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Did Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama, sue the only person who might have been able to help her, with God's help?

I walked into Sippin' Internet Cafe this morning to hear Jimmy Buffet singing, “Some people say that there’s woman’s to blame, but I know, it’s my own damn fault.” 
I told my errant homeless girlfriend Kari Dangler on the telephone last night. that my gut started feeling rough around dinner time l, and she said I need to start watching what I eat better, and I said she was right and I needed to start with stop eating her in the taking on hard spiritual work sense, and she said that was not what she meant, and I said there are lots of ways to eat, and you are dang hard for me to digest, and she came back with, Yeah? How about Judith Haney, Brenda and the hoodoo witch? I said, yeah, that’s a heap to eat, too, but since you brought it up, I’m starting with you.

Kari’s gonna love hearing what happened in my dreams last night, highlighted by Brenda 
coming to me and telling me to start the Judith Haney lawsuit all over, from the beginning. Already yesterday, I was looking at that, but I wasn’t sure how far to go back in time, nor how to go about it.
A few days ago, the hoodoo witch told me she had dreamed that Judith Haney and Brenda both were in a caged cell in her dungeon, and while Haney was clamoring to get out, Brenda seemed okay to be there. Then, the hoodoo witch dreamed of being told by a conclave of elevated spirits that Brenda and Judith Haney were one and the same, which started me trying to wrap my mind around that.
On October 8, 2014, Donald W. Coccellato, 319 Terry Drive, Blountsville, AL 35031, undertook to use his Jeep as a weapon of harassment, intimidation, and unl...
Judith Haney selfie video, I cannot help but wonder what might have passed between her and the driver of the chase car before she turned on the video cam; I cannot help but wonder that, because of how she changed her stories on me. For example, she alleged in her lawsuit that I owed her back the $1,000 she had given me, a gift, not a loan; and all the other she had spent on me, with no strings attached.

Judith and Brenda are about the same size and shape, their circumference probably exceeds their height. 

I knew before Brenda told me about it, that she had been sexually molested when she was a little girl. By her father and one of her older brothers, she told me. I figured when I finally saw Judith Haney in Birmingham for the first time ever last December, that she had been sexually molested in her childhood.

I have lost the email account, and, thanks to Judith, my older websites, so I can’t be positive, but my recollection is I first heard online from Judith in 2009:

Every time I read something you have written it sounds like sour grapes, i.e., bitterness.
When I think of all you accomplished in your life, i.e., children, education; and all that you have been born to, i.e., a good family and financial security, I think you are one of the most ungrateful, bitter, people I have ever run into.
What are you doing to alleviate the homeless problem in Key West, etc?
Instead of always complaining and whining, why don’t you use what’s left of your life to change the world for the better.
I can’t see any redeeming qualities in your bitter diatrites.
Get honest and stop playing games that people have to spend time trying to figure out. You are similar to a maze with no way to get or out. In order to see what’s inside you have to stand on top of it and look down.
Judith Haney

Now, if I had stopped and thought about that email, if I had used my training in psychospiritual wounding and healing, if I had even considered A COURSE IN MIRACLES, I would have viewed that attack as a very loud cry for help!!!

But I didn’t do that. I was not doing psychospiritual healing work in 2009, and had not done much of it since 1999. I was on a very different trajectory when Judith wrote that to me. I was enmeshed in local politics, for which I had received no training. It was, for me, like a default assignment in hell. Punishment, even. Perhaps it was not that, but that’s how 2000 AD forward felt to me. And still feels.

After my brother Major went missing in early 2010 and I was publishing my views about that on and, Judith started corresponding with me by email. Again, I later lost that email account, so this is all from memory.

Judith told me that she and Major once had dated for a little while, she’d met him at the Highland Racket Club in Birmingham. That’s a public tennis clubhouse and courts adjacent to a public golf course.

Judith told me they went to Panama City, Florida for a weekend, and stayed in a motel. She told me Major's penis was deformed and they could not make love. That was news to me and to Major’s wives, and to one of his girlfriends I had know somewhat, who, after reading that at my website, emailed me that Major was quite studley when she dated him, which was after Judith had dated him.

Judith never believed Major killed himself and tried to make it look like murder. She sided with a Birmingham area blogger named Roger Shuler, who became convinced I was in on Major being murdered, even though the county medical examiner, the city police detective, and the FBI all concluded it was murder made to look like suicide.

