Friday, June 9, 2017

spiritual alchemy on the southernmost asteroid (way way west of weird Key West) and in national lampoon headquarters (Washington, D.C.) - plus, is Jesus taking homeless people to himself?

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with a street preacher I have known since 2003, as I recall. He lives as well as preaches on the street.

He said what he has been hearing from above since he and I first talked about God and such has changed. He didn't like back then what I was telling him, and he told me he was done talking with me. He said yesterday that he is hearing Jesus is going to take the homeless people to him first, help them, sanctify them some. Society won't know what happened to the homeless people, because they will just disappear. Then, Jesus will go to work on the rest of the people.

I said, it will take something like that to help most of the homeless people I know. The street preacher agreed. I said, I was banned for life from KOTS, because I kept publishing that the way many homeless people live, drinking and drugging, they would be better off dead. I was accused by the people running KOTS of threatening to kill homeless people, which I have never done. Nor have I ever threatened to kill anyone. And, they didn't like what I published about them and KOTS when I did stay there.

The street preacher said he liked it that I am sleeping nights in the police station. He had read about it in the Key West Citizen. He said he agreed the way many homeless people live is terrible for them. He did not agree they would be better off dead, than continue living as they now live. I did not press the point. 

I later wondered if Jesus actually will do what the street preacher predicted? Or, was that what the street preacher simply hoped, since he is homeless himself and seems fated to live out his days homeless? He has been talking about the Second Coming since I first met him. He does not seem particularly interested in people changing how they think and behave today. 

He said he really doesn't like the man running KOTS. Called him a Nazi. That's Mike Tolbert. The street preacher knows Mike is who banned me from KOTS for life. I didn't ask street preacher to describe his interactions with Mike, who reminds me a lot of Donald Trump, in the truth-telling department. But not in the looks department.
I thought yesterday and last night about homeless people I know well. I did not see any sign Jesus is gathering any of them to himself, at least, not in a way that is getting them to change their thinking and behavior. Maybe Jesus has a different approach than I think needs to be done.

The only homeless people I know, who seem to be hearing from angels of the Lord in their sleep, are Kari Dangler and my north Georgia friend Brenda. That's amazing, given how messed up those two women both are. I don't know anyone in the Florida Keys but Kari who is hearing from angels of the Lord. I measure that by what Kari hears she don't like hearing and seeing in her sleep and waking visions.

I have two other friends who are in that or a related boat. 
Young Prophet, who says the angel Gabriel is speaking to him in his sleep and in visions. Young Prophet is in a trial by fire and demonic attacks, unlike anything I ever heard anyone else tell me they are experiencing in this life.  
My hoodo spell-casting amiga on the mainland gets her information from spirit beings I have heard of but do not hear from as far as I know. She has told me she is very glad she is not having my or Young Prophet's experiences. She told me the other day that she voted for Donald Trump, because she could not vote for Hillary Clinton. I said I could not vote for either of them, I don't vote for Evil. I voted for Jill Stein, and I could have voted for the Libertarian candidate.

All four of those friends' dreams and visions about me mostly seem pretty right on. That causes me to wonder if they are closer to God than lots of other people I know? And two of them are really messed up. And one of them, Kari Dangler, drinks plenty of vodka. How do the angels get through that? I suppose, with God anything is possible.

I recall in early 1999 by a fellow I was slowly getting to know. A pentecostal rural Christian on government disability being treated by 3 different government psychiatrists, none of whom knew of the other psychiatrists nor of the pills they were prescribing for him. He was a mess. I was a mess, the angels were taking me through something awful. 

He called me one morning around 8 a.m. and said during his praying earlier that morning, he was told to tell Sloan he needs to read Hebrews. I thanked him, picked up my Bible and opened it to a book in the New Testament I had never heard preached in a church. Perhaps because it is about Jesus being High Priest in Melchizedek and the awful initiation of human beings into that priesthood and the grave peril of turning away from that initiation after it begins. 

That was the angels' hilarious way of using a totally messed up man to tell me what was happening to me at that time.
Maybe the gathering of homeless people to Jesus, who was homeless during his ministry, is happening in the spirit, and not in the flesh, and when homeless people die they are with Jesus? For I can't imagine a lot of the homeless people I know being with Jesus in the flesh. I don't see how they would be able to tolerate that. It might be a stretch for Jesus, too. He had an awful time relating to his disciples in the Gospels. He complained to them that they were not hearing what he was telling them and he would not be with them someday. Get with the program, therefore.

