Saturday, May 20, 2017

Life's but a dream: row, row, row your boat. Is social media true confessions and political masturbation better than no sex at all? - plus, review of "Alien: Covenant"

Saw “Alien: Covenant” at Regal Cinema last night. Don’t know how “Alien” movie lovers liked it, but for me it was the first Alien film with depth, if the utter stupidity of the crew members of the Covenant, that’s the Earthling star ship, is set aside. The twists and turns in the plot are full of surprises. And, finally, there is some inkling of how the aliens came to be. Some inkling. Perhaps the next Alien film will fill in more blanks. Maybe that film will be the aliens coming to Earth. I can see how that might happen, based on how “Alien: Covenant” ends. Hope I’m not around when they arrive.

But then, I already have Aliens terrorising me:
Last night was as physically rough internally and in dreams, as the night before was restful. Much of last night, my G.I. tract was so hurting that anyone but me would be in the ER at the hospital. I knew that would be a waste of time and money, if I went to the ER. So, I gutted it out.

Finally, dreams brought me face to face with a bigger picture of Judith Haney and me.

Dream women told me it was my fault. I suppose they meant I should have known better. I should have seen it coming. I deviated from my spiritual training and experience. 

They were right. On all counts. 

Yet, there was also Judith admitting in the dream that she had ignored her own markers for self ambush. 

And there was me telling Judith, regarding a bridge game, in which she was my right-hand opponent and held a hand containing five pretty good hearts and 30 points out of a 40 point deck, that I wished she had opened 2 hearts, instead of one club.

On waking, I recalled what Judith had sent me on Facebook private chat in early 2106, which I did not see until she sent a message in December. Here are the two private messages - 2 hearts?
  • Conversation started February 22
2/22, 6:42am

Judith Haney

Hi Sloan, I just read your Major redoubt and was glad to know that more of the pieces of the puzzle are finally set in place. Major’s death was a huge loss to so many people. Although I only knew him briefly via tennis, I really felt so sad to learn of his death. I hope you are doing well. I also enjoy your ramblings. You are one of the best writer’s I have ever read. Take good care.
  • December 11

    12/11, 11:59am

    Judith Haney

    Sloan, I am following you on your blog and am concerned about your homeless state. I don’t understand why you don’t have an apt, house, etc. If you need money for a place I can help and so can a number of other people who you know on FB and elsewhere. Just ask.

  • Dec 11You accepted their request.
There was no one else willing to help me in that way.

Judith’s February Facebook message nailed what I do for work. I write and comment on my experiences and a broad range of issues.

Maybe if I had been allowed to spend the full 7 months in Birmingham, which Judith had offered to me at her expense, would have been as well known in Birmingham, and perhaps in Alabama, as was known in Key West and the Florida Keys.

Maybe if I had stayed the full 7 months, I would have gotten something worked out with my father’s estate so that I had enough money to live inside, pay the utilities, cable TV, wi-fi, buy groceries, etc.

Maybe if I had stayed the full 7 months in Birmingham, I would have had some kind of reconnection with some members of the Bashinsky family.

Maybe if I had stayed the full 7 months in Birmingham, things might have happened, which I found more interesting than Key West and the Florida Keys, and I would have stayed in Birmingham.

Maybe I would have started practicing law again in Birmingham, but I kinda doubt it, even though it turned out it would have been easy for me to activate my inactive Alabama law license.

During the late 1980s into 1990, the angels trained me to view legal and all forms of conflict as symbolic/representational reflection back to me of my own unresolved issues with other people and past situations, and taking a traditional approach misses the entire point of having the conflict.

I wrote two books about that, which I published on my dime. 

THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD: A New Approach to Legal Problems


I ended up giving away thousands of copies, most of which ended up in American prisons, perhaps where the books might be best received. For out in the land of the free there was very little interest in approaching conflict as a spiritual exercise having nothing to do with winning, and having everything to do with introspection and responding differently from how the ego wants to respond.

I had heard in my sleep two nights ago, “No more experimenting.” I wondered what the venue was? Or was it across the board? Perhaps it’s across the board. Perhaps I’m headed back into the core training and way of dealing with what life serves to me? Time will tell.

