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Ain't spiritual growth wonderful? dreams & mirrors, Key West mediation chamber

After reading yesterday’s post, my hoodoo spell casting witch friend looked up the novelist Thomas Perry and his mixed-breed Native American nija shaman Jane Whitefield novels:
Here's the quote... That is at the start of Vanishing Act, by Thomas Perry:
"There is nothing in which these barbarians carry their superstition to a more extravagant length, than in what regards whatever manner the dream is conceived, it is always looked upon as a thing sacred, and as the most ordinary way in which the gods make known their will to men.

"For the most part, they look upon them either as a desire of the soul inspired by some genius, or an order from him; and in consequence of this principle, they hold it a religious duty to obey them; and an Indian having dreamed of having a finger cut off, had it really cut off as soon as he awoke, after having prepared himself for this important action by a feast...

"The affair becomes still more serious, should any one take it into his head to dream that he cuts the throat of another, for he will certainly accomplish it if he can; but woe to him, in his turn, should a third person dream that he revenges the dead."

Pierre de Charlevoix,
Journal of a Voyage to North-America,

I replied:

Well, I think the Indian who cut off his own finger didn’t understand his dream. Perhaps he was engaging in too much fingerpointing, and that was the dream message, is the first thing that comes to mind.

Dreams, as you well know, indeed are messages from “above” to the dreamer – about the dreamer, about something going on in the dreamer’s life, about something going on in the dreamer’s society, for examples.

Jane Whitefield’s dreams are nothing like Pierre de Charlevoix described. Her dreams guide her in her rescue work. She also dreams about other things going on in her life. She would be seriously diminished if she did not dream.

I was told in my sleep, “You need to dream, Sloan, so you will know what is really going on.” I was told in my sleep, “Remember Daniel,” the Bible’s dreamer. When people come to me for help, they dream and I dream about it. Their and my dreams guide us through it. Their and my dreams guide me how to try to help them. Or to stop going at it one way and go at it another way.

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung knew just how important dreams are. He learned it via his own dreams and his patients’ dreams. Had modern medicine gone with Jung, as well as with Freud, it would have transformed medicine.

Physicians today would today be using their and their patients’ dreams to help them and their patients understand what is causing their patients’ medical difficulties. As you know, in addition to a physical cause, there tends to be a psychospiritual, or metaphysical, cause of physical and emotional and mental medical problems.

I recall a friend in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who in a “prior life” had been a medical doctor. He had taken a double residency in psychiatry and internal medicine. When I met him, he was doing a really intense residence in internal spiritual medicine: his own and people he was trying to help.

I was living in Boulder, Colorado. He called me one day. He was in the hospital in Santa Fe with a bad kidney infection. The standard drugs were only keeping it at bay, keeping him alive. I asked if he wanted me to come down there? Yes. I left that day. 400 miles, as I recall the distance.

For three days I met with him couple of hours in the morning in his hospital room. We finally got to the bottom of it. We agreed there was nothing more I could do. I left. The infection began to yield to the drugs. He got well. Was released from the hospital.

He was hardly finished. That was just one step in a very difficult spiritual journey, which included a severe one-side MS paralysis. Rooted in severe injury to his interior feminine, which he knew. The MS had ended his medical career and launched him into this new career.

I have had MRSA a few times. Each time, I knew there was a spiritual component related to something then going on in my human affairs. Each time, I had to address the human affairs component, as well as use the medical drugs and/or the home remedies known to combat MRSA.

Ah, but that’s too deep for humanity, in the main, although alternative healers know “as above, so below”, or “as below, so above” tend to work in tandem. The New Age knows it, but, in my experience, is not particularly adept at applying it. All shamans know it. Without dreams, shamans would be lost.

You texted me your dream of the other night:

“Last night I dreamed that you, M and I were moving into a larger home. There was a workshop area for M. A spacious writing and I dunno sort of meditation space you were settling into. And for me and office, art studio combo. All this in addition to regular rooms for regular living. It felt very positive.”

We both understood the dream was symbolic, a shift of some kind in our current joint endeavors, but we also considered the dream suggests I might be living with you and M in the future, in as much as you’d had other dreams to that effect this year. Time will tell where that is or is not going, but the dream does reveal the essence of what I am moving into workwise, at least in things involving you, M and me. [M is her husband.]

