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If everyone starts dreaming about monsters and the truth goes viral, will humanity go insane or pretend nothing happened?

Two mornings ago, Kari Dangler described to me her dream of the night before:

She is incarcerated, behind bars, by "the authorities", in blue uniforms. One of the authorities comes and gets her out of her cell and takes her into a room with a table and puts her left hand on the table top and takes out a knife and cuts off her pinky and next two fingers.

Kari said she had no clue what the dream meant and she didn't like having had the dream. I thought I understood the dream, but I wasn't positive. So, I didn't publish my view, which perhaps turned out to be incorrect.

Yesterday morning Kari described a dream of the night before:

She is trying to scratch with her fingernails her way up the trunk of a really big tree with lots of leaves. Snapping at and trying to get her from below are two strange monsters.
Floating in the sky above the tree is me, barefooted, in a white robe.

It took Kari a day and a night to surrender to telling me that dream. She did not like being down there trying to escape the two monsters and claw herself up that tree, and me loafing in the sky wearing a white robe.

Kari drew the two monsters in my school notebook. A friend used his smartphone this morning to take this photo and email it to me. The righthand monster has 3 eyes.

Kari had no clue what the dream meant. I thought I knew but was not positive, and perhaps it turned out I was incorrect.

My sleep last night 
included two dreams with Naja Girard, co-publisher with hubby Arnaud, of "the blue paper" (Key West the Newspaper,, published online every Friday, pointed me in an entirely different direction. 

In one dream, Naja mentioned something the Citizen had not covered fully. 

In the other dream, Naja was naked from the waist up and had black almost fur-like hair growing on her belly and chest.

I woke up and figured something hairy was coming down.

When I went online this morning, I looked in the Key West Citizen ( to see if there was anything there that might be about the Naja dreams last night. 


I went to the blue paper to see if there was anything new there since it was published this past Friday. Nothing but the the lead article, which I had not opened last Firiday and read because the rah, rah title and teaser had turned me off:

Community News: Narcotics Anonymous 25th “Recovery in Paradise” Event Was Phenomenal!

by Arida Wright…….
A phenomenal event happened the weekend of April 28-30, 2017. 1,600 recovering addicts and their families gathered at Sugarloaf KOA Campground for the 25th Anniversary of the Conch Republic Area of Narcotics Anonymous Recovery In Paradise Spiritual Retreat! There has never been anything like it in the Keys, ever!
Twenty five years ago, a small group of recovering addicts who were having NA meetings at the Anchors Aweigh Club house at 404 Virginia St. had a desire to unite in fellowship with other areas in South Florida. So the decision was made to have a spiritual retreat as opposed to a convention, which would be an outside event where people could bring their tents, their families and campout. The first retreat had about 100 recovering addicts attend and they held it at Knights Key in Marathon, FL. There are NA members who attended that first one and have come every year since. And they come in style! Some come in huge RV’s with all the bells and whistles towing boats, motorcycles and jet skies.
Last year the retreat became international for the first time ever thanks to the secretary placing it on the Narcotics Anonymous World Service calendar. This 25th year was phenomenal because addicts came from Canada, England, Sweden, and Finland all the way down to Sugarloaf Key! Big groups (15 or more) flew down from Boston, St. Louis and a busload of 50 young people came from North Carolina. This year made history by having the first international main speaker from Canada and WOW, did she carry an incredible message of recovery on Sunday morning!
What makes this event so amazing is that there are only ten NA members that form the committee! The theme this year was Unity. The events that took place over the weekend were sunrise morning meditation followed by a beach meeting, recovery themed workshops, three main speaker meetings, a floating meeting in the water, volleyball, a burn your resentments/drum circle, Spiritual Whispers, a dance, a talent show, an acoustic jam session, a clean time countdown (where the member with the most amount of clean time was 57 years and counted it down to the addict who had one day clean) and fun in the sun at the pool and in the water. It was beyond anything the committee could have ever imagined happening!
Narcotics Anonymous in the Conch Republic is a small fellowship (averaging 50 people) with each meeting averaging around 10-20 people. Some very small groups average 3-5 people but are keeping the doors open for the addict who stills suffers. Many of the members are transplants and got clean in other states and now live in the Keys. One NA group meets in Key Largo, one group meets in Big Pine Key and five groups meet in Key West.
In speaking with members, it appears that what draws the people to the retreat is the overflow of love that embraces everyone that attends. Also, they are not gathering in a hotel for a convention, going from one air conditioned room to another. They are out under God’s beautiful Florida sunshine, blue skies, white clouds and ocean breezes! The level of spirituality that fills the atmosphere heals, nurtures and unites the members of NA with a bond that is unbreakable. For that one weekend they are transformed into the beings that their Higher Power created them to be and they leave to carry that transformation out into the world.
This retreat changes lives! The power of “one addict helping another addict is without parallel.” Regardless of what people say about Narcotics Anonymous or what people might think about addicts who attend NA meetings, recovery is alive and well in the Florida Keys and members are living their wildest dreams in paradise, CLEAN AND SERENE!
To contact NA:
24-hour Narcotics Anonymous HELPLINE 866 584 2411 For more information or to speak to a live Addict
**Disclaimer: Narcotics Anonymous is not affiliated with Sugarloaf KOA Campground or Anchors Aweigh club house.

