Friday, June 30, 2017

blue tangos, sycophant nation (redneck definition: really fucking annoying and messed up) - some variations from the southernmost US open air insane asylum and fecal transplant institute, with a little help from The Big Apple and Russia with love

First out of the chute today is an extension of another ex-lawyer's and my blue tango under the latest illegal immigrant article at  - open that link to see the whole schmele.

Naja, we’re not talking about the Constitution or the courts in any of the incidents you’ve publicized, are we? Of course, the courts have the ultimate say…should any of these cases get that far. But, even in the courts, political agendas and discretion are both integral factors in any proceedings. You cannot deny that fact.
As for “clear policies”? Well…when you run across one of those rare gems, please let us know, eh?
Yes, I am being cynical.
As for Sloan and his “mat”, I guess you haven’t given much attention to his adventures WRT sleeping in the KWPD’s parlor: That “mat” is his bed…
Semantically yours, 😉
  • You and I make a great pair, Dickford. You, a lawyer, selling newspapers on US 1/Stock Island just above Key West. Me, a former practicing attorney sleeping nights in the police station at night, gathering morsels for my love and light touchy feel good politically correct we are all one human family mother may I are terminal spiritual diseases blog when I’m awake.
    Back when I practiced law in Birmingham, I sometimes had the romantic notion of being a street lawyer. Little did I imagine how that be careful what you wonder for might turn out.
    If my sleeping on a picnic table grossed you out in this ocean of far worse filth, then you are as anal retentive as that bantam rooster Hispanic Fish & Wildlife officer who told me I could not sleep on the picnic table. The rubber yoga mat had nothing to do with it. He would have gotten onto me if I had been sleeping on the bare wood table top, which is mostly how it goes. It just so happened I had the rubber mat with me on that day.
    I wonder when I read what all you write holding forth in legal scholar fashion, if you should be practicing law? I wonder why you are not practicing law? I quit because practicing law was killing me, and I was not making a living at it. Not news. I published that many times at my politically incorrect blog.
    When you told me the lady who filed notice of suing me for libel was not going to actually do it, I thought perhaps you were not walking with both, or either, of your feet in reality. She already had sued me. That was why I got the notice from the Florida e-filing portal. I just had not yet been served with the glad tidings.
    For the longest time, I was the only journalist around who covered her suing me, Naja, Rick Boettger and the owner/publisher of’s Coconut Telegraph. As far as I know, only the Key West Citizen also covered those lawsuits late in the game. You ran for cover. Wanted me to stop publishing what you wrote to me about it. A lawsuit attacking the First Amendment. Which is how Naja won the lawsuit against her. The First Amendment permitted her to state her opinion of the plaintiff, no matter how awful that opinion was.
    Why don’t you submit an article to the blue paper telling its readers about yourself, how you became a lawyer, and how that went?