I told you the other day of someone not happy with me asking me if I was not drinking enough fluids?, and I told you that what that caused me to wonder was if my critic was drinking too much grape juice and that was what was causing my critic to behave in ways that had caused you to wonder if the critic was going through the change of life?

That is what I would call a “waking dream,” every bit as revealing as a “sleeping dream”. 

The book the angels forced through me from 1988-1990, which you read, was essentially, about viewing legal problems as waking dreams and mining them for what they reflect back about the person with the legal problem.

That book changed the way I viewed everything, but it had started in JUST one day, when a woman in Maine called me long distance because she had read my book, KILL ALL THE LAWYERS?, A Client’s Guide to Hiring, Firing, Using and Suing Lawyers.

She said I was the only lawyer she knew of who could help her. She had found the book in her small town’s library. She had gotten from the Alabama State Bar that I once had lived in Birmingham. I was living there then, but the State Bar didn’t know it. She had found my telephone number using directory assistance.

I told her I no longer practiced law in that way. She groaned, said she didn’t know what she was going to do. Perhaps she would go to a spiritual adviser. I said I sometimes do that for people. Would she like to try with her legal problem? Sure, why not. Okay, tell me about it.

She started telling me about it. Then, as if a light switch was thrown, I started seeing and hearing differently. I told her what she was telling me looked like to me. She was blown away. Each person in her legal drama represented someone from her past with whom she had serious unfinished business. 

We discussed how she could deal with the legal problem in ways she would not have been comfortable using. I said I felt she needed to take that approach, and that if she did, it would help her in the long run. But if she went at it the "normal" way, she would stay the same or be worse off.

I’d had a vision nearly a year prior that I would write a book about practicing law in a new way. I was really revved up about that. I started right away writing the book. I had no clue what to write. It was all guessing. It was awful. Draft after draft. Awful. Garbage. Until I gave up.

Then, the woman called from Maine and the light switch was thrown.

Then, a woman called from Puerto Rico. She had found KILL ALL THE LAWYERS? in her local library. 

Then, I moved back to Boulder. 

Then, I got more phone calls from people who had read KILL ALL THE LAWYERS?, and from people in Boulder who had heard of me. I started looking back at my own brushes with the law. Then, the book started getting written.

Over 2 years it took, with the help of human “editors” the angels had provided, to push me toward getting a great deal of my own ego out of the book. That was heaps of fun. Actually, it was awful. For my ego. My own personal course, not in miracles, but in mirrors.

I had hoped THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD: A New Approach to Legal Problems would make me rich and famous, to heal me of that not having happened with my more mainstream earlier books, which were based on my experiences when I practiced law in Birmingham.

As with the earlier books, a certain notoriety occurred, but rich did not. I ended up giving most of the 5,000 print run of THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD to prison libraries. You were in on that giveaway, which included the sequel book, PRISONS & FREEDOM, which I felt was considerably more advanced than THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD.

More about this “meditation space” in today’s post.


Morticia responded to the Kari Dangler part of yesterday’s post at this website:
You got MRSA again.. in the form of a human.  

I replied:

You are sooooo sweeeeet

Mortica wrote:

I cant help it. I hold back as long as I can. I have shook my head so hard it rattles!!! But you did not ask me... did you?

I replied:

Shucks, you don't have to hold back, I don't ask for that.

Something happened later today, which involved a friend of Kari's, which is bizarre in several ways. Am pretty sure it was forecast in the 2 dreams Kari had about me last night, which I described in today's post.

Kari's a mess, yet the angels use her, and not my upstanding respected Key West/Florida Keys friends, to send me messages. That in itself is a message from the angels: they choose Kari, not, hmmm, the mayor, a city commissioner, any of my friends here. They choose a convicted felon addicted to vodka to speak for them.

Morticia, that is really quite hilarious, but I doubt any of the aforementioneds, other than perhaps Kari, would find it even amusing. I have not told her this yet. I wonder how she will take it?


From yesterday's post at this website:

I knew Kari had had a dream about me, which had disturbed her. But getting such a dream out of her is like sticking my hand in a badger's mouth and trying to get it to tell me its dreams.

Kari had had two dreams, it turned out. But she took a while telling me the second dream.

In her first dream, Kari was drawing me on her sketch pad and I died peacefully of natural causes. 

