Judge Helms struck all the pleadings without prejudice, she will get more of the same, and a bit more that will thrill her perhaps even more, plus a counterclaim, all of which will be public record like the Arkansas Bankruptcy Judge's order, in which the nice lady's impaired mental health was laid bare for all the world to see until the end of time.

In the nice lady's lawsuit against Rick Boettger, she is trying, still, to persuade Judge Helms to let her dismiss that lawsuit without prejudice, even as Boettger's big time media lawyer is asking for sanctions, basically, because the nice lady refuses to talk with him on the telephone about discovery and setting court hearings, which the rules of court require opposing counsel to do.

From the get go, the nice lady proceeded as if she had special privileges nobody else had.

Boettger's counterclaim had to thrill the nice lady. Because she alleged Boettger and I were in a conspiracy, still are in a conspiracy, to do her wrong and harm, I probably have standing to file a motion to intervene as a necessary third party. I have not ruled out doing that if Judge Helms does not dismiss that lawsuit without prejudice. My counterclaim would thrill the nice lady from Leeds.

There has been no new activity in the lawsuits the nice lady filed against me and Naja Girard, separately, in which the nice lady alleged Naja and I were in a conspiracy to do her wrong and harm. I filed a motion to intervene as a necessary third party the morning during which Judge Koenig later dismissed the nice lady's lawsuit against Naja, with prejudice, which left the nice lady having to appeal, which she has not done. The dismissal with prejudice left my motion to intervene moot, unless the nice lady prevailed on appeal and the case then continued before Judge Koenig.

It is just my opinion, again, but I remain of the view, which I came to before the nice lady's 4th husband contacted me and told me the same thing, that there are several of her, and while that is awful enough for her to contend with, she is being driven by a demonic entity, which is my assessment and not that of her 4th husband.

It also is my opinion that what needs to happen for the sake of all in the nice lady's path, is the courts need to rule she is mentally incompetent to prosecute her own litigation pro se (without a lawyer), and any lawsuit a lawyer wishes to file in her behalf first has to be approved by a court during a full hearing in which the presiding judge vets the nice lady and her lawyer, and the alleged future defendant(s), like the judge is a X-ray machine, to determine if there actually might be merit to the proposed lawsuit.

For the benefit of anyone who needs it, I have copies of all the nice lady's and my email and Facebook correspondence, and the Clerk of the Court has all the pleadings in her lawsuit against me, in which I think is clear evidence that there are more than one of her, which I think, both as a lay person and a former practicing attorney, renders suspect, at best, which of her is doing what any given moment, and denies mental competency to conduct her own litigation. Again, that is my opinion.,

It also is my opinion that the pleadings in the nice lady's lawsuits against Rick Boettger Naja Girard and Bruce Gorman also bring her legal competency into question. 

Of course, the problem with challenging the nice lady's mental competency is, if she is not mentally competent, she can plead that as a defense to counterclaims against her for money damages. In that she was mentally incompetent, thus not responsible for her pleadings, thus the counterclaims must be dismissed with prejudice.

Morticia wrote:

I do not know the lady don't want to know her I just hope she gives up and leaves you alone.
For newcomers to this website, here below is a selfie video the nice lady made. I just had to wonder that happened between her and the driver of the chase car, before the chase began?
On October 8, 2014, Donald W. Coccellato, 319 Terry Drive, Blountsville, AL 35031, undertook to use his Jeep as a weapon of harassment, intimidation, and unl...

Last today, excerpts from FB chat with a new friend, who told me she was born in Tuscaloosa. This new FB friend shares one FB friend with me, who lives in Tuscaloosa, who started corresponding with me after my brother went missing in early 2010, and is a friend of my old lawyer buddy who is rabid against America at war. After my first wife and I were divorced, she moved with our children back to Tuscaloosa.

My new friend's parts in grey, my parts in blue:

JUN 24TH, 7:16PM

You are now connected on Messenger.

MON 10:41AM

Your presence is as familiar to me as a family heirloom but you tell the stories and I appreciate that so much. The epitome of a southern gothic romance, you. I flatter because I enjoy doing so, if I enjoy a person, place, thing, or idea. My reason for writing is to ask if you are on a list for senior housing, just being nosy, I know that you are very well looked after. Speaking of angels, your diagnosis of schizophrenia validates my relative reticence in opening up about the fullness of life's experiences. I may one day. Thanks for sharing.

MON 12:05PM

Have appointment this afternoon with local housing authority for with senior housing , I'm now low on their waiting list, they are doing their initial interview evaluation. Very well looked after, perhaps esoterically, but living on the street at any age is rough, and I'm pushing 75. I do have friends who help out with small expenses I cannot cover. One just bought me a hammock, and said he will buy me a window AC if I needed one in the senior housing, and he will buy me a crock pot, which don't recall if I kept when I moved last. I have great cooking pots and pans otherwise. Angels look out for me, but I could offer them suggestions for making it easier for me.

I'm not schizophrenic. If I wuz, I could not possibly do what I do, write what I publish. It would look very different. Bedeviled by angels, yes, I'm that. Long FB discussion about that yesterday and day before. Got warned off publishing it today, warned off in a dream last night. Most people have to be really careful about talking about other world experiences, which freak out mainstream people, despite going to church and reading about it in the Bible. My experiences even freaked out new age people, and people into all sorts of esoteric and arcane stuff.

Gothic, never considered I fit into that, had to look it up online to see what I am .

Thanks for writing. Maybe more later. Got to get ready for meeting with Housing Authority.

