Sunday, June 4, 2017

Key West Dispensable Church Cluster Fuck Nation Sunday homily - Or, is humanity God's fault? See "Wonder Woman" movie for answer.

In a dream last night, I heard Mike Tolbert, the guy in shades, tell an audience, in which I was not sitting, "Maybe we should listen to what Sloan has to say."

In yesterday's post, I reported having received news from on the street that Mike Tolbert is suing me, but that I had checked the Clerk of the Court's website and it showed nothing about that.

Mike manages KOTS, the City of Key West's homeless shelter on Stock Island. Mike works for Southern Assistance Homeless League (SHAL), which the city pays to run KOTS.

Might be great fun being sued for libel by Mike. Great fun for me. Mike will have to show a court what I actually published about Mike, instead of what Mike spins online that I published about him.

Might be great fun for my hoodoo spell-casting amiga. 

Might be hell on earth, though, for Mike, his wife, his bosses at SHAL, and the Key West mayor and city commissioners. I bet they will love that lawsuit and my counterclaim being reported in the Key West Citizen.

Might be fun suing Mike's lawyer for filing a frivolous lawsuit against me. If Mike can find a lawyer to sue a person with no money, for free. Along with suing Mike's lawyer might be filing a grievance against Mike's lawyer with the Florida Bar.

Rick Boettger is paying a lawyer $450 an hour to sue Mike's good buddy Judith Haney over Haney filing a frivolous libel lawsuit against Rick, to try to get him to shut up about her vexatious lawsuit against me. Rick's lawyer alleged Haney violated Rick's 1st Amendment right to free speech. 

One terrible thing Rick did was file an amicus curae (friend of the court) petition to intervene in Haney's libel lawsuit against me, on the side of me and the 1st Amendment.

The rest of Rick's terrible crimes were finding all sorts of juicy stuff online about Haney, which she was responsible for being online.

Haney alleged in her lawsuits against Rick and Naja Girard, co-publisher of Key West the newspaper (, that Rick and Naja were in a vicious conspiracy with me to get Haney. Rick and I were indeed in a vicious conspiracy to get the truth about Haney. The truth is a vicious defense to libel lawsuits.
In the most recent every Friday edition of online Key West the Newspaper (, Rick, above, has an article lamenting the sad state of journalism in the Florida Keys, except for the blue paper. He ends the article with:

In the case of the Alabama woman who has sued four of the five people in the Keys who use the First Amendment at all, Naja recently won her lawsuit in a 45-minute hearing before Judge Koenig. This should have been the headline of the Citizen’s coverage of the hearing. Instead, they printed 8 paragraphs stating the loser’s side of the case before slipping in, in a subjunctive clause, that the case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning Naja won. I believe the Citizen only covered these cases as long as they thought it would be embarrassing for their journalistic betters, and will drop it now that we are kicking the Alabama vexatious litigant’s ass.
She also sued me. But suing me is like drafting me into a brutal war, like that against Hitler, which is difficult and time-consuming, but which is the good battle to fight. I am so sad for the people who consider themselves “real” journalists because their wealthy advertisers will pay them for their deferential, inoffensive non-news. They couldn’t have planned it that way. But I don’t know how they sleep at night. I beg their editors and publishers to set them free to bear the responsibilities of the Fourth Estate.
We here at the Blue Paper sleep very well.
I submitted a comment to Rick's article, which was cleared from moderation by Naja Girard. Rick replied briefly to my comment. I submitted a reply to Rick's reply to me. Today, neither of my comments are showing in reader comments under Rick's article, but his reply to me is still showing.