A homeless man I play chess with and usually get beat even though he is drunk called me yesterday about playing chess. I met him around noon in a public park with my chess set. He won 4 games, I won 2. He went to a store and bought some cheese to eat, yellow cheese in individual plastic wrappers. When he took the cheese out of the wrappers, he tossed the wrappers into the strong wind and it took the wrappers for a ride. I told him to pick up his mess, it was disrespectful. He told me it wasn't going to happen. I said that is what makes it harder on homeless people whose lives already too hard. He said he didn't care. He was all about himself. I said we are through playing chess. Today, and in the future. 

I packed up and left, and bicycled to Fort Zachary State Park and read in a novel by an author I like, thinking if that's the best chess the angels can arrange for me, then I don't need to play chess. Besides, much or my waking life is a bunch of chess matches.
When my hoodoo spell-casting friend asked me yesterday why the angels are so mean to me? Maybe they are demons, not angels? I said, naw, they are angels. They never tell me  I'm great, wonderful pretty, smart. They never tell me I'm going to rule the world. Or will be rich and famous. Or to rob a bank or hurt or kill someone. They just keep giving me hard work to do and correcting me when they don't like how I go about it. There corrections often are awful, terrifying even.

I said the angels explained it to me in my sleep after I received the 1st $1,000,000 inheritance in early 2006. I would be given experiences that would increase my velocity. That meant my spirit vibration. Being given these experiences could be likened to scientists sending spacecraft toward celestial bodies to dip into their gravitational field and then be slingshotted at a greater speed toward the next celestial body, to repeat the slingshot and gain even more speed. Over and over again, the speed incrementally increasing. 

The experiences I was sent into would have that effect on me after I left them, was my understanding. After that dream, with the money pressure off of me, the angels increased my spirit load 500 percent.

I also told my hoodoo spell-casting friend that the same night, or maybe the night before, I was told to remember Daniel, who is my favorite person in the Old Testament. He was the dreamer. The dream interpreter. The vision receiver. And, he was protected in the lion's den and he was put in prison and then was let go. I had been told in my sleep in 2004 that I needed to dream so I would know what is really going on.

My hoodoo spell-casting friend said she has had a hard life and now wants to have a nice easy life. I said that ain't in the cards for me. Nice easy life don't increase spirit velocity. I have no family I'm relating to much. I don't look forward to the sun coming up the next day. I'd just as soon leave this life. But it's not time yet, and the way I look at my deal with the angels is they are helping me increase my spirit velocity and it's really all about me and not about other people. If someone else is reached, then that's great. But if nobody else is reached, then that is not against me.

Kari Dangler has had 4 dreams lately about me and a black knight on a black horse.
In the 1st dream, the black knight used his big sword cut off my white horse's head and the horse and I fell to the ground.

In the 2nd dream, a big hole opened in the ground and swallowed the black knight and his horse, me and my decapitated horse, and a large army.

In the 3rd dream, the black knight cut off my head.

In the 4th dream, an angel came down from heaven and reattached my head to my body and my horse's head to his body and I rode my horse toward several battles.

I am pretty sure this below is about Kari's black knight dreams.

