Saturday, July 1, 2017

batshit crazy and related and distantly related cherished wanted dead or alive make America great again ideals and rainbow phenomena from Studios of Key West

As if reading my fool thoughts, my "straight man" Florida Keys amigo Todd German 
sent via Facebook messenger just as I was about to publish this post today:
I met Todd when he came up to me after a Key West candidate forum in 2003 and said he had really liked my talking during my remarks about my relationship with God, and that after I had said what I had to say and still had time left, I recited some of my own poetry, which years before had come to me from out of the blue.

Perhaps poems such as ...

Only fools rush in
where angels fear to tread,
but if there were no fools,
who'd lead the angels?

Black is white,
White is Black,
When they fuse,
Rainbows bloom

Rainbows know no master.
Fueled by Father Sun
They touch Misty Earth
only Heaven knows where.

Rainbows are more shiny than silver
and more brilliant than gold,
More valuable than diamonds
and more precious than pearls.

Rainbows paint heavens beautiful,
Make angels sing.

Rainbows are you, and me,
Full spectrums of Infinity
blazing across Eternity.

Rainbows are now.
So, apparently, are lightning and thunder :-)
Mi internet amigo, Sancho Panza,
a retired scientist fluent in several languages, continued our "mental health" discussion reported in yesterday's post at this website: 

BTW, Read "The Politics of Experience" by R. D. Laing.... or better yet, have your daughters read it... seminal book for shaping my World view! 

R. D. Laing

What is Schizophrenia?

Paper read to the First International Congress of Social Psychiatry
The term schizophrenia has come to have so many contradictory meanings and implications. What is schizophrenia?
For me, almost the one certain thing about ‘schizophrenia’ is that it is a diagnosis, that is, a clinical label, applied by some people to others. Until recently, this label meant that the labeller was under the impression that the behaviour of the person he was labelling was symptomatic of some pathological process, itself of unknown nature and origin, going on in the body of the person. This view could be held together with the view that the pathological process was also, primarily or secondarily, a psycho-pathological one, going on in the psyche of the person. In any case the label had one connotation. The person labelled was not like us.

I replied:

It appears my daughters' minds are made up and anything I suggest, say, etc. is wasted breath. It has been my sense for quite a while that the only thing that will bring them around will be something like I am awarded a Nobel Prize, or a Pulitzer, or write a runaway best seller, or get elected mayor, or angels visit them and scare the living shit out of them so bad I'm the only person they can think of to tell it to and ask for help. Oh, I just described nearly everyone I know :-).

I think Laing said it pretty good. I concluded years ago that it makes people feel a lot better to think I'm psychotic, because if I'm not, then what does that make them? I think that's what my daughters are up against. And their mother with her PhD in psychology. 

However, there really is such a thing as schizophrenia. My daughters' mother's father's sister had it, and she was seriously spooky to be around. I actually saw my daughter's mother take on her aunt's countenance a couple of times, and it freaked me out. Latent in her. 

I suppose everyone hosts some kind of psychosis, which perhaps does not take over too often.

I imagine most schizophrenia has seriously damaged internal feminine and/or entity possession. 

Ditto for other mental illnesses.

Good fucking luck psychiatry coming to terms with that.

Ditto modern society coming to terms with it.

The aborigine tribes saw "mental illness" entirely differently. 

It was quite an experience being treated and even imprisoned by psychiatrists who had no clue what was going on with me.

My daughters have no clue, either.

It's out of my hands.

Parallel, I think I'm watching the angels work on Kari. I have been bitching to the angels that they have not tried to bring her around. Maybe they are about that now. Too early to tell yet. And even if that's in play, there is no guarantee they will prevail with her. It is so very difficult to get over not being in charge of anything, but how you respond to not being in charge of anything.

I wrote to Sancho this morning somewhat urged by dreams from last night and stuff going on with at Key West the Newspaper,, published every Friday online, which I have been reporting and commenting on recently:
Your and my recent discussion seems a fair "clash" of rational vs. subjective, science vs. mystical, conventional wisdom vs. batshit crazy, although I once was told by a Key West amiga who likes to travel to South America to mingle with the Indians there that down there the bat shaman is the most revered shaman because he/she can see in the dark.

As you certainly know, reality often is so bright that it blinds.

