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Open letter to the FBI from Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr., regarding possible allegations made by certain people that I had my brother Major killed

Text of yesterday evening email to a mainland amiga, who has been having dreams about me, and who did the hoodoo freeze spell described in yesterday’s post about the nice lady suing me and Donald Trump seemings a lot alike:
My childhood friend in Birmingham (pretty sure he's a Republican), he did not care for what all I wrote about Major after he went missing in 2010), replied to today's post:

"Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks you should drop it, damnit!!, drop it !!!!"

Well, what does my DREAM MAKER say?

Well, what do I do instead of what I'm doing?

Dying sounds pretty good, but you keep having dreams that I narrowly escape being bumped off.

Maybe I go to K-Mart and buy a toy water pistol that looks like the real deal and rob a bank like my old Birmingham friend recommended last time he wrote to me to stop writing about the nice lady who sued me, so I can live for free in the county jail until I'm shipped off to federal prison, and that sure would make Judith Haney happy, don't you think?

Well, it's warm now. I have 2 waterproof tote bags. Maybe I just catch a taxi to the top of the island and stick out my thumb? Get arrested and jailed for hitchhiking, but that don't get me into prison.

I'm out of bright ideas.

Amiga wrote back to me:
I don't know.... I sense some important change is afoot.  Perhaps some major transformation.  No clue what or how at this time, however. 

Oh, and as for determining what is normal and what isn't, my thought regarding that  is:  5 states in the U.S. have a town named "Normal" (Alabama haha - Illinois - Indiana - Kentucky - Tennessee) and the people populating those cities aren't always all that "normal." There's also the fictional Normal, Ohio.... which isn't "normal" either.   

There is no static definition of "crazy" or "normal" .... there are only cultural beliefs.

I replied this morning:

Early dreams last night left me feeling the vault was empty, I was broke, looking for funds.

That tends to be a message that I need something new to write about.

I figured my G.I. tract being mostly frozen yesterday indicated something BIG coming in.

Later dreams last night were about something I needed to do sixes on. Six in my spirit code is Melchizedek. 6 is really heavy duty spirit-earth work, writing.

Then, I was woken up about 4:30 a.m. by my cell phone letting me know I had voice messages from Kari Dangler. The content, and what spawned from it, you will see in my reply to my childhood friend in Birmingham, all of which, including this between you and me, will be today’s post at my website.

To make it all the more exciting, all the emails mentioned in what I wrote to my old Birmingham friend were in the email account I lost, and all that I published about Haney and me in Birmingham and after at and, Haney got Blue Host to take down. So, much of my evidence is in possession of MicroSoft (email account) and Blue Host. 
Text of my reply to my old childhood friend in Birmingham, I later inserted photos, You Tube link:

This might be one of those be careful what you ask for moments.

I hardly pooped yesterday. I figured that meant something LARGE was coming in.

I was told this morning early that word on the street has it the FBI went out to KOTS to grill Mike Tolbert about me: what I did with my inheritance, why I am living in the Florida Keys, my brother Major's death (ruled, as you know, by county medical examiner and city detective in Birmingham as suicide made to look like murder)? The Birmingham FBI office was in on that investigation. I think in 2011, advised by dreams, I did a freedom of information request for the FBI file on Major's death. 

I made the request to the FBI in Washington, D.C., to which the Birmingham FBI office referred me. I don't recall reading anything Major's FBI file about me. There were two relevant facts about Major not reported by the Birmingham News newspaper and Birmingham TV stations. One relevant fact was the photo in the hardware store of what was thought to be Major the last day he was seen alive, definitly was Major. The other relevant fact was the rare Browning .32 automatic found in the pond under Major’s body matched a Browning .32 automatic also in a display case in the den of my father 's home, which by then was his widow's home, following my father's death in August 2005.

Don't know for sure FBI went out to KOTS to interview Tolbert, who was said to have told it to Rick Roberts, who told it to Kari, who told it to me. I have come to view half of what Tolbert and Roberts say as truth, the other half as whatever they feel like saying. Inconvenient timing, this is Saturday, I doubt the FBI office in Key West Federal Courthouse Building is open. I would be in there today, if it was open. I would tell the local FBI to get out their polygraph machine and let's get started. I will be there Monday, if I'm not locked up before then without even having been interviewed by the FBI.

