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Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, and some of their gang members, gather in Key West to joust a few windmills and rock a few boats

We have mi amiga Morticia, of Birmingham, Alabama, to thank for prodding me to write what makes up much of today's post at this here fool's website. However, before that fun starts, here's the text of an email thank you for Sancho Panza from my hoodoo witch friend, in whose progressive midwestern mainland city it is illegal to cast spells, read the tarot, do psychic readings, etc:
"Please thank Sancho Panza, for me, for the kind birthday wishes, okay?"
Morticia wrote last night about Sancho Panza:

I don't like Sancho. Who is he anyway?  He is real negative. Maybe you need to take an antibotic to deal with him.
Key West Citizen editorial cartoon, 2008

I replied this morning:

Sancho is retired Lucent Technologies scientist, who still does contract work for them in Spanish countries in the Americas. He was born in the Dominican Republic, his family immigrated to the US when he was young. He is fluent in several languages, including Latin. Other than perhaps a homeless man I know in Key West, Sancho is the most well-read educated person I have ever known. He and I connected, somehow, on the Internet perhaps in 2002. After reading what I was writing, he dubbed me "Don Quixote", which got him dubbed "Sancho Panza," who was Don Quixote's sidekick, foil, bewildered doubting friend in Cervantes novel, which was made into the play, "Man of La Mancha."

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Don Quixote (/ˌdɒn kˈhti/[1] Spanish: [doŋ kiˈxote] (About this sound listen), fully titled The Ingenious Nobleman Mister Quixote of La Mancha (Spanish: El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha [el iŋxeˈnjoso iˈðalɣo ðoŋ kiˈxote ðe la ˈmantʃa]), is a Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Published in two volumes, in 1605 and 1615, Don Quixote is considered the most influential work of literature from the Spanish Golden Age and the entire Spanish literary canon. As a founding work of modern Western literature and one of the earliest canonical novels, it regularly appears high on lists of the greatest works of fiction ever published, such as the Bokklubben World Library collection that cites Don Quixote as the authors' choice for the "best literary work ever written".[2]
The story follows the adventures of a hidalgo named Mr. Alonso Quixano who reads so many chivalric romances that he loses his sanity and decides to set out to revive chivalry, undo wrongs, and bring justice to the world, under the name Don Quixote de la Mancha. He recruits a simple farmer, Sancho Panza, as his squire, who often employs a unique, earthy wit in dealing with Don Quixote's rhetorical orations on antiquated knighthood. Don Quixote, in the first part of the book, does not see the world for what it is and prefers to imagine that he is living out a knightly story. Throughout the novel, Cervantes uses such literary techniques as realismmetatheatre, and intertextuality. The book had a major influence on the literary community, as evidenced by direct references in Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers (1844), Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), and Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac (1897), as well as the word "quixotic" and the epithet "Lothario"; the latter refers to a character in El Curioso Impertinente (The Impertinently Curious Man),an intercalated story that appears in Part One, Book Four, chapters 33–35l of Don Quixote. Arthur Schopenhauercited Don Quixote as one of the four greatest novels ever written, along with Tristram ShandyLa Nouvelle Héloïse, and Wilhelm Meister.
Cervantes wrote that the first chapters were taken from "The Archive of La Mancha", and the rest were translated from Arabic by the Moorish author Cide Hamete Benengeli. This metafictional trick appears to give a greater credibility to the text, implying that Don Quixote is a real character and that the events related truly occurred several decades prior to the recording of this account. However, it was also common practice in that era for fictional works to make some pretense of being factual, such as the common opening line of fairy tales "Once upon a time in a land far away..."
As for the fellow I call Sancho Panza ...

He also is one of the smartest people I have ever known. His IQ must be off the chart. He is self-effacing, he looks at himself in the mirror. He suffers fools not too well, he detests religious self righteousness, politicians, hypocrites, et. al. I doubt he cares much for lawyers. He once told me that he never had a mystical experience. He spends a lot of time reading online and perhaps otherwise, based on stuff I have seen that he is involved in online with other people than me. He is limited by his scientific outlook. I wonder what would happen to him, if he was visited by, say, Archangel Michael? Would he try to pretend it didn't happen? Would he emerge with a new outlook? Would he take himself to a psychiatrist? I doubt it.

