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redneck mystic justice: The First Commandment: Thou shall not kill the 1st Amendment, and if you have to use witchcraft and a sword to defend it, then go for it!

The co-Publisher/Editor of every Friday online Key West the Newspaper ( emailed regarding her part of yesterday's post at this website

On Friday, June 9, 2017 11:31 AM, Naja Girard <> wrote:


For the record. I did not approve your comment.  We use Wordpress. It is an interactive blog-style website forum. Rick Boettger is an "author" in our system and as such he is able to approve comments that respond to articles that he has authored.  Rick, unbeknownst to me, approved your comment to his article.  Once it was "pointed out to me" ever so "lovingly" -- by a very "interesting" person - who shall not be named, I removed the comment.  


Rick's article and my rejected comments were republished in yesterday's post:

I replied to Naja and forwarded a copy to my hoodoo spell-casting amiga on the mainland, for her thoughts:

On Friday, June 9, 2017 12:31 PM, sloan bashinsky <> wrote:

Took you a while to tell me what happened. I wrote to Rick several days ago about it, and he did not reply. 

So, he approved my comment to his article and you overrode his approval.

You missed removing his reply to my comment, and I mentioned that at my website, and then you, I suppose, removed his comment to me.

That's strange in several ways, Naja, all of which seem to me pretty contrary to Rick's 1st Amendment theme.

Am wondering who "Women's March Florida Keys are: names? I'm wondering if they are okay with Sheriff Rick Ramsay working closely with Border Patrol/ICE to round up illegal aliens in Key West and Florida Keys? It could go that way, it could go the way KWPD has gone.

Note: My last paragraph to Naja was in reference to the lead piece in yesterday's blue paper, included further along in this post today.
Here's what Rick Boettger, above, wrote in his last week's  article about the unnamed "interesting" person:

In the case of the Alabama woman who has sued four of the five people in the Keys who use the First Amendment at all, Naja recently won her lawsuit in a 45-minute hearing before Judge Koenig. This should have been the headline of the Citizen’s coverage of the hearing. Instead, they printed 8 paragraphs stating the loser’s side of the case before slipping in, in a subjunctive clause, that the case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning Naja won. I believe the Citizen only covered these cases as long as they thought it would be embarrassing for their journalistic betters, and will drop it now that we are kicking the Alabama vexatious litigant’s ass.

She also sued me. But suing me is like drafting me into a brutal war, like that against Hitler, which is difficult and time-consuming, but which is the good battle to fight. I am so sad for the people who consider themselves “real” journalists because their wealthy advertisers will pay them for their deferential, inoffensive non-news. They couldn’t have planned it that way. But I don’t know how they sleep at night. I beg their editors and publishers to set them free to bear the responsibilities of the Fourth Estate.
I, Sloan, wondered why the unnamed "interesting" person and Naja let Rick's stand, but not mine? 
I wonder if the unnamed "interesting" person is the vexatious Alabama litigant woman who sued Rick and caused him to liken his legal defense to fighting Hitler?
If the "interesting" person and the vexatious Alabama litigant are one and the same person, did her letting Rick's stand admit she is a vexatious Hitler-like litigator? 
Hee haw!

My hoodoo spell-casting amiga, who voted for free-press-loving Donald Trump because she could not vote for Hillary Clinton, but she would have voted for Bernie Sanders, she told me, emailed me re Naja Girard's and my emails re Rick Boettger article:

The lead piece in yesterday's blue paper:

Women’s March Florida Demands a Clear Policy from Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Regarding the Questioning of Florida Keys Residents about their Immigration Status
As Monroe County residents and constituents we demand a clear policy from our Monroe County Sheriff’s Department regarding questioning residents and visitors about their immigration status, and sharing this information with federal immigration officials. The recent body cam footage of an officer questioning the immigration status of multiple Florida Keys residents is very concerning.  As there is no clear policy or tracking mechanism for these situations, there is no accountability, and this can easily invite discrimination by even the most well intentioned officers.
Our residents have the right to know what to expect when encountering local law enforcement. The Florida Sheriffs Association has stated that Florida Sheriffs departments do not have the jurisdiction to investigate immigration cases, yet the actions and speech on the body cam footage clearly shows that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is doing just that. If our Monroe County deputies are coordinating with ICE or any other immigration officials, we would like to see policy and transparency as it relates to our citizens and community members.  By not having a clear policy and leaving it up to the discretion of each officer, Sheriff Ramsay is putting our county in dangerous territory, allowing his officers to pursue lines of questioning that are outside of their job training and qualifications.  As taxpayers, we are concerned with the possibility of liability as it relates to the breach of civil liberties. As constituents, we are deeply concerned with the well-being of all of our community members that could be affected by this laissez-faire approach to policy.

Responses to “Women’s March Florida’s Statement Re-Sheriff’s Lack of Policy”

  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Besides Natalia Duke, open link above, i’m wondering who Women’s March Florida Keys are: names? numbers?
    I’m wondering if they are okay with Rick Ramsay working closely with Border Patrol/ICE to round up illegal aliens in Key West and Florida Keys?
    It could go that way, it could go the way KWPD has gone.
    I wonder how they feel about Key West’s policy of giving homeless Americans one-way Greyhound bus tickets to the mainland with the stipulation they cannot return and stay at the city’s homeless shelter?
    I wonder how they feel about the city’s homeless shelter banning homeless Americans from the shelter for life, without any right of trial, appeal, due process or forgiveness? (Not having anything to do with one-way bus tickets)
    I wonder how they feel about illegal immigrants without driver’s licenses driving motor vehicles in Key West?
    I wonder how they feel about illegal Muslim terrorists coming to America?
    I wonder if they have any way to really know who is a law abiding Muslim immigrant and who is a Muslim terrorist?
    I wonder if they have any way to really know which Hispanic illegal immigrants are law abiding and which work for south of the American border drug cartels?
Sancho Panza, who voted for Donald Trump to hasten America reaching its just dessert the fastest, sent yesterday:

I replied:

Sancho wrote:

I guess you are what you are and you respond accordingly... in a roundabout way, answering my question! 

Yes, there is a sickness in The World and you're inflicted with it just like the rest of us... don't think that, because you've had some of the shit squeezed out of you, you are any better! *:O) clown

I replied:

Oh, I'd love to have an audience the $ize of tho$e two Republican$, if that'$ what you are driving at. Watching and listening to them, however, gave me a tummy ache, head ache, ass ache. I didn't even get one laugh out. I'm just as fucked up as everyone else, not for same reasons, though. Hee haw. Where's my pitchfork? There it is.

Sancho wrote:

I find them both hilarious, Republicans are as Republicans as Catholics are Catholics it's all tribal markings, reason and logic have nothing to do with it... my friend, all politics is similar to chest thumping and other primate social displays of dominance. Your pitchfork is always handy... just look be HIND you! 

I replied:

They all be cults. 

Yeah, pitchforks be tricky. 

I published that Judith Haney reminded me so much of Donald Trump that I'd like to stick a pitchfork through her into Trump till death do they part, that's metaphor, but it won't surprise me if she tells the judge I threatened to kill her with a pitchfork, and that's what she did, and she told the city police and county deputies and state attorney office investigator and another judge and maybe the FBI the same thing.

I was really hoping Rick Boettger's superstar entertainment lawyer wuz gonna make Rick and me and some of our friends down here podca$t $uper $tars. But maybe he has his sights set on getting me my own national TV rant and rave show. You could be the first guest. Then, we could go into witness protection.

Hee Haw
thus the sword defends the pen

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