Meanwhile ...
The other day I emailed “Deer Ed”, who publishes’s popular Coconut Telegraph forum:

In May 16 Coconut Telegraph:

Work?] Just catching up on the Sloan saga. I see again someone offered him work that pays this time sitting on his ass driving car parts and filters from upper keys down. But yet again he elected to remain a whiney freeloading dirtbag? It’s not society’s job to care for the lazy who will not help themselves. He would be off the  streets and doing well enough to survive if he had seized this opportunity to help himself. I cannot feel sorry for a person that intentionally makes their own situation harder and harder even when given a way out. Nobody should give him another dime or handout till he attempts to earn his own way first. Do not feed wildlife they become dependent, like our deer friends, people are no different.

What I actually received via Facebook from the fellow offering the job:

Anyways you impress me with your comments of truth on the Blue paper articles,which is so hard to find these days. One day I may make it down to Key West and I can explain in detail what is happening to my business. If you have free time and could use any extra moola I need an accounts rep. down there for my business and I could give you my 2002 Ford E-150 which even with the high mileage it still runs and has A/C. If you are interested or find yourself in Key Largo stop by I am sure we would have plenty to talk about.

I had no place to park the truck in Key West. Being an "account rep" would have involved making sales calls for his product line I know little to nothing about working, I suppose on a sales commission for someone I did not know. I did not see it making me enough money to get me living inside in Key West. I saw me racking up parking fines in the truck. I did not see me sleeping in the truck, which local police don't allow.

If that anonymous braveheart who slammed me on the CT were to live in my skin doing my job for 5 minutes, he would go permanently insane, and if he was lucky, he would still be able to kill himself.

Deer Ed replied:

That's just bullshit you imagine.  Or is it a lazy man's excuse to fail? We all listen to our sub-conscious, but sane people know it is our sub-conscious working things out. Crazy people think those sub-conscious thoughts tell them things, like kill all people they hate. Eventually those sub-conscious thoughts manifest into actions and that's where the problem lies.
Years ago my wife and I had our own crazy person, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, who called his sub-conscious "voices". He lived with us for a time and helped us restore our first home. He could do anything -- until the voices told him to do differently and that's when his trouble manifested.
You could get help with your voices, but I think you're too old to change and rather like not taking responsibility for your life. Blaming your situation on your voices is your cop-out.

I replied:

Did you already forget that you told your lawyer Sloan does not lie, it is not in him to lie.

The angels and my interior workload are as imaginary as Judith Haney suing you and your wife. 

Moving laterally …

I wish Judith Haney would use her tremendous intellect and internet and legal abilities and passion to address issues facing the collective: where she lives, nationally, and internationally. She used to do a good bit of that, based on what I read on her website:

Humanity is in a sorry state, which is getting worse. Might be wasted breath speaking out about it, but didn’t Jesus say don't hide your lamp under a bushel? Didn’t someone much later say, “Evil prevails when good men do nothing?”

The best example of that I have seen lately is Bill Browder, who got a strong recommendation in yesterday’s post at this website, which fetched something back from someone who wanted to remain
Not for publication....

Such hypocrisy, all this BS about Washington being influenced by a foreign entity(Russia) and how we need a special prosecutor to investigate... come on, Israel has its tentacles in every level of government and specially the Main Stream Media, which means the minds of all the Kool-Aid drinkers that supported Hillary... specially the ones with high IQs! 

I replied:



It's el presidente Trump who needs a comeuppance big time, thus all the people who drank his kool-aid last year, and still.

I think this is okay to publish, I will say it was from Vladimir :-)
Robert Mueller is tight to the hip with his protege, James Comey... he would have to recuse himself on anything dealing with Comey... the whole thing is ludicrous!

But, I am serious, leave me out of anything having the word Israel in it! Many people voted for Trump to give the finger to the establishment!

I replied:

I know people voted for Trump for that reason, but many loved his kool-aid, and still love it, and he probably can do anything and it won't faze them.

If he gave Israeli intelligence to Russia without Israel's okay, then that told Israel where it stands with him.

I don't know enough about Comey and Mueller's history to assess conflict of interest. If there is one, then the appointment of Mueller was ludicrous. 

