Sunday, May 28, 2017

Key West Sunday before Memorial Day homily: it is very easy to mistake Lucifer for The Holy Spirit; the world's best hope is America; from Russia with love, and related confounding ponderations

Am having to be really watchful about injuring my back further. Sitting up straight seems mandatory. No sudden moves. So far, riding my bicycle okay, if I get on and off it carefully.

The first night back sleeping in the police station went okay, externally. 

Woke up from one dream at 3:33 a.m., according to my cell phone, and thought that kinda reminds me of 666, except in my spirit code, 3 is the number for The Holy Spirit.

That, and some of the dreams, caused me to figure it was a reference to an email exchange yesterday with a mainland amiga after we had a long, intense telephone discussion about Russia, Syria, America, Lucifer and God. 

She said American propaganda had made Putin and Assad out to be bad men. 

She said Lucifer is the light  bringer. Made evil by the Bible's awful God. 

I said she was mistaken and I did not think the word, Lucifer, is in the Bible.

She emailed me later:

Two links:


The word "Lucifer" is in the Bible.

In Isaiah 14:12 in the KJV we read: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

In Latin, lucifer means morning star.

Jesus in the Gospels made many references to Satan.

John Milton's epic poem, "Paradise Lost", features "Lucifer."

I have heard Lucifer and Satan equated by Christians. 

I had never heard anyone but my amiga say Lucifer is the good guy, God in the Bible is the bad guy.

I replied to amiga:

The lore is that Lucifer indeed was the light bearer and then assumed to be more than that and rebelled and took along lots of heavenly beings. 

In the fall of 1995, a familiar voice told me in my sleep, "It is very easy to mistake Lucifer for The Holy Spirit."

It was given to me in language I would clearly understand, but I did not grasp the application to my own life. I thought it was about something else. Later, I realized, way too late, that it was about my believing God had told me to let Betty Jackson decide what part of my inheritance I would take with me, if we broke up.

I watched the angels try to talk me out of it, but my problem was, I had made a promise to Betty that it would go that way, and I did not feel okay going back on that promise. 

You have not told me anything that caused me to think you are schooled and have direct experiences with demonic entities. If you were so trained, you would see Putin and Assad very differently, for example. 

I don't see any of this discussion between us resolving in any kind of agreement - unless you have the kind of total destruction and reconstruction I experienced a number of times.

I'm not picking on you. I feel that way about just about everyone I know.

[I reported in yesterday's post having dreamt all the night before of being in Russia. Betty's middle name was Catherine and sometimes I called her "Katerina Katnipsky", and historically any dream I had about Russia was about Betty and our time together. I now think the Russia dreams were about both Betty and my friend's and my discussion of Russia yesterday, and more than that about Russia.]

Amiga wrote back:


The Rutherford Institute : The Republic Has Fallen: The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded

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Hope this link comes through Sloan

Then amiga wrote:

Subject: Guidance

All I can say is I'm grateful I've not had the hard spiritual experiences that you've had, though I do believe that in other incarnations I have. 

For now it is my job to follow the guidance I have been receiving probably since babyhood, though only recognized as a thing of value at around  age 16.  Then the profound experience that really awakened me to appreciating and respecting that guidance at age 21 and 9 months.

Peace!  My life purpose has been clear to me for decades as has yours to you for decades. We may be acting as workers in slightly different specialties. Both skilled at what we do and used for the good of slightly different audiences. 

I don't believe your journey or teachings are wrong nor are mine. Just differing. And involving differing terminology. 

I replied:

I read the Rutherford article and kept nodding my head, even as I was shaking it over your defense of Putin and Russia, who/which is just as corrupt as America and was what I dreamed the night before last I would be dealing with - Russia. 

The Rutherford article demonstrates that there is no human cure to what ails America. The article demonstrates what your and my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have to look forward to. The very hard reality. The rebellion of which the author of the article speaks will not be people getting together and meditating and visualizing and even feeding the poor and providing safe drinking water. It will not occur at the polls, based on the last election with two evils representing the 2 political parties with clout. The rebellion would be a bloodbath. Millions of Americans would die. And it most likely would fail, because the US Military would be against it. Or perhaps for it, with a view of taking over and running a military regime without any pretense it is a "democracy". Pretense is the current regime in America, and in Russia. Denial and delusion also apply.

