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further adventures in the best little insane asylum otherwise known as Key Way West of Weird

To set the proper tone for today's frolics ...
Christopher-Marc Parenti " A sane person to an insane society must appear insane."~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Sloan Bashinsky hee haw
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Charging forward ...
Young Prophet called me yesterday to share more interesting info about my stepmother and my father's estate, which had come to him from someone in Alabama, all of which, apparently, was easily verified in the county courthouse in Birmingham. I will be passing all of that yummy along to my lawyer in Birmingham.

Meanwhile, my hoodoo spellcasting witch friend reacted to yesterday's  schizoaffective disorder has many faces - further adventures in a crazy person's bible post at this website:

This paper (and at the webpage there is a place to download the whole paper to your computer).... speaks to the difficulty of getting entrenched scientific minds to consider non materialistic perspectives regarding consciousness.  It also acknowledges the plight of earlier scientists who have harbored ideas, or even invented things (such as the stethoscope) ... their plight prior to acceptance. 

When you consider how very long mystics have been reporting their experiences (like since the beginning of recorded history), and how little mystics are understood today, even by the church, and even though the church has "sainted" several mystics from centuries ago.....  what can one expect of the average man or woman who has never experienced any sort of anomalous experience.... OR if they have, have relegated it to the trash pile labeled "Meaningless"?!?

I will also attempt to attach a copy of the pdf of this paper to this email. 

I replied:
Meaningless? That is a kind label compared to what all I've heard tossed at just me.
I seriously doubt human science will ever wrap its mind around what it cannot fathom, much less see, hear or sense. 
The Spanish Inquisition locked up a small Carmelite monk because he was making his way to God outside church dogma, and starved him to death. Centuries later, the Vatican concluded the Inquisition had murdered a saint. Today he is known as John of the Cross.
In my sleep in early 2001, what I had come to call "The Voice" told me in my sleep, "With respect to St. John of the Cross you haven't seen anything yet." Then, I was awash in pure, raw, terrifying, black EVIL. I awoke gagging, desperately struggling to get it off of me, even as my ego was inflated to the size of Jupiter to have been told such a thing as that.
I came to understand, in stages, the degree of the EVIL I would experience, be engulfed by, awash in, as part of living out what "The Voice" told me that night.
I found many people having experiences with other realms before and after that experience. I found maybe three people having somewhat close to what I was experiencing. You introduced me to one, who was not there, nor close, when the angels brought her along at "light speed." Another was my Jewish friend Richard. The third is Young Prophet. 
There is no way to imagine what those three and I experienced, without having similar experiences.
I could teach all sort of things, but I have found even people searching don't really want to have similar experiences. Can't say I blame them.
This article you sent way too "scientific", or "academic", to drag me through it. And, my battery on this laptop is running low. I will look at the article again tomorrow. The author seems to have had very real other realm experiences. I wonder if she met the DEVIL along the way?
Ze witch, she wrote:
If you want a real heehaw Sloan, Google modern day mystics and most of what comes up are channelers of alien entities..... such as JZ Knight ....  no wonder mundanes don't understand mysticism at all.
And she sent:
Not live, but I love the guitar work on this one

And the lyrics:
"Little Old Fashioned Karma"

There's just a little fashioned karma coming down 
Just a little old fashioned justice going round 
A little bit of sowing and a little bit of reaping 
A little bit of laughing and a little bit of weeping 
Just a little old fashioned karma coming down 
Coming down coming down just a little old fashioned karma coming down 
It really ain't hard to understand 
If you're gonna dance you gotta pay the band 
It's just a little old fashioned karma coming down 

[fiddle - guitar - harmonica - piano]

There's just a little fashioned karma...
I replied this morning:

Karma is inexorable, like Proud Mary, she just keeps on rollin', rollin', rollin'.

I keep thinking of comparing thems who ain't having experiences with other realms with the story I doubt is true, but the point works for me, of when white men first came to the Americas in their sailing ships, the real Americans couldn't see the ships because they had never seen a ship before and their minds did not register what their eyes were seeing in plain view.