If Comey is believed by the Republicans, that Trump tried to get him to back off the Trump associates' ties with Russia last year and later, then Trump just might be a lame duck, or a dead one - impeached by the Republicans, to save the Republican Party's reputation from becoming even more tattered than it having gotten Trump elected - oh, it was the Russians' who got him elected, I bet Bill Browder would say. Browder apparently has huge credibility in Congress. I hope you read his indictment: RED NOTICE. He destroys Obama, Hillary and Kerry. 
Comey, left, Mueller, right

Robert Mueller has a serious conflict of interest that should disqualify him from serving as special counsel. 
He has had a long and close relationship with someone who will surely become a pivotal witness –James Comey. 
No one doubts Mueller’s sterling credentials.  That is not the issue. He is imminently qualified.  The problem arises in his duty to fairly and objectively evaluate the evidence he gathers. 
How can Americans have confidence in the results if they know the special counsel may harbor a conspicuous bias?  They cannot.  The conflict inevitably discredits whatever conclusion is reached.  It renders the entire investigatory exercise suspect, and it only elevates the controversy surrounding it.    
For this reason, Mueller should not serve as special counsel.   
Conflict Defined
The law governing the special counsel (28 CFR 600.7) specifically prohibits him from serving if he has a conflict of interest in the case.  The rule has been interpreted to mean that even the appearance of a conflict is sufficient for disqualification. 
A conflict of interest is a situation in which an individual has competing interests or loyalties.  The conflict itself creates a clash between that individual’s self-interest or bias and his professional or public interest.  It calls into question whether he can discharge his responsibilities in a fair, objective and impartial manner.    
Identical rules govern prosecutors who, for example, must recuse themselves from handling a case against a person with whom they have worked or had a personal relationship.  The same would be true if a prosecutor had a close relationship with a witness in the case.  The prior association raises the real or perceived possibility of prejudice or favoritism which is contrary to the fair administration of justice.
So what exactly is Mueller’s conflict?  He and James Comey are good friends and former colleagues who worked hand-in-hand for years at the FBI.  Agents will tell you they were joined at the hip.  They stood together in solidarity, both threatening to resign over the warrantless wiretapping fiasco involving then-Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2004.
Comey regards his predecessor as a mentor, while Mueller considers Comey his protégé.  When Comey was appointed to succeed Mueller as FBI Director, both men appeared together and were effusive in their praise of one another.  Their relationship is not merely a casual one.  It is precisely the kind of association which ethical rules are designed to guard against.     
The Investigation
Pursuant to his appointment, Mueller has been directed to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.”  But that’s not all.  He is empowered to investigate “any related matters”.  Those last three words are important because they allow the special counsel unfettered discretion to expand his probe in almost limitless directions.    
Mueller’s investigation of alleged campaign collusion with the Russians will inexorably involve President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who was fired after his controversial meeting with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S.  The FBI interviewed Flynn about his meeting and there have been questions raised about Flynn’s other Russian contacts. 
This is likely what prompted President Trump’s private meeting in February with then-FBI Director James Comey in which the president is alleged to have asked Comey to end the Flynn investigation.  The words reportedly used by Mr. Trump hardly constitute an attempt to obstruction of justice, but that has not stopped Democrats and the media from declaring it a crime. 
So it is clear where all of this is headed.  Mueller’s probe will morph into an investigation of the Trump-Comey meeting to determine whether the president tried to obstruct justice.  It will become a case of “he said…he said”.   Which man will the special counsel believe?  His good friend or the man who fired his good friend?  How can Mueller fairly and impartially assess Comey’s credibility versus Trump’s? 
There is also the fairness of the broader investigation to consider.  It is reasonable to assume Mueller was not pleased to see Comey canned.  Any animosity which the special counsel may bear could influence the course of his overall investigation into wrongdoing by President Trump and his associates.  He may be tempted to conjure criminality where none really exists. 
Even if Mueller takes pains to avoid partiality, how can anyone be assured he will succeed?  Even impeccably honest people can be subject to influence in ways they don’t even recognize themselves.  It is the human condition.  Which is precisely why there are legal and ethical rules which demand recusal based on prior relationships. 
If Robert Mueller truly embraces a fidelity to the law and all its attendant principles of ethics, then he should disqualify himself from serving as Special Counsel.
Anything less threatens to subvert the rule of law and the trust Americans must have in their system of justice.

