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Key West feral school of journalism (throwback to the 1st Amendment)

Last night was the first good night’s sleep in a while. In my last dream before I woke up close to 6 a.m., I had three writing pens, so I figured there were three things up for today’ post. Where to begin?
Maybe this is the 1st writing pen in my dream last night?

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. 

I read news reports online. 

I’m confused.

Last year, the Democrats blasted Comey for investigating Hillary’s emails and costing Hillary the election.

Now, the Democrats are blasting Trump for firing Comey, because Comey is after Trump’s aides for talking with the Russians.

Trump was delighted last year with Comey’s treatment of Hillary and her emails. 

Now, Trump is unhappy with Comey boring in again on both Hillary and her confederates, and on Trump and his confederates.

Looks to me Comey was trying to get to the bottom of things, regardless of which party was involved. 

If Comey pissed off both sides, he probably was doing what an F.B.I. Director is supposed to do. Catch the bad guys and gals.
Sancho Panza emailed his sentiments yesterday: 

"Comey stands  above most everybody else and he felt he was special, untouchable... Trump is unpredictable,.. is not playing by their rules and the Establishment hates that and it scares the shit out of them... that's why I voted for him! I love to see this shit;;; I hope he nukes NK next!  *;) winking  I feel so irredeemable, right now!"

Maybe this next thing is the 2nd writing pen?
Someone called me yesterday and said the recent Key West Citizen article on Haney v. Bashinsky was lousy, pandering to Haney, instead of challenging Haney with her own pleadings against me. The caller added that the issue in Haney’s lawsuit against me is the 1st Amendment, and the Citizen has yet to address the 1st Amendment in its coverage of Haney’s libel/cyberstalking/invasion of privacy lawsuit against me.

It then occurred to me that Haney’s lawsuit against me, and her ensuing spin off libel lawsuits against Naja  Girard, Rick Boettger and Bruce Gorman, because of how they got involved in Haney v. Bashinsky, were perfect for the local ACLU chapter to jump on, given how devoted the ACLU nationally has been to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, even to the point of the ACLU defending the worst kinds of speech.

I told the caller that that I had told Unger when he interviewed me for his article that he was at the March 31 hearing. He heard me I make the 1st Amendment argument to Judge Bonnie Helms, and he heard me tell Judge Helms on March 31 that I had filed pleadings raising the 1st Amendment, and Judge Helms did not rule on my 1st Amendment argument.

Instead, Judge Helms, sua sponte (on her own motion), struck from the record all of Haney’s and my pleadings, as being not in keeping with the Florida Court Rules of Civil Procedure, vexatious, containing no apparent merit, and being too burdensome on the court. 

Judge Helms invited Haney and me to start over, with or without legal counsel. 

Judge Helms encouraged Haney and me to settle, because I had testified during the March 31 hearing that I had offered in early January, after I was served with Haney’s lawsuit, to take down what I had published about Haney, and not to publish further about her, if she would dismiss her lawsuit and leave me alone.

Excerpts from Scott Unger’s May 4 article:

During the hearing, Bashinsky admitted to contacting Haney’s physician, which Helms said was the “sole established incident of harassment,” that would support a restraining order. Helms urged Haney to consider Bashinsky’s offer to settle the suit by agreeing to discontinue cyber-insults.

Following Helms’ order, Haney filed a motion to dismiss the case without prejudice (leaving it open for rehearing) and Bashinsky in return filed a complaint on the motion and requested the case be dismissed with prejudice.

Bashinsky said he is OK with Helms’ ruling, but wants the case closed to avoid further filings by Haney. “I think she’s trying to get this dismissed so she can sue me in Alabama,” Bashinsky said. “I’m almost certain of it.”

While Haney made no mention of bringing the case to her home turf, she will “very likely refile the case,” she said. The order was fair and will give Haney time to recuperate from a January heart attack and obtain counsel, she said. “I think (Helms) did the correct thing in setting the case back to square one, giving both sides time to refile our arguments,” Haney said. “I can see why she did it and her rationale was quite clear — don’t take up my time this way.”

