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Sorry, John Keats: in American politics and government, truth ain't necessarily beauty, nor beauty truth, and kindred heresies, fantasies and fictions: Key West Dispensable Church Sunday homily

I dreamed last night of Key West the Newspaper (, published online every Friday. So I went there after waking up this morning and found a reply from the blue paper editor to my comment under the lead "article", which looked to me to be a lame effort by the blue paper to buttress its pro illegal aliens position in earlier articles on the same sheriff deputy using traffic incidents to turn two different illegal Hispanic immigrants over to ICE.

Here again is the blue papers's lead "article", followed by my initial comment, reported yesterday at this website, followed by the editor's reply and my reply to that:

Women’s March Florida Demands a Clear Policy from Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Regarding the Questioning of Florida Keys Residents about their Immigration Status
As Monroe County residents and constituents we demand a clear policy from our Monroe County Sheriff’s Department regarding questioning residents and visitors about their immigration status, and sharing this information with federal immigration officials. The recent body cam footage of an officer questioning the immigration status of multiple Florida Keys residents is very concerning.  As there is no clear policy or tracking mechanism for these situations, there is no accountability, and this can easily invite discrimination by even the most well intentioned officers.
Our residents have the right to know what to expect when encountering local law enforcement. The Florida Sheriffs Association has stated that Florida Sheriffs departments do not have the jurisdiction to investigate immigration cases, yet the actions and speech on the body cam footage clearly shows that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is doing just that. If our Monroe County deputies are coordinating with ICE or any other immigration officials, we would like to see policy and transparency as it relates to our citizens and community members.  By not having a clear policy and leaving it up to the discretion of each officer, Sheriff Ramsay is putting our county in dangerous territory, allowing his officers to pursue lines of questioning that are outside of their job training and qualifications.  As taxpayers, we are concerned with the possibility of liability as it relates to the breach of civil liberties. As constituents, we are deeply concerned with the well-being of all of our community members that could be affected by this laissez-faire approach to policy.

Responses to “Women’s March Florida’s Statement Re-Sheriff’s Lack of Policy”

  1. Besides Natalia Duke, open link above, i’m wondering who “Women’s March Florida Keys are: names? numbers?
    I’m wondering if they are okay with Rick Ramsay working closely with Border Patrol/ICE to round up illegal aliens in Key West and Florida Keys?
    It could go that way, it could go the way KWPD has gone.
    I wonder how they feel about Key West’s policy of giving homeless Americans one-way Greyhound bus tickets to the mainland with the stipulation they cannot return and stay at the city’s homeless shelter?
    I wonder how they feel about the city’s homeless shelter banning homeless Americans from the shelter for life, without any right of trial, appeal, due process or forgiveness? {Not having anything to do with one-way bus tickets)
    I wonder how they feel about illegal immigrants without driver’s licenses driving motor vehicles in Key West?
    I wonder how they feel about illegal Muslim terrorists coming to America?
    I wonder if they have any way to really know who is a law abiding Muslim immigrant and who is a Muslim terrorist?
    I wonder if they have any way to really know which Hispanic illegal immigrants are law abiding and which work for south of the American border drug cartels?