Arida Wright, President of Powerlines Healing By The Sea Ministries lives her philosophy of self-empowerment, which for her is a lifelong mission of spirituality. She draws her wisdom from her rich cultural ancestry as a Shinnecock Indian/Afro-American woman. Arida’s personal and cultural experience with spirituality has led her on a professional journey as well. She is a Minister of Metaphysics and a Traditional Reiki Master. Arida relocated to Key West from Long Island, NY in 1997.

Several times I, Sloan, have heard Arnaud and Naja say nearly everyone they know in Key West uses drugs. They did not mean booze.

Besides Arida blowing the anonymous policy of Narcotics Anonymous, she does not describe in her article one instance of any NA retreat participant's Higher Power taking charge; nor any Metaphysics in play; nor one testimonial by someone whose life was changed at the retreat. Arida's article looks to me like a free advertisement for Arida'$ metaphy$ical mini$try and Reiki practi$e. 

Reiki is a form of hands on energy healing, in which I once trained but did not feel moved to pay the large fees to be labeled a Reiki Master. However, plenty of people have had my hands on them, including Reiki practitioners and instructors in my basic massage school training in 1986, who were surprised at what they experienced.

I found Adri's Facebook page, which you can view by clicking on this link:

Adri's article and Facebook page say she studied at University Of Metaphysics

So I opened that link, and then opened another link

and arrived at what wondered is a mail order ministerial/metaphysical degree factory?

Just as I inserted that link into this post, Kari called to tell me of her dream last night: 

A formless black thumb-shaped creature was floating around. I told Kari about a black woman getting free publicity in the blue paper as a Reiki Master and Minister of Metaphysics, about whom I was just then writing. 

I said this post today is going to get me in a lot of trouble with Naja. 

Kari said, well then don't publish it. I said, better to make Naja mad, than to make God mad if I don't publish it.

Kari griped, why do these strange things happen to her?

Because you signed up for it, I said.

When did I sign up?, she asked.

When you got with me and I told you this kind of thing would happen if you decided to run with me, I said.

Well, I didn't sign up for this, Kari said.

The angels signed you up, file your complaint with them, I said.

I don't like that, Kari said.

Your soul also signed you up for it, I said, and that's also where you file your complaint.

Where do I do that?, Kari asked.

Look in mirror, I said. That's your complaint department. That, and the angels who made that dream, and the other two dreams.

I know from attending a number of NA meetings at Anchor's away in 2003, when I was a client resident in Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, which required all clients to attend 12 Step meetings daily, even clients who were not recovering addicts, or who did not drink or use, that NA views booze as a drug. I knew from attending AA meetings at Anchors Away, that AA members, in the main, do not view booze the same as other drugs. I decided NA was more realistic about booze than was AA. At Anchors Away.

