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immigration perspectives and theories of evolution come in many fantastical, regressive and transformer wrappers: Key West Dispensable Church Sunday homily

That damsel was in my Facebook memories yesterday afternoon.

This was in my Facebook memories this morning.
Something I forgot to report in yesterday's post.

In my first dream night before last, I was shown the homepage of a website. The header was orange. I have never used an orange header in waking life. In the header was something like, "What Sloan will publish."

I woke up, figured that had to be about Donald of Orange and several pirated online news articles about him, on which I had been sitting. That became the second part of yesterday's post.
Only this morning, when I took a look again at yesterday's post did I chuckle over the orange horse at the very top of that post.

Dreams last night left me wondering more than thinking I had anything figured out about my personal life, or what might be published today.

Then, hope sprang eternal.
I decided to check out the latest illegal immigrant arrest protest in Key West the Newspaper (, published online every Friday by Arnaud and Naja Girard. 
Arnaud is French. He came to America many years ago, met Naja, who spoke French fluently because that's what her naturalized immigrant parents had spoken in their home. Arnaud became an American citizen.

The reader and blue paper editor (Naja) comments under the latest blue paper illegal immigrant arrest article are long and detailed at times. I leave for you to open the link below for that article, if you wish to read all reader and blue paper editor (Naja) comments, which are extensive.

The Blue Paper continues its probe into immigration enforcement by Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies…
Here's the comment I submitted, which addresses what I still feel is the core issue, which otherwise has not been addressed by the blue paper nor any readers who commented under the three blue paper illegal immigrant articles.

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A few days ago, I was snoozing on a picnic table in Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, which I have done frequently since 2002 and never once been asked by a park ranger not to do it.
I was awakened by a small brown-skinned Hispanic Fish & Wildlife officer and told I could not sleep on the table and I could not park my bicycle at the table but had to use the bike racks out by the road. He asked me if I had ID. I said, of course. I pulled out my wallet and handed him my driver’s license. He handed it to his very white Anglo F & W parter and asked him to run it (through their computer). After a while, the Anglo F $ W officer said it came back “54”, I think was the number. Meant nothing to me. My driver’s l [icense] was returned.
I told them I had slept on picnic tables in the park since I imagine before they were F & W officers, and no park ranger had complained, and I would move my rubber mat to the ground and lay on it there. I told them the park rangers seldom enforced the bicycle rack rule, but I would take my bike to a rack. They said okay.
I thanked them for being on the job and they thankied me and walked out onto the beach.
The Hispanic officer had seemed wound really tight to me.
I thought of the recent blue paper illegal immigrant articles..
I wondered what would have happened if I had been Polish, or Czech, or Brazilian, and I was not able to produce a driver’s license or any ID? I figured I would be talking to Border Patrol shortly.
I wondered if the F & W officers had a legal right to ask for my ID for sleeping on a picnic table or having my bicycle at the table?
I figured that was not a good thing to challenge them on, in any event.
I watched a Stephen Segal movie last night on Netflix. The storyline was Islamic terrorists were trying to strike a deal with a Mexican drug cartel to infiltrate Islamic terrorists and weapons, including suitcase nukes, into America. The terrorists wanted to the use the cartel because is was so good and getting people and drugs into America, and the same methods could be used to get terrorists and their weapons into America.
That’s where I came into this discussion under the first blue paper illegal immigrant article.
It is a fact that 9/11 changed Americans forever. Including American law enforcement, local, state, national. This is the elephant in the living room no one else I have seen in these three articles and reader discussion invites to the table. It as if 9/11 never happened.
I agree with Dickford. The title to this article is inflammatory, and it was intended to be inflammatory. Perhaps it needed to be inflammatory.
9/11 was far more inflammatory.
This is not the America that was happy to receive the Frenchman Arnaud Girard, who still speaks American English with a heavy accent, which I find endearing. This is not the America that was happy to receive Naja Girard’s immigrant parents, who spoke English with a heavy accent until they left this life.
This is an America in which most American citizens, including the liberals, are terrified of Islamic terrorists, whose “religion” is to kill Americans, and French people, and English people, and German people, and Russian people, etc., etc.
People who come to America from elsewhere, and come illegally, or overstay their visas, or otherwise are not legal here, do so with their eyes wide open. Do so in a pervasive environment of simmering terror of foreign terrorists.
In an environment also of many millions of American workers losing jobs to low paid immigrants and also to American companies relocating their manufacturing to Mexico, China, etc.
This is not going to be resolved. It is going to become more acute. People living in America illegally, for whatever reason, are well advised to do all they can not to be accosted by law enforcement.
Illegal aliens driving a car without a license are asking to be deported. Their employers have nothing to do with that.
I don’t see a crackdown on illegal immigrants in Key West or the Florida Keys, because it would seriously damage the local economy.
Even so, the way the blue paper has chosen to go about this issue is putting heat on Sheriff Ramsay, who is a Republican. There are more Republican voters than Democratic voters in the Keys. That’s how come Dennis Ward got to be State Attorney again. That’s how come Donald Trump carried the Florida Keys.
Demanding a “clear policy” from Sheriff Ramsay could result in a mandate that his deputies call Border Patrol every time they had found someone they have reason to think might be an illegal alien. Border Patrol does not answer to the blue paper, to the local governments, to local law enforcement, to state law enforcement. Border Patrol answers ultimately to Congress and President Trump. Republicans. For now.

Saw "Transformers: The Last Knight" at Regal Cinema yesterday afternoon. This film has a depth the previous "Transformer" films lacked. Of particular relevance, not only are human beings immigrants on this planet (if you believe God put them here), according to this film, Earth was originally created as a Transformer planet. Before people lived here, transformers were the "dominant" species. The magician Merlin was the first human to have contact with the indigenous transformers. And, wow, there are two transformer planets. And, wow, they don't get along. And, wow, the other planet is dying, and that's why it is attacking this planet, to have a new home. And, wow, you guessed it, the maker of transformers on the dying transformer planet is a luminous female transformer, who, for a while, brings Optimus One under her spell. And, who, you guessed it, Bumble Bee finally wakes Optimus One up, but the real knight who saves the day, ain't any prince charming, but is the last blood descendent of Merlin. A British female archeologist who all her life thought all those knightly tales of old and dragons were all made up. And the fellow who actually figured it all out is not any prince charming, either, but is a reincarnation of Hannibal Lecter. The last knight turned out to be somebody else admirably played by Mark Walhberg, who, yep, you guessed it, ends up living probably unhappily ever after with Merlin's great, great niece, as the movie trailer introduces yet another female sorceress who has it in for the second transformer planet, which humans call Earth. Gosh, it would have been a crying $hame to kill that Hollywood mega cash cow with a happy ending, now wouldn't it?

Do you think the Bible is the literal Word of God voted for Donald Trump folks ever give serious thought to how come there is no mention of dinosaurs in the Bible?

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