Sancho voted for Donald Trump because he hoped Trump would take America and its terminal hubris and arrogance down the fastest. Sancho knows the most important thing to Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Sancho knows that promoting himself and making money trumps everything else in Donald Trump's life. Sancho likes Hillary Clinton about as much as he likes Donald Trump. Sancho was a Ron Paul fan. Now Sancho is an anarchist, in the political sense. He gave up on America turning itself around. 

Sancho has a dang sharp tongue (pen) at times. He does not like mincing words, but I have seen him be gentle with people who don't seem particularly awake, aware, but are trying to have an impact. In some ways, Sancho reminds me of you, Morticia. Outspoken, passionate, sincere, caring. Certainly, he struggles with what he sees me going through. As do many people. Sometimes my saga irritates him. He tells me about it. 

I much, much prefer Sancho in my campsite, than Young Prophet's father, with whom I exchanged some texts in the past couple of days. Young Prophet is the genuine article, an actual evolving prophet, for real. His father thinks he's delusional. The hospital had him on IV haldol, the most vicious way of administering it. His motorcycle club's lawyer sprung him from that prison yesterday evening. He's a mess from the haldol. His GI tract bleeding ulcers were life-threatening, and were caused by a demonic attack, and he's still at risk and cannot go back to that hospital, because the doctors there are like his father. The haldol was a demonic attack. As far as I'm concerned, their haldol did the work of the Devil on Young Prophet. I say that from having had doctors in hospitals do the very same thing to me, with something like haldol, simply because I said I had seen and heard from angels. A modern day version of the Spanish Inquisition and burning Salem witches at the stake.

Kari called and woke me up a little after 4 a.m. today. Said she called to see if I was still alive? She wanted me to know how much she loves me. I said, cut the crap. You don't call someone at 4 a.m. you know is sleeping in a police station front lobby and having trouble getting enough sleep at night, to tell him that. Why'd you really call? I already told you, she said. Bull shit. You had a dream, didn't you? What was the dream? Don't want to talk about it. Tell me the dream, please.

The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse came back. She started dreaming of them back when we became an item and spent a few nights in a motel room in 2015. I knew then that she was really super wired into the spirit realms. The 4 horsemen stopped coming around after a while. Maybe they came back a time or two, but it has been a while. In the dream last night, the 4 men on the horses were black men. The horses were the different colors in the standard 4 horsemen paintings. The black men were mowing down a whole lot of white people. 

I thanked Kari for having the dream. I said, mostly, I have had good relations with black people in my life, but not so good with white people, relatively speaking. Black people are allies in my dreams. Kari said she always has had good dealings with black people. 

I was not able to go back to sleep. My mind started running permutations of that dream. How I might respond to it in my waking life. New actions I might take. Then, I thought perhaps I should just give the dream a chance to play out in its own way without me thinking I know how to help it along. 

Maybe there is something I am to do, but I am not clear yet. I can't think of some wonderful things to do in my father's estate, which would not be liked by the people on the receiving end. Maybe it will come to that, but probably not today.

I told the angels yesterday that it looks to me they keep sending me on wild goose chases, instead of dealing with my father's estate straight on. It's his estate, it's his mess, it's his widow, it's his law firm, it's his trustees and boards of directors. What business of mine is it to amend what he and his widow and his lawyers did?

I pointed out when it went south, in the later 1970s, when my brother and I tried to intervene, we were spot on, but it was taken by my father and his 2nd wife as a scandalous insult. If my father and his lawyers had manned up and sided with Major and me, it could have headed off all that would follow, which to this day I view as the work of the Devil. Literally. 