    • If you look at the home page — the very first post this week is a press release from the Women’s March about the issue of local law enforcement questioning aliens about their legal status during routine traffic stops. They are asking the Sheriff to state his clear policy on the matter. So you should be able to find the answer to your first question there. The press release was furnished to all local media publications.
      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Who are “they”. I saw one person, Natalia Duke, at Women’s March Florida Keys” Facebook and website homepage.
        It this one-woman crusade?
        A one thousand women crusade?
        Fair questions, given the press release and name of the outfit.
        Fair questions Natalia Duke should answer straight up.
        She has a similar letter to the editor in today’s Key West Citizen signed by her, speaking for “We”, but no[t] saying who “We” are.
        I recall back during the “channel widening study” referendum naval battle a fellow named John Dolan-Heitlinger, who worked for Ed Swift’s Historic Tours of America, formed a “harbor pilots” PAC of which it seemed to me he was the only member, so he could sit at the panelists table at all of the “channel widening study” forums and speak for widening the channel to bring in bigger cruise ships which would put more money into Ed Swift’s pocket, but Dolan Heitlinger never disclosed at any forum that he worked for Swift.
        At the last of the ‘channel widening study” forums, hosted by Hometown PAC, before it started, I asked Bill Becker and Richard Grusin, two of the people assigned to grill the panelists, to ask Dolan-Heitlinger if he worked for Ed Swift. I told Becker and Grusin the public was entitled to know who Dolan-Heitlinger represented. Becker and Grussin did not ask the question, which told me more about them than they could ever have wanted to know.
        You have another “press release” in the current blue paper, touting City Commissioner Sam Kaufman, who is my own lawyer and a friend for many years, appointing Ed Russo to the Key West Planning Board. If you read the longer press release this week, couched as news, in the Key West Citizen, you know Russo claims to be not only the head of an environmental company, but Donald Trump’s environmental adviser.
        From the Citizen “press release":
        –For the last 15 years, Russo has served as environmental consultant for President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. Last year, Russo wrote a book about his experiences with the President titled “Donald J. Trump: An Environmental Hero”.–
        I looked up Russo’s environmental consulting company online, Environmental Remedy and Recovery, and it appears to be doing very little. It reminded me of John Dolan-Heitlinger’s PAC.
        ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDY & RECOVERY, INC.CLAIM THIS BUSINESS162 GOLF CLUB DR KEY WEST, FL 33040 Get Directions Business Info Founded2010 Incorporated Annual Revenue$38,000.00 Employee Count1 IndustriesEarth Science Services Contacts EDWARD RUSSO
        Company Summary
        Environmental Remedy & Recovery, Inc. is located at 162 Golf Club Dr in Key West and has been in the business of Earth Science Services since 2010.
        In fact, Russo married Jennifer Hulse, who was the Chamber of Commerce’s lawyer and speaker in favor of the “channel widening study”, which Hulse maintained at forums was not about cruise ships but was about jobs. In fact, Russo claimed in the blue paper and in the Citizen press release that he was on the board of Reef Relief, which declined to come out against the “channel widening study” referendum.
        In the Citizen “press release”, Russo touted himself as being all about affordable housing, yet I don’t recall ever seeing him at a city commission meeting getting onto the mayor and commissioners about them not even yet building on[e] stick of affordable housing in Key West, but, instead, they gave away about 100 of the city’s scarce building rights for affordable housing on Big Coppit Key.
        Your readers deserve to know who “Women Marching” actually is, just as as your readers also deserve to know Ed Russo really is.

Yesterday in Fort Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West, I had a conversation with people from the Ukraine. I was told that when Russia retook part of the Ukraine, the people living in that part of the Ukraine were happy, they had been looking forward to it. Today, they wish it had not happened, they are worse off than before Russia took them back.

Yesterday, I saw a post by State Attorney Dennis Ward in my Facebook timeline. 
Dennis is a Republican now. However, when he ran for state attorney in 2008, he was a Democrat. After he was defeated for reelection in 2012 by another Democrat, he switched parties. He ran as a Republican in 2016, and won. Historically in partisan races, Key West votes Democrat and the rest of the Florida Keys vote Republican. There are more registered Republican voters in the Florida Keys than registered Democrats. 

From the local supervisor of elections office:

  • Active Registered Voters6/11/17
  • Democrats:17,941
  • Republicans:21,493
  • Others:15,750
  • Total:55,184

I'm one of the Others.

Dennis Ward's Facebook post produced a heap of comments, which represent various views in America. I came into the discussion late. Dennis "liked" my entry. Then, one of Dennis's former Miami Beach Police Department fellow officers(?) and I had some conversation.