Within an hour of my receiving telephone calls from two friends in Birmingham, that it was on the local news that Major and gone missing, a Birmingham News journalist and I, nearly 1,000 miles apart, at the same time, had had revelations that it was suicide made to look like murder.
When Judith brought me to Birmingham last December, to be kept (maintained) by her for 7 months in an apartment, the apartment she chose for me was above the Highland Racket Club with a perfect view of the public golf course pond where Major’s body had been found. 

Right away, I started trying to wrap my mind around why Judith put me in that apartment, and I finally concluded, months after the bloom had left the rose, that it was to tell me she believed I’d had Major killed. 

I wondered if she had intended to have me prosecuted? After she sued me for publishing her and my online correspondence, she tried to have me prosecuted in Key West by the local police, sheriff, state attorney and FBI.

Well, let me back up.
After I stopped writing about Major maybe early March 2010, Judith and I started talking privately online around when I moved back to my trailer and acre of land on Little Torch Key, which I had bought in the spring of 2006, for cash, using part of the $1,000,000 I’d inherited from my father on Valentine’s Day, 2006. [All gone bye-bye now, as explained in numerous posts at my websites.]

I learned from Judith about her real estate appraisal business. I learned she had been a beauty queen contestant in her youth. 

Judith said she still had her beauty queen figure. We did a little dirty phone sex talk, which she seemed to really like. She sent me photos of her home, inside and out, and of her small tractor. I asked her to take a photo of herself on the tractor, naked, and send it to me. She got upset, said no way she was doing that, I would publish the photo! I replied, not hardly, that was private, but she had turned me off.

Judith started sending comments to’s popular Coconut Telegraph public forum. 

In one, or perhaps in an email to me, she said she was coming to the Florida Keys. I emailed her to forget that, she was not welcome here. I published that at my websites. She attacked me on the Coconut Telegraph. The publisher, who had built my websites and shown me how to use them, included Judith’s email address, which had her full name. She emailed him to “expect litigation”. 

During the March 31 hearing in Key West, Judith testified that was one of the two reasons why she sued that publisher. The other reason he published what someone else sent to him about her after she sued me.

The publisher of the Coconut Telegraph sent the “expect litigation” email to me, asking what I thought? I replied, “Hell hath no greater fury.” He replied, say no more.

Years passed without me hearing anything from Judith.

In February 2016, she sent a Facebook friend request, which I ignored. I don’t know recall. She also sent a private Facebook message:

·       Conversation started February 22

2/22, 6:42am

Judith Haney

Hi Sloan, I just read your Major redoubt and was glad to know that more of the pieces of the puzzle are finally set in place. Major’s death was a huge loss to so many people. Although I only knew him briefly via tennis, I really felt so sad to learn of his death. I hope you are doing well. I also enjoy your ramblings. You are one of the best writer’s I have ever read. Take good care.

I did not answer. I could not imagine why she wrote that, given her and my history. 

The “Major redoubt” was a comprehensive article I had published at my websites, perhaps in 2012, about Major, the FBI file on Major, other stuff I had learned about Major, and Roger Shuler’s continued jabberings about Major, me, etc. The article went bye-bye, when I lost that email address and then the two websites after Judith threatened to sue Blue Host,if I did not stop using her name in what I was publishing about her suing me.

Next I heard from Judith was private FB message in December 2015:

·       12/11, 11:59am

Judith Haney

Sloan, I am following you on your blog and am concerned about your homeless state. I don’t understand why you don’t have an apt, house, etc. If you need money for a place I can help and so can a number of other people who you know on FB and elsewhere. Just ask.

Dec 11You accepted their request.

To that I replied, and then began a lengthy conversation in private Facebook chat, which Judith later converted to emails, and there would be many emails, all of which I made an exhibit in the lawsuit she filed against me.

For purposes of today’s post, several Facebook messages from Judith to me:

         12/11, 12:20pm

Judith Haney
I am going to wire you $1000 today. How do you want me to send it to you?

12/11, 12:26pm
Judith Haney
This is a gift, not a loan. Let me know how you want me to send it. Paypal takes too long. Walmart allows instant cash up to $900.
I can send $1000.00 right now to you via Walmart. Can you get to a Walmart?
[She ended up sending it that day by Western Union.]