Kari has been having trouble with the rear basket on her bicycle, which makes the bike unstable. Instead of dealing with it, which after it is fixed leads to her riding in the sweaty hot humid Key West summer, she was riding city buses using a day pass someone gave her, which made any rendezvous with me and other people hard for Kari to arrange. I was getting nowhere trying to get her to deal with the basket problem. Yesterday, she got banned forever from riding city buses, because she was sleeping on them. 

Wow. What a crime against humanity. Just naturally, Kari wanted me to talk with her about her taking the bus folks to task. Maybe they need it. But, I told Kari, that's not the first step. Getting banned from the buses was a message to get the basket fixed and ride your bike around town, which is a lot more convenient than being at the mercy of the city bus schedules and drivers who don't like homeless people on their buses. If you take the bus folks to task before you get the basket fixed and are riding your bicycle, you miss the message and screw up the metaphysics.

Metaphysics is science human microphysics (science) does not recognize.

There is an ex-lawyer here in Key West, who, before he got into the subsidized senior housing, spent the nights riding and sleeping on city buses, because he would not use the homeless shelter or sleep outside. I imagine sleeping on the busses at night lent to keeping his homelessness mostly hidden. It fell on another ex-lawyer to bring that into the light of day, after the bus-sleeping ex-lawyer and another homeless man got into a fracas into which I got dragged, since I knew them both pretty well. I met the other fellow on a city bus.

Meanwhile, the day before yesterday while Kari was cussin' God because she had nothing hot to eat, a man drove up in a car and gave her a Cuban sandwich, and yesterday while she was cussin' God because she had no money, she looked down somewhere and found $17 lying on the pavement. 

We saw "Baby Driver" last night at the Regal Cinema. It had gotten 95 out of 100 rotten tomatoes. Ka-Pow! movie. Exhausted from walking all day, Kari slept through some of it. She call me this morning bitching about being banned from the buses and her bicycle basket causing her to have to walk. Chop wood, carry water.

Below is a link to a really interesting syndicated reverse psychology tongue in cheek not in the least crazy wisdom immigration New York Times Op-Ed in today's Key West Citizen, which I figure might resonate with you given your Dominican Republic roots. 

Maybe our blue paper should borrow that Op-Ed to smooth out the rough edges is has been trodding the past few weeks re illegal immigrant apprehensions in Key West area. The blue paper publishers didn't report anything this week, but one of their readers and often contributors in reader comments mostly dropped in his two cents worth, which looked to me distilled down to agreeing with our sheriff leaving it up to his deputies to decide how to handle each illegal immigrant situation they encounter. 

Not the "clear policy" the blue paper has been demanding from the sheriff, but far kinder than turning every discovered illegal immigrant over to Border Patrol/ICE.

Below is an interesting "psychoanalysis" of Trump's latest thunderings, kinda rhymes with blunderings. Hard to imagine he is this devious. Crazy like a fox also comes to mind. Spoiled brat throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his way seems to fit. I doubt there is karma for people such as yourself who voted for him, because you figured he was what America most deserved and perhaps he would take America to its much deserved reckoning soonest, also sort of rhymes with comeuppance. 

