Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day, Key West variations

I wrote to a mainland friend yesterday:

Lucifer loves all the warring factions in Syria.

America learned nothing from Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. 

The afflicted woman came into the police station front lobby about 1 a.m. this morning, talking to herself, or to something, and woke me up. Probably no big deal. I was under siege in my gut and soul. I probably needed to wake up and think about things. 

She laid down on the bench across from me and finally was quiet. I asked the angels for help. Finally, I conked out and slept. 

Dreams left me feeling I am in no wise ready, or able, to pursue any kind of litigation in Birmingham. Stove up as I am in my gut, and in my low back. Sleeping in the police station front lobby with a roommate who talks to whom or what ever. I hope my old law partner is in better shape.

A Key West friend said yesterday that it has been on his mind that local police keep harassing homeless people for sleeping during the day and at night if they are not in the city's homeless shelter. Doubly bothers him, homeless people banned for life from the shelter, where do they sleep at night, or anytime. And, it bothers him homeless people who do not sleep at the shelter cannot eat what the soup kitchen provides at the shelter. He wondered if the shelter needs to be open 24 hours a day.

I told him that maybe he was a messenger. Maybe I'm to file that lawsuit in federal court? But as yesterday and last night wore on, I did not feel I have the juice to do it. 

Moving laterally ... and vertically ... and in the other direction ...
I visited Arnaud and Naja Girard in their home last night, after a fellow I play chess with, who lives on a boat, told me word around the waterfront is that Arnaud and Naja got grants from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to put people living on Wisteria Island into boats and also to clean the trash off the island. Ha, ha, Arnaud and Naja said. They also had heard that rumor. But, in fact, the people who own Salute and Blue Heaven restaurants donated $2,000 for dumpsters to hold the trash collected from Wisteria Island. That was the "grant". And some generous people had provided boats for displaced people to live.

Naja said their story about a Hispanic illegal immigrant bicyclist struck by local woman, and the bicyclist was turned over to ICE (U.S. Border Patrol), has gone viral. It was picked up by the Associate Press. It was covered in the New York Times. A Spanish outfit reposted it on its Facebook page. Millions of viewers, perhaps many millions, Naja said.

I asked if the blue paper breaking the story got any credit for in those other reports? No, Naja said. That's unconscionable, I said. 

Naja said she bumped into City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley the other day and he had not even heard of the illegal immigrant being struck by a white woman motorist and then the illegal immigrant was picked up by ICE. 
Naja said she figured Weekley did not know about it was he had quit reading the blue paper because of how it reported the Weekley-driven sale of the Peary Court apartment subdivision to a private developer funded with city money, and because the Key West Citizen has not reported the illegal immigrant story. Naja said she'd heard from someone else that the Keynoter was going to report the illegal immigrant story, then that article was killed.

Naja asked if I had any thoughts why the Citizen and the had not covered the story? 

I said, the Citizen is a Republican newspaper. Donald Trump carried the Florida Keys.

Arnaud asked me what I thought might explain the way the illegal immigrant was treated by local law enforcement?

I said I think it is rooted in white people's fear of terrorists, which homeless people learned first hand right after 9/11, when city police started treating homeless people very differently. 

Trump was elected because he wanted to stop illegal immigration, build a wall between America and Mexico. I think that's what's really going on. 

And, it's a howl that Jimmy Weekley doesn't know about the illegal immigrant who got run over by the white woman motorist. A howl, because Weekley spearheaded the city commission recently adopting a resolution that the city was not going to come down on illegal immigrants. 

Naja said reader comments on Key West the Newspaper's Facebook page about the illegal immigrant story were wild. As were reader comments about that story on the Key West Police Department's Facebook page.

Link to the blue paper Facebook page about the illegal immigrant story:

Open that link and scroll down to this:
WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS? Correction to Headline: ...Handed Over to BORDER PATROL...

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Link to the KWPD Facebook page:

Open that link and scroll down to this:
An inaccurate video is making the rounds that implies a Key West Police Officer asked a crash victim about his immigration status. The Key West Police Department wants to clarify the facts in this incident. The crash took place outside KWPD jurisdiction on Stock Island. Our officer was on Stock Island to help ease traffic congestion during rush hour. Our officer saw the crash. He called for rescue, FHP and the county, whose jurisdiction it is. The county deputy conducted a conversation with the victim and asked about the victim’s immigration status.
The Key West Police Department’s stance on illegal immigration enforcement has not changed: we are not enforcing federal immigration laws; we enforce violations of Florida state statute and Key West City ordinances.