So, someone please tell me, what's the difference between Snowden and Comey?
Jack Vandelaar Comey was the wolf watching the henhouse and Snowden was in the Henhouse helping to lay the eggs and stole the eggs while the wolf was talking to a Bear😁
Ken Davis Comey leaked his own info. Snowden leaked the nations info.
Trish Docherty Gibson [pur former Chief Assistant Public Defender] If I remember correctly Trump loved Wikileaks not sure how he feels about Snowden
Lynda Hackworth Veski I found his whole testimony disturbing. He testified that he documented his very first meeting with the President because he thought the President would lie but he felt no need to document his conversation with AG Loretta Lynch who instructed him to label the Hillary investigation a "matter", an order so disturbing, he went public with the investigation. Not one idiot Senator asked him why he considered the President a liar from his very first meeting. Had the President ever lied to him? No. His only justification for calling the President a liar was the reason the President fired him, after the fact. And the only thing his agency didn't leak was that the President wasn't under investigation. Maybe the FBI doesn't know any other way to disperse info than through illegal leaks. And we are supposed to think he was fair.
Al Boza Very well said
Thomas Lederman The FBI has always been the toughest agency to work with. It's because of their leadership. Comey fits right in. He is a gutless wonder. If he wanted to say something the press would have gladly accommodated him. Instead he tells a college professor to leak the info. He shouldn't be in charge of mall security. Replace him with someone with guts and integrity.
Lynda Hackworth Veski Thomas Lederman totally agree. What a coward!
Andrew Caputo I wonder who paid for that dinner ? LOL
Bobby Hernandez Comey is taller.
Juan Sanchez Three sides of every story Comey's...Trump's and what really happen... I don't believe a damn thing that comes out of anyone's mouth these days...
Juan Rodriguez Fong This is problem with the Trump people they always try to confused the situation.
Edwin Gonzalez Never heard of either word ???
John Gallant I think Snowden placed American Citizens needs before his own. Whether or not it made him feel good, he gave us information that our government was doing things it shouldn't be.

I think Comey only thought about things according to structure and position.

He allowed himself to be compromised, he is most certainly telling an embellished version of the facts to show a narrative, and finally, he wasn't being loyal to us. He very easily could have corrected a man who obviously isn't an attorney or career politician (if he thought Trump was coming close to making an inappropriate suggestion)

When are we going to be on the same team again? All the fighting and horseshit has to stop between these two political parties. Our news media is a damned atrocity. We are literally ripping apart at the seams, and the best our leaders can do is try to destroy each other.

We all suffer as Americans. You can't shoot your left hand and not expect some sort of systemic distress. Every attack, every lie, every unjust attempt to destroy an individual within our system is an injury we all feel.
Lynda Hackworth Veski So true. When are we going to get back to the business of governing.
John P Morgan Dennis Ward Jim DeFede at yesterday's Senate hearing everyone seemed to be looking for what would fit their agenda, and nobody caught the lie from The X FBI director.
I have reviewed the video and it shows clearly him miss speaking.
To one senator's q
uestion he responded that he had met and talked to Trump on many occasions. However he went on to say that he only spoke with Obama twice, and the second time was to say goodbye.
Later on another senator there ask him about conversations involving the Russians where he said he had many conversations with Obama.
So which is the truth, did he have two or did he have many?
Watch the video and judge for yourself.
Wayne Black Ken, documents prepared by the FBI director were not his. They belonged to FBI and he cannot take them with him. Theft and leak of FBI documents.
Mike Mongo [twice Key West mayor candidate] Good thought. Not true. But good thought.
Vincent Aprile No it is true. I worked with the FBI as a clerk and you sign a document that you will not release any information and none of your work product belongs to you. So I believe Comey screwed up. Also he or someone yesterday said that Comey was not considered an employee of the FBI, then what the hell is he. He was the top man there. I am sure his checks had the FBI logo on it....
Michael Timmony He was a private citizen when he released his personal memos.
Buddy Petit Not really. He signed a contract or non-disclosure agreement when he started with the FBI.
Thomas Lederman He met with his boss and created a document, that is work product. Not his to release.
Buddy Petit The document doesn't have to be classified.
Miguel Mike Suau And Snowden ran to China and Russian and told them God knows what...
Mike Mongo Can someone tell me when one of my #1 law and order guys decided the good guys are the bad and the bad guys are the good?