If the FBI is looking into all of that, and perhaps other stuff, I hope they read my post today at 

Sorry you will be the main guest there today. But we go back to childhood, and after my father died, your securities firm and Regions Bank were where deposited my inheritance from my father, until I came back to Key West and opened an account with Keys Federal Savings and Loan, which I kept until my friend Todd German stopped working there and went to work for Centennial Bank, and I transferred my funds there, where I still bank - the only bank I use, have used, since the transfer from Keys Federal ....

Back in early 2010, you called me from Birmingham to say it was on the news up there that Major had gone missing. I told you Herman Falk already had called me, but thanks for letting me know. Not long after, maybe half hour had passed, you called me back, saying a Birmingham News award winning business journalist had asked you if you thought I would do an interview re Major and Golden Flake, and you told him you would ask me, and I said, sure, but I wanted to see the threat letter I'd heard was going around up there before I talked with him. I think you had told me there was a threat letter, or perhaps it was Herman, who tended back then to know lots of what tongues wagged at Golden Flake. 

The threat letter was emailed or FAXed to me, I don't now recall. If FAXed, it came to Sippin' Internet Cafe, as I had no FAX machine. The journalist called my cell phone when I was at Sippin', where I went every morning to publish that day's Sloan missive. I had no internet connection in my apartment. I paid Onett and Penny Johnson, the Sippin' owners and my friends, $40 a month, as I recall, for unlimited wi-fi. They did that for locals back then. Different owner now. I still go Sippin' every day to publish the daily Sloan. I'm at Sippin' now.

If the FBI is investigating me, it surely is the doing of Judith Haney of Leeds, Alabama, Roger Schuler (Legal Schnauzer in Birmingham area), and Mike Tolbert, who have been in bed with each other for a while. No telling what all they might have told the FBI.I trust those three to tell the truth about themselves as much as I trust Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to tell the truth about themselves.

If the FBI is involved, I will tell them to call John McKleroy at Spain & Gillon law firm in Birmingham. I went to law school and tax law school with McKleroy - University of Alabama School of Law. McKleroy drew up my father's estate plan and still looks after it. McKleroy can confirm I had nothing to gain financially from my father's estate when Major died. All of my father's children, including his adopted step daughter Suzanne, were treated the same. We each received $1,000,000 on February 14, 2006, after the estate had gotten clearance from the IRS. I had nothing to gain from Major's estate. I received nothing from Major' estate after he died.

Last time I saw Major was early September, 2005, at our father's wake in Mt. Brook Baptist Church, and later same day at Birmingham Country Club where Major hosted a luncheon for some family members. Last time I talked with Major was a day or two or three later, when I called him hoping he and I could have lunch together. He declined. Major had not wanted anything to do with me for years, due to my having gotten involved in how he was treating his son by his first wife, Gail; due to Major’s 2nd wife’s mother hating me for getting onto her in 1995 about slamming her husband during a dinner we three had together, I really like her husband; and due to Major not being able to convince me in 1998 that he was not bisexual.

During that telephone call, I asked Major if he had heard anything about our father's passing, which had not been reported? Major said one thing probably would interest me. For several days before he died, our father kept asking the hospice workers at his home if today was Thursday? He died on Thursday. 

The FBI will not find any record of Major and me having any further contact after that telephone call.

I recall having one telephone call with Major's second wife right after my father died. She was at the Bham CC luncheon following the wake. Their 2 young children were there. My sister was there. Major's son and daughter by his first wife were there. Some of Major’s and my first cousins and their families were there. That was the last time I saw my sister. The last time I saw any of them. Early September, 2005.

Last time I was in Birmingham was in November 2008. Stayed a few nights at that apartment complex Harold Ripp had built overlooking Irondale, near the original Golden Rule BBQ place, near a Walmart off that back road to Lake Purdy, Grants Mill Road. I suppose the FBI can confirm that visit to Bham. The FBI will not find in my credit/debit card records any later trip out of the Florida Keys. The FBI will not find anything showing I was out of the Florida Keys after that short trip to Birmingham in November 2008, until the December 2016 trip financed by Judith Haney.