My dreams were all over everywhere last night. I wasn't able to get much of a sense of what any of them were trying to tell me. Then, Young Prophet came to me in a dream in which I had snuck into a what seemed to be a boarding house, which seemed to have space for me. I told him I'd been there 40 minutes. I asked if he thought there was room for me? I could pay the rent. He said, perhaps, but was I prepared to sleep with animals? The dream ended.

In my spirit code, 4 represents politics. 

Young Prophet had told me recently that he was told by "his angels" (Gabriel and Kamael) that Naja and Arnaud Girard were trying to draw me into something regarding homelessness and were hoping I would side with them.

That caused me to check out their every Friday online newspaper this morning, Key West the Newspaper (thebluepaper.com), where I saw the "carnage" had continued under this past Friday's lead piece. Just naturally, I dove in. Again.

You can read 'bout all of dat in today's post at the town fool's website.

Naja and Arnaud Girard

You can open the link below and see all reader comments and blue paper editor Naja's responses and interactions - extensive. 

Below the video are my comments and Naja and Dickford Cohn's not entirely love bird rejoinders. My first comment was previously reported at this website, stirred Naja and Dickford Cohn's comments. Naja is a lawyer in lay clothing. Dickford is non-practicing lawyer. I don't know what that makes me. How about ex-lawyer who disbarred himself, even though I told someone yesterday that I have been practicing law in Key West and the Florida Keys since I arrived here in late 2000. Human law, spirit law, was what I had in mind.

The Blue Paper continues its probe into immigration enforcement by Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies…
  1. A few days ago, I was snoozing on a picnic table in Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, which I have done frequently since 2002 and never once been asked by a park ranger not to do it.
    I was awakened by a small brown-skinned Hispanic Fish & Wildlife officer and told I could not sleep on the table and I could not park my bicycle at the table but had to use the bike racks out by the road. He asked me if I had ID. I said, of course. I pulled out my wallet and handed him my driver’s license. He handed it to his very white Anglo F & W parter and asked him to run it (through their computer). After a while, the Anglo F $ W officer said it came back “54”, I think was the number. Meant nothing to me. My driver’s l[icense] was returned.
    I told them I had slept on picnic tables in the park since I imagine before they were F & W officers, and no park ranger had complained, and I would move my rubber mat to the ground and lay on it there. I told them the park rangers seldom enforced the bicycle rack rule, but I would take my bike to a rack. They said okay.
    I thanked them for being on the job and they thankied me and walked out onto the beach.
    The Hispanic officer had seemed wound really tight to me.
    I thought of the recent blue paper illegal immigrant articles..
    I wondered what would have happened if I had been Polish, or Czech, or Brazilian, and I was not able to produce a driver’s license or any ID? I figured I would be talking to Border Patrol shortly.
    I wondered if the F & W officers had a legal right to ask for my ID for sleeping on a picnic table or having my bicycle at the table?
    I figured that was not a good thing to challenge them on, in any event.
    I watched a Stephen Segal movie last night on Netflix. The storyline was Islamic terrorists were trying to strike a deal with a Mexican drug cartel to infiltrate Islamic terrorists and weapons, including suitcase nukes, into America. The terrorists wanted to the use the cartel because is was so good and getting people and drugs into America, and the same methods could be used to get terrorists and their weapons into America.
    That’s where I came into this discussion under the first blue paper illegal immigrant article.
    It is a fact that 9/11 changed Americans forever. Including American law enforcement, local, state, national. This is the elephant in the living room no one else I have seen in these three articles and reader discussion invites to the table. It as if 9/11 never happened.
    I agree with Dickford. The title to this article is inflammatory, and it was intended to be inflammatory. Perhaps it needed to be inflammatory.
    9/11 was far more inflammatory.
    This is not the America that was happy to receive the Frenchman Arnaud Girard, who still speaks American English with a heavy accent, which I find endearing This is not the America that was happy to receive Naja Girard’s immigrant parents, who spoke English with a heavy accent until they left this life.
    This is an America in which most American citizens, including the liberals, are terrified of Islamic terrorists, whose “religion” is to kill Americans, and French people, and English people, and German people, and Russian people, etc., etc.
    People who come to America from elsewhere, and come illegally, or overstay their visas, or otherwise are not legal here, do so with their eyes wide open. Do so in a pervasive environment of simmering terror of foreign terrorists.
    In an environment also of many millions of American workers losing jobs to low paid immigrants and also to American companies relocating their manufacturing to Mexico, China, etc.
    This is not going to be resolved. It is going to become more acute. People living in America illegally, for whatever reason, are well advised to do all they can not to be accosted by law enforcement.
    Illegal aliens driving a car without a license are asking to be deported. Their employers have nothing to do with that.
    I don’t see a crackdown on illegal immigrants in Key West or the Florida Keys, because it would seriously damage the local economy.
    Even so, the way the blue paper has chosen to go about this issue is putting heat on Sheriff Ramsay, who is a Republican. There are more Republican voters than Democratic voters in the Keys. That’s how come Dennis Ward got to be State Attorney again. That’s how come Donald Trump carried the Florida Keys.
    Demanding a “clear policy” from Sheriff Ramsay could result in a mandate that his deputies call Border Patrol every time they had found someone they have reason to think might be an illegal alien. Border Patrol does not answer to the blue paper, to the local governments, to local law enforcement, to state law enforcement. Border Patrol answers ultimately to Congress and President Trump. Republicans. For now.