Any dream of me dying drives her nuts. I figured the dream might mean I will die of natural causes, or I might die to Kari in the sense I'm not longer in her life. Hard to relate to someone full of vodka all the time. Who is speaking, who is listening? The person, or the vodka?

Kari's second dream seemed to build on her first dream. She saw men come and get me and tie me to a stake. No firewood under my feet. The men didn't want me to be with her. Then, they killed her by stabbing a sword into her. 

The two dreams really had Kari freaked out. 

The dreams did not freak me out. They were information. 

What freaked me out was being woken up too early after having had so much trouble sleeping last night.

What freaked me out was being woken up to smell vodka.

What freaked me out was being woken up to try to get the badger to tell me what she had dreamt.

What freaked me out was knowing there is a total disconnect on this world between Kari and me.

I had dreamt of her earlier in the night. She was telling me about something she was going to tell me.

In my dreams of Kari we nearly always are allies, in love, friendly. That's the soul picture. This world is the hell picture. The total disconnect.

What Kari reported to me later yesterday:
She has a homeless man friend named Joe. Before meeting me, Kari and Joe were an item. Booze and cigarettes were their main habits. Being with Joe protected Kari from being hit on by other men. Homeless me. Men who were not homeless.

While Kari was in the county jail last year, for two different trespassing cases, which eventually would be tossed out because the city police did not have authorization from the property owners to arrest Kari, Joe got caught for stealing a sports bag with baseball equipment and an expensive smart phone off of a baseball field at Kennedy Drive. But for the smart phone, it would have been a misdemeanor theft. 

Joe had been pretty much getting around in a wheelchair due to a hip problem. But after Kari went into the jail, Joe started riding around on Kari's bicycle. He was caught on Kari's bicycle with the stolen goods in the rear basket. I found the bicycle locked to a pole at a city bus stop on North Roosevelt Blvd, and a friend of mine came and got it and took it to where she stayed and could look after it. 

Did I have a thought or two that Joe had been faking needing to be in a wheelchair? Sure, I had a thought or two about that. Even so, earlier this year, Joe went back into the hospital to have a hip replaced. That for sure made him not able to ride a bicycle. He ended up getting a serious infection in his legs, which swole up awful, according to Kari. Joe was moved from the hospital to the nearby convalescent home, where he started physical therapy. The infection receded.

According to Kari, during that time Joe was visited three different times by someone from the Public Defender Office. Twice, was for Joe to sign waivers for appearing in court on the felony theft charge. The last time was to sign a motion to have the charges against him dismissed. He maintained he had thought the stuff he took was abandoned. Did I think that was not true? I had a hard time thinking it was true. 

The Assistant Public Defender told Joe the motion would be presented to the judge prelude to the hearing on June 22. Joe felt the case was as good as over. Then Joe learned that Circuit Court Mark Judge Mark Jones, who is the chief judge, said he wanted to see and speak with Joe on June 22, before he decided whether or not to go along with the Assistant Public Defender's motion. 

Yesterday, I was told by the front desk legal assistant at the Public Defender's Office that Judge Jones had said he wanted to see Joe in Court before deciding Joe's motion, and that it was in Joe's motion filed by the Assistant Public Defender that Joe was in the convalescent home recovering from hip replacement surgery and was not able yet to travel to court.

I went to the Public Defender Office yesterday after Kari called me to say law enforcement had come to the convalescent home yesterday, I imagine it was a deputy sheriff or deputy sheriffs, as they work for the county and state courts, and not city police. They took Joe to the county jail to await the June 22 hearing. 

From the Sheriff's website this morning:

M.C.S.O. Mug Shot
Click here to see larger photo.
Arrest Date: 06/15/2017 Time: 13:26 CAD #: MCSO Offense #: 
Name: PATTON, JOE EDWARD DoB:01/20/1951 Age:66 Sex:M Race:W
Occupation: RETIRED
Arrest Location: 5501 COLLEGE RD, KEY WEST
Arresting Officer/Agency: KWPD, - KWPD    Bond Amount: $75000

1 Felony 
Count(s) of 843.15.1a - FAILURE TO APPEAR - 

So, what's "the high legal road" approach to Joe's case?

I told Kari last night that I felt the first of her dreams the night before, about me dying of natural causes, was meant to belay her fears of me being murdered. Then I told Kari that I felt the second of her dreams, about the men tying me to a stake and then killing her with a sword was the Establishment not wanted me to report what happened to Joe Patton earlier yesterday.

