Thursday, June 8, 2017

if their lips are moving, small screen and BIG SCREEN

Last night, I dreamt about Key West City Commissioner Sam Kaufman, just above. 

In the dream, Sam was up and down the Florida Keys, about 100 miles worth. I told him that I would say something, but he would have to fill in most of the blanks. I was thinking maybe he had shat and sat in it. 

I woke out of the dream around 4 a.m., wondering what that was about? In my spirit code, 4 represents politics. Sam is my friend since 2001, and my lawyer since 2002. 

I discovered the reason for the dream in today's Key West Citizen (, my interjected thoughts in bold italics, I added the pics:

Russo appointed to Planning Board 
by Scott Unger
Environmental consultant Ed Russo has been appointed to the Key West Planning Board by City Commissioner Sam Kaufman. He was selected out of approximately 12 candidates to fill the remaining term of board member Cristy Spottswood, who stepped down in March. 

Russo’s experience in planning and environmental issues led to the appointment, Kaufman said. “I have a lot of confidence in his ability to be a strong planning board member and he’s equally committed to the pursuit of additional affordable housing in the city,” Kaufman said.

First I had ever heard of Ed Russo was back during the heated 2012 "channel widening study" referendum, which should have been called, "Should the channel be widened so bigger and newer cruise ships can get into Key West?"

At the Chamber of Commerce's "channel widening study" forum, Chamber of Commerce President Robin Lockwood, M.D. said the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships are calling on Key West. That was reported in the Key West Citizen the next morning. Shortly thereafter, the Chamber's video of the forum was taken down from its website. The Chamber said it was its video, not the public's, even though it was a video of a public forum to which the Chamber had invited the general public.
Arnaud Girard's handiwork during the 2012 naval battle

Usually at such forums that year, the Chamber's lawyer Jennifer Hulse argued for the passage of the referendum. 
Hulse argued over and over that the referendum was not about cruise ships, but simply was about whether a study should be done to widen the channel - for whales, aircraft carriers? Hulse also kept saying the referendum was about jobs, economics, and not about cruise ships. Hulse did not attend the Chamber of Commerce's "channel widening study" forum, at which Dr. Lockwood spilled the beans.

Ed Russo hosted the next "channel widening study" referendum forum, during which the audience was allowed to ask the panelists questions. On the panel for the Chamber were Robin Lockwood and Jennifer Hulse. 
I got the microphone and said I was speaking to Dr. Lockwood. He had said at the Chamber of Commerce's "channel widening study" referendum that the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships are calling on Key West. That's been going on a long time and I am wondering why the Chamber has not been raising bloody hell about that all along? 

Jennifer Hulse said she would answer my question.

Earlier in the forum, Jennifer had lectured the audience about her being a lawyer, so she saw things as a lawyer and that was a better view than the non-lawyer audience had. I told Jennifer to be quiet. I am a lawyer, too. I had addressed my question to Dr. Lockwood about what he had said at the Chamber's forum, which she had not attended. I had not addressed my question to her. I want to hear Dr. Lockwood's answer. 

Dr. Lockwood then said he did not say that at the Chamber's "channel widening forum". Whereupon, Jolly Benson, 
who throughout all the "channel widening study" forums had spoken against the "channel widening study", said he had heard Dr. Lockwood say it. Jolly then asked for a show of hands in the audience of who had heard Dr. Lockwood say it? About 20 hands went up. Probably 80 percent of the audience. 

I was not able to get Dr. Lockwood to answer my question about why the Chamber was not raising bloody hell to stop the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships from calling on Key West. I kept after Dr. Lockwood until Ed Russo's moderator, Ezra Marcus, a local radio show host, turned off the microphone I was using. So I kept after Dr. Lockwood for a little while longer without the microphone. Right, the only news outlet that published that news was and

When asked for his top three concerns for the planning board, Russo stated, “Affordable housing, affordable housing, affordable housing.” Because it is one of only a few Florida cities constructed before the advent of the automobile, Key West presents a unique challenge for city planning but brings with it a unique character and sense of place, Russo said. He will work to create a safe environment that respects the structural limitations of the city, he said. 

I attended many Key West city commission meetings during which affordable housing was heatedly discussed. I don't recall seeing or hearing Ed Russo speak during those meetings. I don't recall reading in the Key West Citizen of anything Ed Russo did to create more affordable housing. I did not attend planning board meetings, because I knew the decisions are made by the city commission, which consists of the city's elected mayor and city commissioners. Perhaps Ed Russo was at the Planning Board meetings? Perhaps Ed Russo advised Sam Kaufman to vote for the City Commission to give 100, or so, of its limited state-allowed affordable housing building rights to build so-called affordable housing on Big Coppit Key, instead of in Key West, where actually affordable housing is sorely needed, but the City Commission has yet to build one stick of it?

Russo is president of consulting firm Environmental Remedy and Recovery and has been involved in urban planning and zoning since the mid-1970s. He previously served as planning board chairman of Bedminster Township, New Jersey and president of the Township Council of Chester Township, New Jersey, as well as serving on the township’s a environmental commission and board of health. 