    • I need to ponder this one: “This is an America in which most American citizens, including the liberals, are terrified of Islamic terrorists, whose “religion” is to kill Americans, and French people, and English people, and German people, and Russian people, etc., etc.”
      I will say this: I, Naja Girard, am not walking around “terrified of Islamic terrorists”. I am much more “terrified” of xenophobic Americans.

  2. Wow! You laid it out there, Sloan…clearly and succinctly.
    You are right. The prevailing sentiment in the U.S., like it or not, is exactly how you described it. Personally, I don’t like it…but, I am bound by it. As are all the rest of us.
    I am happy that Sheriff Ramsay has decided to remain above the fray, as I’ve previously stated. As you pointed out, he could well have decided on a policy that is more harsh than the current “non-policy”…which is, when you think about it, a policy of and by itself.
    Further, according to Florida law, your inability/refusal to submit proper ID when asked by an identified LEO, could result in your detention…until acceptable documentation is submitted. No “probable cause” is necessary.
    Finally…I’m sure you know that parking your carcass on a picnic table is rude and socially unacceptable! 😉

    • Dickford,
      I do not believe you are correct when you state,
      “Further, according to Florida law, your inability/refusal to submit proper ID when asked by an indentified LEO, could result in your detention…until acceptable documentation is submitted. No “probable cause” is necessary.”
      My reading of the law [see below] is that indeed the officer needs to justify the requirement for ID by a finding that there is a ‘reasonable indication’ that the ‘subject’ is involved in the violation of a CRIMINAL state or local statute or ordinance. [Note also, that it specifies state and local CRIMINAL law – CERTAINLY NOT FEDERAL CIVIL IMMIGRATION LAW.]
      In the case of the 17-year old passenger in a car parked too far from the sidewalk, what was the “reasonable indication” that a state or local crime was being or had been or was about to be committed? Why was it absolutely necessary for these officers to use this stop and frisk law to have the ID of this child ascertained beyond a doubt? Why wasn’t this child’s guardian telephoned rather than holding him there for an hour and half awaiting a federal immigration enforcement agency?
      And here it is:
      The 2016 Florida Statutes
      Title XLVII
      Chapter 901
      901.151 Stop and Frisk Law.—
      (1) This section may be known and cited as the “Florida Stop and Frisk Law.”
      (2) Whenever any law enforcement officer of this state encounters any person under circumstances which reasonably indicate that such person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a violation of the criminal laws of this state or the criminal ordinances of any municipality or county, the officer may temporarily detain such person for the purpose of ascertaining the identity of the person temporarily detained and the circumstances surrounding the person’s presence abroad which led the officer to believe that the person had committed, was committing, or was about to commit a criminal offense.
      (3) No person shall be temporarily detained under the provisions of subsection (2) longer than is reasonably necessary to effect the purposes of that subsection. Such temporary detention shall not extend beyond the place where it was first effected or the immediate vicinity thereof.
      (4) If at any time after the onset of the temporary detention authorized by subsection (2), probable cause for arrest of person shall appear, the person shall be arrested. If, after an inquiry into the circumstances which prompted the temporary detention, no probable cause for the arrest of the person shall appear, the person shall be released.
      (5) Whenever any law enforcement officer authorized to detain temporarily any person under the provisions of subsection (2) has probable cause to believe that any person whom the officer has temporarily detained, or is about to detain temporarily, is armed with a dangerous weapon and therefore offers a threat to the safety of the officer or any other person, the officer may search such person so temporarily detained only to the extent necessary to disclose, and for the purpose of disclosing, the presence of such weapon. If such a search discloses such a weapon or any evidence of a criminal offense it may be seized.
      (6) No evidence seized by a law enforcement officer in any search under this section shall be admissible against any person in any court of this state or political subdivision thereof unless the search which disclosed its existence was authorized by and conducted in compliance with the provisions of subsections (2)-(5).
      History.—ss. 1, 2, ch. 69-73; s. 1459, ch. 97-102.