I observed at Anchors Away that recovering addicts seldom, if ever, shared anything their Higher Power was doing with them. It was as if their Higher Power was a theory, a belief, and not a felt, direct experience. I, on the other hand, was being treated to my Higher Power forcing me through the 12 Steps. It was brutal. It proved to me that if a person's Higher Power takes over, then the 12 Steps are indeed a real spiritual discipline. Otherwise, I concluded, attending 12 Step meetings is kinda like going to church. I read somewhere that a fellow of note in Texas said going to church has as much chance of turning you into being like Jesus as sitting in your automobile in your garage has of turning you into an automobile.

Kari told me shortly after we met that she'd been in rehab seven times. She had hosted AA meetings on Key Largo. After we met, she went back into the jail and did a 6-months in-jail rehab program. She got out and soon was drinking vodka again, which violated the terms of her probation and got her put back into jail. Finally, a judge ended her probation, because it was clearly best for the taxpayers not to be funding repeated arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations of Kari for drinking vodka in a city and county where boozing and/or drugging are the national pastime. 

I asked Kari the day before yesterday if the two monsters in her dream were vodka and cigarettes? No, she said.

Denial is a monster, too.

Moving back in time to the Friday before last's blue paper edition, which led off with a free tout of Natalia Duke's local chapter of "Women's March" being all against Sheriff Rick Ramsay's policy of letting his deputies decide what to do about illegal immigrants they discover ... 

Women’s March Florida Keys Demands a Clear Policy from Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Regarding the Questioning of Florida Keys Residents about their Immigration Status As Monroe County residents and constituents we demand a clear policy from our Monroe County Sheriff’s Department regarding questioning residents and visitors about their immigration status, and sharing this information with federal immigration officials. The recent body cam footage of an officer questioning the immigration status of multiple Florida Keys residents is very concerning.  As there is no clear policy or [continue reading…]
Naja got really mad at me about the way I did not agree with the Duke advertisement and Naja being so revved up in her many editorial comments supporting the blue paper's position in its second illegal immigrant article. 

I still don't know if Duke is the local chapter of Women's March, or if there are other members. 

I do know that Duke got top shelf free publicity from Naja and the blue paper. 

As far as I know, Duke and her local Women's March chapter have yet to march on Sheriff Ramsay's headquarters and give him what for about his illegal immigrant enforcement policy.

I published all of that at this website, except the very last email exchange Naja initiated, to which I made three replies and now wonder if they are the three fingers Kari had cut off by the blue authorities in her dream?

Kari is my Muse for a some of what I publish about Key West, and beyond. I write left-handed. Metaphysically, left is the female side of a human body. The blue authorities incarcerated Kari and cut off three fingers on her left hand. It's possible to write with the first finger and thumb, but it's easier to have the second finger working. And, you can shoot a bird with the second finger. And you put wedding rings on the third finger. And Kari dreamt way back when she was in Sheriff Rick Ramsay's jail after she met me, that she and I got married in that jail.

Here is Naja's unpublished email to me, followed by my three replies. The blue paper's motto is: "the truth's gone viral".

From: <> on behalf of Naja Girard <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 2:33 PM
To: Sloan Bashinsky
Subject: Re: interactive journalists family squabble

I think you need to drink more liquids or something Sloan because what you wrote about the Blue Paper not reporting about the way the deputy handled the injured bicyclist is just so far from reality I'm having difficulty formulating a response. 

The Blue Paper BROKE the story of the bicyclist getting the third degree from the deputy on his alien status prior to being asked about his injuries and need for medical care.  Univision called The Blue Paper about that story and then ran their own story claiming it was their "exclusive".  The Associated Press then picked up the story and it went nationwide. Of course The Blue Paper "reported" that story [and made several comments in reader discussion forums both on our website and on social media about that story.] 

Do you just make stuff up when you are not sure what to say?