I replied:

Accepting as accurate the reported history between Comey and Mueller, I agree, Mueller should have not been appointed and he should have declined the appointment, just as Barack Obama should not have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize while he was continuing George W. Bush’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (which Obama never ended), and if offered the Nobel, Obama should have declined.

The he said, she said, already had occurred to me.

This article dropped the ball, though, in this part:

This is likely what prompted President Trump’s private meeting in February with then-FBI Director James Comey in which the president is alleged to have asked Comey to end the Flynn investigation.  The words reportedly used by Mr. Trump hardly constitute an attempt to obstruction of justice, but that has not stopped Democrats and the media from declaring it a crime.

The article should have included what Trump said he said, and what Comey said Trump said. That the article does not do that leaves me thinking the author has a conflict of interest in favor of Trump.

My recollection of the rule for lawyers and judges is, the mere appearance of conflict of interest is sufficient to disqualify. I imagine that came about to avoid arguing and proving and defending factual allegations of conflict of interest. 

When I practiced law, I found lawyers in Birmingham had a really tough time, or were just bull-headed, admitting they or a member of their law firm had a conflict of interest. That happened in my own law firm once. The last thing this investigation, America and the world need is for a US appellate court having to determine if the entire investigation was tainted by apparent conflict of interest.

Me, I'm biased, because I am convinced Trump would just as soon tell a lie as tell the truth. Trump himself convinced me last year having nothing to do with these allegations. And, boy, did Trump love Comey last year, when Comey was handing the White House to Trump.

The best way I can come up with to deal with this personally is it's a bizarre Hollywood movie starring real live people playing themselves.

I have published many times, that right after 9/11, as I was leaving the KW post office, the angels told me, America should get out of the Middle East altogether and should stop all support of Israel, and let Israel and Islam work it out or fight it out, and in that way learn which of them is God's chosen people.
No crime, Comey works for Trump, about the only recourse Comey had was to resign... he never said a peep about it to anybody, until now with this last NYT leak... so much for his integrity; If you weren't so prejudiced towards Trump, you would see this as clearly as I do. One of the top legal minds of these country, Harvard Professor, Alan Dershowitz(not a Trump supporter) disagrees with your assertion that a crime was committed... go to minute 23.40 of the video, enjoy! 

I replied:

If Trump sent his people to Russia to get Russia's support for Trump, in exchange for Trump, if he got elected, getting the Maginsky Act abolished, Trump should be hanged even if it was not a crime :-). That's where I'm coming from. 

Saw Trump and his wife on TV this morning in Saudi Arabia with Saudi royalty. I doubt I will ever be persuaded Saudi Arabia didn’t have a hand in 9/11. Likewise, I doubt I ever will be persuaded America didn’t have a hand in it. I think Osama bin Laden out-foxed them all, though.

Vladimir Putin and his gang, and their American allies Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, would have gotten clean away, but for Bill Browder.
"If Trump sent his people to Russia to get Russia's support for Trump, in exchange for Trump, if he got elected, getting the Maginsky Act abolished, Trump should be hanged even if it was not a crime :-). That's where I'm coming from." 

Hanged for winning, that's so Unamerican! *:D big grin

 Are you serious? Do you know where you live? This country and its presidents have blood in their hands going all the way back to its inception. This is the way of the Homo Habilis, the way our World works, this is the nature of the beast... I thought you were a bit smarter! *>:) devil
 About the only recourse you have is to blow your head off... or keep on suckling! 