In last week's every Friday edition of Key West the Newspaper (

by Rick Boettger…….
This is the last straw. I’m fed up with the low level of journalistic integrity displayed by all of the media in the Keys except us, KWTN. As reported here last week, a Honduran immigrant was hit by a woman in a large SUV on his bicycle in a crosswalk on Stock Island. A Sheriff’s Deputy asked him his immigration status as he lay injured in the street. Then the Florida Highway Patrol gave HIM a ticket for “obstructing traffic,” And, finally, the Border Patrol arrested him to be deported.
This was big news nationally, going viral. Picked up by the AP, it has been in newspapers and on TV across the country.
But here in the Keys? Not a peep. With all of the Key West discussion about becoming a sanctuary city, not a word has been reported about a vivid example of what it all means.
I invite any of the timid media of the Keys to explain why they thought this was not locally newsworthy. They will not even try, because the real reason is so shaming and damning to them they do not even talk about it among themselves.
Basically, they suffer from what in modern parlance I’ll call “Blue Paper Derangement Syndrome.” We here at the Blue Paper do Investigative Journalism. We use our First Amendment rights and duties to speak truth to power, to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.
None of the other media here, daily, weekly, print, radio, TV, makes any pretense of using the First Amendment that way. They kowtow to the rich and powerful, and focus their sensational front-page reporting on the sad cases of perverts and thieves from the lower classes, or dutifully reprinting the press releases of the government. Coverage of rampant developers, corrupt politicians, and violent law enforcement is always respectful, even adulatory.
What we must call, again in modern parlance “Hon-bike-gate,” is only the most recent example, and not the worst. The only reason that CBS will pick up our stories while the Citizen and the Keynoter will not is that we, the Blue Paper, reported it first. In some perverse admixture of shame and jealousy, they apparently feel that they look better by not reporting something at all, as opposed to admitting they were scooped—again–by real journalists. No matter how important the story may be.
I think the worst example was when they were forced to report on the Bureau of Land Management’s declaration that Wisteria Island is owned by the government, not Bernstein and Walsh. The letter from BLM was actually sent and addressed to Naja Girard, our editor and chief investigator, as she had spent years researching and reporting on the complex factual history of Wisteria, and especially Bernard Papy’s fishy purchase of it a century ago. But no mention of her or our reporting in any of the other media!
In the sad case of the death of Charles Eimers in police custody, beaten to death on the beach, it was our debunking of the official version of events obediently parroted by others and our uncovering of the bystander video that made the case for his family getting $900,000 from the City. Not the FDLE. Not the investigative interest of any of the other lapdog Keys media. Nope, just us. But when they referenced any of the video or facts we uncovered, not a word of credit—it was as though the facts just magically turned up on YouTube.
In the case of the Alabama woman who has sued four of the five people in the Keys who use the First Amendment at all, Naja recently won her lawsuit in a 45-minute hearing before Judge Koenig. This should have been the headline of the Citizen’s coverage of the hearing. Instead, they printed 8 paragraphs stating the loser’s side of the case before slipping in, in a subjunctive clause, that the case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning Naja won. I believe the Citizen only covered these cases as long as they thought it would be embarrassing for their journalistic betters, and will drop it now that we are kicking the Alabama vexatious litigant’s ass.
She also sued me. But suing me is like drafting me into a brutal war, like that against Hitler, which is difficult and time-consuming, but which is the good battle to fight. I am so sad for the people who consider themselves “real” journalists because their wealthy advertisers will pay them for their deferential, inoffensive non-news. They couldn’t have planned it that way. But I don’t know how they sleep at night. I beg their editors and publishers to set them free to bear the responsibilities of the Fourth Estate.
We here at the Blue Paper sleep very well.

7 Responses to “What’s Wrong with the Keys Media?”

  1. Well said, Rick! Cogent and concise. The Blue Paper is unafraid to speak truth to power. Every example you mentioned just rankles the hell out of me! Fear of the truth will be the death of this fading republic.

    I was a reporter on the daily Citizen some years back and I know how flabby their newsroom is. Reporters who write controversial stories are dis-employed. Controversial stories are stories that dare to question the “establishment.” Reporters are permitted to put-down homeless people and small-time employees because they can’t protect themselves from class-biased journalism. The media in the US and in KW is corporate media, sponsored and controlled by commerce. The newspaper is a search for profit, not a crusade for goodness. Commercial media has to editorally support commercial institutions if it wants to receive their money to stay alive. Do NOT expect to find fairness in the corporate news media.
    The internet blogs offer alternative reporting and bless KWTN! We can take pride in their “Best of Class” reportage. Keep going.

  3. Why am I not surprised?

  4. I know your frustration, Rick. The Citizen has been a waste of trees for too many years! There is a guy up my way who’s trying to do what the Blue Paper does, and I sent him a link to your publication. Hopefully, he’ll have the guts to stand his ground with the corruption up our way.
    My mantra these days when I comment on police problems is “Remember Charles Eimers!” Thank you all for exposing the KWPD and the FDLE.

    • Glad to hear somebody else might be jumping in! The more independent bloggers and news outlets, the better. The Keys need all they can get.
      If all you read is the Citizen or the Keynoter/Reporter, you’ll have no idea what’s going on.