That aside ...

If I had to hazard a wild guess, I'd guess maybe Joe should have admitted he stole the sports bag and baseball equipment and smart phone, and tried to cut a deal?

If I had to hazard a wild guess, I'd guess Joe was drinking when he stole that stuff? There was a half-empty can of "Ice" beer in the rear basket of Kari's bicycle when I found it. And a bag of candy. Addict drink and food.

If I had to hazard a wild guess, I'd guess it was not necessary to take Joe to jail yesterday, since he can barely walk, he has lived homeless in Key West many years, he is not able to run away.

If I had to hazard a wild guess, I'd guess there will be karma for those who had a hand in Joe being taken to jail yesterday.

If I had to hazard a wild guess, I'd guess this is a really loud wake up call for Joe to change his ways.

If I had to hazard a wild guess, I'd guess this also is a really loud wake up call for Kari to change her ways.

If I had to hazard a wild guess, I'd guess telling Joe and Kari that will be a waste of breath. Even so, I will tell Kari, and Joe when/if I see him.

What's the reflection back to me? Great question. My parents were drunks. Got up drinking vodka. Went to bed drinking it. I never tried to intervene. My mother killed herself smoking cigarettes. In that way she got the divorce from my father, and from her mother, who would not allow her to divorce my father.

My interventions with Kari's vodka and cigarette habits went for naught. I see no way we will live together, because I cannot live with someone married to booze and cigarettes. Yet, the angels clearly want us to be in some kind of love and truth relationship. That's crystal clear in Kari's and my sleeping and waking dreams, and in the fact that Kari sees and hears things most people do not. She was born with it. She's kinda like Jane Wakefield.

But in what kind of relationship? I be danged if I know. But it ain't like I got something else to be doing instead. And it ain't like anyone else in Key West and the Florida Keys is dreaming for me. And it ain't like I don't know respected people here, who are not homeless, who drink more than Kari drinks.

I can't drink. One glass of wine causes me to feel bad in my G.I. tract in about an hour. By next morning, my liver feels like it needs to go to the ER room. I don't like my liver feeling that way.

I can't use marijuana. Regardless of how or where it's grown, I have a migraine the morning after using it. I don't like having a migraine.

I am not allowed to escape like my mother and father did. Like Kari and Joe Patton do. Like most people I know do. I am required to live life without any chemical buffers. Eyes and ears and other senses wide open. 

As my psychiatrist-internist friend in Santa Fe was wont to say at inopportune poignant times: "Ain't spiritual growth wonderful?"

Moving to the so-called Big Screen:
Donald Trump is a great example of someone who needs a major league course in mirrors. He has lots of company, so I’m not singling him out, but he’s in such plain view that he is a good public demonstration model.

In that regard, this was in my Yahoo News this morning:


Trump proved James Comey right on a major part of their dispute

(President Donald Trump has lambasted James Comey, the former FBI director, as a "leaker" for making public his accounts of his meetings with the president.© AFP Brendan Smialowski) 

If there is one thing the White House has sought to hammer home about the FBI investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election, it is that President Donald Trump was not a subject of it.

The point was so important to Trump that he repeated it in his letter firing FBI Director James Comey.
"I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation," he wrote.
When Comey told Congress last week that he had, in fact, confirmed to Trump on at least two occasions that he wasn't under investigation, Trump and his allies said they felt "vindicated," even though the investigation into his campaign team was ongoing. And they continued to rail on "innuendo" that the president's interactions with Comey were unethical or illegal in any way.
But when The Washington Post reported on Wednesday night that Robert Mueller, the special counsel overseeing the FBI's probe, was investigating whether Trump obstructed justice, the talking points circulated by the Republican National Committee did not dispute the accuracy of the report. Neither did Trump's lawyer, Marc Kasowitz.
According to Axios and The Daily Beast, that's at least partly because Trump's aides and people close to him know that Comey's version of events — that Trump asked him for loyalty, back off the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and to announce publicly that Trump himself was not under FBI investigation — is most likely accurate.
Similarly, White House officials "assume [Trump] did, indeed, ask Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency, if they could help derail the Flynn probe," Axios' Mike Allen reported. "They also assume he said similar things to other officials."
Having fielded Trump's requests, Comey was likely to have sensed that the president would not let the FBI get in the way of clearing his name and would pressure those he considered allies to find ways to intervene on his behalf. Even if Comey didn't predict as much, however, he made clear in his testimony last week that he took Trump's comments about the Flynn investigation — "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go" — as an order.
Which is all to say: Comey — who has said he documented every interaction with Trump because he was often "stunned" by the president's overtures — couldn't announce publicly that Trump was not under FBI investigation because the likelihood that he soon might be increased with every public and private comment Trump made about the Russia probe.