Yes, Sloan we have been reporting about questions of law -- we brought a story to the our readers that focused on questions of law that are raised by the deputy's actions and issues that are brought up by the Sheriff's statement that he has "no policy" and leaves it all up to the "discretion" of his deputies.  We brought this issue out via an interview with a lawyer who specializes in immigration law.    Get it?

There you are talking about the deputy again and what you think he should do in this one circumstance with the chef.  You give your opinion that there are no issues with that. The attorney we interviewed doesn't agree. O.K. no problem.  But here is where it's at now: People are asking the Sheriff to state his "clear policy".  People are asking for deputy guidelines, transparency, tracking, oversight.  Get it? 

Sometimes there are things to think about that are more complex than they might seem to be at first glance.  

I notice you skipped right over my pointing out that a clear policy would make transparent whether the Sheriff also thinks it's just fine for his deputies to ask crime victims about their alien status.  Sometimes people have accents and no papers on them but their situation is perfectly "legal". My mother and father till the day they died walked around streets in the United States and when they spoke it was with accented speech. My mother never learned to drive.  She did not walk around with any "papers".  They were both naturalized US Citizens. I would not have wanted a deputy to detain my mother on the side of the road to wait for Border Patrol to come and "inspect" her. 

Should everyone with an accent and no ID be subjected to this fishing expedition on the streets of our "Welcoming City" based on a deputy's hunch that they might be undocumented? Or is it just when the deputy has grilled them about their status and they've answered his questions admitting to having committed a civil or criminal INS infraction?  What if the deputy doesn't believe them when they say they are "legal" and they have a tourist visa but they left their passport at the hotel when they went to the beach or whatever their story is? Oh dear -- "no policy" .... 

But yeah, Sloan, now is the time to just make stuff up like the Blue Paper didn't report on the bicyclist story. Okee-dokee then.

This is the bizarro sentence that you wrote:
"In the first case with this same deputy, I think he was entitled to ask for the victim bicyclist's identification, but not seeming concerned about the bicyclist's injuries, whatever they were, I have yet to see that reported by the blue paper, was egregious. Doubled by the deputy trying to pin the fault on the bicyclist in favor of the white woman driver."

I jumped the gun and replied before I had read to the end of Naja's email:

Naja, I know where you got that.

It was the blue paper and you and Arnaud who told me what happened.

I reported at my website that the blue paper broke the injured bicyclist story and it was picked up by AP, as I recall, and a Hispanic news service and went really viral, millions and millions of viewers, and, as you told it to me at your home, the blue paper got no mention for having broken it, and I told you that was really wrong and you told me what was important was the story got out and went viral, and I again said the blue paper should have gotten the credit, and I published all of that, and that the deputy handled it awful. I participated in those reader comments at the blue paper, as well. I went to your FB page and found your question to Mike Tolbert about his terrible "like", and I published that and and your question to Mike about his "like" and he did not respond. 

Please show me where I published that you say I published that the blue paper not reporting the way the deputy handed the injured bicyclist. I have no clue what you are referencing.

After getting to the end of Naja's email, I saw what she meant, and I replied:

I have yet to see that reported by the blue paper, 

is reference to the bicyclist's actual injuries, which I asked you about at your home and you did not know, but only repeated what you had heard about head injury and he was going to be examined, or had been. I am still waiting to hear about those injuries, or did you publish that and I missed it?
Then, I emailed Naja:

I think and wrote to you that Sheriff Ramsay made his policy transparent (clear) when he said he left it up to his deputies' discretion. I also wrote that I thought he should be uniform, which would mean siding with you or with Trump and ICE.

I heard nothing further from Naja until last night's dream.

When Naja suggested I was not getting enough liquids, I wondered if she was drinking and that was causing her to carry on the way she was carrying on with me and with readers who had challenged her and Arnaud's articles about Sheriff's Ramsay and his deputy?



Pence Will Soon be President if Trump Fires Mueller, says Bush Lawyer

 G.lanktree,Newsweek Sun, Jun 18 5:38 AM EDT 

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