I dreamed shortly after my father passed over in late August 2005 that he had gone to heaven. I was glad for him. And, I thought, if he got into heaven after boozing and chasing women most of his life, that heaven must be a whole lot easier to get into than I was led to believe growing up and later. 

Right after that, my father came to me in a dream and said he had not had time to take care of some things he had intended to take care of. I woke up thinking, bullshit. You did not want to take care of them, so why are you asking me to do it for you? For that was what he did in the dream, and it was just like him when he was alive to blame his flubs on something else.

Even so, I did make an effort to try to persuade his widow to give the $14 million in cash she had gotten under what amounted to a "deathbed" codicil to my father's grandchildren, who got nothing under his last will and testament. His widow blocked me out of her email account. A good lawyer buddy of mine wanted me to contest that codicil. He was itching to file the lawsuit. But I was not itching to do it. And I let it go.

Had I contested the codicil and prevailed in the trial court, then in the appellate courts, or by settlement, I would have gotten none of that $14 million. It would all have gone into my father's residuary estate. But that's not why I didn't do it. I didn't do it because I didn't want to take it on. I wanted to try to get on with my life. And, it was his doing.

What a life! I feel like Charlie Brown looking at Lucy holding that football, daring me once again to try to kick it, knowing she was going to yank it away at the last moment and I am going feet into the air and my head land on the ground, again. I told the angels that yesterday. Again. They send me to tilt this or that windmill, which was Don Quixote's passion, and nothing comes from it. The windmills keep winning. 

The angels sent me to 3 different lawyers in Birmingham, this year. The first ended up having a conflict of interest and said so after talking with his law firm. The second said he did not see a cause of action (grounds to sue) and I said I did not either. The third lawyer, with whom I had practiced law, said he loved the case and he had no conflict of interest. Then, he said he had gotten a lot of referrals from my father's a law firm over the years, and he could not sue them. Finally, he stopped communicating with me. Like, he had died and left no letter to me behind.

By then, he had learned from me that I had learned from someone (Young Prophet), that my father's law firm and widow had argued in a lawsuit filed after my father died in late August 2005, that he was mentally incompetent to do business for about 25 years with a Birmingham-based oil & gas exploration firm, and they wanted back the $37 million, or so, he had invested in that company's oil & gas exploration projects.

Then, I had them. For they did not make the same argument against my father executing the $14 million cash to his 2nd wife codicil less than a year before he died. 

The work of the Devil, that codicil. 

Which my father executed.

They are all his devils, I told him and the angels this morning. Let the 4 horsemen have at them, and at Young Prophet's father and doctors. Thank God for Young Prophet's motorcycle club(gang) brothers and their lawyer, who view him as a prophet. Fucking hilarious cosmic humor.

Let the 4 horsemen do to those people what Archangel Michael and his wolfpack did to the man who threw my friend Brenda and her possessions out onto the dirt at night last week.

And to that man's father, who was determined yesterday to have no brain activity and so his family was moving toward having him taken off the respirator, Brenda called and told me last night. The father had tried not long ago to force Brenda to have sex with him, and she had called the police, and that had led to her going to live in his son's home.

It has been my observation that people who do bad things to Brenda end up getting what's coming to them.

Same observation for people who did bad things to Kari.

Two very different, very stressed out, roughed up by life women, who hear and see better from the spirit world than anyone I know in the Florida Keys or Alabama.

Do ya think there is a message in that? Facetious question. 

All beyond Sancho Panza's range. All beyond science's range. All beyond medicine's range. Should not be beyond religion's range, but it is, because God only loves people who attend church regularly. Yeah, that's facetious, too.

My father's widow attends church regularly. His lawyer who drew up his estate plan, and the $14 million codicil, attends church regularly. I know from talking with them that they feel close to God. The lawyer is far more humble about it than the widow. But he does like money, it seems, most of all. The widow, too. 

My father's legacy. As I am listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Sweet Home Alabama" right now in Sippin' Internet Cafe's music system. Lots of talk about Birmingham in that song. Ya think that's a sign? Another facetious question.