    • Dear Sloan,
      When you go on a tear, you certainly know how to do it!
      Here is my feeble attempt to answer at least some of your questions:
      1.) “I wonder why you aren’t practicing law”. Embarrassingly simple answer: I got old and tired.
      2.) “If I grossed you out…” You did. Let me spell it out for you: I simply do not care to see YOUR anus on MY dining table…mat or no mat.
      3.) “You ran for cover…” Damned right! Wasn’t my battle. Further, to clarify, my messages to you were “private”…a status that you violated. And, no…I did NOT declare that your encounter with your “friend from Alabama” wouldn’t wind up in court. Instead, based upon what little I knew at the time, that that was unlikely. Silly me, huh?
      4.) As for “being the only journalist”? Big deal. Who cares? I chose to let you fight for your “First Amendment” rights by your own devices…which is what you did. And, you got the result you deserved…
      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Welcome to the old and worn out lawyers club, then.
        You would sit your ass where I had sat my ass, covered by my pants and under shorts, on the picnic table seat?
        A friend offered to buy me a folding lounge chair to take to the park. I went to K-Mart last night. K-Mart lounge chairs much too bulky to tote on a bicycle, but I did find a nylon?travel hammock which compresses into at tote bag about the size of 2 softballs. Will give that a try out perhaps later today. I see hammocks hung between trees in the park fairly often.
        The little Hispanic Fish & Wildlife officer’s stated objection was I was using a picnic table to sleep, when someone else could have been using it to eat. There were vacant picnic tables nearby. He was wound up tight before he met me. Part of his make up.
        You declared your emails to me were private after I had been publishing your emails for some time without any objection from you. I did not agree your emails were henceforth private,and you kept sending me emails and I published one of them. Perhaps two. Don’t recall.
        I can’t find any of our emails from back then. I tend to delete emails pretty quick. Or I did back then.
        You flat out told me it was your opinion there was nothing to it, she was just making noise. If you save your emails, go back and find yours to me. I’d like to see it.
        Actually, her lawsuit was everyone’s concern, given she attacked the 1st Amendment, which is how Naja won the lawsuit the plaintiff filed against her.
        Without the 1st Amendment the blue paper would not exist. You and I never would have interacted online. President Trump would not be tweeting. He would not have finally pissed off a lot of Republicans, apparently, just recently.
      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        The judge dismissed all the pleadings in the lawsuit against me, effectively dismissing the lawsuit. The plaintiff can refile.
        After she sued me, you emailed me that I had not done anything wrong, she should not have sued me.
        Sure do wish now I had saved your emails.
        I sure did save the plaintiff’s, and her Facebook messages to me, which really upset her when I published all of it, after I told her I would do that, if she broke her agreement with me and sicced the police on me because I did not cave.
From the Big Apple area, Sancho Panza responded to the financial and other Sloan sagas in yesterday's taking fearless and searching personal inventory ain't at the top of the hit parade and other politically incorrect 1st Amendment entrapments post at this website:
I did mention to you that if you had placed your 1 million inheritance money into an annuity that would have paid you monthly installments, instead of spending it helter-skelter on personal entanglements of the third kind, you probably would not be homeless now... or at least you would have a composite monthly source of income(with SS, probably close to $3K) that would give you more options than sleeping on street benches! But would you be a happier or a better person? I doubt it! I got way more than that and I am not happy... I also don't know anybody who truly is! *:O) clown

Your mind is very sharp, Sloan, the real loss or regret you should have is that soon you will leave this World knowing a lot of things that could help others see beyond material appearances or the yoke of respectability, but it seems you haven't been able to convince a single person to come clean and stand naked before God!

In the end, Habits Trump Reason... or even Love!   *>:) devil

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:

While snoozing on top of a wooden picnic table in the local state park around 2 p.m. this afternoon, I dreamt of a small Hispanic man with demonic sidekick trying to get away from somebody, and I tried to scoop him up and he vanished. 

The snooze was welcome and needed after sleeping from 11 p.m. last night to 4 a.m. this morning, with several interruptions, on a metal bench in the police station front lobby. I used my green yoga mat for padding on the metal bench, but slept on the bare wood on the picnic table. Probably twiddly dee, twiddly dum. Dumb also comes to mind.

In fact, a good Birmingham friend perhaps 10 years my senior, who runs behind the scenes the inner city Baptist Church in which my parents both grew up, suggested I buy an annuity with the $1,000,000 I inherited from my father in 2006. 

One of the women I was put with, the one who went around the world with me in 2000, was stripped pretty dang naked before God. The lady before her got close to that naked, before she burned out like a meteor entering this planet's atmosphere. The lady after the lady who went around the world with me got a heap of her layers burned off. But the lady who went around the world with me, well, she was pretty darn naked. 