Here's a link to Rick's entire article and what reader comments are showing:

Here is Rick's reply to me, which was part of his reply to another reader comment:

Rick Boettger says:
Nice to hear from you up north, Alex. You and Anna are welcome to stay with us when you visit.
Thanks for the inside poop, Navigater. You confirm how bad I think it is. I sincerely feel sorry for the people who have to work there.
Sloan, there is no moral equivalency between the BP and the rest based on our not covering a single story. Note that Naja and I (and Margaret Blank) do investigative journalism. Haney is not much of an investigation. Covering her is like doing a long, detailed inspection of a latrine. No point. I also think you have got that completely covered in your blog.
The text of my email to Rick this morning:
Here is my reply to your reply to my 1st  reply to your blue paper article, followed by my 1st reply resubmit, since it is not presently  showing in reader comments.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Rick, comparing the blue paper to the Citizen is like comparing a beautiful gemstone to a pig parlor.
Judith Haney, however, presented the most important case to journalists in the history of my time in the Florida Keys – she attacked the 1st Amendment, without which even the pig parlor presses might not even exist.
Her lawsuit go you blocked from writing for the blue paper and other publications you had been writing for.
At the top of the pig pen is Donald Trump attacking any journalist he doesn’t like as “fake news”.
Haney reminds me a lot of Donald Trump in that regard, and in the twisting of the facts and not even pretending facts matter regards.
How many people do you figure in Key West have any clue what Judith Haney did to the 1st Amendment here?, and it never got reported by anybody but me, until you touched it in your oped here.
Also, my June 2 reply to your article, to which you replied, is not showing in reader comments, which led to me submitting this:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
It’s Sunday morning, June 4. I don’t see here my June 2 reply to your article, to which you replied on June 2.
Perhaps my laptop is acting up. If not:
Here is the text of my June 2 reply, from my file copy:
Thank you, Rick. My sentiments, also, about the local “mainstream” news media.
Also my sentiments about how the Citizen reported the Leeds, Alabama longstanding vexatious litigator’s lawsuits against me, you, Naja Girard and the publisher of’s Coconut Telegraph pubic forum.
Leeds sued me first, then she sued you and the others for putting in your two cents worths re her suing me.
Alas, Rick, the blue paper did not report any of that, despite it being all about THE FIRST AMENDMENT, US CONSTITUTION, which Naja argued defending Leeds’ lawsuit against Naja.
As you know from being at that court hearing, 16th Judical Circuit Court Judge Tim Koenig ruled what Naja wrote to me about Leeds, which I published at, was Naja’s opinion, and opinions, no matter how harsh, are protected free speech.
On that basis, and because that was the only thing Leeds had alleged she had against Naja, Judge Koenig said in court that he dismissed Leeds’ lawsuit against Naja with prejudice, instead of without prejudice. Judge Koenig said, if Leeds could have alleged something else, he would have dismissed without prejudice.
Also alas, Rick, the blue paper did not report the outcome of Haney v. Naja.
Nor, did the blue paper report the outcome of Haney v. me.
Nor did the blue paper allow you to write for it while Leeds cases against Naja and me were active.
So, the Citizen did what the blue paper did not do. The Citizen reported Leeds’ lawsuits against 4 people down here.
Not reported well, but reported in the way the Citizen goes about it.
As you know from reading my, the only real reporting of Leeds’ lawsuits was by me.
As you know, Leeds leaned on Blue Host, which shut down and two other blogs I used.
As you know, I then started, where I continued reporting and commenting on Leeds’ lawsuits against me, you, Naja and the publisher of the Coconut Telegraph.
As you know from reading my new blog, Leeds got very mad that I did not shut up about her. She tried more than once to get the Sheriff, more than once to try to get KWPD, and more than once to try to get the State Attorney to arrest and jail me. She threatened to get the Feds to arrest and jail me – which only I reported.
As you know from reading my new blog, Leeds filed outrageous pleadings against me, and against Judge Helms, which only I reported.
In your counterclaim for money damages against Leeds, you alleged that she interfered with your 1st Amendment right as a journalist, by “scaring” the news outlets for which you wrote into not letting you write for them.
As you know from reading my new blog and attending the March 31 hearing in Leeds lawsuit against me, I filed a verified motion to dismiss with prejudice, based on the 1st Amendment, New York Times vs. Sullivan, and the Florida libel statute. I introduced through Haney under my cross examination, document evidence you and another person had found online, proving Haney is a public figure and a journalist of national renown herself, and therefore had no more protection under libel laws than does Donald Trump.
As you also know from reading my new blog, I had filed a verified motion asking for dismissal with prejudice, because Leeds had filed false unsworn and sworn pleadings, which under Florida case law is grounds for dismissal with prejudice. Judge Helms did not rule on that motion, either, but simply struck it from the record.
As you also know from reading my new blog, I had filed a motion to have Leeds examined by a local psychiatrist, who would read all of Leeds’ bizarre pleadings, and a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge’s opinion commenting on Leeds’ state of mind and trial antics, for the purpose of having Leeds declared incompetent to prosecute her own pro se civil litigation, and only through an attorney approved by the court, and only with pleadings approved by the court, could Leeds prosecute civil litigation in Monroe County.
As you know from reading my new blog, Judge Bonnie Helms, who also presides over Leeds’ lawsuit against you still in progress, did not rule on my 1st Amendment argument, nor any of my other defenses, but, sua sponte (on her own motion), struck all of Leeds’ pro se pleadings without prejudice, and all of my defensive pro se pleadings without prejudice, on the grounds that Leeds’ and my pleadings had no apparent merit, were vexatious, and were overly-burdensome to the court.
As you know from reading my new blog, the US Supreme Court and other courts had ruled pro se pleadings are supposed to be examined for their substance, and not dismissed simply because they don’t comply to the letter with civil procedure pleading rules.
You may not know that modern rules of civil procedure pleading were passed to do away with arcane common law and equity rules of pleading, which were really technical and caused many otherwise meritorious lawsuits to be dismissed on technicalities.
I hope you and your expensive lawyer have better results with your 1st Amendment arguments with Judge Helms, than I had.
I do not know if Naja will clear this comment from moderation. It will be in my blog’s post today.
Here is the lead article in last Friday's blue paper, with reader comments. Two of mine are still in moderation:

Of interest from other sources:


  1. This sounds like a great way to avoid a traffic ticket in Key West. When you are pulled over, just tell the officer that you’re name is Jose Gonzalez, and you forgot your address. You don’t have a drivers license or any other identification, and you’re illegal. That’s your Key West get out of jail free card. How can the KWPD officer give you a ticket and expect to ever see you again for the fine or court date if they don’t know who you are or where you live? From the Blue Paper’s perspective, there’s nothing the officer is allowed to do. The KWPD officer can’t call ICE to determine your true identity, and it is apparently not KWPD policy to hold you for a traffic violation. Just toss whatever ticket you may receive and go along your merry “illegal” way.
    In Key West, it doesn’t matter if you are a mass murderer, an international terrorist or just a common Joe, just use the magic words “I’m illegal” and you’re suddenly untouchable.

    • Officers have the discretion to arrest those who are driving and who do not possess a valid drivers license as that is a misdemeanor that occurred in the presence of the officer. They can also use their discretion to instead issue a “Notice to Appear”. In the case where the person has no ID the officer could chose to arrest him and bring him to the County jail. In this case the man had identification, showing his address, his boss came to the scene and vouched for his identity and the officer did indeed choose to issue a “Notice to Appear” in lieu of arresting him. Why exactly do you believe immigration status should matter for purpose of enforcing state traffic laws? Now, if you want to argue that you believe or wish it was legal for local law enforcement to enforce immigration law absent specific federal authorization — that would be more on point.

    • Ben, you’re right. That’s brilliant. If after a traffic law violator refuses to provide a divers license or ID, and the police can’t find him in their system, The Blue Paper is suggesting it should be illegal for the officer to ask if he’s illegal? He should just let him go with a ticket to whatever name and address he gives.
      Worse, this is just the beginning of how upside down we would have to turn our society if we were to not enforce immigration law. America would be a welfare state magnet for the uneducated, the unskilled, and the lawless. This has already affected wages; how much more would it do so if institutionalized? How long would it be until it’s racist or illegal to require full background checks on some employees because that disadvantages Central and South Americans? How would this change our culture and political values if people coming from failed cultures and failed states become an even larger portion of our population, further fail to assimilate do to our welfare system? How long would it be before even people like you and I are so concerned that we have institutionalized two classes of long time residents in the US, that we want to just go ahead and grant them full citizenship?
      Even if we just loosen immigration law rather than discard it, as the Blue Paper has suggested before, excluding those from deportation who have contributed to society for some time, it would represent a further abandonment of our principle of blind justice. It would further open up application of laws to the whims of those currently in power, enabling them to selectively exclude the application of laws to whatever class of lawbreakers most benefit the political or economic special interests of their donors or base, and selectively apply it to others.
      This has consequences beyond just letting some guy stay here who has done nothing much wrong other breaking in or staying beyond what he promised. Multiplied by tens of millions, it degrades our civil society and our liberties.