·       12/11, 8:11pm

Judith Haney

What will it take to get you into a place of your own?

·       December 12

·       12/12, 5:50am

Judith Haney

Sloan, would you be willing to come to Birmingham for a six month sabbatical from Key West. I will rent an apartment for you. This will give you some time to rest and not worry about anything. After that you can decide whether to return to KW or not.

I believe your physical wellbeing is at stake right now and that you need to be free of the stress of being homeless. It is very expensive to live in Key West. It is for this reason that it make sense – in the short term – to stabilize your health elsewhere.

I have an extra car that you can use if you don’t have a car.

Just to be clear, I am in no way seeking a relationship. I only wish to be of help – that’s all.

If you say the word, I will buy you an airline ticket out of there TODAY. And by tonight you will be comfortable and safe.

·       12/12, 6:54am

Judith Haney

If you come here you can leave at any time. There are no strings attached whatsoever. No financial strings, relationship strings, etc. It is a way to improve your health.

Don’t worry about having the right clothes, etc. That can be taken care of very easily with one shopping trip.

I know you have strong attachments there and you will maintain those no matter where you are. Remember this is not forever, it is just for a short time to regain your strength.

I know you have mixed feeling about being in Birmingham. However, you might be surprised and enjoy yourself. The five points [S]outh/UAB area is full of neat places and people.

·       12/12, 7:06am

Judith Haney

I understand your concerns about having the means to pay bills after six months, however, maybe you can skip worrying about all of that for now. Just take a step and then another step. The idea here is to get your health back where it needs to be. After than you can make decisions about the next step. Don’t worry too much right now. Just take a step. Also, you need other people around you right now and I will be here for you and hopefully you might reconnect with some of your past acquaintances. Some of them are still around I’m sure.

·       12/12, 7:08am

Judith Haney

In case you are wondering why I am wanting to do this for you, suffice it to say it is my way of reaching back and returning what was given to me along the way. I have needed and received a whole lot of help during my life.

Sent: Monday, December 12, 2016 5:22 AM
Subject: Follow up

Sloan, would you be willing to come to Birmingham for a six month sabbatical from Key West. I will rent an apartment for you. This will give you some time to rest and not worry about anything. After that you can decide whether to return to KW or not.

I believe your physical wellbeing is at stake right now and that you need to be free of the stress of being homeless. It is very expensive to live in Key West. It is for this reason that it make sense – in the short term – to stabilize your health elsewhere.

I have an extra car that you can use if you don’t have a car.

Just to be clear, I am in no way seeking a relationship. I only wish to be of help – that’s all.

If you say the word, I will buy you an airline ticket out of there TODAY. And by tonight you will be comfortable and safe.

Judith Haney Certified Appraiser
PO Box 380911
Birmingham, AL 35238

Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 7:16 AM
Subject: Follow up

I’m switching to email so that I can see a larger type face. The FB chat is hard for me to read and type into.

If you decide to come to Bham, I believe it is important to have immediate support who you will see/talk to EVERYDAY so that you will feel at home. It is not reasonable to assume that you are going to feel good about being here if you are isolated.

There are some nice apts here in Leeds. Would it make sense to you if you were to live closer to me here in Leeds at the beginning of your transition here – at least for the first six months? That way you could drop in and have lunch and feel like you have someone close by to help you. We have a beautiful park about two blocks from my house that you would love.

While I realize that Leeds sounds like it is a long way away, the fact is that it has built up to the point that it borders Liberty Park and has become a sought after location in the area. That it very close to I-20/I-459 is the reason for its popularity and is why I moved here in 2004. I have never regretted the decision. I can be anywhere in the area in 15-20 minutes.

Just a little about myself. I am 72 and not in good health. I have a busy appraisal business and struggle to keep up. I need a lot of rest and relaxation and that is why I don’t want anyone living in the house with me. It would be a huge disruption to my need for sleep, relaxation, and privacy. Also, I have three dogs and one cat living in the house.

Judith Haney

Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 7:39:39 AM
Subject: What to do with your old self?

There are many things you can do in Bham that could earn money and prestige for your old worn out self.  But FIRST you have to BE HERE!!!

So? Come on up!!!