'The president did this to himself'

"Keep him away from Twitter, dear God, keep him away from Twitter," one Trump aide told The Daily Beast when asked about the White House's game plan. "The president did this to himself."
Trump's obsession with clearing his name most likely muddied the situation even further. The angrier he became with Comey for refusing to say publicly that he was not a subject of the investigation, the more he tweeted about it and asked the people around him to interfere.
At that point, as Trump had essentially built an obstruction-of-justice case against himself, for Comey to testify publicly that Trump was not being investigated would have been shortsighted and, as The Post made clear on Wednesday, ultimately incorrect.
"Just to be clear, for you to make a public statement that he was not under investigation would not have been illegal, but you felt it made no sense because it could potentially create a duty to correct, if circumstances changed?" Republican Sen. Marco Rubio asked Comey last week.
"Yes, sir," Comey replied. "We wrestled with it before my testimony where I confirmed that there was an investigation. And there were two primary concerns. One was it creates a duty to correct, which I've lived before, and you want to be very careful about doing that. And second, it's a slippery slope, because if we say the president and the vice president aren't under investigation, what's the principled basis for stopping?"

'He seems committed to uncovering any cover-up'

Comey had already made that mistake once, when he announced last summer in a highly publicized press conference that the FBI was closing its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and wasn't recommending criminal charges. His decision to take it upon himself, rather than leave it to the Department of Justice, to close the Clinton email probe severely damaged his reputation with both Democrats, who thought he'd gone rogue, and Republicans, who felt he'd let Clinton off the hook.
The precedent Comey had set for radical transparency about the Clinton probe also compelled him to tell Congress, 11 days before the election, that the FBI was reopening the case after finding new, potentially consequential documents. They were ultimately immaterial to the investigation, and the FBI did not alter its initial findings that Clinton did not commit a crime.
Comey has insisted he would not handle the Clinton probe differently if given the chance to do it over. But he's been far less willing to comment on the counterintelligence investigation into Russia's election interference than he was about the email probe — perhaps because he noticed that remaining silent tended to be the most effective way of getting Trump to talk.
"The Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax, when will this taxpayer funded charade end?" Trump tweeted on May 8.
The next day, Trump fired Comey. He later acknowledged — both to Russian diplomats and to NBC's Lester Holt — his aim was to make the "Russia thing" go away.
"What is most remarkable is that the president has willingly created this self-portrait," Bob Bauer, a White House counsel under President Barack Obama, wrote in Lawfare last month.
"As scandals-in-the-making go, this one may become famous for featuring the president as the principal witness against himself: he seems committed to uncovering any cover-up."

Stepping back ...
Hmmm, do you ever wonder if something not of this world keeps pushing Trump unawares to out his own self?

Hmmm, do you ever wonder if whatever is running things is using Trump to try to help everyone else think maybe they should not be like him; maybe they should be looking in the mirror at themselves instead?

Hmmm, didn't Jesus say a time or two in the Bible: First take the beam out of your own eye?

After I had put the above together, I saw an email from Morticia:

I think Kari makes crap up and plays with your mind like a cat plays with a mouse. I know more believe she has those dreams than I am going to be the next Queen of England.  I told you I'd donate some money to send her to her parents for help before it is too late.  If not she is going to be dead with her Vodka lover.    IF SHE REALLY LOVED YOU... Just like me.. If I really loved someone and I was doing something that was harmful to me and that would cause me not to be with that person.. I would fix it I would stop it. I would do whatever it took to fix the situation so I could be with the person I love.   I have often wondered if she is not in with someone to torture you mentally and make you paranoid.  FEAR..  It is like the terrorists. They do their dirty deeds to put fear in us so that we will stay home and the economy will tank.  You got really paranoid thinking the lady from AL was turning you in to the FBI and other sources.  Well guess what.. She was planting the FEAR seed in you to cause you to worry and be afraid. The FBI has better things on their plate than to worry about a blogger from FL.  Unless you are threatening a government official and I never have seen that in your posts. 