MON 1:18PM

TUE 1:15PM

I escaped Southern Gothic when my grandfather Bashinsky moved his family to Birmingham,which I suppose has its own gothic strains. I escaped that by moving away. I escaped moving away by running out of money eventually. I suppose there is a homeless gothic. As for the spirits, can't say I ever saw a ghost or ghoul or zombie or vampire or werewolf, although I

I have known people who did remind me of the aforesaids during full moons, moonshinings, college football games, divorces, getting caught with someone else's spouse, etc. Sometimes I was one of them. But today, I'm perfect in every way, by nut house standards.

The traditional (I am serious) retirement lodging for southern gothics is senior housing. My cousin's paternal Grandmother was born on a plantation, married a M.D. and after being traded in at 60 died in senior housing. As did my Mother but I'm not fit to tell her story just yet.
I suppose there is a senior housing gothic, given what I was told yesterday by the senior housing intake supervisor, but I left out most of it in today's post because I figure they have their hands plenty full and don't need a smart ass like me revving it up. I was not able to keep a lid on the Viagra reformation she described, but the details I left out. I wonder what it will be like if I get to move in there? I don't go looking for women. If there is one, she ends up in front of me. I suppose there is a nut house gothic, too. Sure seemed that way when I was there. Key West has its own gothic.

Key West has its own everything. Scalawag central but I've not been since 4. Speaking of your gentleman's ways and the lack of need to chase, I am certain that if you could find a nice churchy widow tolerable, you might remarry and find more suitable lodgings. At least a proper study. In fact you'd be perfect company for a reclusive literary type whose land rich. I guess I'm saying that your living situation seems mostly of your own choosing.

looks gothicfied
I tried two church ladies, they ended up the worse for wear, I suppose they felt. Church folks have trouble with me, if I talk about anything related to church. I sure as heck did not want to be in this living situation I'm now in, nothing romantic about it. Perhaps there is no cure for stupidity applies. 
Hells Bells I guess I just have to accept that a brilliant man with an accomplished background and good breeding as well as connections can wind up homeless seemingly for no other reason than the punishment for living authentically. Now to read what you wrote.

I gave away a lot of money.
Making money did not come easy for me. Not for want of much trying.

Yeah, I gather that. I'm sure an astrologist would see that in your charts.
But you've had a varied life, a rich life.
You've not logged away the dry years in the same office.

Astrologists tended to groan when they read my chart. 5 planets in Libra sun sign. Virgo moon. Aires rising. One earth, one fire, one water, and the rest air signs. A KW girlfriend fora brief while told me air provides lot so fuel for fire.
I would be dead if I had stayed in a dry office. Now my office is pretty much were I am.

I've got a great deal in Libra, making charm easy. Mars in Aries, giving me assertiveness. Sun in the 12th house giving me being born to a psychotic narcissist who took LSD every day of her pregnancy until the 5th month and a worm of a Father who was not around. And homelessness until 5 and having a Grandfather who designed the university's music hall and killed himself Christmas Day and so much more. I am the Southern Gothic romance. Plus the CIA's MK Ultra.
And God's child.

Did you arrive wearing pink wings and purple slippers? My daughters had a father who was off in wherever he was. But he did love them. He was already being impacted by spirit workings, but did not comprehend it then. Today, he's best kept at a distance. I don't know their children.

You related to William Faulkner, by any chance ?

No, I am not. Am related to Martha Washington and Dollie Madison.
Have traced my lineage from my Mother's Mother's line to the 1580's, a Baroncy in England.

I asked about Faulkner, because of the kind of people in his Mississippi novels.

I live in a singlewide, the kids are mad.
from Tuscaloosa

From Tuscaloosa?

Yes, that
the pres of Bryce was besties with the guy who was supplying the CIA
my parents met when my Dad was attending the UofA, wanted to know how the acid was, she felt it was good enough for them to trip together
7 months and innumerable doses later, I was born

Bryce, such a nice hotel (California). I never had the honor, however. Never did LSD. Mushrooms. (Bryce was the Alabama hospital for the mentally insane no longer in operation.)

So I'm more like a STephen King character than anything.
Hotel California is Planet Earth you know.
well, Babylon

People can't believe that, after hearing my stories about what don't exist, according to even church people, even though it's in their Bible, well, some of it is.


And here I was thinking you were one of Ann Rice's.

I've always had plenty of help and were it not for angels and the like, I'd many times have had no one at all. As you know they are the best company.
I do adore Rice.
And am much like a character from Mayfair Witches.
Though I loathe that course term.
If anything I am a gnostic.
I know because I am given knowledge. I use it wisely and take nothing personally.

Oh, me. They stoned gnostics back in the day.

I am granted favor because of things outside of my doing. I did not create my character.
I'd have been stoned and burned throughout the centuries
I am kind and good and honest.
Blasphemy! The Emporer's robes are beautiful!
Anyway, it's husband's only day off and I should show redeemable qualities.
Talk soon old friend. (I think I'm funny.)


I think you are fortunate for having full blown mystic's disease. I'm only touched.

Full blown it is, has freaked out quite a few people who used to lounge in LSD, peyote, etc.
thanks for permission, was hoping it would arrive before I had to go "to press". not getting sense, yet, that I should leave Key West, but the thing is, We plan, God laughs!

Intuition is the highest form of intelligence so maybe do not plan but merely feel. You're a great feeler. Felt you in my headspace.
Good luck in there, lots and lots of fun.
Good thing I've learned to stop trying to think.
Feeling, that's the way.
Now back to your blog, as enjoyable a read as any but online so I do not fall asleep holding it.

As for us angel faced women, should you get any of what is rightfully your's, do not let your dick pretend to be wise or benevolent council and forgive my lack of couth. I was not raised.

Your company is delightful and should be shared freely. While a woman may be saccarine to get the sweetmeats, she'll be genuine if she's not looking to get anything from you but your company.
Fool yourself but no one else is fooled by the "I just get tricked into helping these devil wimmin!". I like you.

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