I'm still wondering if that's gonna happen to Kari. Paradise mating ain't like nuttin' anyone ever mentioned when I was younger. Me, the woman, with angels between us, all around us, inside of us. Arranging and directing. Messing with us. Nice messing. Awful messing. Freak out city, often as not. Bad idea, I learned, to toss the lady away, if the angels didn't tell me to take a hike. I wait on them to sanction a split up. 

I was having awful telephone conversation with Kari this morning. She ran out of money, again. Part due to her vodka and cigarette habits. I was at loss of how to converse. She was hungry. Didn't want to go to a grocery and use her food stamp card and buy canned, bottled, or cold deli food. She calls a little while later. Waiting at a bus stop for the city bus, she is hailed by a guy in a car. Do you want this Cuban sandwich? I just bought it, but it has mustard on it and I don't like mustard. Sure, Kari said. 

She wanted to know what I thought about that? I said the angels arranged it. For sure. Oh. 

When Kari was in jail, walking somewhere, and she thought of me, she had an orgasm. She's been dreaming passion dreams of us at night. Told her that tells me her soul likes the pressure I'm putting on her.

I tell the angels they need to put pressure on her. The angels give her a Cuban sandwich. Maybe the angels are damn tired of how this world treats women.

Maybe more about "paradise" mating later, or maybe not.

Meanwhile, the real irony is we is all naked before God. No fig leaves. No secrets. Yet we behave as if God don't have X-ray vision. Or, as if there ain't no God. There is. It got proved to me. It was awful. And wonderous. But more awful, so far.

I thought when I was thinking about buying that annuity, that if I did it, the insurance company would go busted. But the insurance agent would have made his big fee right off the top.

Just put it in a federally insured bank account, spend so much a month till it all runs out. That's a self-insured annuity, of sorts. But then, Donald Trump figures out how to make American banks go busted, and I wish I had bought diamonds and gold. Or had kept that land on Little Torch Key, where there were tropic fruit trees and plenty of space for raised garden beds.



P.S. to Sancho:

Your candidate to wreck America the soonest drew a nay from the fellow most likely to succeed if something happens to your candidate and his VP. 

Melania came out elsewhere backing Trump's tweet. 

Reminds me of grammar school playground antics, all sides

Sancho wrote:

He looks like Brutus, to me! A professional sycophant, just like Hillary... that's why both never made it to the big league!

Is it all we see or seem but a dream within a dream? You would have been much better off marrying a strong, level headed woman, like Judy [the nice lady who sued me], and letting her handle your finances and your life... like the Angels do now!   *>:) devil*=)) rolling on the floor*>:) devil

Ride on Kemosabe......

parasite, sycophant, toady, leech, sponge mean a usually obsequious flatterer or self-seeker. parasite applies to one who clings to a person of wealth, power, or influence or is useless to society.

After looking up some definitions of sycophant, I replied to Sancho:

I still think that is what Judy hoped would happen, although I wonder if she realized it? I myself even wondered about it, thinking back to when circa 2010, she had told me she still had her beauty contest winner figure; but that notion crumbled when she came over, finally, to the apartment to swap out her cars and I finally met her in person. 

My dreams told me to tone down (delete) parts of my banter back to you yesterday, if I use yours and mine today.

I probably would get mauled for saying it, but I found Trump's latest twitter ejaculation about the lady TV host and all the ensuing commotion kinda funny. I never did convert to plastic surgery enhancing what people are born with, although if they ever figured out how to make my small hands bigger, I might have thought about succumbing.

Sancho wrote:

A fecal transplant would be a better option than Yang enhancement! *:-B nerd

I replied:

Perhaps a fecal transplant would help me. Don't know if any doctors down here in the sticks do that procedure. Can't afford it in any event, currently, but hope springs infernal, er, eternal. Still, many memories of trying this or that treatment and the Sloan gut would react and even retaliate, causing me to conclude she don't cotton to being messed with in any way.

I still think Trump missed out never meeting Judy. Perfect in every way. They could have co-starred their own reality TV show: "American Sycophant." Really fucking annoying and messed up (unlike you and me).