I tell you what I would do.. I would cut the umbilicial cord with Kari. I would not call I would not take her calls I would block those calls. I would quit worrying about the politics in KW.. you can't change them.  I would take the last years of my life on earth eating at the places you like to eat at. Playing chess, walking on the beach picking up shells. Sometimes you can not fight city hall.  I would forget Leeds, AL.  I never would say another word about that again and I'd quit fighting. I told you before the one that stirs the shitpot is going to have to be the one to lick the spoon. Sometimes we have to hang up our swords and sell our horses and live in  PEACE. You know that song, War, what is it good for....absolutely nothing. All this energy you spend out of your life is useless going up in space useless void words.   I used to be the person that you would want in your foxhole in a war. I'd be first out fighting tooth and nail then one day I thought why in the world am I spending all my days on earth fighting for someone or something that is not going to change and they are going on doing their thing whether it is good or bad and not giving me a thought. TO HELL WITH THEM..   I probably put a F them in there somewhere.  I started just taking care of me and my sweetie(husband) the rest on their own. I finally have peace. It took a long time. I had an awful childhood. The only thing I was spared from was sexual abuse. I never experienced it but I experienced beating with belt and the buckle and a Schizophrenic mother with multiple personalites. It is a wonder I am not in a straight jacket in a mental institution with all the hell I took but I am a fighter.  As soon as I got away the night I graduated from HS it took me 20 years to clear the MRSA out of my body from them but I did. PEACE.

I think you need to step back and read your posts from someone else eyes.  Then maybe you would see what we all see. 

I hope I did not make you mad. We have been online friends for a long time and I rarely say anything until I nearly explode!!!! Remember a human can be MRSA.    Oh I had a friend that scratched her arm on a rose bush of all things. A few days later she was in the hospital going to surgery and the doctor told her children that one of three things were going to happen. One she was going to lose her life, two she was going to lose her arm, three both.  She survived and one doctor REFUSED to take her arm off. I think there was nearly a fight in the operating room with another doctor.  She had to go back in surgery 3 times I believe before she left the hospital.  That is a horrible disease. We all have it in our bodies according to the doctor. It just so happened that it was passing through her arm when she got her scratch.   YOU HAVE MRSA in human form trying to eat at you. Put some salve on that relationship and get well!!!!!

If you ever get the guy to sign over your website to you I think I have someone that will unlock it for you..  My web master. I'll talk with her.  You just let me know. I regret not saving ALL those posts. I have always enjoyed everything you have written especially your books. I have them all I think.

I replied:

If you were with me when Kari tells me about her dreams, when she goes into spontaneous visions, if you saw her suffering because of that, you might feel differently about her making it all up.

The lady who sued me did try to get the KWPD, the Monroe County Sheriff, and the Monroe County State Attorney to arrest, jail and prosecute me. She wrote that she was going to try to get the FEDS to do that to me. Why would I not believe that after what she already had done. She sicked the Birmingham police on me last December. 

I'm dealing with demonic forces all the time. I am not making that up.

Kari has multiple personality disorder. I felt the woman who sued me had it. I still feel that way. 

I see demonic activity in a lot of what Kari does toward me. But then, to be really blunt, I have seen demonic activity in what many of my friends have, at times, done toward me. They don't see it, but I am trained to see it.

There may come a time when I am told flat out by the angels to dump Kari. So far, I have not been told to do that. Since the angels connected Kari and me, I am reluctant to rent asunder without their blessing what they joined together.

I agree with your assessment that Kari often treats me like shit, and I tell her that plenty often. 

It's just another part of my weird adventure with God's creation.

For all I know, next week I will be told to leave Key West, and Kari, and go somewhere else. 

That kind of thing has happened before.

Meanwhile, this down here is the golf course I have been given to play the old way: each shot as it lies. Plenty of lies (forked tongues) on this golf course, too. All part and parcel of living with humans. 

I discussed MRSA and its spiritual aspect in today's post.

I think I can get the fellow to help me get the website back, but I seem to have lost interest in that. Perhaps that interest will come back. Right now, I'm not interested in much but the Lord taking me. Now. Meanwhile, I play the next shot as it lies. It's God's golf course.

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