The FBI can confirm from the Monroe County real estate appraiser/tax collector offices what I paid for the land and trailer on Little Torch Key in 2006: $375,000; and that I sold it for around $99,000 in 2013. The Realtor, Rose Dell, a personal friend, can confirm I netted about $90,000 at the closing. I gave Brenda $20,000, which she promptly got rid of and could not tell me how it happened. I sent her a cashier’s check, which she cashed at a check cashing place, and had to pay a fee for that.

I gave Brenda $200,000 after I got the $1,000,000 in February 2006, in the form of a new Toyota Corolla, about $18,000, and the rest either in a check or a wire transfer to a Gainesville, Georgia bank. Regions, probably. I myself bought a used 2003 Toyota Highlander from the same Toyota dealer, when I bought Brenda's Corolla. The Toyota dealer in Centerpoint, Alabama, east of Birmingham. I paid about $23,000, I think, for the Highlander. Best car I ever owned.

After Brenda ran through the rest of the $200,000, less the Corolla, including buying and selling successive land and homes in Gainesville, Georgia, Pueblo, Colorado, and Canon City, Colorado, I started giving her more money, but in smaller amounts. Mostly using Western Union, then using Moneygram. I figure I gave Brenda another $100,000, to bring it up to $300,000, for which I was mauled by friends and foes alike, but they never beat me up for losing nearly the same amount on a stupid real estate purchase.

Brenda was like my adopted daughter. She was messed up in her thinking. She had lots of medical troubles. She had huge gifts of the spirit. She's still like that, living in poverty, depending on other people to take care of her, since I cannot do that any longer. I will tell the FBI her last name and give them her telephone number.

I did not file a gift tax return for the big chunk I gave Brenda, because I didn't want the hassle and I knew it was nowhere close the lifetime gift limit under IRS CODE. Wish now I had filed the gift tax return for the initial $200,000 gift to Brenda, which the Centerpoint Toyota dealer and Brenda's Gainesville, Georgia bank can confirm.

The two financial catastrophes above reduced the $1,000,000 inheritance to $400,000 and small change. 

I probably gave away close to another $60,000 to people, organizations, and running regularly for local public office. That brought the $1,000,000 inheritance down to maybe $340,000. Divided by 11 years since I got the inheritance on February 14, 2006, ain't a whole lot spent on me per year, and certainly not enough to pay someone to kill Major for reasons creative thinkers like Roger Schuler, Judith Haney and Mike Tolbert could fantasize. 

It never occurred me I would outlive the 2006 inheritance. My physical health had been poor for most of my life. I had lived each year since the early 1990s wondering if it would be my last year? Often wishing I were already dead. That has not changed.

Wonder what the FBI will do, if it FINALLY interviews me, after I begged it and Bham PD, Mt. Brook PD, and Jefferson County Sheriff to interview me after Major went missing in early 2010. It was on my websites back then, that I was begging all those law enforcement agencies to talk with me about Major, and they never even called me, wrote to me, or nothing.

Right away, I published what the award-winning Bham News business journalist you connected me with told me. That just before the journalist called me, he was overcome with a sense that Major had killed himself and had tried to make it look like murder. He told me that in response to my telling him that just before he called me, I was overcome with a sense that Major had killed himself and had tried to make it look like murder. The journalist said cold chills were running up and down his spine. The journalist was in Bham, I was at Sippin' Internet Cafe, in Key West. 

I recall I published that on that day, and that the journalist had called me back and read to me the part of his article about me, so I could see he had it accurate, and that he had told me his article would run the next morning. His article was mainstream. Nothing woo woo in it. My views of the Golden Flake dividend policy, which matched the views of the author of the typed unsigned note, which was being delivered in Birmingham. My views of Golden Flake. Major. Major’s history. I did not tell the journalist Major was bisexual.

As you know, higher ups at the Birmingham news killed that article. It never ran.

The same day I was interviewed by the Bham News journalist, I heard from someone in Birmingham that a copy of the threat letter was found in the mailbox at Major's home. In the mailbox of Major’s and my sister's home. In the mailbox of our father's home, in which our father’s widow then lived. A copy made it to Golden Flake. I emailed John McKleroy and told him the Golden Enterprise Board of Directors and the directors and trustees of my father's estate entities needed all to be advised of the threat letter, so they could protect themselves. McKleroy balked. I leaned on him. He took care of it. I was astounded that had not already been handled. 