      • Naja, you’re getting ahead of yourself again. I was speaking specifically about Sloan’s situation…to answer his “puzzlement” when he was asked for ID for “taking a snooze” on a picnic table. My reference to this law was directed solely to violation of local/state ordinances/rules/laws or what have you. I did not intend to include violation of any federal laws…vis-à-vis that young man. Sorry for the confusion.

        • Ah, I see. Alright then. In Sloan’s case was there suspicion of a “crime”? Is there a criminal ordinance about snoozing on a picnic table at a State park situated in the City of Key West? Maybe Sloan knows…
          Found this which specifically excludes mere sleeping in public:
          City Code:
          Sec. 62-4. – No camping.
          Camp or camping means to pitch or occupy a tent or other temporary shelter for sleeping or other habitation purposes.
          Camp facilities means tarpaulins, costs, beds, sleeping bags, boxes or cartons, hammocks, make-shift shelters, cardboard, and portable stoves or other cooking paraphernalia.
          Motor vehicle means any self-propelled vehicle not operated upon rails or guideway, but not including any bicycle, motorized scooter, electric personal assistive mobility device, or moped.
          Public place means the definition provided in section 1-2 of the Code of Ordinances. For purposes of this section, it also includes a beach within city limits.
          Safe zone means a public shelter provided for habitation by the city.
          Prohibited. No person shall camp in a public place in Key West. Camping may include the use of camp facilities. There [The] mere act of a person sleeping in a public place is not alone sufficient to constitute a violation of this section, unless there is indicia of camping, shelter or any barrier between an individual and the elements used for the purpose of sleeping or establishing a habitat. A written or verbal warning shall be issued for any first time offender of this section provided that compliance is achieved within a reasonable amount of time. Second or subsequent violations are subject to arrest pursuant to F.S. § 901.15.
          Personal property. In the event a person is arrested under this section, the arresting officer shall use best efforts to identify and preserve the personal property of the person.
          Penalty. A violation of this section shall be punishable in accordance with section 1-15 of the Code of Ordinances.
          (Ord. No. 04-13, § 1, 6-15-2004; Ord. No. 12-10, § 1, 6-5-2012)

          • You’ve nailed it, with regard to the City Codes. No, Sloan was not “suspected” of any “crime”: He was caught dead in his tracks in the commission of an infraction…at least insofar as the City Code is concerned. I have no idea as to what the State Park Rules are.
            I think you’ll agree that Sloan was required to present current ID so that the officer could issue a proper citation, had he chosen to do so.
            I’m guessing here that the officer did have discretion as to how those rules are applied: Some officers are brusque while others are more forgiving. That’s life.

