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unintended consequences and collateral damage: Miss Leeds USA's surprise collision with Rick Bottger and his superstar Harvard Law School Graduate entertainment lawyer, Barry Oliver Chase, of Miami, might not have a happy ending for Miss Leeds and might revive her spat with Sloan Bashinsky - plus, why the special prosecutor and every American should read Bill Browder's RED NOTICE

Sorry for the wide spacing in parts of this post today. Can't figure out what caused it, or how to fix it.
Two beauty contest updates today.
Leeds, Alabama's Judith Eloise Haney and her match made in heaven White House counterpart Donald Trump.
Leeds, aka Leeds USA, lies about 20 miles east of Birmingham.
Back around 2010, when Haney was writing to me a good bit online, she told me she once had won beauty contests and she still had her nice figure after all of those years.
An email yesterday from Raquel Galvan, judicial assistant to 16th Florida Judicial Circuit Court Judge Bonnie J. Helms, included an attachment containing:
Judge Helms
Judith E. Haney, Plaintiff
v. Case No.: 17-CA-01-K 
Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Defendant 

The parties having moved for the relief listed supra, the Court, having  examined the record, the applicable law, and being otherwise fully informed in the premises, finds and orders as follows: 
On May 28, 2017, the Court, sua sponte, struck the pleadings of both parties. 
When a complaint is struck, the practical effect is to end the law suit "because it is the pleading on which the entire litigation is premised." Rugama v. Rungena, 2005 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 16644. With the end of the suit, there was no action, or context, within which to bring the motions now at issue. 
WHEREFORE, it is ORDERED and ADJUDGED that the motions listed supra are DENIED. 
ORDERED in chambers in Key West, Monroe County, this the 17 day of May 2017 . 
Copies furnished to: 
Judith E. Haney P.O. Box 380911 Birmingham, AL 35238
Sloan Bashinsky, Jr. P.O. Box 2681 Key West, FL 33045 
Maybe 10 days ago, Young Prophet called me about a dream he had. I was walking along Whitehead Street, near a building called Freeman. I saw a bomb on the ground. I stopped walking and watched the bomb. It blew up like Hiroshima. I turned and walked away. After taking a few steps I was grinning.

Maybe 4 nights ago, Judge Helms came to me in a dream. She said something along the line that what I had done was not sufficient. She looked sad. Or perhaps disapproving. Or perhaps both.

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Brenda in north Georgia called to say she had dreamed the night before of a man being shot in the heart, and then she felt it in her heart.

Yesterday afternoon, Kari Dangler called to say she's gotten a strange voicemail. People were talking, then she heard maybe 5 or 6 gunshots.

I told Kari all of the above said metaphysically it is all connected, the gunshots could be Brenda's dream and Judge Helms' several orders in one.

Even so, I told Kari, she needed to call the police, because the gunshot voicemail she received could be a threat call, or it could be a crime in progress. Being smarter than God, Kari told me she was not going to call the police.

I have not listened to the gunshot voicemail, but I did receive 2 voicemails from Kari telling me about the gunshot voicemail, before she and I talked on the telephone. I saved those 2 voicemails from Kari.

My G.I. tract was angry last night.

In one dream last night, I was talking with and hearing about 2 men. I was told they are gamblers, have potential.
After waking around 4 a.m. and telling the angels how I felt after such a great night's sleep, I thought the two gambling dream men might be Rick Boettger and Bruce Gorman, whom Leeds USA beauty contestant sued in Key West after she sued me in Key West.
Beauty contestant sued Boettger, because he dug up her massive pro se litigation history in Alabama and Arkansas; Boettger dug up she ran for mayor of Leeds in 2012 after she had sued the city and its city officials the year before and that case was dismissed; and Boettger filed an amicus curae (friend of the court) brief to intervene in beauty contestant's lawsuit against me, on behalf of the 1st Amendment.
Beauty contestant sued Bruce Gorman, because he published something Stephen Freer had submitted to Gorman's popular Coconut Telegraph public forum at, and because back in 2010 Gorman had published a Sloan slam sent into the Coconut Telegraph by beauty contestant with her email address showing. Her email address contained her first and last names.
I had heard beauty contestant had accused Gorman and Boetteger and Naja Girard d'Albisson of being in conspiracy with me against beauty contestant. However, checking with the Monroe County Clerk of the Court website this morning, I found nothing in beauty contestant's lawsuit pleadings against Gorman alleging conspiracy between Gorman, Boettger, Girard and me.

However, from beauty contestant's original complaint against Boettger:

Between December 21, 2016 and the present date, the Defendant has been an active participant in a conspiracy to uncover compromising information about the Plaintiff for the purpose of aiding and abetting Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr’s ongoing blackmail of the Plaintiff.
Since December 21, 2016 and continuing through to the present date, the Defendant has assisted Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr, in mounting Bashinsky’s defense against the Plaintiff’s defamation lawsuit filed against him in the Monroe County Circuit Court.
Prior to and subsequent to the Plaintiff filing her lawsuit against Bashinsky, he communicated his intent to use the Internet to harm her if she did not supply him with money and other things of value. Bashinsky has repeated his blackmail over five times inside of his
Filing # 52072152 E-Filed 02/05/2017 03:38:23 PM
Internet postings. Bashinsky’s blackmailing the Plaintiff is well known and understood by the Defendant.