Sancho Panza is living saint compared to the people I'm spanking right how. If they get into heaven, then Sancho might sit near the right hand of God when he gets there, to his great surprise, since he does not even think there is such a thing as God, but he will find out there is, when he passes over.

God has a nice place reserved for you, too, Morticia. I bet if you and I were able to sit down somewhere with Sancho, Young Prophet, Kari, Brenda and Hoodoo Witch, and swap yarns on ourselves and other people, we'd be rolling and laughing and crying and cussing in the aisles, while most people around us would be telling us we need haldol. 

Hee, Haw!


P.S. Text from Young Prophet this morning - he knew better than to talk about angels and demons in the hospital, but they gave him morphine for the pain ...

Morticia replied:

You are probably right.  Sometimes I dont like people then I realize it is because they and I are so much alike. I just do not like the way he is nasty to you sometimes.  You can't beat someone down when they are down and out.  One day maybe I can sit down with you all and get a better understanding. My husband and I have only been to KW one time. It was the year MTV was filming and we stayed at a house off Duval.  I enjoyed it but too many young people there for me.  KW is beautiful and we plan on making a trip again. 

Morticia also wrote last night:

It is heartbreaking the situation you are in. I can't even imagine not owning anything and having a place to stay. I wish I knew someone in KW you could get a room from. You are one hell of a man.. I can say that.  You endure in one day what most of us never even experience. It may do all of us good to go somewhere be "homeless" for a week to see how it is.  Make us appreciate what little we have.  I bet growing up you NEVER thought you would be homeless and almost no family.  That deal with your niece is horrible. Her father leaving her out of his estate. I just do not understand for the life of me some people. I hope it does not bother her and she goes on with her life and finds or has happiness.  

Some things you talk about I truly can relate to 100 percent.  

If I was your stepmother I'd give you your inheritance. Or some of it. You know we are all going to meet God someday. I wonder if she will have to pay for her doings with you on earth. Your father probably loved you more than you know and she hates you for it.

It would not hurt her to let go of some of the money you are going to get it anyway. I think sometimes people love to punish others on purpose.  I know one day I got to be accountable and I am trying not to do things on earth I have to pay for in the other world.

I am so praying and believing you will be in the housing soon and maybe God will give you back what the devil (I refuse to D) what the devil has stolen from you.

One thing I'd like to know. How come your SS is so small?  Did you not work enough quarters to get full SS?   

Are you ok food wise? By that do you get enough food?  I can not stand to see anyone hungry.

Is there a Unity Church close by to you?  They help people out with things they need. 

I know I ask a lot of questions but you are on my heart daily.  We all need a reality check.  To count our blessings even the smallest and even if we are not happy with our homes and jobs we need to count our blessings.  I hate it for you so much.  I truly do.

I do not understand about your children. I had a hell of parents. I mean PURE HELL..  My father died when I was 22 and my mother when I was 40. Even as evil as that bitch was I saw to it her needs were met, took her abuse daily while I was changing her diapers, seeing she was fed and had the care she needed and was there when she took her last breath. Even if I had it to do over I would take care of her again.  Do I love her NOPE,I actually hate her. Him also.  He was a beater and with the belt and buckle. She was mentally abusive along with physical. It was not good growing up. Sometimes we did not have food and ask a young woman of today how they would feel having two dresses to their name and a pair of sandals in the 12th grade.  I did not even have a purse. I had zero money.  

I did have one thing. Enough brains to get away from home and be someone. I did however stay in her clutches somewhat until a few years ago when she had been gone 20 years. I said enough is enough I am setting myself free.  IT WAS HELL with them but I saw to it she had care and her needs were met.  Maybe your children are wrestling with demons of their own.  I just can not believe they will not even give you a dollar.  


I replied this morning:

Hi again, Morticia -

I answered your first email of yesterday before opening and reading this your second email.

I never asked my daughters for money, and I won't.