Kari is going to survive and so will you. In fact, you would probably have more contact with her if you were here than if you were there. Think about it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, etc. 

Judith Haney
Birmingham, AL 35238

Despite Judith’s assurances that she was not seeking a relationship, I knew her switch to suggesting I live in Leeds near her was a courtship invitation. She knew I wanted to live in Five Points South. She knew Leeds was “out in the sticks”, unfamiliar to me. There was only one believable reason for her suggesting I live in Leeds.

I knew from dreams that I had business in Birmingham with my father's estate. I knew I was worn out living on the street in Key West. I wondered if I might return the practice of law? I decided to take Judith's offer and she flew me 1st Class on Delta from Key West to Birmingham.

Backing up ...

Brenda has been in love with me since the year we met, 2005. I have never felt romantic about her. I have made that very plain to her.

So there Brenda and Judith are, in the hoodoo witch’s dungeon cell, according to the hoodoo witch's dream. One and the same, Brenda and Judith, according to the hoodoo witch's later dream. Or, perhaps, it wasn’t love but my money? Or inheritance? To which Brenda and Judith were attracted? It could be both. Romance and money. Both can get dicey.

Kari says she doesn’t want my money, but that’s baloney. Of course, she wants my money. She wants a home inside. She wants what she used to have. That’s going to take money. But Kari doesn't want to give anything in return. As in, give up drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes.

Although I taught Brenda a great deal about the ways of the Spirit, she still struggles mightily.

Although I taught Kari great deal about the ways of the Spirit, she wants nothing to do with it.

Judith must have been wowed by my relationship with the Spirit, to send me that February 22 Facebook message:

·       Conversation started February 22 

2/22, 6:42am

Judith Haney

Hi Sloan, I just read your Major redoubt and was glad to know that more of the pieces of the puzzle are finally set in place. Major’s death was a huge loss to so many people. Although I only knew him briefly via tennis, I really felt so sad to learn of his death. I hope you are doing well. I also enjoy your ramblings. You are one of the best writer’s I have ever read. Take good care.

Maybe Judith had forgotten that she had told me about going to Panama City with Major?

Maybe Judith didn’t win Major over on that trip and she made up he had a defective penis to make herself feel better?

Maybe Judith went after me, because she had not won Major over?

Maybe Judith was the one who had threatened to out Major for being bisexual, which drove him to kill himself?

Maybe Judith inviting me to Birmingham was her soul’s way setting me up to be prosecuted for having Major killed?

All speculation, of course, but not entirely unreasonable speculation, given all the history.

No maybe, Judith bringing me to Birmingham was her loud cry for help!

After a week, she changed her mind about everything she had promised me.

It was after Judith sued me and her 4th husband contacted me the next day on Facebook to commiserate what he had seen online, that my sense that Judith suffered multiple personality disorder was backed up. Her 4th husband said said Judith's shrink had told her the same thing, and then he had identified 4 personalities in Judith, Judy, the one he loved, and three others, which gave names.

It is entirely possible that a young girl who is molested by her father, or brother, or uncle, will split into multiple personalities. Brenda did that. Kari was molested by the older brother of a child was babysitting. Kari has multiple personality disorder.

I was not able to heal Brenda or Kari. Multiple personality disorder cannot be healed by human methods. It can be healed by angels, if they decide to do it.

However, being a lawyer, I could have talked with Judith about her litigation addiction, if I had known of it when I was in Birmingham. That could have opened the door to the angels working with her. That could have led to her being healed.

Instead, well, I wrote volumes about instead late last year and the first half of this year. Most of which when bye-bye when Judith got Blue Host to shut down my older websites. And then she threatened to sue me again, if I did not take down what I had reported about her on this website. So I took down a lot of posts.

For all I know, the reason Judith brought me to Birmingham was because her soul knew I was the only person she knew who had the ability to help her.

I did not then know she was a litigation addict and addicted to suing other people and calling the police on other people. Although that “expect litigation” email she sent to the publisher of the Coconut Telegraph in 2010, or so, certainly could have been viewed as “fair warning” she was a litigation addict.

All of which was her soul’s loud cries for HELP!!!

Irony further, as part of suing me, Judith lined up with M in Key West, who hates me and Kari. M has a reputation among homeless people here of hitting on homeless women to have sex with him and come to his home to have sex with him and his wife. Kari told me that they propositioned her before I knew her, and she turned them down because she did not like M.