The Plaintiff has consistently refused Bashinsky’s blackmail efforts.

As a result of the Plaintiff’s refusing Bashinsky’s blackmail, he has obtained the assistance and cooperation of the Defendant who has crossed state lines in order to dig up dirt on the Plaintiff. The purpose of the “dirt” is to up the ante to force the Plaintiff to dismiss her lawsuit against Bashinsky.
Once the Defendant has acquired dirt, compromising family and marital history, compromising financial records, interviewed an abusive former husband, interviewed an abusive neighbor, the Defendant then turns over his findings to Bashinsky who in turn publishes it on the Internet and distributes it in mass emailing’s to a list of hundreds of recipients.

not read his published “dirt” Bashinsky emails the Plaintiff the same information with another offer to “settle” i.e., quit publishing damaging information about her.

Thus far the Defendant has dug up the Plaintiff’s divorce records, her financial records, court records, former husband, current neighbors, and other “dirt” that he has supplied to Bashinsky who has in turn publishes it on the Internet. When Bashinsky thinks the Plaintiff has
As an example of the Defendant’s actions taken against the Plaintiff, on January 4, 2017, the Defendant emailed Bashinsky the following: “I’ll be stepping in here, Sloan. Naja, email or phone me if I don’t elucidate by 10 AM Thursday. I think we have to stop this Haney.”

of those civil cases were filed in county 01, which is Jefferson County, which is Birmingham, lying just west of Leeds, which is in Saint Claire County.”
And as a further example of the Defendant’s actions taken against the Plaintiff, on January 4, 2017, Bashinsky published the following about the Defendant’s actions: “Rick Boettger already had done an search, and had come up with 5 criminal, probably misdemeanor, charges in Alabama counties against Judith Eloise Haney, DOB12/XX/1944, Soc. Sec. No. XXX-XX-X663. 24 civil actions filed in Alabama county courts by Judith E. Haney. 1 civil case filed by Judith Eloise Haney. 5 civil cases filed by Judith Haney.

And, as a follow up, the Defendant emailed Bashinsky that the Plaintiff had a “bad check charge” and “five criminals” against her.

It is important to point out that the Defendant does not know the Plaintiff and has never had any dealings with her. Whatever malice and hatred the Defendant harbors against the Plaintiff is anchored in the utterances, publishing’s, and emailing’s of Bashinsky and that of Naja Girard d’Albisson.
As a further example of the Defendant’s actions taken against the Plaintiff, he emailed information contained in a RipOffReport about the Plaintiff, which Bashinsky has published over fifteen times on the Internet and emailed to hundreds of recipients.
In an effort to uncover damaging, compromising, information about the Plaintiff, the Defendant has contacted the Plaintiff’s former husband, Robert Wesley Fureigh; has contacted the Plaintiff’s neighbors, has followed leads to other people and places where the Plaintiff has lived, and has done so with the purpose of uncovering compromising information about the Plaintiff which will be published on the Internet by Bashinsky.
At the heart of the Defendant’s conspiratorial actions lies an unwritten agreement between himself, Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr, Naja Girard d’Albisson, and those associated with them, to publish and cause to be published defamatory, libelous, statements, malicious hearsay, and false stories that accuse the Plaintiff of committing crimes.

Because the Defendant has no personal knowledge of the Plaintiff, it makes it all the more reprehensible that he would undertake actions across state lines including Arkansas, Alabama and Florida to develop information designed to harm, harass, intimidate, frighten, and inflict intentional emotional distress upon the Plaintiff.

The Defendant’s “dirt” that he is digging up on the Plaintiff has been published on a daily basis on the Internet and has been mass emailed to hundreds of list subscribers. The goal of the Defendant is to inflict irreparable harm upon the Plaintiff, to inflict emotional distress upon her, to harass her, to intimidate her, and to invade her privacy and the safety and security of her home in Alabama and to do so with one purpose in mind: to blackmail the Plaintiff into dismissing her civil claims against Bashinsky and Naja Girard d’Albisson.

Therefore, while the Plaintiff expects the co-conspirators to destroy all of the indictable evidence in their possession and control, they will not be able to destroy the permanent record preserved by their Internet Service Providers, Internet hosts, Google, cell phone and land line records, emails and Internet postings. And, the Plaintiff intends to introduce tangible of the Defendant’s wrongdoing perpetrated against her via his telephone and email records.

The co-conspirators Bashinsky, Girard d’Albisson and the Defendant, view their unlawful tactics as a fast track to the Plaintiff’s dismissing her lawsuits filed against them in the Monroe County Florida Circuit Court.
Without regard for the legal consequences of their unlawful acts of harm perpetrated against the Plaintiff, the Defendant and his co-conspirators intend to proceed against the Plaintiff until the Plaintiff acquiesces to their blackmail.