Naja told me that Mike Tolbert, who manages the city's homeless shelter, liked a rough reader comment about running over and getting rid of illegal aliens, and she posted a comment asking Mike why he liked that comment, when he is responsible for running the homeless shelter, which houses many criminals? Mike did not answer Naja.

I said that's wild. Tolbert banned me for life from KOTS, because, he claimed, I had threatened to kill homeless people, which was not true. What I did publish was many homeless addicts would be better of dead, than continuing to live as they do.

It took me a while to find that thread in the many blue paper reader comments:

William Mcneill Illegal criminal hit by car. Good riddance

Like1 (Mike Tolbert)May 19 at 10:15am

Naja Girard d'Albissin Mike Tolbert I see you "liked" this comment. You work for SHAL taking care of homeless people on behalf of the City of Key West and thus on behalf of the taxpayers of Key West. Many of the homeless you are paid to serve have some sort of criminal record. Are you just as happy when one of them gets hit by a car or does the fact that someone may have overstayed their visa make the difference or is their ethnicity? Please let us know why the above statement by William McNeil is something you "like"...
William Mcneill Big difference between homeless and illegal. Wack job
Larry Gross Naja Girard d'Albissin first of all how do you know that he came in with a visa. If perhaps he did and overstayed it then he should be gone. The businesses hiring these people should be charged and fined heavily. Naja. It appears that at least 90% of the people replying to this post have an entirely different feeling of this issue than you.

I called Naja after reading that. She said she was speaking generally when she wrote "that someone may have overstayed their visa make the difference or is their ethnicity?" She said nobody then knew what the man's status really was. 

I said the blue paper reader comment thread, and the parallel reader comment thread under the KWPD post, are beautiful, in an ironic way, testaments to just how screwed up Key West, the Florida Keys and America are. 

I said, this is about Donald Trump. The people beating up on this illegal immigrant are Trump supporters.

Naja asked if I had heard of the two good Samaritans getting killed yesterday trying to stop a white male supremacist from attacking Muslim women? I said I had see that, and that, too, is about Trump and his white trash supporters. 

When I was with Arnaud and Naja at their home last night, I asked if they had seen the short video of Trump bullying his way to the front of the line at the NATO conference?

Yes, they said.

I said, that brief video told who Trump really is. The whole story.

They agreed.

Here again is a link to that video:

in 10 seconds Donald Trump shows the world what he really is

Kari Dangler called me this morning to report a dream she had last night.
Once again, I was on my white armored horse, in my own knight's armor, with my big sword in my left hand (my writing hand). Riding toward me was a knight on a black horse, holding a big sword in his right hand, and he cut off my horse's head and the horse and I fell to the ground.

I told Kari I thought that black knight might be Arnaud Girard, and I was to go with his and Naja's viral video today, even though I have been viewing the incident as being about how Key West motorists have no respect whatsoever for pedestrian crosswalks. A view I still hold.

However, the reader comments under the blue paper and KWPD facebook posts of that incident, and the national and probably international attention that blue paper report has received, make this a much bigger deal than I have made it.

From the Monroe County Supervisor of Election's website:

Participating Precincts Reporting: 
Donald J. Trump & Michael R. Pence (REP)
Hillary R. Clinton & Timothy M. Kaine (DEM)
Gary Johnson & Bill Weld (LPF)
Darrell L. Castle & Scott N. Bradley (CPF)
Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka (GRE)
Roque De La Fuente & Michael Steinberg (REF)
Write-in (Possible pending verification) (NPA)

Clinton carried Key West, Trump carried the rest of the Florida Keys.

Comic relief  today is provided by life-long Republican and Key West resident Tim Gratz, who did not want to see Trump in the White House, but after Trump won the 2016 election, Tim tried to talk himself into being okay with it.
Tim emailed yesterday:

How can someone leave KW with a million in cash?

I replied:

Find out which prominent rich people are having sex with which prominent rich people's spouses, and sell the photos and the negatives to them.

Tim wrote:

I replied:

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