Although she didn’t rule out seeking monetary damages in a later case, Haney said her goal is to stop the alleged harassment from Bashinsky, not to go after a potential inheritance from his family, which owns a majority share of Golden Enterprises, the makers of Golden Flakes potato chips. “I would never at my age hold out to (gain) a cent from the man’s inheritance,” she said. “The chances of him recovering anything in his lifetime is slim and none.” 

The other day, I emailed Unger:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Monday, May 8, 2017 1:38 PM
Subject: Haney v. Bashinsky revving back up
Hi Scott -

Did you read Haney's April 17 motion [in attached PFD] and supporting affidavit to have Judge Helm's disqualify herself? The motion and affidavit reveal the side of Haney your readers have not had the pleasure to meet.

Link to yesterday's post at my website, containing Florida statute-required pre-libel lawsuit take down demand email from Haney, and my email reply, and other stuff.

Link to today's post to my website. containing Haney's reply email with promises to have me criminally prosecuted in Alabama, Florida and by the Feds, and to sue me for money, and my 2 emails back to her, and other stuff:

In my last email to Haney:

Also show any prosecutor and law enforcement officer 16th Florida Judicial Circuit Court Judge Bonnie J. Helms’ April 28, 2017 sua sponte order, which addressed the entire record in your lawsuit against me in Key West, and adjudicated the same harassment allegations you say you will pursue against me again:

"The Court finds that the Defendant's testimony near the end of the hearing admitting his contact with the Plaintiffs personal physician is the sole, established incident of harassment supporting the imposition of a temporary restraining order. The Court would observe, however, that, during the hearing, the Defendant offered to end his cyber-contacts with her. Keeping that in mind, the single proven incident of harassment is insufficient to warrant the drastic remedy of  a temporary restraining order. Central Theatres, Inc. v. State, 161 So.2d 558 (Fla.2d DCA 1964). The Court urges the Plaintiff to consider the Defendant's offer to settle the matter by discontinuing the cyber-insults." 

You will see in Haney's emails, reproduced verbatim in my two posts, how she feels about Judge Helm's harassment finding and settlement recommendation.

Today, I emailed Scott Unger:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 9:40 AM
Subject: FYI More Haney v. Bashinsky, and Girard, Boettger and Gorman developments

Morning, Scott -

FYI, Haney did not claim in her pro se lawsuits against Naja Girard, Rick Boettger and Bruce Gorman and his wife, that she was medically handicapped from prosecuting those pro se lawsuits in Key West. Nor did Haney say she needed local legal counsel to prosecute those three cases. You might wish to check out at the Clerk of the Court's Office Haney''s recent vigorous pro se pleadings in the lawsuit against Gorman and his wife. Yet, from her motion to dismiss her pro se lawsuit against me without prejudice, which you can verify at the Clerk of the Court’s website, or in the office, she claims she is too medically impaired to prosecuted me pro se all the way from Alabama.

Filing # 55760506 E-Filed 04/28/2017 08:04:44 PM
Vs CASE NO: 17-CA-000001-K
SLOAN Y BASHINSKY JR, as an individual,
Plaintiff, Judith E. Haney, for her Motion to Dismiss, states:
1. Plaintiff filed her claim on January 30, 2016, and four days later suffered a heart attack that has rendered her partially disabled in so far as her ability to engage in frequent longdistance travel. Plaintiff’s medical supervision recommends against frequent long distance travel.
2. The pending case against Defendant requires Plaintiff’s frequent long-distance travel to Key West, FL, from Birmingham, AL in order to meet her obligations to timely prosecute her claim against Defendant including appearances before the court and conducting discovery. This is the case whether the Plaintiff is pro se or represented by counsel.
3. Plaintiff has carefully reviewed the court’s sua sponte order dated 04/28/2017, and believes that proceeding against the Defendant absent representation by counsel is ill advised. 4. Given the state of the Plaintiff’s health contrasted against the requirements of this pending case and the court’s sua sponte order, the Plaintiff recognizes that this is an opportunistic window of time to move for a dismissal before renewing further action against the Defendant.
5. Plaintiff hereby requests the court dismiss this case without prejudice, recognizing that the Plaintiff may refile her claim within the applicable statute of limitations.
Respectfully submitted,
Her signature I cannot copy and paste here
Judith E. Haney,
Plaintiff PO
Box 380911
Birmingham, AL 35238