In sum, America is possessed by LUCIFER. So is Russia. So is Syria. So is humanity. The only thing I see, absent an infusion of God into each person, which would change everything pronto, is each person has to do his her best to live in truth, eyes and ears wide open, trying to do no harm. That's a really risky approach. It could get you and your loved ones killed, or shunned, or financially ruined. 

That's the approach Bill Browder took, as he reported in RED NOTICE. To the point the US Congress stood up and took his side against Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, who, I suppose, were very well liked by your Russian relatives, but who, actually, were aiding and abetting a very bad man and his cronies - Vladimir Putin. The Russians have the same problem Americans have. Perhaps the Rutherford institute will address that next. 

Young Prophet is the only person I know getting experientially schooled in Lucifer and demonic spirits and possession by the angels.

Interesting conversation at Harpoon Harry's with a black fellow  this morning.

Two soundbytes.

One: Europeans, using easy to obtain plastic bank cards, started making $2,000 donations to Barack Obama's  2008 campaign, then recharged the cards and did it again the next day, and again ... There was no way to track who was making the donations. He was 2 years in the House of Representatives, 2 years in the Senate, then he was President. The Europeans did it, and then he did not turn out to be what they had thought he was.

The fellow didn't like Hillary any better.

Two: America is viewed abroad by other countries as the only nation with a chance of making things work for humanity. 

I said, America can't do it, because it is so divided internally. To pull that off, America would have to be united in itself.

He and I agreed: if elected officials' lips are moving, they are lying. Government cannot be trusted.


Backing up to the picture worth a thousand words in yesterday's post:

Kenneth Klauss He's a narcissist asshole, pure and simple. Republicans felt we as a country lost respect in the world while Obama was President but we are now the laughing stock of the world because we elected this frigging asshole. What the hell was Shitler trying to prove when he shook the hand of the French President?
Sloan Bashinsky I imagine President Hillary would have been a laughing stock, too. No two worse candidates. Told a lot about both political parties.

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Kenneth Klauss It sounds like you believed everything that was said about Hillary during the witch-hunt investigations by Republicans. They rammed their e-mail investigations down our throats but they care nothing about possible treason.
Sloan Bashinsky Actually, I didn't like Hillary long before she declared she was running for president. Didn't like Obama, either. Two shape-shifters. Can't say that about Trump. A different kind of devil. Still, a devil's a devil.
Kenneth Klauss Sloan Bashinsky, Shitler's definitely not a shape-shifter. We can all tell he's a douchebag.
Sloan Bashinsky Agreed, That was known all along. Perhaps (dream on, I suppose), the result will be a new political party with clout in America. I don't care for the two parties now claiming they are the answer.

If, in fact, Russia did hack Hillary & Company and cost her the election with truthful information, I have no problem with that. If Trump, however, cut a deal with Putin: Get me elected, I try to get the Magnitsky Act and other American sanctions against Russia repealed, then I have a huge problem with that. I am convinced that is what happened. What convinced me was Bill Browder's book, RED NOTICE, which every American should be required to read, and it would be just like the douchebag to cut a deal like that with Putin. Browder laid Putin and his administration and oligarch cronies bare ass naked, and put out no telling how many hits on his own life and on the lives of his friends, associates and relatives.
Sloan Bashinsky Perhaps just as awful, Browder crucified Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (sec of state) and John Kerry (hoping to replace Clinton) for not wanting to do anything about what Browder laid bare - it would rock Obama's efforts to work with Putin and Russia. Browder got Congress so riled up that it ran over Obama, Clinton and Kerry by passing the Magnitsky Act, which banned quite a few Russian oligarchs from being in America and using American banks.
Kenneth Klauss Sloan Bashinsky, I'm also convinced that is what happened. What really pisses me off is the number of Republican lawmakers that are fully on board with everything Shitler says and does, I suspect that the very vocal supporters who are on the news constantly KNOW this administration is a "shit show" but they're going to ride it out and get as many things through as they can.
Sloan Bashinsky They knew it was a shit show when they drafted Trump as their candidate. I think the Demos could have won, if they had fielded any candidate but Clinton. But perhaps Trump was what America most needs, perhaps his presidency will wake up even the most entrenched Republicans, although I can't say what came out about Hillary woke up the Demos who were not in Bernie Sanders' camp.
Kenneth Klauss I was a Sanders supporter but I could never vote for Shitler. He cheated some contractor friends of my dad when he built his casino in Atlantic City.
Sloan Bashinsky I had an interesting conversation today with a Bernie backer, who has an inlaw who is Russian and lives there, but their kids or grandkids are related and live in America. The Russian, a woman, travels outside of Russia, trying to promote people getting along. I asked my friend how her Russian friend felt about Putin. I did not feel like I got an answer. And, my friend said, when i asked about the Russian invasion of Georgia, and then the Ukraine, that it was what those people wanted, they felt they were Russians, wanted to be back under Russian control. That was what Putin said when he invaded those two countries. I had two friends from Georgia who were living in Key West. They were struggling with whether or not to return to Georgia and fight the Russians. They decided not to go back there at that time.