For sure, they are wrestling with their own demons, but I do not think they feel they are doing that with me, other than I am the demon but for whom they would not exist, which is pretty ironic. 

My real "sins" against them were not being there for them nearly as much as they needed. That's how I see it. 

My parents were mixed blessings. They both loved me. They both abused me. My mother sexually, then with physical beatings, then with forcing me into her church life. My father's abuse was mental and trying to control me to go the way he and his father went, into business. They both drank vodka from rising to turning in at night. I had a wonderful black mammy who lived in our home. She showed up at our home looking for work when my mother was birthing me in the hospital. Ya think that was arranged by heaven? Facetious question.

I have told Kari several times, I cannot live with someone who drinks vodka from rising to turning in, and who smokes cigarettes, which my mother did from age 15, to rebell against both of her Puritan parents, she told me. She killed herself with cigarettes at age 45, to get the divorce from my father her mother would not let her get, and to get the divorce from her parents. 

I barely paid enough years into Social Security to get the minimum monthly payment. I am getting enough money for food and incidentals, and it will cover the rent if I get into the subsidized housing and still leave enough for money and incidentals, because I will cook for myself and reduce my food costs considerably. 

The Unity Church here has not impressed me since I first got here in 2000 and befriended its lady minister, who let me sleep nights in the church outbuilding, against the congregation's wishes, while they were in the process of firing her because she was putting it to them and they were losing members and they had a big mortgage on the church building. I told her to make them fire her, when they asked her to resign. She said she had no intention of resigning.

After they fired her, they had a church service at which they asked for input to help them start healing. One congregant told a story of a town with a person nobody liked, mostly because of what he kept shooting off with his mouth. So they voted to drive that person away. But one person said he would take the person in, and that caused a row.

I walked over to one of the church elders and handed him a note I had handwritten. You asked for help during this service. It came right away. You did not see it. That story was about this church and its minister. Wake up. Sloan Bashinsky, ordained Melchizedek priest.

Unity's sign out front said they were a Christian church after the fashion of Jesus Christ. The ordination of Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran and perhaps other Christian clergy is in the Order Melchizedek, forever.

Hurricane Wilma flattened that Unity Church. There was nothing left but rubble, and the outbuilding where that minister had let me sleep nights. I quit doing it after they fired her. Went to sleeping nights on the nearby beach.

The Unity Minister had told me of being fired by the first Unity Church she had served, in Mississippi, I think. They still had not found a minister, she said. The ministers who followed her at the Unity Church in Key West gave me the willies.

I give church people the willies, when I shoot off my mouth in their churches.

Not surprising, given who trained me: Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek.

The foxes have their dens, the birds have their nests, but Jesus said he had no place to lay down his head. He and Magdalene were homeless. 

I told the Key West city commission many times that, since the city's official "creed", is "one human family," God decided to see if that was true by how Key West treats is homeless people. 

Even so, I really do not like being homeless. Maybe I would, if most homeless people were not so messed up chemically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. 

Lot of that in mainstream, too.
Email yesterday from a journalist at The Guardian, following up on his and my earlier discussion re him doing an article on homelessness in America, and in Key West:

From: Adithya Sambamurthy <adithya.sambamurthy@guardian.co.uk>
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 5:46 PM
To: Sloan Bashinsky
Subject: Re: Hello Again From Adi, The Journalist Working On The Homelessness Project

Hi Sloan, good to hear from you, thanks  for sharing the story regarding your interaction with Dave.

So I was able to convince my employer to send me and a coworker to Key West for a couple of days in order to meet folks in person who are experiencing homelessness, and also to speak with people about the busing program. We're planning on getting there July 25th afternoon. It would be great to meet up with you and talk more about the situation on the ground and also perhaps interview you for the story. 