Perhaps the 3rd writing pen in my dream is this?
Yesterday, Naja Girard told me she had queried Sheriff Rick Ramsay and State Attorney Dennis Ward about this allegation in one of Haney’s pleadings in her lawsuit against me. Naja and hubby Arnaud publish online Key West the Newspaper ( every Friday. Key West's Al Jazeera. I'm the feral Al Jazeera.

Subject: Any truth here?

"11. Further, the Monroe County Sheriff’s office has presented evidence to the Monroe County State Attorney in support of the prosecution of Bashinsky and thus far the state attorney has declined to prosecute."

Naja forwarded me Sheriff Office and State Attorney Office replies:

> On Apr 21, 2017, at 12:45 PM, Heather Bennett <> wrote:
> Hi Naja!
> I looked up Sloan Bashinsky in our Master Name Index and did not find any criminal charges against him.  Not sure what Judith Haney is speaking about.
> Sincerely:
> Heather Bennett
> Monroe Co Sheriffs Office
> Supervisor Central Records
> 305-292-7050  Fax: 305-292-7074

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 5:52 PM, Dennis Ward <> wrote:
She's been corresponding with Chris Weber. I forwarded your e mail and asked him to respond.
I don't think we received anything from the sheriff's office.

Sent from my iPhone
On Apr 23, 2017, at 10:46 AM, Christopher Weber <> wrote:
Please contact MCSO regarding any complaints made by Judith Haney. To my knowledge MCSO did not offer additional information regarding the allegations.  
 In fact, Ms. Haney told me long before the civil hearing  that MCSO and KWPD thought that a crime had occurred and they wanted  to make an arrest. I told her at that time that MCSO or KWPD could certainly do whatever they thought was appropriate.   
Christopher Weber, Chief Investigator
State Attorney 16th Judicial Circuit
530 Whitehead St. Suite 201
Office 305-292-3509

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE:  This electronic message, including attachments, if any, is privileged and confidential, and is intended only for the use of the intended recipient(s) named above.  If you are not a(n) intended recipient, or if you are responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, use, disclosure, distribution, or copying of the communication is not authorized, allowed, or intended by the sender.  If you have received this communication in error, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of this e-mail and its attachments, if any.  Additionally, please note:  The State of Florida has a very broad PUBLIC RECORDS LAW.  Virtually all electronic mail sent or received is available to the PUBLIC upon request.  PLEASE GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY!
Florida has a very broad public records law. Virtually all electronic mail sent or received by the Office of the State Attorney is available to the public upon request.
Under oath, during my cross examination at the March 31 hearing, Judith Haney stated that she had not reported me to KWPD, but she had reported me to the Sheriff and State Attorney. When I pressed, Haney changed her testimony: actually, she had contacted KWPD about prosecuting me. She admitted none of the three law enforcement agencies had taken action against me.

Before the March 31 hearing, Dennis Ward had told me on the telephone that he knew from Chris Weber that Haney had contacted the State Attorney Office about prosecuting me before Ward was sworn in this past January, and Weber had declined to get involved.

Ward also told me, after he was sworn in, he heard from Weber that Haney had approached Weber again about prosecuting me, and Weber had declined again, and had told Ward something like: Haney flew Bashinsky first class to Birmingham and put him up in an apartment for 7 months, rent prepaid – that’s how afraid she is of him.

I replied to Naja:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 8:37 AM
To: Naja Girard
Subject: Re: Any truth here?

