Wednesday, July 19, 2017

supernatural apocalypses and prison breaks now? Key West local, national, international, galactic observatory

My north Georgia amiga Brenda called this morning to say the family of the man who tried to force Brenda to have sex with him gave the go ahead yesterday for the hospital to unplug him from the respirator and they did that last night and he has left this life. Just a few days after Archangel Michael and his wolfpack "persuaded" the man's son to rethink his having thrown Brenda and her meager belongings out of his house in the nighttime.
The indomitable Sancho Panza replied to his exaltation to near the right hand of God in yesterday's past at this here fool's website:

Don Q,  I am going to sue you for "pedestalization" of character! *>:) devil

Weird how you never got a good paying job writing for a conventional newspaper... hard hitting investigative reporting like you use to do at Good Morning Key West!  Too late now, newspapers are a dying breed......  everybody is good at something... maybe you're good at failing to be good at what you're good! *:D big grin  That photo reminded of Saint Nick.... a nice seasonal job for you!

Tell, mi querida, that Gomez said, "De nada" *<:-P party

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink
This here fool replied dis here morning:

Well, fuck, Sancho. I did need a good laugh this morning, after the threshing machine that started inside me about 9 p.m. last night, compliments mi quidera Ms. Kari Dangler, which utterly shredded and vaporized an earlier yesterday howler provided by Young Prophet, which I suppose will be vetted in today's shoot off my big mouth at the new website, which ain't getting enough page views a day to cause my pecker to think it is even still barely candidate for Lazarus return from the dead. 

goodmorningkewywest. com was getting 2,000-3,000 a day, some days a little less than 2,000, many days a good bit more than 3,000. Now, I'm a has been. Rejected by the local mullet wrappers, who could not begin to imagine having me writing a weekly column for them might have juked their reader numbers up a notch or two. There ain't no cure for lack of imagination but, perhaps, being struck by lightning in your bathtub while you jerk off reading the Key West Citizen or the Keynoter.

Along the way to the dead journalists cemetery - or should I say crematory? - Pulitzer-quality, and when it was active, scientifically proved the do what you love and the money will follow smile and be happy meal is pure D. horseship, or bullshit - you pick your favorite.

Well, that's not entirely accurate, 'cause I fucking hated covering local politics until I got to the born again and saved point of view that local politics is Picasso meets Stephen King Catchy 22 Lucy snatches the football away again comedy theatre, which seeded and incubated my evolving similar view of US national politics, rhymes with sewer and zombie.

Now we have a fake president hollering daily that the New York Times and other scurrilous ancient zebras (black and white and read all over) are fake news.

I swan, just thinking about that just now tickled my funny bone to poke my bladder to pee in my pants.

Down below are 3 links to recent lovely fake news articles I saw on Yahoo News about our fake president, whom you drop-dead-accurate predicted would make America, and his own self, the laughing stock of de whole wide world, and likely the entire boundless creation. 

Think of how many ETs races, not to mention angel and demon tribes, yo hand-picked fake president already has drawn to dis here tiny planet to watch the fakeiest show on earth, and everywhere else. 

Shit fire! He put my puny pecker droolings so far in the shade that I for sure will win the mister greatest failure in the history of this plant universe award!

Hee, haw!!!
Walter M. Shaub Jr., director of the Office of Government Ethics, told the New York Times that President Trump’s apparent disdain for long-established ethical norms ...
GLADSTONE, N.J. (AP) — Republican Gov. Chris Christie on Monday addressed Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 meeting with a Russian attorney, saying it's "probably against the law" to get opposition research for his father's presidential campaign from a foreign country.
President Donald Trump boasts that he’s accomplished so much during his first six months in office, and one Dallas Morning News columnist agrees.
Thems wuz appetizers for this howler, which got picked up in today's Key West Citizen:

Kathleen Parker

New York Times, Op-Ed

We were told there'd be dirt

That quaking beneath your feet is from shock waves in Washington where tipping points are merging with other tipping points to create the Mother of All Tipping Points.
Not only did Donald Trump Jr. meet with a Russian attorney who, he was told, had damaging information about Hillary Clinton, but there are emails indicating that he knew in advance that the opposition research was part of the Kremlin's effort to help Donald Trump become president.
It that's not collusion, it seems at least "collusioney," a newly minted term surely destined to erase all memory of last week's exhaustively used "nothing-burger."
Smoking guns don't need to be nearly this hot to capture Washington's attention, but these latest revelations should be enough to make every American take a deep breath. Whether Trump Jr. is merely stupid is yet to be determined, but he wasn't alone in that meeting. Joining him were his brother-in-law Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, then Trump Sr.'s campaign manager, who is known to have had business dealings in Russia for a number of years.
The New York Times broke the story, reporting that three (unnamed) individuals had corroborated the existence of the damning emails, which clearly establish intent to "something." Tuesday afternoon, Trump Jr. released the email thread between him and some guy — named Rob Goldstone — a music publicist who knew some guy who knew Donald Trump vis-a-vis the Trump-owned Miss Universe contest. Got that?
Goldstone arranged the meeting, which took place in Trump Tower in June 2016,  just before the Republican primary season had ended,  to talk about dirt on the presumptive nominee's general-election opponent. After Goldstone said that the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had information that would incriminate Clinton, Trump Jr. replied that he'd "love it." Who wouldn't? You're the namesake son of the man on track to become the Republican nominee and possibly president and Russia wants to help him win? Heck yea!
The fact that the alleged opposition research was part of Russia's war on Clinton, as indicated in one of the emails, would have raised flags for most people no, make that for all but these people. I'm confident that, if the nice Ace Hardware man who recently helped me select a mailbox were to receive such an email, he'd contact the FBI as soon as possible.
Which, obviously, is what Junior, Manafort and Kushner should have done.
Thus, we can presume that all three knew better than to attend such a meeting. After all, it could well have been a trap and I'm not sure it wasn't. But to the inexperienced minds of Kushner and Trump Jr., the calculation may have been as simple (and feeble) as: Why not? Defeating Clinton was in the national interest, wasn't it? And the Trumps have (or had) no pique with Russia.
Trump Jr.'s claim that he didn't tell his father about the meeting rather strains credulity, don't you think? Ditto Veselnitskaya's claim that she has never worked for the Kremlin and has no idea what all the fuss is about. She was here to lobby against American legislation that her client finds objectionable.
In an exclusive interview last week with NBC News, Veselnitskaya said she never had any "damaging or sensitive information about Hillary Clinton. It was never my intention to have that." Asked where Trump Jr. could have gotten that idea, she responded, "It is quite possible that maybe they were longing for such an information. They wanted it so badly that they could only hear the thought that they wanted."
So, apparently, the future of the Trump presidency is in the hands of Goldstone. He set up the meeting; he brought Trump Jr. into a damning email exchange; he promised dirt. Wait, who is this guy again?
Well, that's a very good question. He's an intermediary for Veselnitskaya, who either (a) works for the Kremlin and possibly even Vladimir Putin; or (b) is just a lawyer/lobbyist interested in U.S. policy. Wouldn't we like to know? Also possible is that President Trump knew all along about the meeting, which may be why he acts like a cocker spaniel at a Doberman rally whenever the name Putin comes up. What did Veselnitskaya really come to say? For whom?
More shock waves are doubtless coming. Meanwhile, we know for certain: When a Russian lawyer meets privately with the future president's son, his son-in-law and his campaign manager on a third-party promise of Clinton-disabling intel, it's hard to say the Trump campaign had nothing to do with Russia. For now: Collusioney.
Kathleen Parker's email address is

Well, shit fire! Just got a text from Young Prophet saying he never said he was a prophet, and I publish too much about him.

I text'd back:

"U are a prophet in training and therefore are fucked"

What he told me yesterday about his fun safari in a small rural mainland hospital was so wild that it should be reported in every medical journal and be on the national news and discussed in every church.
My near 75-year-old brain's recollection of what Young Prophet told me last night:

Young Prophet arrived at the hospital bleeding out of both ends in a somewhat passed out state. He was mumbling things that the nurse he ended up with, who attended a fundamental backwoods pentecostal church, perhaps, took to mean he was, it sounded, insane and/or an agent of the devil. So, on her own, without any higher authorization, she put Young Prophet on intravenous haldol and morphine. She just might have killed him, if not for a brother motor club member trying to call him on his cell phone to see how he was doing, and when there was no answer, the brother kept calling, and finally someone at the hospital answered the cell phone and would not put the caller through to Young Prophet, but did tell the brother what hospital he had called. Young Prophet did not answer the call, because hospital staff had taken his cell phone and tablet from him, after finding them in his hiding place. When his motorcycle club brother arrived at the hospital, he was not allowed to see Young Prophet. The brother called the club's lawyer, who came some distance to the hospital and sprung Young Prophet. The hospital then tried to get Young Prophet to sign a release of liability, and he told them he would sign his discharge papers but not anything else and he left the hospital and was taken home understanding if he started bleeding again he would have to go to a different hospital. 

The gastroenterologist on call at the hospital called Young Prophet, who said he would record the conversation. He had been given an ap to put on his cell phone, by his motorcycle club brother, who had been a medic in Vietnam and who had told him to expect the hospital to try to pull tricks, and so to record everything. The gastroenterologist said he didn't want to cause the hospital problems, but he was not happy with what had happened. The nurse did not call him when Young Prophet was brought to the hospital bleeding out both ends. Putting Young Prophet on haldol and morphine could have killed him. The nurse was put on leave and her job is at risk. Also, the hospital is trying to merge in a complicated deal with a larger hospital in another state, and this fiasco might queer the merger.

