Saturday, May 27, 2017

the most terrible conspiracy of all: digging up the truth

Last night was the second in a row at my friend Todd German's home. Tonight, I will try the old routine.

My low back nearly went out last night, when I leaned over to reach something. An old injury I have to try not to aggravate, that part of my back has been weak for about a week. I thought the way I was sitting in my folding tube chair when I read at night and work online early in the morning might have been the cause. Also contributing might be heavy spirit work.
My dreams last night were all about Russia. 

While that could herald something juicy coming down about Donald Trump, historically, my dreams about Russia are about the time I was with my 3rd wife, whom I sometimes called Katerina Katnipsky - her middle name was Catherine. 

The heavens opened to me when Katerina and I were together. My way of looking at life's bumps and grinds and related heaven-earth dynamics was completely changed. I walked away from a lot of my own inherited money in that divorce, because I believed it was what God wanted me to do. 

I wonder if some of that perspective is being put on hold, ice, so I can deal with current situations in a more "traditional" manner without feeling that I'm betraying the totally upending changes I experienced during "the Katerina era" of my life? I suppose time will tell.

I saw another man o' war bird over the Martin Luther King Center yesterday. I learned the power went out there for 2 days because a neighbor resident did something to damage a power pole in his yard. After the neighbor didn't do anything, the power company finally fixed it. I said, if that power pole had been near the white city mayor's home, it would have been fixed in 2 hours.

Moving to the big top ...
I put this below onto my Facebook timeline yesterday, and it drew a few comments. Dianne Lawson Baker was my 1st wife. Lisa Harlan Belcher babysat Dianne's and my children.

Lisa Harlan Belcher I couldn't believe it when I saw it. He needs a "time-out".
Sloan Bashinsky Back when Hillary was grabbing for the White House (perhaps change name?), I was as nice to her as I was to Trump. Now that she's disposed, he's what's left, and his cronies and the have to be awfully embarrassed old line Republicans. I wondered if the thing at NATO was photoshopped, because it was so bizarre/hilarious.
Sloan Bashinsky Was this dressing down of NATO member countries not paying their "fair share" after, or before, Trump showed his ASS?
Christopher-Marc Parenti Not sure which happened first, have no interest in seeing the whole video. "Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex."~Frank Zappa

Sloan Bashinsky audio on this one is messed up as I listen to it right now
Christopher-Marc Parenti There are plenty of recordings available on youtube, but if you want I will buy you the book.
Sloan Bashinsky I have published many times that American wars are driving by American corporations and so-called American Christians.
Christopher-Marc Parenti I enjoy reading your blogs and posts. You are an honest man and not afraid to post what you feel is the truth.
Kenneth Klauss He's a narcissist asshole, pure and simple. Republicans felt we as a country lost respect in the world while Obama was President but we are now the laughing stock of the world because we elected this frigging asshole. What the hell was Shitler trying to prove when he shook the hand of the French President?
Sloan Bashinsky I imagine President Hillary would have been a laughing stock, too. No two worse candidates. Told a lot about both political parties.
Kenneth Klauss It sounds like you believed everything that was said about Hillary during the witch-hunt investigations by Republicans. They rammed their e-mail investigations down our throats but they care nothing about possible treason.
Sloan Bashinsky Actually, I didn't like Hillary long before she declared she was running for president. Didn't like Obama, either. Two shape-shifters. Can't say that about Trump. A different kind of devil. Still, a devil's a devil.

In my Yahoo news yesterday:
 MARY CLARE JALONICK, Associated Press 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former House Speaker John Boehner says that aside from international affairs and foreign policy, President Donald Trump's time in office has so far been a "complete disaster." Speaking at an energy conference Thursday in Houston, Boehner praised Trump for his approach abroad and his aggressiveness in fighting Islamic State militants, according to the energy publication Rigzone. "Everything else he's done (in office) has been a complete disaster," the Ohio Republican said, according to the publication. "He's still learning how to be president." Boehner said he's been friends with Trump for 15 years, but still has a hard time envisioning him as president. He also said Trump shouldn't be allowed to Tweet overnight. David Schnittger, a spokesman for Boehner, confirmed the comments on Friday. According to Rigzone, Boehner said that the Republican tax reform effort "is just a bunch of happy talk" and that the border adjustment tax — a major priority for Boehner's successor, Speaker Paul Ryan — is "deader than a doornail." He said he was more optimistic about tax reform earlier in the year, but "now my odds are 60/40." Earlier this year, Boehner said he was pessimistic about another congressional Republican priority — repealing and replacing former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. Boehner said that while Republicans would fix some problems of Obama's law, repeal and replacement is "not going to happen." He added, "Republicans never ever agree on health care." The GOP-led House narrowly passed a bill earlier this month. The Senate has struggled to produce legislation that all in the GOP can back. On investigations into Russia, Boehner told the Texas forum that "they need to get to the bottom of this" but said Democratic talk of impeachment is the best way to rile up Trump supporters. Boehner made it clear he's happier now that he's left Capitol Hill. "I wake up every day, drink my morning coffee and say, 'Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah,'" he said, according to Rigzone. And unsurprisingly, Boehner said he doesn't want to be president. "I drink red wine. I smoke cigarettes. I golf. I cut my own grass. I iron my own clothes. And I'm not willing to give all that up to be president," he said.
Regarding Leeds, USA ...