Because Comey is one of the good guys. And President Trump is one of the bad.
John Nazzaro Comey is a patriot and Snowden is a traitor unless you are flying a Russian Flag.
John Gallant Comey was out for himself. He proved it by only divulging information about AG Lynch and Trump after being spurned. 

Snowden gave information to Americans about our government breaking our Constitutional rights.

You may want to reevaluate. And before you cast such a wide net, I would offer my service to The US in the USMC. I most certainly don't "fly the Russian Flag". However, it is asinine to believe we need to keep the Cold War alive, when we could have a partner and ally with other superpowers, if only we didn't tell them how to live, and what they should be doing. 

Speaking of, let's also remember The CIA, under President Reagan, financed and trained the Mujadeen to commit terrorist attacks against Russia in Afghanistan. So let's also not pretend we operate with some sort of moral superiority.
John Nazzaro So we should allow 45 to obstruct and not condemn the Russian involvement? Yes I know facts don't matter. 9 investigations into emails and 45 doesn't even condemn Russian involvement.
John Gallant John Nazzaro condemn another superpower for rumor and speculation? Where is the proof?

Second, it might seem a little hypocritical from a nation who has not only meddled in the elections of other sovereign nations, but installed dictators such as Saddam Hussein, and Shaws such as the Ayatollah Khomeini.
John Nazzaro Not saying we are perfect however we are Americans and if you think theses people are patriots for selling our country's democracy for their personal gains then we have issues. If at every corner lies and facts don't matter we have issues. When Rogers refuse to answer to congress we have issues. It will all come out and in the meantime the country suffers cause of trumps lack of integrity.
Mike Mongo John Gallant we are WAY beyond the point of establishing proof.

John Gallant Mike Mongo top secret NSA report. From ""? No, that is not proof. I want proof from a real, valid government agency. Not some nonsense secret source. The former director of the FBI just spoke under oath and said there was no evidence that Russia "hacked" the election. How are you going to take the word of some dude hiding behind a computer?
John Nazzaro According to Trump all 17 intelligence agency's are wrong and he knows more than the generals so good luck finding a us intelligence agency that meets your standards.
John Gallant I have disliked Trump since waaaay before it was cool. But I am growing tired of the lies and deceit I see in the media. I understand that Snowden and those like him are a double edged sword, but if you like our constitution and bill of rights, you sort of have to appreciate the fact that he was a whistle blower for government overreach. He showed our rights being trampled, and it cost him dearly. He also knew it would ruin his life when he did it.

Standing up for what is popular is easy. Standing up for what it right is not.
John Nazzaro He went to our enemies he should have stood up here and became a political activist if that is what he believed.
John Gallant Thats a valid point. I'm not sure I would want to face decades in prison. But I also don't think I would have made the same choices.

But how much of an enemy is Russia? From what I can see(most recently), they were vilified by the Clintons because the
y stood by Syria, who wasn't going to let an oil pipeline through their country.

Are they an enemy because of the way we have treated them, or are they an enemy because they are just "bad people"? 