When I read what you sent to Sheriff Ramsay and Dennis Ward, I recalled when Judith had sent me this email when I was living in the apartment she had rented for me in Birmingham. In prior emails, I had told her there was a procedure for eviction and she had a contract with me about that apartment, all of which (the procedure and the contract) she had denied.
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 8:29:00 PM
To: ‘Sloan Bashinsky’
Subject: Birmingham Police Dept. will assist me in evicting you from the apartment in the morning
I have just spoken to the police dept and they stand ready to assist me in evicting you in the morning. You are no longer an “invited guest”. You are trespassing.
Leave the premises by 9:00 am in the morning or you will be evicted. Since you have the keys to the unit, I will have the apartment manager with me to open the door and the police will escort you out.
The police will hook you up with a community resource officer who will direct you to a place to stay if you do not have one.
Judith Haney

From: Sloan Bashinsky []
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 7:33 PM
Subject: Re: Birmingham Police Dept. will assist me in evicting you from the apartment in the morning
Judith, if the police tell me to leave, I will leave, call a cab and be taken to the Greyhound station. And I will tell them I told you that, and I have the email to prove it, if they wish to see it.
9 a.m. the next morning, nobody came to the apartment.
Around 12 noon, two male Birmingham police officers came. Polite. Professional. Condensed version of perhaps 10 minute conversation:
I told the officers I had told Judith by email here is a procedure for eviction.They said they had told her there is a process for eviction. Will I honor that process? Yes, I said, but I think there is more, a contract. A judge will decide all of that, they said. Yes, I agreed. They left.
The next day, 6 Birmingham police officers came. Judith was with them. The property manager of the apartment was with them. The police officers were hostile toward me. I figured Judith had told them something to make them hostile. They had Judith tell me she wanted me to leave. The property [manager] told me he wanted me to leave. I recounted what the two officers had told me the morning before. By then, Judith had left. The property manager said he had cancelled Judith's lease, so there was no lease, I was trespassing. i thought, did not say, that was a clever maneuver. I did ask the property manager if he had refunded Judith's prepaid rent? He said that was between him and Judith. I told the officers I was packed and ready to leave the morning before, when the two officers came. I then unpacked. It would take me about 15 minutes to repack. They did not like hearing that, but they gave me the time, hovering over me. When I asked if they would transport me to the Birmingham airport?, they said no. When I asked them if they would call me a taxi?, they said no, call them myself. I said I don't have a taxi's telephone. One officer told me the number off the top of his head. I called the taxi company and carried my belongings out to the street and waited on the taxi, which arrived in maybe 10 minutes. I had changed my mind about Greyhound. I was too emotionally wasted to spend 2 days on a bus. I had enough left from the $1,000 she had sent when I was in Key West, before she flew me 1st class to Birmingham, to fly back coach to Key West. She asked for the $1,000 back, before I left Birmingham, even though she had told me it was gift, not a loan, then in the lawsuit, she sued me for the $1,000, and the rent she had prepaid. [Haney also sued me for my inheritance, and when Naja learned of it from my website, she emailed me how she felt about that and I published it and Haney sued Naja same day. Judge Tim Koenig eventually granted Naja's motion to dismiss, with prejudice, because what Naja wrote to me was clearly her opinion and the 1st Amendment protects opinions regardless of how awful they are.]
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 8:55:58 PM
To: ‘Sloan Bashinsky’
Subject: RE: Birmingham Police Dept. will assist me in evicting you from the apartment in the morning
Maybe you can leave the $1000 in the apartment when you leave. I would appreciate it very much if you would do that. I won’t hold my breath that you would do the honorable thing, but what the heck, it was worth a shot to ask.
Text of Haney’s initial Facebook private chat to me regarding her offer to rescue me. I copied all of the chat when I saw it was going south in Birmingham. She, or Facebook, later did something to make her and my private chat unavailable to me online. 
  • December 11

  • 12/11, 11:59am

    Judith Haney

    Sloan, I am following you on your blog and am concerned about your homeless state. I don’t understand why you don’t have an apt, house, etc. If you need money for a place I can help and so can a number of other people who you know on FB and elsewhere. Just ask.