I looked at the Monroe County Clerk of the Court website this morning and noticed in Judith Haney's libel lawsuit against Bruce Gorman, aka Deer Ed, publisher of the popular Coconut Telegraph public forum, that a local lawyer entered an appearance for Bruce's wife, whom Haney also sued, even though Bruce's wife had never had anything to do with publishing the Coconut Telegraph. 

Haney suing Bruce's wife would be like the world blaming Melania Trump for the way her rube president husband bullied his way to the front of the line at the NATO conference.

I also checked out Haney's libel lawsuit against Rick Boettger and found Haney had filed a notice with the court, that due to her poor medical health, she cannot attend any hearings in Key West during the months of May and June. 

I wish I felt sorry for Haney being so stove up. So stove up that, after having an alleged near fatal heart attack on January 4 this year, after suing me for libel on December 30 and never figuring out she gave herself the alleged near fatal heart attack, Haney proceeded to file oceans and mountains of pleadings in her lawsuit against me, as if there was nothing whatsoever wrong with her. 

Haney also sued Rick Boettger and Bruce Gorman, and Naja Girard, in Key West, and the city attorney of Leeds, Alabama, for libel, based on what I published that he had told me about Haney's reputation in Leeds.

One of Haney's arguments in her lawsuit against me and the others is she is a real estate appraiser where she lives, and she gets a lot of her business from online referrals, and what we published online about her was being picked up by internet search engines and damaging her ability to make a living as a real estate appraiser. 

Yet Haney never offered any proof that any of what we said or wrote or published about her had any effect whatsoever on her real estate appraisal business. What might have hurt her real estate appraisal business was her spending so much time suing people pro se (being her own lawyer). 

I called Rick Boettger, above, this morning and asked him if Haney had submitted any medical proof with her notice that she is unavailable for court hearings in Key West during the months of May and June?

No, Rick said.

And, his lawyer filed a countersuit yesterday afternoon, and noted in the countersuit that Haney had removed herself from the Florida Courts efiling portal, which required the lawyer to notice Haney of the countersuit by mail to her P.O. Box in Birmingham.

Rick said he had paid his lawyer a heap per hour to read Haney's lawsuit pleadings against me, and my pleadings, because his lawyer felt all of that was relevant to Haney's lawsuit against Rick, in which Haney alleged Rick and I are in a terrible conspiracy to invade her privacy by digging up "dirt" on her online. Dirt she had put there herself, which anyone could dig up by doing an internet search on Judith Haney, Judith E. Haney, Judith Eloise Haney.

I told Rick this morning that, in fact, he and I indeed are definitely in a terrible conspiracy against Haney. A conspiracy to dig up the truth about her.

I wonder if Haney removed herself from the entire Florida e-filing portal, or just from e-flings in her lawsuit against Rick? 

For sure, the lawyers defending Bruce Gorman and his wife need to know what's going on in Haney's lawsuit against Rick Boettger.

If Haney no longer has access to the Florida Courts e-filing portal, then I suppose that means she will not restart her lawsuit against me in Key West. Perhaps she intends to try suing me in Birmingham, where I can imagine the local judges have about the same view of Haney as Rick Boettger, Bruce Gorman and his wife, Naja Girard, I, and Key West judges have about Haney.

The Leeds city attorney told me the first time we talked on the telephone, that he thought Haney was the only non-lawyer in Alabama with her own Alabama Courts e-filing portal, and that he thought maybe she stayed up all night working on her pro se lawsuits. 

The Leeds city attorney also told me, which I already had heard from the Leeds chief of police, that Judith Haney is well known in the courts up there as a vexatious litigator and calling the police on people she doesn't like; and she drove three different owners of the same home across the street from her to sell and move, and she is now doing that to the fourth owner, all of which I confirmed with the fourth owner.

When the Leeds city attorney and I talked the second time, I told him that Haney had alleged in her lawsuit against me that I had damaged her reputation in Leeds. He said, what reputation? He said Haney had sued him earlier that day for what he had told me about her, which I had published on my website, and she had sued four other people in Leeds that same day, about other things.

I have never joked when I published that Judith Haney reminds me a lot of Donald Trump, and as far as I'm concerned, they both are public menaces and should be locked up for everyone else's good.

I can imagine there are quite a few people in Leeds and nearby who would not weep if Judith Haney had a fatal heart attack.

I can imagine the most of this world would not weep if Donald Trump had a fatal heart attack.

I can imagine Melania Trump would not weep.

I can imagine millions of white male Americans would weep.

I can imagine millions of white American envangelists would weep.

I can imagine Vladimir Putin would miss Donald Trump.

I can imagine American politics would be a heap more boring without Donald Trump.

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