Kari remains convinced that M sent someone one night to rape her where she was known to hang out in the evenings before she went to her hidey hole to sleep. What convinced her was, because, before the man did it, he used his cell phone to make a call and ask for M, and he said to the person on the other end, “I’m here and she’s here.”

Last night, a homeless man I know told me that he is being interviewed by a
journalist in New England about homeless issues. He told me M is a sorry piece of shit, and is being used by his employers to run homeless people away from Key West, and that is their only use for him. To them, he’s a throw away, a burner.

That’s who Judith lined up with in Key West. To try to get me.

Judith’s last email to the only human being she knows, who can help her, with the help of God’s angels:

Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2017 2:28 PM
Subject: Your waiver of service

Mr. Bashinsky, your publishing today of my letter dated May 7, 2017, effectively waived service of the five day demand. Historically, you received a previous demand to take down your defamatory content and you ignored that demand. Therefore, this second demand letter is the final notice prior to proceeding with filing my claims against you.

The Monroe County Circuit Court case against you is closed. Unless you file a motion to reopen it, which I will vigorously oppose, you have no standing to suggest that you are exempt from further prosecution simply because you filed an untimely objection. You had several days to file your objection from the date of the sue sponte order and you failed to do so.

Pursuant to the rules of court, my voluntary dismissal had the effect of closing the case and that is what Judge Helms did. In that regard, she is not going to rule on any of your pleadings filed after the case was closed. I was not aware that Judge Helms had already closed the case when I filed my responses and only became aware of it yesterday when I read it on the Monroe County Circuit Clerk's website.

Given that you have waived the five day notice by publishing my demand letter dated May 7, 2017, be advised that if you have not removed all of the libelous and defamatory content about me today I will proceed with claims against you without further notice. I am filing my claims against you in Florida, Alabama and in federal court for copyright violations.

Mr. Bashinsky, you need to fully comprehend this fact: As long as I live - for however many days I have left on this Earth - no matter how much it costs and no matter how long it takes - I will pursue my claims against you to ensure that you are held fully accountable in appropriate courts of jurisdiction for your unlawful acts that you are committing against me on a daily basis. I will NEVER settle my claims against you because I want a full vetting of your criminal acts to be established for the record.

Judith haney
PO Box 380911
Birmingham, AL 35238

I wonder, hmmm, if it has ever occurred to Judith, if I get bumped off, she and M just might be the prime suspects? 

Judith's 4th husband told me, after their divorce, which took over 7 years and many judges and a bankruptcy proceeding, Judith created a website on which she put a $1,000,000 reward for anyone who brought the criminal Robert Fureigh to justice.

Looks to me from my dealings with Judith, and what all I read that she pubishede on her own website, that she hates men, and, based on my assessment of what happened to her in childhood, I can't say I blame her.
JUDITH HANEY'S COMMENTARY. JUDITH HANEY'S OP/ED: Page Two. Rock Me To Sleep. 29-Unprincipled Turncoat Democrats. The Black Hole of Religious Obsession

On top of that, her 4th husband, Robert Fureigh, told me that Judith had told him that when she was 7, I think, she watched her father put out a pistol in the living room of their home and stick it in his mouth and blow out his own brains. Then, one day, Judith's mother left home and never came back, and she ended up being raised by an aunt who felt social pressure to do it.

The US Bankruptcy Judge wrote about Judith:

Bankruptcy No. 98-41169 S. Adversary No. 98-4059.
238 B.R. 432 (1999)
In re Judith Eloise HANEY. Robert Fureigh, Plaintiff, v. Judith Eloise Haney, Defendant.
United States Bankruptcy Court, E.D. Arkansas, Western Division.
August 25, 1999. 


MARY D. SCOTT, Bankruptcy Judge.

"......The debtor testified that she has mental health problems. The Court file in the case, this adversary proceeding, and the conduct of this trial, reveal the credibility of this statement. She testified that she needs therapy and that she has been urged by various doctors to seek such assistance. While she previously had customers, she testified that she had effectively "driven" them away. She even believes that she may have suffered some sort of brain damage a decade ago. While the debtor introduced no supporting documentation or other evidence of her disabilities, the Court can readily believe she has been repeatedly urged to seek professional mental care..... "

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