      • The Blue Paper “suggests”, based on the law, that an officer, pursuant to Florida Law, always has the discretion to arrest and jail anyone who is driving but does not have a driver’s license. In this particular case the officer decided to issue a “Notice to Appear”. The Blue Paper interviewed an attorney who specialized in immigration law. The Blue Paper pointed out, through this expert in the field of law, that there is a federal program that governs how local law enforcement can be empowered to enforce immigration law. The Blue Paper pointed out that our Sheriff has not signed an agreement with ICE to train and empower any of his deputies to enforce federal immigration law. The Blue Paper also points out that the Sheriff has taken the position that his deputies may question the immigration status of subjects they come in contact with at their discretion and that he need not take a formal position on the matter, train, track, or oversee those deputies in the manner in which they interact with suspects and Border Patrol with regard to enforcement of federal immigration law. The Blue Paper pointed out that the City of Key West and KWPD do adhere to the well-established legal doctrine that KWPD officers are only empowered to enforce state and city ordinances. Now as to your points, the Blue Paper has never suggested that immigration law be “discarded”. That is simply not true. As to the rest of your comments, yes, there is a larger discussion about immigration reform [taking place nationwide] and how that might include an amnesty program for certain undocumented aliens that meet certain criteria, but that is not the subject of this article. The purpose of this article is to inform readers as to what is happening on the ground in Key West in terms of MCSO enforcement of federal immigration law, as well as on the existing current law governing how the federal government can authorize local law enforcement personnel to investigate violations of and enforce immigration law.
  2. All this time the El Siboney chef drove a car without a license?
    Perhaps he should have gotten around on a bicycle or city transit bus or a motor scooter that does not require a driver’s license?
    What was the deputy to do when he asked for the driver’s license and was given something else?
    From the Sheriff’s website, the oath the deputy took when he was sworn in:
    B.Oaths of Office
    Prior to assuming sworn status and beginning employment, all personnel will be required to take and abide the following oaths:
    1. Sworn Positions
    “I, ______________, a citizen of the State of Florida, and of the United States of America, and being appointed by Richard A. Ramsay, Sheriff of Monroe County, and a recipient of public funds as such appointment, do hereby solemnly swear or affirm that I will support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the Government of the United States and of the State of Florida; that I am duly qualified to hold office under the Constitution of the State of Florida and that I will well and faithfully perform the office of Deputy Sheriff on which I am about to enter, so help me God.”
    That oath does not appear to specifically require a deputy to support, protect, and defend any legislative laws of the United States nor of the Florida Governments.
    Here is the oath the Florida Governor and other state officials take:
    (Art. II. § 5(b), Fla. Const.)
    County of ___________________________
    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, protect, and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States and of the State of Florida; that I am duly qualified to hold office under the Constitution of the State, and that I will well and faithfully perform the duties of
    (Title of Office)
    That oath requires the Governor and other elected officials to defend the US and Florida Constitutions and the US and Florida Governments, which I imagine includes laws passed by those Governments.
    I could not find on the Key West Police Department website the oath city police officers take when they are sworn in.
    I could not find on the City of Key West website the oath the city’s elected and hired officials take when they are sworn in.
    I called the city clerk’s office and was told they would email me those two oaths later this morning. When received, I will post them below this comment.
    Meanwhile, Arnaud Girard was born in France and when he was a grown man came to America on a sailboat, a fascinating heroic story I have told him I hope he turns into a book, including his finally ending up in Key West where he met French-speaking Naja.
    Arnaud is an American citizen. How did that come about?
  3. Key West elected officials oath of office:
    I, (candidate name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am a citizen of the
    United States, and the State of Florida, and the City of Key West, and have all the qualifications as required by the charter for the office upon which I am about to enter and that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Florida, and the ordinances of the City of Key West, and that I will faithfully perform the duties of the office upon which I am now about to enter. So help me God.
  4. KWPD oath:
    I, _________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, the State of Florida, and the Charter of the City of Key West ,,,
  5. oops, should be Constitution and Government of the United States, the State of Florida, etc