  5. Beautiful read from a Beautiful Man.
    So much power and thought in your words, crafted and expressed poignantly, conveying inconvenient and discomforting truths. Such a relief…
    The war widow you aided is doing well…She’s helping others through similar circumstances……
    Blessings & Respect
  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    As you know from my email the other day, Rick, Naja cleared from moderation my comment, to which you replied. As you also know, Naja then took down my comment. She did not clear from moderation my reply to your comment to me. She did not repost my resend of my first comment to which you replied. Censorship is protected by the 1st Amendment, as well, I suppose.
From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Sunday, June 4, 2017 8:48 AM
To: Rick Boettger
Subject: FYI, in case it is not cleared from moderation by Naja
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
It’s Sunday morning, June 4. I don’t see here my June 2 reply to your article, to which you replied on June 2.
Perhaps my laptop is acting up. If not:
Here is the text of my June 2 reply, from my file copy:
Thank you, Rick. My sentiments, also, about the local “mainstream” news media.
Also my sentiments about how the Citizen reported the Leeds, Alabama longstanding vexatious litigator’s lawsuits against me, you, Naja Girard and the publisher of’s Coconut Telegraph pubic forum.
Leeds sued me first, then she sued you and the others for putting in your two cents worths re her suing me.
Alas, Rick, the blue paper did not report any of that, despite it being all about THE FIRST AMENDMENT, US CONSTITUTION, which Naja argued defending Leeds’ lawsuit against Naja.
As you know from being at that court hearing, 16th Judical Circuit Court Judge Tim Koenig ruled what Naja wrote to me about Leeds, which I published at, was Naja’s opinion, and opinions, no matter how harsh, are protected free speech.
On that basis, and because that was the only thing Leeds had alleged she had against Naja, Judge Koenig said in court that he dismissed Leeds’ lawsuit against Naja with prejudice, instead of without prejudice. Judge Koenig said, if Leeds could have alleged something else, he would have dismissed without prejudice.
Also alas, Rick, the blue paper did not report the outcome of Haney v. Naja.
Nor, did the blue paper report the outcome of Haney v. me.
Nor did the blue paper allow you to write for it while Leeds cases against Naja and me were active.
So, the Citizen did what the blue paper did not do. The Citizen reported Leeds’ lawsuits against 4 people down here.
Not reported well, but reported in the way the Citizen goes about it.
As you know from reading my, the only real reporting of Leeds’ lawsuits was by me.
As you know, Leeds leaned on Blue Host, which shut down and two other blogs I used.
As you know, I then started, where I continued reporting and commenting on Leeds’ lawsuits against me, you, Naja and the publisher of the Coconut Telegraph.
As you know from reading my new blog, Leeds got very mad that I did not shut up about her. She tried more than once to get the Sheriff, more than once to try to get KWPD, and more than once to try to get the State Attorney to arrest and jail me. She threatened to get the Feds to arrest and jail me – which only I reported.
As you know from reading my new blog, Leeds filed outrageous pleadings against me, and against Judge Helms, which only I reported.
In your counterclaim for money damages against Leeds, you alleged that she interfered with your 1st Amendment right as a journalist, by “scaring” the news outlets for which you wrote into not letting you write for them.
As you know from reading my new blog and attending the March 31 hearing in Leeds lawsuit against me, I filed a verified motion to dismiss with prejudice, based on the 1st Amendment, New York Times vs. Sullivan, and the Florida libel statute. I introduced through Haney under my cross examination, document evidence you and another person had found online, proving Haney is a public figure and a journalist of national renown herself, and therefore had no more protection under libel laws than does Donald Trump.
As you also know from reading my new blog, I had filed a verified motion asking for dismissal with prejudice, because Leeds had filed false unsworn and sworn pleadings, which under Florida case law is grounds for dismissal with prejudice. Judge Helms did not rule on that motion, either, but simply struck it from the record.
As you also know from reading my new blog, I had filed a motion to have Leeds examined by a local psychiatrist, who would read all of Leeds’ bizarre pleadings, and a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge’s opinion commenting on Leeds’ state of mind and trial antics, for the purpose of having Leeds declared incompetent to prosecute her own pro se civil litigation, and only through an attorney approved by the court, and only with pleadings approved by the court, could Leeds prosecute civil litigation in Monroe County.
As you know from reading my new blog, Judge Bonnie Helms, who also presides over Leeds’ lawsuit against you still in progress, did not rule on my 1st Amendment argument, nor any of my other defenses, but, sua sponte (on her own motion), struck all of Leeds’ pro se pleadings without prejudice, and all of my defensive pro se pleadings without prejudice, on the grounds that Leeds’ and my pleadings had no apparent merit, were vexatious, and were overly-burdensome to the court.
As you know from reading my new blog, the US Supreme Court and other courts had ruled pro se pleadings are supposed to be examined for their substance, and not dismissed simply because they don’t comply to the letter with civil procedure pleading rules.
You may not know that modern rules of civil procedure pleading were passed to do away with arcane common law and equity rules of pleading, which were really technical and caused many otherwise meritorious lawsuits to be dismissed on technicalities.
I hope you and your expensive lawyer have better results with your 1st Amendment arguments with Judge Helms, than I had.
I do not know if Naja will clear this comment from moderation. It will be in my blog’s post today.

Note: This morning I saw Rick's reply to me under his article also was removed.

Moving to THE BIG SCREEN, it is not for fun in posts at this website that I have been comparing Judith Haney (Leeds, Alabama) and Mike Tolbert to Donald Trump:

Analysis: Comey testimony takes aim at Trump's credibility

 Julie Pace, AP

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