The Plaintiff intends to show via the Defendant’s telephone and email records the extent to which Defendant and his co-conspirators have sought to “dig up dirt” and publish compromising information about her on the Internet.


Filing a libel lawsuit puts your reputation at issue. Defending a libel lawsuit, you learn all you can about the plaintiff's alleged good reputation. Turned out, where beauty contestant lives now, and has lived, her reputation was not that of Snow White.
Beauty contestant made much the same libelous allegations in her pleadings against me, which Judges Helms' struck from the record as being without apparent merit, vexatious and a burden on the court.

Beauty contestant also made an ocean of libelous allegations against me and Judge Helms in a motion and affidavit exhibit asking Judge Helms to disqualify herself because she was taking my side. Judge Helm's denied that motion as being legally insufficient.
Judge Helms is presiding over beauty contestant's lawsuit against Boettger, who recently hired legal counsel to represent him. I think Bottger's new legal counsel is the 2nd gambling man in my dream last night. More on Boettger's superstar lawyer after further musings from this former Birmingham, Alabama not anywhere near superstar practicing attorney.
I suppose I can see myself filing a petition to intervene as a necessary alleged conspiring party in beauty contestant's lawsuit against Rick Boettger, and if Judge Helms grants my petition to intervene, I file a cross claim against beauty contestant for libel, malicious prosecution, fraud, breach of contract, extortion, etc.
I suppose I can see, if I am not permitted to intervene in beauty contestant's lawsuit against Boettger, I can track the hearing dates in that lawsuit, and when I see beauty contestant is going to be in Key West at a court hearing, I can file my lawsuit against her, outlined above, and have her served with it at a beauty contestant v. Boettger court hearing.
Meanwhile, Beauty contestant seems to have her hands full in herself v. Boettger.
On May 1, Boettger counter-sued for: malicious prosecution, manifest in the language and substance of her baseless and defamatory charges; abuse of process, as manifest in the volume of her filings, the use of deputies to redundantly serve Boettger at his home at night, distressing Boettger's wife; violation of US Code Section 1983, Civil Rights Act, by attacking Boettger's Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech by misusing our justice system.
On May 10, a national level attorney entered an appearance as Boettger's legal counsel:
From the lawyer's website:

I bet lawyer Chase knows some folks at the national TV level, who might be interested in making beauty contestant a national TV sitcom starlet - move over S-Ville!

It just might not have been a good idea for beauty contestant to have ever showed her litigious face in Key West.

You can get glimpses of that litigious face in this selfie YouTube beauty contestant made her own self.
I wonder what passed between beauty contestant and the tailgater before she turned on her dashboard video cam?

I wonder, because in beauty contestant's lawsuit against me, she chronically twisted what I had published about her into what she wanted Judge Helms to believe I had published.

I came to think the odds were 100 percent the beauty contestant did that with other people, too.

I came to think beauty contestant and Donald Trump were kindred spirits.

I can't say I ever recall any beauty contest when the contestants were not made up to make them look a whole heap better from how they woke up each morning.

Perhaps Leeds USA beauty contestant's made in heaven male counterpart in the White House can give beauty contestant the national adoration she has yearned to have.

In return, maybe Leeds USA can advise Trump how to get his privates out of the FBI's nutcracker.
Maybe Miss Leeds USA will give President Trump a copy of Bill Browder's gripping RED NOTICE, which I finished reading last night. Anyone wishing to have dealings with Russia, its oligarchs, its government, its secret police and Vladimir Putin should read Browder's book before doing anything else.

Not only does Browder strip naked Putin & Gang, down to their barbarian true selves, Browder exposes President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wanna be Secretary of State John Kerry and a few other important American officials of being in bed with the Russian barbarians knowing full well of their massive human rights violations.

Only by act of an outraged Browder-informed U.S. Congress, were Obama, Clinton and Kerry forced to stop letting Russian oligarchs move to America and use American banks to launder and protect their ill gotten mega billions.

One other point Leeds USA and Trump probably won't like so much about Browder's death-defying whistleblower saga. It was in the court of public opinion, not in the courts of law, that Broward was able to generate the heat to beat Putin & Gang, and President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, by passage of:
The Magnitsky Act, formally known as the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012, is a bipartisan bill passed by the U.S. Congress and President Obama in November–December 2012, intending to punish Russian officials responsible for the death of Russian lawyer ...

Magnitsky Act - Wikipedia

I can imagine Trump sent people to Russia to offer to repeal that Act of Congress, if Russia got Trump elected, and that's why Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to back off that investigation, and that's why Trump then fired Comey after he did not back off. And, I can imagine, that is why Trump now is saying that conversation never happened.

Trump had fun last year with his mantra, "Lock her up." Sauce for the goose is good for the gander, too.

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