    • What is your point? Do you believe the word “Constitution” equates to U.S. Code? The US Supreme Court has made it clear that without federal authorization either through specific U.S. Code or via a federal authorization program such as the 287(g) program, local law enforcement is barred from enforcing federal immigration law [or a state statute – like in Arizona – that can pass the test of not being preempted]. The entire field of immigration has been declared federally pre-empted by the US Supreme Court. Are you disagreeing with the immigration attorney that was interviewed for our piece? If so, on what basis?
      • My point, Naja, was to show different oaths of office taken by local law enforcement, city officials and state officials.
        KWPD oath:
        I, _________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will support, protect and defend the Constitution and the Government of the United States, the State of Florida, and the Charter of the City of Key West ,,,
        To support, protect and defend the US Constitution and Government would, I think, includes the laws of the US Government. Not just take up arms to defend the US Government from foreign or local physical attack.
        Whereas I got this off the Sheriff’s website:
        I, ______________, a citizen of the State of Florida, and of the United States of America, and being appointed by Richard A. Ramsay, Sheriff of Monroe County, and a recipient of public funds as such appointment, do hereby solemnly swear or affirm that I will support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the Government of the United States and of the State of Florida …
        That oath is just to support, protect and defend the Constitutions of the US and Florida.
        Since this is about immigration, legal and illegal, how did your French hubby Arnaud become an American citizen?
        If he had not become an American citizen, would your position be he can stay in America because he’s been here a long time?
        If he were arrested for a motor vehicle driving violation and he was not an American citizen, you would protest his being treated as an illegal alien?
        Frankly, I think it’s a dirty rotten shame immigrants who come to America and work hard and contribute are deported because they are illegal immigrants. But they know the rules when they come here.
        The El Siboney chef had quite a long time to become an American citizen. Or, I suppose, to get a visa that could keep him here. But he did not do either?
        But then, there are Hispanic US Citizens in Key West, born here, or immigrated here, who have either no or very little English.
        I suppose if we really want to deal with illegal immigration, we should put that into the hands of the real Americans, whose ancestors would have been smart to kill every white person who came off a sailing ship onto land in the Caribbean, North America, Mexico, Central America and South America :-).

  6. The way I see this is the officer should have placed him under arrest and booked him for having no drivers license.. Has nothing to do with being legal or illegal. He then would need post bond to get released.Now perhaps is employer would post cash bond because no bonds / bail man would likely touch this case. Yes he could run and might manage to find another city to hide in. This is living proof that an illegal not only can get a job in Key West but also manage to buy a car . How did he get insurance required to even tag this car ? My guess is his employer knew he hired an illegal and paid far less.
    This is all part of the Key West problem. The trick is hire illegals cheap and not deduct income tax or anything. Likely paid cash and asked no questions. This is why legals can not earn a fair wage in Key West. Can we assume he was not insured ?
    Do question why he did not try to become a citizen. Also question if we have one MCSO deputy that is out to bust all the illegals. Yes he needs deported if illegal as that is the law. The deputy asked for a drivers license and he had none. He should not let him go and had the car impounded. Something is wrong here. I have no issue with him wanting to live here but do it legally or take the risk. My guess is we will find many more in near future.