Back then, nobody knew the threat letter might have been written by Major. A copy of the threat letter later was found on a thumb drive in Major's car, and also a copy of the threat letter, I think, was in his car, when his daughter Sloan found the car just down that side street below the old Plaza bar and my old law firm's office across from the Western Supermarket on Highland Avenue. 

Maybe I also should have made a freedom of information request in 2011 for anything the FBI had on me.

I wonder if the FBI will want to hear about Chip Hazelrig, who showed up in Key West not long after Major went missing. A few days. Chip called me on my cell phone and said he had gotten the number from someone in a Duval Street bar - who that was, I never learned. Very few people had my cell phone number. I had heard my father did oil and gas speculation with Chip's company. That was all I knew about Chip when we met face to face in Key West.

Chip said he had flown down Birmingham to Ft. Lauderdale, I think, where a friend lived. They then motored his friend’s fishing boat down to Key West. After a day or two on the water, Chip, who did not fish, was worn out. He took a day off from fishing. Had heard I lived in Key West. He went into a Duval Street bar and right away got my phone number. Surreal, unless you consider the supernatural.

Mostly, Chip wanted to talk about my father and their longtime business association speculating in oil and gas development, which my father's widow and advisers, including John McKleroy and John Stein, deeply resented, according to Chip that day in Key West. What Chip told me about all of that had me in stitches some of the time. He had low regard for my father's widow, Stein and McKleory. I felt Chip had truly loved my father and really missed him. 

Chip and I wondered out loud about what might have become of Major, who was still only missing? We talked maybe an hour. I wrote all of that up the next day at my websites. Roger Schuler saw it, turned it into me and Chip being in on my father's death. Shuler already had some disagreement going with Chip, or with one of Chip's friends or business associates. I had never heard of Shuler or Legal Schnauzer before that. 
Roger Shuler

I battled Shuler for years over his twisting and even inventing evidence that Major could not have killed himself. Most egregious, Shuler co-authored an article with Lori Moore, a self-styled investigative journalist in Dothan, Alabama. In the article, Shuler and Moore stated there was no stippling at the gunshot wound on the left side of Major's head. Stippling is a pattern on the skin made by a gun fired at close range, 12’s inches or closer, or with the gun muzzle against the skin. No stippling meant the gun could not have been fired by Major, whose hands were loosely died to a rope around his torso. But not tied so tight that he could not have shot himself.

The Jefferson County medical examiner's report stated there was stippling at the gunshot wound. Shuler had the medical examiner's report when he published there was no stippling. I called Shuler on it on his website. He did not respond. Later, I called him on it again on his website, and that time he responded, admitted he had gotten it wrong, but excusing it with B.S. Some of his readers took up for him. Typical Shuler and his lemmings, I had come to see.

One of Shuler's lemmings was Judith Eloise Haney of Leeds, Alabama. 
Judith Haney, dated photo

link to fairly recent link to Judith Haney selfie You Tube

[I could not help wonder what had passed between Haney and the fellow tailgating her, before she turned on her video cam. I have learned to take everything Haney says with a very large grain of salt, more commonly known in Alabama circles as a bull shit detector.]

Another of Shuler’s lemmings became Mike Tolbert of Key West, who started publishing on online that I was in on Major's death.

 Mike Tolbert

After Major went missing, Judith Haney started emailing me about what I was publishing. I had heard from her before that, I think, and was surprised she had come back around.
Haney described knowing Major. She had met him at the Highland Racket Tennis Club in Birmingham. They had dated a short while. They had gone to Panama City, Florida for a weekend, stayed in a motel. Major had a deformed penis, he could not make love with her. News to me, his brother. News to his first wife, who had two children by him. News to one of his girlfriends after he and his first wife's divorce. A girlfriend I knew, had traveled with her and Major to the Alabama gulf coast, to spend a weekend on his sailboat. She emailed me that there was nothing wrong with Major's penis, he was quite studley - her word. I published all that after Major went missing. 

During the March 31, 2017 court hearing in Haney’s lawsuit against me, under cross examination, under oath, Haney admitted she had emailed me in 2010 that she had dated Major a while and they had gone to Panama City together. Haney denied she had emailed me that Major had a deformed penis.