          • I’m sorry. I must have missed something. What was the “infraction” – as in violation of code? The code I found specifically excludes mere sleeping without more – as in some attempt at sheltering oneself. I don’t believe Sloan described any make-shift shelter he had erected on his picnic table. [Not saying its “wonderful” for Sloan or anyone else to sleep on picnic tables but what code did he violate?
          • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
            Well, Dickford, perhaps you live in a different end of Key West from where I hang out.
            One night I was bedded down on the same rubber mat in the covered open air part of the fire station on Simonton Street. I was woken up by two KWPD officers. One explained the city camping ordinance to me.
            Said, my lying on the ground with anything between me and the ground was camping. I could lie on the bare concrete and not be camping, but using the mat I was camping. I said, well, when I sleep nights at the kWPD station on a bench in the front lobby, I lay on this here rubber mat. That’s different, the officer said. The bench is off the ground. So it’s not covered by the city’s camping ordinance.
            I didn’t feel up to totally pissing him off and saying, well, under the city’s camping ordinance, anyone lying on a towel on a beach is camping.
            I also told the officer that KWPD’s official spokesperson Alyson Crean (former Key West Bureau Chief of the Keynoter) had been quoted in the Key West Citizen as saying, on behalf of KWPD, and since she also is the city’s official spokesperson, in behalf of the city, that because Sloan is banned for life from KOTS, he can sleep in public places, such as the police station front lobby, on benches, etc.
            In fact, I have slept hundreds of times on picnic tables in Fort Zach State Park, and, in fact, never has a park ranger said anything to me about it.
            I am quiet. Don’t make a mess. Don’t parade around with my butt crack showing out of a bikini, or thong. Don’t pay loud music, or any music. Don’t sneak in beer, wine, whiskey. Carry out my trash. What little there is.
            I often feed the wild birds. Have had morning doves all over me, physically. On my head, shoulders, arms, legs, sitting in the palms of my hands – admittedly lured in by sunflower seeds. They loved me. Park rangers seem to like me. Loud-mouthed park visitors tend to not like me.
            Not long ago Ohio visitors, they said, were at the next picnic table over. One of the women was the kind who talks and laughs really loud, pretty much all the time. Hate to see an X ray of her psychology. When the outlaw homeless woman Kari Dangler asked the woman if she was going to keep yelling and laughing loud like that, the woman said yes she was, what you gonna do about it? They had lots of beer showing. Kari and I moved to a picnic table where we could not hear the Ohio rednecks. White trash would also describe them.
            That happens pretty often in the park, actually.
            Just the day before yesterday, a large brown-skinned man speaking English with a Spanish accent at a nearby picnic table went on a rant that could be heard by people out on the beach. He was with two anglo women. Every third or fourth word out of his mouth was fuck, fucking, fucker. He woke me up from a nap on a picnic bench, is how come I remember this so well.
            I would not bet money he remembered me hollering at him: this is a public park, families come in here with their children and you are hollering fuck every third or so word. How about turning down the volume. Continue your conversation, but quietly. Are you hard of hearing? Maybe he was. He did not turn down the volume. But I didn’t hear any more fucks.
            I packed up and left the park, wishing the same two Fish & Wildlife officers, especially the wound up really tight little Hispanic male officer, had been there for that. I would have loved to see how that little Hispanic officer dealt with one of his rude, obnoxious Hispanic “countrymen”.
            Another time I was in the park, a cruise ship was having a rock concert at the outer mole. The birds in the park were thrilled. So was I. People were leaving the park to get away from the clamor. Although it took me most of the day, I finally got city code enforcement, KWPD, and Navy MPs to gang up on that cruise ship and shut down the concert.
            I wrote an email the next day to the CEO of that cruise ship company, which was intended to cause him to think Key West is today’s version of Dodge City and there are people here would would love to see a cruise ship sunk in the channel and stop all cruise ships from coming to Key West. I called his office and left a message with his secretary for him to check out my website that day: goodmorningkewyest.com.
            At the next city commission meeting, a few nights later, I told that story during closing citizen comments. City Manager Jim Scholl came over and told me he was going to get that taken care of.
            I have not seen that particular cruise ship in Key West since, but maybe it snuck in when I was sleeping on a picnic table and did not see it arrive. 🙂