  7. I find this case different than the injured bicyclist lying on the side of the road. The cyclist was struck by a SUV/Pick-Up truck. Before checking on the physical well-being of this injured person, before rendering any type of first-aid and before any effort was made to provide a minuscule degree of comfort for this wounded human being; an officer of the law started questioning and inquiring of him, as to his legal status. Perhaps this conduct is within the purview of the officers’ discretion, however, the timing was off.
    The legal status conversation has its place, but not until and after the life and well-being of the aggrieved party has been determined and attended to.
    In this video, during the traffic stop and upon the driver not producing a valid driver’s license; further questioning began of the driver by the law-enforcement officer. During this questioning the driver “Voluntarily” stated that he was in this country illegally. A crime had been committed and admitted to by the driver. What is the proper action for a law-enforcement officer? Would he or she be corrupt or negligent if they did not address this admission?
    Upon receiving this additional data, the officer communicated his findings to Federal Immigration Authorities. That in and of itself falls within the lines of appropriateness.
    The Secretary of Homeland Security, President Trump and Vice-President Pence have all said that their administration’s crack down on undocumented aliens would not entail arresting and deporting the cases that “The Blue Paper” has previously identified.
    In addition and for what it’s worth, the City of Key West has declared themselves a “Sanctuary City” of sorts. However, rather than grandstanding before their constituents, these Commissioners have not addressed, identified nor begun to iron out the relationship, joint polices and laws that would be applicable for protecting their citizens; working, living, walking, riding bicycles and driving in Key West; from an uncertain future that might include a prompt arrest and deportation, generated by a happenstance encounter with authorities. Whereby it was determined that their immigration papers were lacking, not up to date; or at least in one case, perfect in every way.
    The City Commissioners of Key West have done “Nothing” to guide and advance the cause of its citizens struggling to find a way to understand, adjust and comply with whatever the “New Immigration Directives Might Be”. These elected officials have not demanded clarity and due process for their most vulnerable and abused citizens.
    The emphasis of Trumps’ administration, tightening up on illegal’s, was identified in their own words, to be constructed so as to round up and rid America of identified gang members, convicted felons and other individuals deemed dangerous threats to our national well-being.
    As “The Blue Paper” has reported, with the law-abiding Haitian possessing legal papers, the injured bicyclist returning from work and the Chef of 16 years; there is a sharp and severe break down in how Trump’s immigration policy was stated and presented, and how it is actually being enforced.
    Failed leadership from the City Commission is responsible for the abuses endured by the immigrant population in Key West. These politically elected officials must stand, face off, clarify, remedy and protect their residents from enforcement abuses, as stipulated by President Trump and Homeland Security Secretary Kelly.
    That being said, as so many thousands of Americans, I’ve been directly affected by “Undocumented/Illegal Alien” violence and crime. Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida, were murders committed by criminal aliens. In New York 34% of all murders were committed by criminal aliens. In Arizona 17.8%. of all murders were committed by criminal aliens. Many are familiar with the San Francisco killing of Kate Steinle, for no reason whatsoever, by an “undocumented/ criminal alien”. The statistics I’ve given are just the crimes of those criminals that were captured and convicted.
    Furthermore, during those years criminal aliens accounted for 38% of all murder convictions in the five states of California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York; where illegal aliens constitute only 5.6% of the total population. The 38%, represents 7,085 murders out of a total of 18,643.
    At present, statistics gotten from a “liberal think tank” estimates that there are 820,000 illegal aliens in the United States with criminal convictions, including 690,000 illegal aliens currently residing on U.S. soil who have been convicted of a felony or “serious” misdemeanor.
    Why not aggressively seek, locate and apprehend those individuals. And leave working families alone.