Under cross examination on March 31, Haney testified that she had given Mike Tolbert’s company $1,500, and she had noticed Tolbert’s subpoena to testify against me at the March 31 hearing. Haney testified she did not know where Tolbert was. She testified she did not give the $1,500 to Tolbert’s company in exchange for him testifying against me. Haney knew, as she read everything I published about her and filed it as exhibits to her lawsuit against me, that I had published I could not wait to cross examine Tolbert on March 31.

When Haney wooed me to Birmingham in December 2016, at her expense, one person told me it looked like a set up. Everyone else who weighed in told me to go with it. I had had enough dealings with Haney, including turning down her romantic overtures in 2010, after Major died, to know she was not entirely what she held herself out to be. Yet, I was in dire straights, living on the street, sleeping nights at the police station, because Mike Tolbert had banned  me for life from KOTS. Claiming I had threatened to kill homeless people, in what I had published at my websites, but there was no such threat ever published. 

Tolbert did not like what I published about KOTS, when I stayed nights there. He did not like what I published about his employer. He did not like what I published about him and his wife. Sex swingers, who like to have homeless women over to play. Including KOTS homeless women. [I was told that by quite a few homeless men and women.] Nor that I had figured out from what Tolbert and his wife had told me, that he was the Xanax supplier of the murderess (local stripper escort, Tolbert's play partner), April Thomason.

So, Haney rents me an apartment in Birmingham with a great picture window view of the pubic tennis courts where she had first met Major, and just as great a view of the golf course fairway leading down to the pond where Major's body was found in early 2010. I knew last December in Birmingham that was a really loud message Haney was sending me, but I could not decode it. I knew she was in Schnauzer's camp in 2010. I figured she still was. By then, I knew Mike Tolbert was in that camp.

Only after Haney testified she had not emailed me in 2010 that Major had a defective penis did I start wondering if Haney was the person who had threatened to out Major for being bisexual, which led to him killing himself in a way he hoped would be ruled murder, thus save his reputation, throw everyone off the scent. And let his wife and his creditors cash in on his large life insurance policy, which I heard from a pretty good source was maybe around $4,000,000. 

I got to wondering if Haney had not gained Major's heart in Panama City, which would be the gateway to his inheritance perhaps? Haney was suing me for my inheritance.

I wondered if Haney was Major’s hell hath no greater fury jilted lover, so she concocted he had a deformed penis, to throw me, and everyone, off the scent?

And then Haney found out Major was bisexual. And then she tried to blackmail him: money for her silence?

Haney might not have known Major had a lot of debt. She probably did not know how tough he truly was. Or he had a cruel streak in him that matched her own cruel streak, which I had seen back in 2010, and got to revisit after Haney brought me to Birmingham in December 2016, and then came Haney’s lawsuit in Key West, after I outed her, after she had sicced the Birmingham police on me, because I would not give up what she already had given me, no strings attached, according to her email to me – an apartment with the rent prepaid 7 months by Haney. Then, she alleged in the lawsuit that I had blackmailed her. When, in fact, she had tried to extort me. [Then she alleged in the law suit that I owed her back the rent she had prepaid. And the cost of the 1st class airplane ticket to Birmingham, and everything else she had thrown at me, she asked for back in her lawsuit against me.]

I had no clue in Birmingham that Haney was a civil litigation terrorist. She called in law enforcement regularly on people she did not like. I learned of that after Haney sued me in Key West on December 30, 2016, I learned of it from Haney’s 4th husband, Robert Fureigh, and from the Leeds city attorney and the Leeds chief of police, and from Haney's across the street neighbor in Leeds, the 4th family in that home. The three prior families, Haney had driven to sell and move away. Haney was doing it to the present family, according to that family and the city attorney and chief of police, of Leeds.

Only today, though, did it occur to me that putting me in that apartment with a view of Haney's history with Major and the pond where his body was found could have been a message from Haney, and Roger Shuler and Mike Tolbert, that I was going to be made out to be the one who had Major killed. That is the only thing that makes sense to me today. Why else would Haney put me in that apartment? With that view?

Haney had lived in the same apartment complex, when she first met Major on the tennis courts below the apartment complex.

I had lived in that apartment complex before that, after I had first started practicing law.

It was a hell of a homecoming, for sure.

Maybe if the FBI really is investigating me, it will get around to wondering what I wonder about Judith Haney, Roger Shuler and Mike Tolbert? I know a number of people who wonder what I wonder about Haney, Shuler and Tolbert.


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