162 GOLF CLUB DR KEY WESTFL 33040 Get Directions

Business Info

  • Founded2010
  • Incorporated
  • Annual Revenue$38,000.00
  • Employee Count1
  • IndustriesEarth Science Services
  • ContactsEDWARD RUSSO

Company Summary

Environmental Remedy & Recovery, Inc. is located at 162 Golf Club Dr in Key West and has been in the business of Earth Science Services since 2010.

Prelude to the "channel widening study" referendum, John Dolan-Heitlinger, 
a Key West employee of Ed Swift/Historic Tours of America, which makes a heap of money off of cruise ship passengers, started a channel pilots PAC, consisting mainly of Dolan-Heitlinger, who was not, as far as I know, a channel pilot (boat captain who ferry's larger boats into the harbor). As result of his PAC, Dolan-Heitlinger was on the panel of every "channel widening study" forum, speaking for passage of the referendum. At the last of those forums, hosted by Key West's Hometown! PAC, I told US 1 Radio News Coordinator Bill Becker and non-affiliated former radio talk show host Richard Grussin, two of the people who would be grilling the panelists, who Dolan-Heitlinger worked for and he had never disclosed that at the previous "channel widening study" forums. I urged Becker and Grussin to ask Dolan-Heitlinger who he worked for. They did not ask him the question. That told me they did not want the audience to know Dolan-Heitlinger worked for the business in Key West, which stood to gain the most from widening the channel. Ed Swift's Historic Tours of America. I can't help but wonder if Ed Russo's "Earth Sciences Company" is a similar sham? Double that down when I tell you that Russo and Hulse got married after they lost the "channel widening study" referendum.

Jennifer and Ed's Wedding – One Night in Paris
One Night in Paris. Jennifer Hulse and Ed Russo were married Sept. 5, 2015, in Vence, France, and invite their families and friends to share a weekend of celebration ...
The foreplay done, grab your best hold:

For the last 15 years, Russo has served as environmental consultant for President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. Last year, Russo wrote a book about his experiences with the President titled “Donald J. Trump: An Environmental Hero”.

In Key West, Russo is a member of Reef Relief, the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition and the Monroe County Climate Change Advisory Committee. His term will run concurrently with Kaufman’s, who is up for reelection next year. 

During the "channel widening study" naval battle, Relief Relief declined to come out against the referendum. The voters came down 70, or so, percent against the referendum. The dirtiest worst possible cruise ships still call on Key West.

On the BIG SCREEN ...
In today's Key West Citizen:


ISIS claims stunning attack in heart of Iran

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Wednesday for a pair of stunning attacks on Iran’s parliament and the tomb of its revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, which killed at least 12 people and wounded more than 40. Tehran Police Chief Gen. Hossein Sajedinia announced late Wednesday night that five suspects had been detained for interrogation, according to a report in the semi-official ISNA news agency. Sajedinia did not offer any further details. - AP

Back on the small screen:

Received today a Facebook friend request from a Facebook amigo of an amigo friend who spends part of each year at his home on Big Pine Key. After checking out his amiga's Facebook page and finding this below right at the top, I accepted her friend request and wondered if she had checked me out on Facebook before she sent me the friend request?

Bette Jo shared Bamboo Bob's photo.

Bamboo Bob

Might as well set Big Ben back to the Stone Age.
-admin sb
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky I think folks in Europe tend to have this view of Trump:

President Donald Trump pushes his way to…

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky I am not a Democrat, I felt Trump and Hillary were well matched devils last year. Just different fashion shows, tactics.
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky Read Bill Browder's book, RED NOTICE, a jolting assessment of Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchs, published before Trump got elected. Browder got U.S. Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act, which infuriated Putin. President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and Senator Kerry were in Putin's camp, trying to keep that Act of Congress from even being considered for passage. Congress passed it anyway. Browder is a marked man. I'm convinced Trump sent his people to Russia to tell Putin, if Russia helped Trump get elected, then Trump would try to get rid of the Magnitsky Act, which banned a bunch of Russian oligarchs from using American Banks and coming to America. Trump looks to me like an American oligarch. He reneges his debts. Screws contractors and their poor working stiff employees. He uses lawyers like they are Jesus Christ, to screw his debtors. He don't seem to be able to tell the truth too good. At least not when it doesn't suit him. He fired the FBI director because he would not stop investigating Trump-Russia ties, but he was thrilled the Russians, or someone, and the same FBI director helped him beat Hillary. Looks to me like the devil's playground, except the devil don't have to do anything; people are doing the devil's work for the devil. I think I saw the devil on a recliner at a Key West beach yesterday. Nothing else for the devil to do but relax. Was nice seeing ISIS attacked Tehran yesterday. Perhaps that will wake the rest of Islam up to line up with America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, against ISIS. Don't see the Saudis breaking sweat over that, though. Trump is fish chum, as far as the Saudis are concerned.
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky

The Magnitsky Act, formally known as the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky…


As I put this post together today, I am listening to and watching fired FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the US Congress Committee. The Congressmen asking Comey questions are asking tough questions. Comey is IMPRESSIVE. He is ducking NO questions. He is stating what he knows, and what he does not know. He does not appear to be spinning anything. So far. He stated he has no doubt Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and still is interfering in American politics. Comey's testimony about his and Trump's conversations is not good for Trump. Not good at all. Will the American public believe Comey? I doubt most who voted for Trump will believe Comey.

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