Doesn't it make more sense that our kingmakers need an enemy in order to profit from chaos and war?
John Nazzaro They are an enemy because of what they have done, what they are doing , they are not a democracy, nor do they care about human rights or freedom of speech which are things that make our country great. It's not our financial wealth but our citizens that make us great.
John Gallant But my points above have shown us to be doing more egregious things. Seriously, The CIA under Reagan, financed and armed the Mujahideen (including Osama Bin Laden) to commit terrorist activities against Russia. This is a well documented fact, not a conspiracy theory. When was the last time Russia armed and funded terrorism that killed Americans? I have never heard of Russia funding terrorism against the US. And before we get into Cuba and the "missile crisis" let me remind you of just how close our missiles are to a plethora of other Countries around the world, including Russia.
John Nazzaro I get it and that was Regan's biggest mistake. But we are American s and we try to initiate change with integrity through service and activism not bulling or restricting rights. That's the difference.
John Gallant I hope you understand I'm discussing this with you in a friendly manner, not trying to make this a contentious argument at all.
John Gallant Just a different opinion.
John Gallant We should be trying to initiate change with integrity through service and activism. AND if it were up to the general population of Americans, I think we would have had a much different outcome. That is what I believe Snowden was trying to do. As well as the Manning kid. They tried to influence change by showing Americans what our government was up to. I could be way off base, I don't have any special access or knowledge. I do believe our government is up to things that make us less safe. I believe our Federal government makes decisions based on the people in the background, who place these elected officials in their positions. And I believe it doesn't matter whether they are Democrats or Republicans. We have been through an almost perpetual state of war for so long, I don't remember when we weren't trying to stir something up somewhere. It is all very troubling. I think we need honest healthy debate, we need to listen to each other, and we need to find our commonalities much more than we need to focus on our differences.
Mike Mongo John Gallant did you even read that?
John Gallant Mike Mongo I read the title, "top secret" NSA report, and looked at the source. Sorry, no interest. I BARELY trust the garbage mainstream media puts out with their "sources". If it were pertinent and real, it would be front page and corroborated by multiple outlets.
Mike Mongo John Gallant John, I understand. But please read this one. Not because you may or may not recognize the site. But because it is legitimate enough the person who did the leak is now in jail awaiting court.

John Gallant Mike Mongo it will be interesting to see what comes of it. There are still issues with the source, and how it is interpreted by The Intercept.. 

Since the source is in jail, and has questionable motives, was anything altered between the NSA and The ne
ws outlet?

Then, has the outlet changed anything, or manufactured a narrative. (If they did, it was subtle enough to be believable)

Finally, they say "Russian Hackers", which is much different than Russia.

Imagine if Anonymous' activities were tied to America. If a hack of Russian government servers were perpetrated from America, and the member of Anonymous was "traced" back to somewhere in The US. It wouldn't be a fair assessment to say "The US hacked Russian Servers".

Finally, I don't know enough to know enough about computer hacking to know whether or not we can even trace a "hacker", but I believe through IP spoofing and other methods someone technically astute enough would be able to hide their identity, or fake their identity to incriminate someone else.

It seems like a valid and reasonable article, but so did the NYT and WaPost when they said they had sources that showed Trump had ________. (Pick any number of things)

The real trouble, is that there is always enough truth to these articles that "the reasonable man" can verify enough ancillary facts to make the leap to accepting the unverifiable facts.

My issue with this is that I find every news outlet pushing opinions rather than reporting on fact, and that is troubling.

It's a good article, an interesting read, and I'm sorry I was snobby about reading it. But I will still reserve the right to view it as suspect until the material in the article is verified.
Mike Mongo John Gallant the far-left's position is the NSA intentionally allowed the document to be leaked to get this information out there. I am not conspiratorial and that is conspiracy theory. Also worth noting, the leak was arrested after the NSA learned of it from The Intercept who had reached out to validate the document.
Aj Daoud Both Ex Government Employees
Mike Mongo Plenty
Garrett Linnehan Hes a pussy

Garrett Linnehan Hey go easy on the mall security comments...,!
David Schmitt One has fled the country the other has yet to do that
Mike Mongo PS can supposed law enforcement agents and good guys start getting on the side of, um, actual good
Tim O'Hara [Key West Citizen reporter] Maybe there is no difference, but when are you a leaker and when are you a whistleblower and when does the public have the right to know? Don't they work for us (whoever that is)? Just something to think about
Lynne Brooks Comey knew his days were numbered 
Some of His comments were not typical of a high ranking law enforcement person. Such as Lordy. 
He leaked info for his own benefit.
Vincent Aprile I think the whole mess was a waste of time and our money, the taxpayer. If u are not charging Hillary for her email then what are you looking at Trump for considering that the whole thing was about Trump being involved with Russia and Comey commented that he was not.