  • Dec 11You accepted their request.
  • 12/11, 12:20pm

    Judith Haney

    I am going to wire you $1000 today. How do you want me to send it to you?

  • 12/11, 12:26pm

    Judith Haney

    This is a gift, not a loan. Let me know how you want me to send it. Paypal takes too long. Walmart allows instant cash up to $900.

    I can send $1000.00 right now to you via Walmart. Can you get to a Walmart?
  • December 12

  • 12/12, 5:50am

    Judith Haney

    Sloan, would you be willing to come to Birmingham for a six month sabbatical from Key West. I will rent an apartment for you. This will give you some time to rest and not worry about anything. After that you can decide whether to return to KW or not.

    I believe your physical wellbeing is at stake right now and that you need to be free of the stress of being homeless. It is very expensive to live in Key West. It is for this reason that it make sense – in the short term – to stabilize your health elsewhere.

    I have an extra car that you can use if you don’t have a car.

    Just to be clear, I am in no way seeking a relationship. I only wish to be of help – that’s all.

    If you say the word, I will buy you an airline ticket out of there TODAY. And by tonight you will be comfortable and safe.
  • 12/12, 6:54am

    Judith Haney

    If you come here you can leave at any time. There are no strings attached whatsoever. No financial strings, relationship strings, etc. It is a way to improve your health.

    Don’t worry about having the right clothes, etc. That can be taken care of very easily with one shopping trip.

    I know you have strong attachments there and you will maintain those no matter where you are. Remember this is not forever, it is just for a short time to regain your strength.

    I know you have mixed feeling about being in Birmingham. However, you might be surprised and enjoy yourself. The five points [S]outh/UAB area is full of neat places and people.
  • 12/12, 7:06am

    Judith Haney

    I understand your concerns about having the means to pay bills after six months, however, maybe you can skip worrying about all of that for now. Just take a step and then another step. The idea here is to get your health back where it needs to be. After than you can make decisions about the next step. Don’t worry too much right now. Just take a step. Also, you need other people around you right now and I will be here for you and hopefully you might reconnect with some of your past acquaintances. Some of them are still around I’m sure.

  • 12/12, 7:08am

    Judith Haney

    In case you are wondering why I am wanting to do this for you, suffice it to say it is my way of reaching back and returning what was given to me along the way. I have needed and received a whole lot of help during my life.

After suing me, Haney filed a motion in limine, in the attachment to this email (I hope), asking the Court to only allow me to use my online correspondence to Haney, and not use her online correspondence to me. 

Haney did not raise in her libel lawsuits against you, Rick Boettger and Bruce Gorman (and his wife), that she is too medically impaired to prosecute those lawsuits to the hilt in Key West. 



Haney had been reading my websites since at least as far back as 2010. I lay myself bare on my websites. There was very little about me Haney did not know, including what my inheritance is, which I published in detail, in 2016.

Of all people, Judith Eloise Haney, AKA Judi Jordan, of Leeds, Alabama, public figure, nationally recognized news correspondent and commentator, according to the bio on her website, should be leading the ACLU charge to defend public figure Key West and Florida Keys recognized news correspondent and commentator me.

In 1996, she was the only national reporter to cover both Whitewater trials in Little Rock, AR. Throughout the trials, which lasted six months, she sat in the courtrooms each day listening to the testimony and observing the defendants. As a result, she became a recognized expert on the subject of Whitewater. During the trials she was a regularly invited guest on National Public Radio, Monitor Radio, and other news formatted talk shows. Judi reported the Whitewater trials for UPI Radio from the White House in Washington, D.C. on weekends and from Little Rock, AR during the week ...

Judi Jordan, USNEWSLINK Editor

The concept, layout, and design of USNEWSLINK is credited to Judi Jordan.

Call Judi at 501-915-0550 for internet access, web hosting, and web site design.

Permission to use, reproduce, and distribute documents and related graphics from USNEWSLINK is hereby granted, provided that author and publication are given full credit and the copyright and the permission notice are shown. All other rights reserved.

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