    As it stands right now, I’m grateful for the courage and steadfastness of Sheriff Rick Ramsay, along with the men and women under his command. As a Chief Law-Enforcement Officer in Monroe County, his oath to protect and serve has not been swayed by political do-gooders and crusaders, who talk a good game, but whither on the firing line of life when it comes to delivering their promises and protecting the lives’ of the People they serve.
    Sheriff Ramsay’s oath entails protecting the citizens of Monroe County from the aforementioned violence and criminal conduct that I’ve identified. President Trump was elected via the many millions of citizens desiring the protections rendered by Sheriff Ramsay.
    If a law-enforcement officer during the performance of his/her duties comes across an individual who has committed a federal crime, should that officer turn a blind eye to that fact. Can this officer in good conscience go on their merry way, and pretend that they are unaware of this crime; given the horrifying data and murder that has been committed by “undocumented/illegal aliens”?
    Now, where do we stand? Sheriff Ramsay and his Deputies have held true to their oath. The Haitian family man appeared to be tricked and betrayed by a fraudulent federal system. Why haven’t our City Fathers interceded and looked into that violation?
    The injured cyclist, from where I sit, wasn’t dealt with properly; on a number of counts. Apparently, “The Chef” was turned over to the Feds, for them to do whatever it is that they are going to do to him.
    On these two instances, I believe “Discretion” was not served in the interest of “Justice”. Perhaps once the elephant in the room is identified “I’m Illegal”; additional probing and further inquiry could have eliminated the Bicyclist and Chef as the types of Threats described by the President and his Cabinet, that must be arrested on the spot, as their deportation proceedings begin.
    I cannot get into the mind of another regarding profiling and discriminatory practices. In positions where I’ve been responsible for the lives of others, I’ve closely watched and monitored myself and members of my squad. Unless convinced, I usually gave all the benefit of a doubt. Upon realization that these characteristics did in fact exist within a member of my Team, I pounced with finality and certainty.
    Given the difficult circumstances facing our nation, the world and law-enforcement; I adhere to the doctrine “better safe than sorry”. I respect, admire and appreciate Sheriff Ramsay’s leadership and principled stance on this sensitive matter.
    If elected and appointed leaders of Key West, will not safeguard the undocumented workers maintaining its’ viability; a petition of grievances must be formally drawn up, identifying the enforcement discrepancies existing between Trump’s stated doctrine on the arrest and deportation of “undocumented workers”; and in fact what has actually been going on, as it relates to this matter. Most, if not all of the leg work has already been done by “The Blue Paper”.
    Upon completion of the “petition of grievances”, this document must be certifiably delivered to both state senators, congressman of the district, homeland security secretary and president trump. Media coverage; mainstream, cable and Internet will further insure and record the transfer of said document.
    Given our “Theater” boarders Little Haiti in Miami, I’ve witnessed the courageous and bold actions taken by Haitian Leaders, as they’ve made President Trump and Homeland Security aware of their power and resolve, to be treated fairly and humanely. Their Light has begun to extinguish the Darkness.
    A firm, fair, consistent, enforceable and just Immigration Policy is not out of our reach. A Law that balances sovereignty, safety and the decency embodied within the principles of our Declaration and Constitution can be had right now.
    This immigration mess didn’t happen overnight. It hasn’t occurred in a vacuum. If not immediately addressed and worked out, it will be our undoing; tearing us apart from within.
    • Well, John, looks to me that white Americans. starting with the current White House occupant, and moving down to the 2 major political parties, moving sideways to all sort of factions and splinters, many members of which say they represent God and Jesus, are doing a great job of tearing America apart from within and overseas with US corporate profit driven wars?
      Wonder how they would handle dark-skinned Jesus from the Gospels beaming back down into Key West today, or Washington, D.C., without any papers whatsoever, and saying in English, Spanish, Latin, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Hindu, Bengali, Arabic, Farsi, Portuguese, and doing what he reportedly said and did in the Gospels? 🙂