Young Prophet and I agreed that the nurse should be fired and she should not be employed as a nurse. 

She was the same nurse, who had reported seeing the tall blond man with the sword scabbard leaving Young Prophet's hospital room a couple of nights back, and she had run after the blond man and he had flicked his hand and she felt like she was knocked off her feet onto her butt, which I had been text'd about by Young Prophet's father, before I heard it again yesterday from Young Prophet, who had text'd me several days earlier about Archangel Michael, with long lustrous blond hair and blinding bright sword of fire, showing up in Young Prophet's home to talk with him about what I had published about the woman who had sued me, which Archangel Michael said had been a big mistake on my part. 

I burst out laughing yesterday. Said to Young Prophet, the nurse got used by a demon to try to kill you, and then she got knocked on her butt by Archangel Michael, and now she faces losing her job and her career, and being treated my psychiatrists with haldol. Really bad nasty pronto karma, and the hospital might be throwing money at you, if you tell the motorcycle club's lawyer to sue the hospital, and the merger with the other hospital don't happen.
When I called my mainland hoodoo witch amiga and told her all of that, she went back and forth between peels of laughter and aghast. When, I asked her what did she think put the motor cycle club brother to just happen to decide to call Young Prophet to check up on him?, she said she didn't know. I said, the same blond man that knocked the nurse on her butt. 

Archangel Michael? 


She emailed me later:

"Thanks for updating me concerning Young Prophet.  I'm so glad his friends in the MC came to his rescue. 
"I don't know when I've laughed as hard as I did during your telling of this tale of the radical nurse and Archangel Michael, EVEN THOUGH, I'm sure it's no laughing matter from Young Prophet's perspective.  
"I would not want to be that nurse....  I suspect she's  in deep yogurt trouble, now. "

My hoodoo witch friend had said on the telephone yesterday of the nurse, both morphine and haldol are controlled substances, and giving them to Young Prophet without a doctor's okay might be a crime, she could be sent to prison. Yep, I said. Archangel Michael is both a warrior and a healer. He has the nurse in his sights.

My hoodoo witch friend said she is starting to believe Michael is real. I said, "Starting to believe? Are you serious? Starting to believe?"
As for my erstwhile querida [female sweetheart] Kari Dangler, she told me on the telephone last night that 4 days ago she moved in with a man in the senior living center, which is where I have applied to live and am hoping to get in soon. A man who had approached her from time to time on the street, whom she had kept putting off. He wanted to have sex with her. Finally, he said he just needed her help, he was really sick, he was no longer able to have sex, he needed someone to clean house and look after him. 

Kari told me last night that she is a certified care counselor. She had told me a couple of years ago that her now deceased Key Largo boyfriend and she had started a company providing in-home care for elders and disabled people who did not need full-time care. 

I told Kari that I was really pissed she had waited 4 days to tell me, otherwise, it was her business. 

I added, since it is known around Key West that she and I have been an item, I hope what she and the man have done will not hurt my application to live in the senior living center. I told her that the rules of the center are you cannot have people live with you, who are not approved by the Housing Authority, and the Housing Authority will learn through the senior resident grapevine she is living in that man's apartment, and he might be made to move out. She said, the man had applied to have her live with him as a caregiver, which is allowed. 

I told her, if I get an apartment in the senior center, she will not live in it with me. She will not even visit me there.

Perhaps I should include here something Kari told me a couple of years ago, which she said led into her and her boyfriend starting the business to help elders and disabled people in their homes.

Kari was working for an outfit based in Key West, which had a branch operation in Key Largo, helping elders and disabled people in their homes. Kari worked in the office. She assigned the nurses to which clients to see each day. She noticed nurses were coming back to the office with controlled substances their clients had not used, which were supposed to have been flushed down the toilette, by law. Kari also overheard nurses talking from time to time about clients they did not like and which of them would be given an overdose and killed. Kari reported all of that to the home office. Kari was fired.

My hoodoo witch friend told me two days ago of a dream in which she, I and a third person were directing an online discussion group, and two of the members, a woman and a man, left the group. We wondered who those two members are? Kari? Young Prophet? My lawyer in Birmingham?

I told my hoodoo witch friend this morning that this all has to relate to Kari's dream of the night before last, when the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, who were black men in her dream, mowed down a whole lot of white people.

I told my hoodoo witch friend that a black man in nap dream yesterday afternoon left me feeling I should dispense with using Jesus sayings from the New Testament in my efforts regarding my father's estate, about which I reported a good deal in yesterday's post at this website. And that earlier yesterday, my local friend Todd German had told me the same thing.

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