John Nazzaro 9 investigations into emails found nothing. Flynn fired, Sesions recuses himself, 17 intel agencies agree on Russia meddling, 45 won't criticize what Russia did , this is about our democracy. The waste of time and money was the email investigations.
Buddy Petit The FBI agents were upset that he didn't file on Hillary. He had more than enough evidence to charge her and her staff. No arrest or charges because of the deal between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch when they met on the plane.
John Nazzaro Really 9 investigations on email, why aren't the congressional comities who investigated her and reinvestigated her bringing this to light. Stop watching fake news .
Ron Caplan Exactly!
Sloan Bashinsky Looked to me Snowden was a patriot and Obama should have pardoned him and hired him to help Obama know what his own intelligence services are really up to.

Looks to me Comey is a patriot. But I doubt Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump see Comey in that way.

Looks to me Trump was wild for Comey, for getting Trump elected.
Sloan Bashinsky [5 times Key West mayor candidate, 3 times county commission candidate, 1 time school board candidate] Then Trumps critters started being dragged out of the woodwork, and now Trump is in Hillary's camp re Comey. 

That's serious poetry, and seriously hilarious. 

Made America great, as in greatest laughing stock.
[Dennis Ward liked that comment.]
Buddy Petit Comey signed a contract or non-disclosure agreement saying that all documents/ papers he had while working could not be used or released - ever. He should be brought up on charges.
Sloan Bashinsky Are you a lawyer, Buddy Petit? Have you read that contract? Do you think Comey could contract to turn his head if he thought US laws had been violated? Or may have been violated? As soon as he was before Congress, he would have to show them everything he wrote down as FBI employee, which was part of their investigation. If he testified in federal court, he would be allowed to introduce his notes written down as part of his conversations with Trump, if Comey was the defendant, or if he was the US Department of Justice's witness against Trump or one of his cronies. 

I found the oath Comey took when he was sworn in as FBI Director, by using Google;

5 U.S. Code § 3331 - Oath of office

An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, shall take the following oath: “I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” This section does not affect other oaths required by law.
(Pub. L. 89–554, Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 424.)…
Buddy Petit Not the oath he signed a non-disclosure agreement. Oh and 40 years of Law Enforcement tells me he should have put Hillary and her crew in jail. No memos on the AG telling him not to do his job.
Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, Buddy, what law enforcement agency(agencies?) I'd like to see the non disclosure agreement. I'm a lawyer, no longer practicing. I thought Hillary should have been put in prison, by the way. I feel the same about Trump, but I doubt it will happen. If you have not read Bill Browder's book, RED NOTICE, which is about how the Magnitsky Act was passed in 2012, over the stiff resistance of President Barack Obama, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. John Kerry, Vladimir Putin and the Russian KGB (not called that lately, but about the same), and the Russian oligarchs, you might get a sense of why Trump sent his buddies to Russia. That they might have said to Russia, you help Trump get elected, he will try to get rid of the sanctions on the oligarchs, including and especially the Magnitsky Act. Obama, Clinton and Kerry were trying to snuggle up to Putin, they did everything they could to defeat Browder, who won Congress over and it passed the Magnitsky Act knowing who was against it. Congress was outraged by what Browder told them about what Putin and his government really are like. Trump strikes me as being in their ilk. He certainly views himself as an oligarch/king. Above the law. Since a good while before he ran for president.
Buddy Petit I worked with Dennis. [Miami Beach Police Department?]
Spencer Slate Nothing! Both traitors, need to be shot.
Joanne Ader My thoughts are let all the possible facts come out this is going to take a long time, but hope that we Americans all of us are told the truth if something is wrong let's hope that gets done correctly
Sloan Bashinsky Amen, Joanne Ader.
Vincent Aprile The whole thing comes down to Trump being an outsider, not a politician and both the dems and republicans are against him.
Sloan Bashinsky The issue, however, is, did Trump and his buddies consort with Russia to interfere with the 2016 presidential election? I seriously doubt the Republican Party and Trump backers, not necessarily on the same page, want that question answered in the affirmative. Perhaps the answer is no. But every American, in my opinion, should want the question answered in a way that puts the question to rest.

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