My friend also did not agree with me that Putin was backing a bad man in Syria. She said that was the American view. I think it's the view of a lot of Syrians as well.

My friend said she would not insult her Russian relatives by asking them to read Browder's book. Nor will she read it.
Sloan Bashinsky I thought she was too close to it, she has Russian family by marriage. She said if her friend emailed her about her actual view of Putin, it might jeopardize her and her children getting into America to visit their relatives here. i said I didn't see that because of American immigration, but I could see Putin & Company getting riled up about a Russian speaking her mind about Putin and it ending up on the Internet. The things that happened to Browder and some of his Russian friends was pure barbarism.
Sloan Bashinsky Trump cheated a lot of contractors, which ended up a lot of poor working stiffs did not get paid. I think a fitting outcome for Trump would be to ban him from America and maybe Putin would welcome him with open arms.
Kenneth Klauss The fact that he didn't hold up his end of the contract after the job was done really makes me hate him. When they were done with the job Shitler refused to pay what was owed to them. He made them an offer and told them if they wouldn't accept it they could sue him. They were both small contractors who couldn't afford a lengthy lawsuit. Paying them the money he owed them would not have been a big deal to Shitler but he's so frigging greedy. There was probably something in his penthouse that wasn't yet covered in gold.
Kenneth Klauss Shitler worships the dollar and he loves to flaunt his wealth he got by by screwing people over. I truly believe he is foremost a con man, maybe the best ever. I also think he is one of the sorriest human beings on the planet.
Sloan Bashinsky I think Paul Ryan is sorrier. Don't care for VP Pence. Or for the Texan Cruz. Their right wing religion slant is spiritual Chernobyl. Trump is so full of himself he cannot, I don't think, engage in self criticism. Megalomania seems to fit. I think, though, he is way out of his depth with Putin, the Saudis, Assad, ISIS - and even with the Pope, whom I am coming to kinda like. That short video of Trump at the NATO stripped him naked for what he really is. And, I think he is demonically possessed, which is not something the US Congress or the US Supreme Court will ever give credence, not officially.

Sloan Bashinsky I know I'm one voice against many voices when I say I do not think, I could say I know it, human beings are capable of fixing the mess they have created, in America, or anywhere, and unless there is a supernatural intervention, and I do not mean another Jesus event, which was remarkable but did not turn the tide in the long run, I mean something that happens in each person, which totally gets each person's attention and changes each person's views and actions, that things are just going to get worse, and worse, and worse. Even as, for each person, it remains to live and speak as true as possible. Ultimately, it is between each person and God, is how I see it.

Sloan Bashinsky My dreams last night were all about Russia. I was there. Many people were there. There was a lot of conversation about Russia. 

Comic relief:
Yesterday, at a well-marked pedestrian crossing on Eaton Street, I had it out with a motorist who made like he would mow me down when I took the intersection to allow several other pedestrians to cross, who had been there waiting before I arrived on my bicycle, which I dismounted to officially become a pedestrian, in case some smart ass lawyer made the argument that crosswalks don’t protect bicyclists riding their bicycles, but only protect them if they are walking their bicycle. I gave the motorist the finger. He gave me the finger back. I spoke loud about what he did to his mother. I pointed repeatedly at the pedestrian crosswalk signs – plural. Finally, he surrendered, albeit not happily. In fact, Key West motorists routinely blow through marked crosswalks with pedestrians and bicyclists standing in plain view trying to cross. Perhaps the solution is to outlaw pedestrians and bicycles in Key West.

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