Moving upward, only in the geographic sense, my folk spell-casting amiga forwarded the other day:
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Posted: 29 May 2017 06:22 AM PDT

Clusterfuck Nation
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Entropy never sleeps. It works remorselessly to transform things of value into useless, dissipated waste and heat. Complexity stokes it especially as the law of diminishing returns multiplies the wheels of futility spinning down to zero. Hence, the intellectual decay of American life in which spin is everything, anything goes, and nothing matters.

The latest manifestation of this dynamic is the curious movement that styles itself The Resistance, lately adopted by the grotesque handmaiden of the Deep State that the Democratic Party became in the regency of Hillary Clinton. Its mission is to undo the results of the last national election by claiming that Russia undid it. It pretends to seek the restoration of something — but what? Of dissipated power relations within the Deep State itself?

President Trump is actually taking care of that by turning government management over to his generals and the minions of Goldman Sachs. The generals are reinvesting in the strategic black hole of our military adventures overseas. The Goldman Sachs appointees are making Wall Street safe for the continued asset-stripping of the USA. The last time I checked, Hillary’s gang did not oppose either of these endeavors.
The Resistance employs cadres of useful idiots — Black Lives Matter, “undocumented” visitors, “Antifa,” the LGBTQ “community” — to pretend that it stands for social justice, but these are just straw persons fronting a gang devoted only to regaining the levers of “privilege” — which they also pretend to be against. The Resistance takes its name from the movement in World War Two France that fought the Nazi occupation, thus self-valorizing itself. But the pre-owned styling is just another victory of spin in the public relations nightmare that American political life has become.
It also begs the question: what would a real resistance look like? First, it would oppose the aforementioned asset-stripping that the US economy has become, the transfer of capital in all its forms — monetary, political, cultural, social — from the dis-employed former middle classes to the tiny, select beneficiaries of financial manipulation. Note that the things being manipulated — markets, currencies, securities, and interest rates — are increasingly phantom entities that appear to maintain their value only because the high priests of financial authority say that they do.
The shelf-life of that flim-flam approaches its endgame as it self-evidently immiserates the masses and their sheer faith in its recondite promises dwindles away to nothing. A genuine resistance would begin to deconstruct this clerisy and its institutions, namely Too Big To Fail banks and the Federal Reserve. The best opportunity to accomplish that would have been the early months of Mr. Obama’s turn in the White House, the dark time of the previous financial crash when the damage was fresh and obvious.
But the former president blew that under the influence of high priests Robert Rubin and Larry Summers. And the lower order clerics were allowed run their hoodoo machine flat out in the following eight years. Just look at the long chart of the Standard & Poors index. Tragically, this ever-upward arc is now taken to be the normal state of things, and when it fails the implosion will be orders of magnitude more violent than the last time.
One would think that a genuine resistance would also oppose the growing consolidation of power in the now-colossal spying apparatus of the nation — the often averred to “seventeen intel agencies” that show signs of being actively at war against other parts of the government and against citizens themselves. Hence, the non-stop murmur of allegation about “Russian interference in the election,” going back to the summer of 2016 without either any real evidence, or any clarification of what is actually alleged to have happened.
Another tragic turn is that this fifth column of rogue intel agencies has recruited the major organs of the news to incessantly repeat its allegations until the public accepts the story as established fact rather than just the manufactured story it so far appears to be. Well, the lives of persons and societies founder on versions of the “reality” they fabricate for their own purposes. A genuine resistance would show foremost some fidelity to a reality beyond the spin-factories of self-delusion. And it would lead in the hard work of shedding this over-burden of self-multiplying despotisms.
Maybe this Memorial Day is a good moment to question the claims of the so-called resistance, and perhaps patriotically meditate on what the nature of an authentic resistance would be to the ongoing decay of this nation while it is still possible.

I replied:

Hell, I could teach these Resistance slammers and the Resistance they slam about a RESISTANCE they would be very happy never to meet, nor even know exists.

Yep, everything is all fucked up. And America has nobody but America to holler at.

My position remains.

Humanity will not fix itself.

If God doesn't do it, then expect more of same.

For God to do it would, in my opinion, make nearly every last person on this world very unhappy.

Even the good people, who actually are trying to make it better.

Saw "Wonder Woman" last night. An excellent treatment of human war and what drives it (World War I), both in humanity and from the spirit realm. An excellent treatment of human depravity and human courage and love - grace under fire.

Yet, at the end of the film, with a god come to earth in humanity's midst, a female god, humanity still struggling, and, as we know what happened after WW I, well, cluster fuck kinda sums it up.

Meanwhile, President Trump refuses to state himself whether there is or is not global warming, and he filed for an extension on his 2016 income taxes, and he may or may not try to stop fired FBI director Comey from testifying about Trump and his cronies about from Russia with love, and Trump has totally pissed off NATO countries, but he seems to be fond of Vladimir Putin, who is a reincarnation of Genghis Kahn.

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