Sancho wrote:

You are most likely eligible for Medicaid... your daughters can help you get an GI guy to diagnose you with Clostridium difficile so you could be eligible for an FT procedure.

I replied:

Looks like I'd have to again go through "standard treatment" before I could get into this "progrom". Have Medicaid. But hate to think the physical and psychic hell "standard treatment" again would wreak in me for however long the medical gods deemed before they caved to me getting the fecal transplant, which might or might not bring relief. 

My daughters see me living on the street and don't offer to help me with that, so I ask them to pay for a local doctor to turn me into a lab rat again? Well, one of my daughters is an M.D. That might be right up her alley? Some of the "standard treatment" is different kinds of pills that affect soft tissues, muscles, moods, etc. Short leap from there to psychiatry and its pills, where both of my daughters think I should be - zombiehood.

Sancho wrote:

All you would need is a referral that you would be a good candidate for the procedure, not a big deal for an MD who's also a friend.... your daughter should look into it... it could change your entire life for the better...  there's a ton of references on line about this, here is one...

I replied:

From the previous article you sent:

Current US FDA Regulations only allow FMT to be used for treatment of Clostridium difficile infection that does not respond to standard treatment, unless part of an approved clinical trial.

A doctor will lie that I went through standard treatment? I doubt it, but perhaps one would, but I would not care for the karma as a co-conspirator.

Now you have dragged in schizophrenia. My daughters' hero!

I also sent Sancho a from Russia with love tutorial to the sycophant Sancho voted to lead America to hell the quickest:
Five found guilty in Russian opposition leader’s assassination


MOSCOW — A Moscow jury convicted five men on Thursday in the assassination of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov on a bridge near the Kremlin two years ago, ending a nine-month trial that his supporters said had failed to bring the true masterminds of slaying to justice. 

The brazen killing so close to Red Square sent shockwaves through the Russian opposition, which had looked to Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister, as a rare figure in a position to negotiate with authorities. 

After two days of deliberations the jury at a Moscow court on Thursday found the suspected triggerman Zaur Dadayev, a former officer in the security forces of Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov, guilty of murdering Nemtsov. Four other men were convicted of involvement in the killing. Prosecutors said the four men were accomplices who helped obtain the murder weapons and transported the shooter to the crime scene. 

Investigators said they never established who ordered the politician’s assassination. 

Prosecutors are expected to announce the sentences they are seeking at a hearing next week.

Nemtsov, a top political opponent of President Vladimir Putin, was shot late at night on Feb. 27, 2015 as he was walking across the bridge just outside the Kremlin. The images of his dead body lying on the sidewalk with the domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral towering behind sent a chilling message to many in the opposition, who had faced persecution and arrests, just how precarious their position was.

Ilya Yashin, Nemtsov’s close ally, echoed that sentiment, speaking to reporters after the verdict was delivered on Thursday: “Political murders in Russia will continue if the masterminds of this attack are able to get away with this.” 

The site on the Bolshoy Moskovetsky Bridge where Nemtsov was killed has become a shrine, with candles, fresh flowers and framed photos of the politician set on the sidewalk where he fell. 

Following Putin’s call for a full probe, investigators quickly tracked down several people linked to the killing, all of them from Chechnya. The suspected triggerman was an officer in Kadyrov’s much feared security force, and his suspected liaison, another senior officer in the Chechen police, was a relative of some of Kadyrov’s top lieutenants. 

Despite the mounting pressure to investigate Kadyrov’s role in the killing, Putin stood by him and the investigation has fizzled. Key suspects have disappeared and reportedly have been whisked abroad, and the investigators have failed to name the organizers.

I then saw something fresher in my Yahoo News and emailed it to Sancho:

Might be Trump did not tell the truth exactly in his tweet.

Perhaps he needs to be locked up for everyone else's own good?

Hee Haw!

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