I'll give you a call as we get closer to July 25, in the meantime, please do reach out to people and let them know I'm planning to coming to Key West to interview folks,


My reply this morning:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 11:06 AM
To: Adithya Sambamurthy
Subject: Re: Hello Again From Adi, The Journalist Working On The Homelessness Project

Hi again, Adi -

Re your visit to Key West with another Guardian journalist -

Kari Dangler told me yesterday that she told 5 homeless people that you want to talk with homeless people about what it's like being homeless. I had told her you were interested in the bus ticket program and living in the mangroves. But she did not pass that information along.

She said 3 of the homeless people said they were not interested in talking with you, 2 were interested. I think that's fairly good odds, given many homeless people have it plenty rough already and don't want to be identified in a newspaper article and get more local heat from the establishment. However, if they know their names will not be disclosed, they might be more interested in talking with you.

I talked with Arnaud Girard yesterday, told him you are coming, write for the Guardian. Arnaud is French, now an American citizen. He and his wife, Naja, born in America, live in Key West and publish online every Friday what I call Key West's "Al Jazeera". Actually, Key West the Newspaper (thebluepaper.com).

They rock the boat here plenty. They privately have helped quite a few homeless people and sometimes write homeless articles. I sometimes write homeless stuff for the blue paper, or in reader comments under blue paper articles. Arnaud said they want to meet you when you are here. I think you want to meet them, too.

They could do an article about what you are up to. 

Regardless, you should send them a "press release" saying why you are coming to Key West on the 25th of  July, and how you can be contacted by telephone and email, which they can put in this week's blue paper edition. Homeless people know about the blue paper, know it disturbs the establishment here. Word might get out about you via that press release. Many homeless people have cell phones.

Naja handles the IT for the blue paper. You can email her your press release at: editor@thebluepaper.com and najagirard@xxxx.com. cell 305-xxx-xxxx.  Arnaud's cell (305-xxx-xxxx)

I think first thing you do when you get here is rent a bicycle, easy to do, to use to get around town, as homeless people here are on foot and riding bicycles and city transit buses during the day. If you wish, I will get on my bicycle and take you places where you will meet homeless people you can try to speak with. Afternoons, because I publish each morning.

You might try to get into the homeless shelter in the evening to talk with homeless people there. The shelter is run by Southern Homeless Assistance Homeless League (SHAL) for the city. SHAL (305) 292-2744. Ask for John Miller, who is its executive director. A fellow named Mike Tolbert runs the shelter. 

Homeless people who don't stay nights at the shelter, perhaps half of the local homeless population does not stay there at night, sleep in different places. Some camp in the mangroves. They probably don't want you in their camps. Nor anywhere else they might sleep nights. Homeless people don't like people to know where the sleep nights outside, for various reasons, including the police and sheriff deputies.

Kari Dangler sleeps nights outside in the city, not in the mangroves.

I hope your article will include enough to give The Guardian readers a view of more than sleeping in the mangroves and taking one-way bus tickets. A large segment of the mainstream population believes homelessness can be fixed, if only this or that happens. Pipe dream. 

Key West has a city ordinance outlawing drinking in public. The ordinance was passed to be applied only to homeless people. It is worded so that it does not look like that is why it was passed. Far as I know, it only has been applied to homeless people. Sheriff Rick Ramsay would be interesting to interview about his view of the city using his jail as the city's second homeless shelter. Also about one-way bus tickets. (305) 296-2424

When asked, as a lawyer, to challenge that ordinance as violation of equal protection, I always reply, I cannot, in good faith, ask a judge to make it legal for homeless people to drink themselves to death. Kari Dangler is one of those homeless people, vodka is her choice.

I suppose 90 percent of street people here and other places I have been homeless are heavy addicts, and 75 percent of homeless people, addicts or not, are mentally deranged to some or greater degree. It is not possible to treat mental derangement if the person is actively using booze, spice, etc. First, that has to stop, and even then society has not come up with a cure for mental derangement other than to try to manage it chemically.

I have my own weird "bus ticket" story, but it was an airplane ticket, which ended up in me being sued for libel in Key West after I reported the fiasco on my website. Got in the front page of the Key West Citizen a couple of times.

Me and my opponent at 2016 mayor candidate forum


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