RE: What code did he (Sloan) violate?
Try this:
Camp facilities means tarpaulins, cots, beds, sleeping bags, boxes or cartons, hammocks, make-shift shelters, cardboard, and portable stoves or other cooking paraphernalia.
Remember…Sloan said he moved his mat to the ground. Further, discounting this admittedly minor infraction is not unlike saying that it is acceptable to use the side of a building as a urinal. Where do you draw the line? That’s what civil ordnances are designed to do.

  • Ah yes. I see.
    But if I were his attorney [and I know I’m not…] I would argue that a ‘mat’ is not described in the definition. A ‘mat’ is not a cot, not a bed, not a sleeping bag, not a box or a carton, not a hammock, not a make-shift shelter, not a piece of cardboard, not a portable stove or other cooking paraphernalia.
    I guess the City needs to amend their code to add ‘mat’ in order “to get” poor Sloan for his criminal infraction! What if his ‘mat’ is more like a ‘towel’? Don’t see that there either… hmmmm…
    But we are getting away from the topic of this piece – Sloan has that effect. [Love ya Sloan!]
    • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Now, now, Naja and Dickford, you both know that I step back from a “narrow” drama and look at what is constellated around it. Usually, one of more elephants in the living room.
      I saw on TV news last night that the US Supreme Court ruled for President Trump’s immigration ban, for the most part, eradicating plenty of words written and spoken before that by different pundits and US appellate courts.
      Seems the Supreme Court thinks, rightly, that national security trumps wide open US borders to violent Muslim countries’ refugees.
      I can’t stand Trump, but on this issue, I think he is right. But I would go farther. I would ban all Muslims, including the King of Saudi Arabia and every last one of his blood relatives, not already US citizens, from entering America, for several connected reasons.
      A significant part of Islam is at war with America.
      Islam American has not led the charge to protest against and defeat radical islam.
      There is no reliable way to screen out radical Islam sleeper immigrants.
      Beyond that. Sorry, Naja. Using yourself to be the reason for your policy is getting in your way.
      You wrote to me earlier in this discussion:
      ~I need to ponder this one: “This is an America in which most American citizens, including the liberals, are terrified of Islamic terrorists, whose “religion” is to kill Americans, and French people, and English people, and German people, and Russian people, etc., etc.”
      ~I will say this: I, Naja Girard, am not walking around “terrified of Islamic terrorists”. I am much more “terrified” of xenophobic Americans.
      That’s the problem here, Naja. You are not even trying to put yourself into the shoes of how most Americans feel about illegal immigrants. Or how most Americans feel about 9/11 and foreign terrorists, more to the point.
      You keep talking like that’s not in play. In fact, radical Islam and Hispanic drug cartels are driving law enforcement in America.
      That bothering most Americans, if not on the tips of their tongues, then simmering in their deepest thoughts, concerns.
      If you got word today, Naia, that one of your children had just been blown up or machine-gunned on a street in another part of America, I bet you would be looking at this entire drama entirely differently.
      I still say you have way too big a charge about this to report and comment on it neutrally. People you know, some you respect, others not, probably, have told me you and Arnaud have messed up bad in the way you went about this topic.
      I hope you have not set into motion Sheriff Ramsay telling his deputies to report any suspected or actual illegal immigrant to Border Patrol. If that happens, will you and Arnaud publicly take responsibility for that result?
      If I were running the blue paper, I would be advising illegal immigrants in Key West and the Florida Keys to live smart. Don’t live like Americans live. They get caught at something, they don’t get deported. Don’t do things that can get you caught and talking to Border Patrol. Be better than Americans. Show them how people should live all the time. In America. Anywhere. Stop drinking. Stop drugging. Don’t drive without a license. Don’t hang out with people who are likely to get them in trouble. And get themselves to an immigration lawyer and become legal residents. Or Citizens. Like Arnaud Girard did. Like your parents did, Naja.


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