Donald Trump and Mika Brzezinski: He Knew Exactly What He Was Doing

 Matthew Cooper,Newsweek 5 hours ago 

That’s the headline of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s response to the commander-in-chief’s bizarre tirade Thursday, when he attacked Brzezinski’s appearance as well as what he called her “low I.Q.” On Friday morning, there’s a lot to recommend in their assessment that the president is unhinged and unwell.
But dismissing the president as mentally ill misses the rational, Machiavellian aspects of Donald Trump’s tirades. While his tweets targeting Brzezinski brought the president a torrent of criticism—much of it from congressional Republicans—and is likely to diminish his public support, it also served a purpose. It pushed other, potentially more damaging stories about the president out of the headlines.
Had Trump not tweeted yesterday about Brzezinski’s appearance, it’s a good bet that three stories would have dominated the headlines. The first is the woes of the Obamacare replacement effort in the U.S. Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had to delay a vote on the Republican proposal after facing an insurrection from his own members. The second is the announcement that the president will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he leaves Washington for Europe in July. The third would have been a powerful story in The Wall Street Journal linking Trump’s former national security advisor, Michael Flynn, to a Republican effort to obtain allegedly Russian-hacked documents from Hillary Clinton’s private email server.
Trump’s outburst about Brzezinski cleared the media table, putting the president’s critics, Scarborough and Brzezinski, in a position where they had to deny she had plastic surgery and having to deny that they tried to dine with the president, an idea he says he rejected. Is Trump’s broadside self-destructive, weird, unhinged? Yes, but it wasn’t without calculation, as can be said of his attacks on Megyn Kelly (another intelligent journalist he maligned for her appearance), Gonzalo Curiel (the judge in the Trump University case), the Khan family (the Muslim-American gold star family) and his own deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein. Trump’s actions brought torrents of criticism, but also served to push other stories off the table. Most importantly, he’s never really paid a price for lashing out. This is how Trump operates. It’s not a symptom, it’s a strategy.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Melania Trump should be taken at their word when they defended Trump on Thursday. Trump believes that he’s effectively hitting back at critics, and he’s got some evidence that in the long run, his strategy of vituperative attacks works.
This isn’t to say that Trump has no problems with impulse control or that this strategy won’t ultimately be his undoing. It does mean that we shouldn’t see him as “unhinged,” or his tweets as the rantings of a lunatic untethered to reality. Like a child at a store who screams when his parent doesn’t buy him a toy, Trump is embarrassing those closest to him while causing everyone else to stop and stare. But he’s also likely to get what he wants.
Lots of pundits were suggesting Friday morning that Trump’s tirades might prove a setback to his health care plan. Maybe. It could be that the embarrassment he causes senators, the anger he engenders in him, will be taken out on the bill. But it’s more likely that the Senate will redouble its efforts—if only to get something else, anything else, back in the headlines.
Regardless of whatever combination of rational and irrational makes up Trump’s psyche, though, it is ultimately less important than what Trump is doing to the country with these tirades.
Sancho Panza wrote:

A Zen Koan comes to mind....
"A monk asked Master Tung-shan, "How do we escape the heat when summer comes and the cold when winter is here? 
"The master said, "Why don't you go to the place where there is no summer, no winter?" 
The monk asked, 'Where is such a place?" 
The master replied, "When the cold season comes, one is thoroughly chilled; when the hot summer is here, one swelters."
The yearning for paradise is crushed, and you will find the yearned-for paradise down here in this world. In this manner Tao-shan preached the truth paradoxically: he said something unexpected which was contrary to common sense....."

For people who love bitching about their life, there will always be something they wish they had or didn't have, a hot sandwich or a Maserati... yes, even rich people are driven by Tanha! The problem with Kari, with you, me... with all of us, is that we are creatures of habits... our habits limit us, define us and in some strange, morbidly perverse way, comfort us! *>:) devil

C'est la vie! 

I replied:

Maybe that's why I call dis here place, paradise pretend.

I suppose the sound of one hand clapping is silence.


Unless angels are having at you.

Boring might be preferred.

Or not.

Adam had to have been seriously bored, and God with Adam.



He, he, he

P.S. from me to Sancho:

my hoodoo witch friend's dream about Kari last night

"Kari is riding a horse swiftly through a country like rural area of lanes, small roads, green fields and lawns.  She wears khaki colored pants, gorgeous deep chocolate colored leather boots, and an earthy brown top.  She rides like an experienced horse woman.... her long hair (blond streaked with silver) flowing out behind her and a huge exhilarating smile on her face."

I told hoodoo witch that earlier today Kari had called me and described a dream last night. She was up in the sky looking down on a herd of running horses, no people. Like she was looking after the horses. The horses were not running away from something, but were just running and enjoying themselves.

Kari grew up on a horse farm. She raised and trained quarter horses, and rode them. She was state high school barrel racing champion one year.

Things here in hell don't necessarily or perhaps seldom or maybe never reflect what is going on at the soul or spirit level.

It's that kind of thing that causes me to think it's best to leave the future to play out instead of pretending I know .

What do I know? Maybe Trump looks to God like a knight in shining armor!
This recent gaffery, Trump-Mica, is theater, hilarious, maddening. And not exactly made up. 

The rest of the world must be going to bed at night not able to wait to wake up in the morning and see the newest episode of "Make America Great Again"

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