I replied:

Down here in tiny Key West, from yesterday’s every Friday online Key West the Newspaper (, Key West and the Florida Keys’ tame “Al Jazeera”:

19 Responses to “Immigrant Bicyclist Hit By Car and Handed Over to ICE on the Spot”

I watched the entire video and don’t like that the driver of the vehicle was not charged in this incident.
As far as the guy who entered this country illegally I have no problem with him being deported. We have an immigration policy and we need to enforce it. If we can choose which laws we want to enforce and those that we don’t, then why have laws?
I’m sure that there are plenty of good people who have entered our country illegally but that doesn’t change the fact that they broke the law. I respect that it does cause a hardship to their family but flagrantly ignoring the law is not the answer.
I’m willing to concede that the majority of those who entered our country illegally are good people but you can’t sneak into a movie theater and as long as you don’t cause a disruption watch the movie. It isn’t fair to the people who stood in line at the box office and paid their money to buy a ticket. I don’t care if they don’t cause a problem the fact that they are here illegally is the problem.
If you get pulled over for speeding a defense that you were not drunk driving shouldn’t prevent you from getting a speeding ticket.
It has been common to start with the premise that they are a good person which is wrong. Even if they are otherwise a good person, a lot of people want us to ignore the obvious, the term illegal means they committed a serious crime by entering our country illegally.
dickford cohn says:
Needless to say, I feel compelled to respond to this video/report…since I was a partial witness to the event upon which it was focused: I live a short block away and that “traffic island” is where I sell the Key West Citizen every morning. I was in the process of picking up my bundle when the incident occurred — I did NOT see it. However, a KWPD officer was working with traffic control at that intersection probably did — it occurred mere feet from his position. He dutifully responded promptly. The driver of the SUV also responded quickly…stopping and then parking her vehicle.
Everybody was concerned for the immediate welfare of the victim…including one of the owners of the café who did witness the incident: They were all at his side. Soon, an MCSO sergeant arrived and took control of the situation. The victim repeatedly waved off medical attention…and refused to identify himself. A lady, fluent in Spanish, soon appeared and offered to call anyone for him. As I recall, she even offered her cell phone to him. He did not cooperate. Then, another MCSO road deputy arrived and it was decided to call the rescue squad…to address his complaints.
I wasn’t there beyond that point, so I can’t comment on subsequent events. That said, I must say that the requests to identify the victim made by law enforcement were “by the book”…professional and expected: The victim, while in my sight, appeared to remain uncommunicative/uncooperative.
While I am not privy as to how he wound up in ICE custody — I suspect that he had a great deal to do with that outcome. Oh…it’s common knowledge that a Border Patrol officer is routinely called — merely to help resolve the “language barrier” issue.
Blue Paper Editor says:
Never heard of this “common knowledge” and it doesn’t sound very plausible considering logistics and economics: “Oh…it’s common knowledge that a Border Patrol officer is routinely called — merely to help resolve the “language barrier” issue”
FYI: The other officer you hear on police body cam video [who tells Lariz that Hernandez wants an ambulance and that Hernandez said he’d been telling Lariz but Lariz didn’t understand] speaks fluent Spanish.
dickford cohn says:
Well, my dear editor…you do need to get out more: I have seen many incidents in which a Spanish-speaking officer is summoned to address the “language barrier issue”.
I know little about the multi-lingual capabilities of individual officers and am forced to rely upon their decision-making.
I’m guessing that some of the apparent “confusion” in this particular incident stems from the fact that three agencies arguably have jurisdiction here: Perhaps the responding FHP officer was the person who summoned the Border Patrol officer?
As I plainly stated, I wasn’t there for the whole affair: It wasn’t my place to investigate the whole thing. I’m only responding here to offer my observations: While I was there, the victim (and he was the victim) clearly refused medical attention.
It should be noted that there is an electronic crosswalk signal at this intersection. While I did NOT see the actually “crash”…I can verify that that signal was set against the victim: The McDonald Ave. traffic signal was green: I was prevented from crossing the street due to this fact.
I reiterate…I did NOT stick around to see the conclusion of this incident. I did speak briefly with the driver involved. She certainly appeared to be shaken. But, I didn’t see much beyond that.
Blue Paper Editor says:
No I get out enough. What I said, Dear Dickford, was that in fact a Spanish speaking officer did show up. He was a MCSO deputy – we hear him on the video. I do not believe that your statement about it being common practice for our local law enforcement to call CBP or ICE in to be MCSO translators is accurate. There is no electronic crosswalk signal where Mr. Hernandez was crossing. That is not an accurate statement either. It is a clearly marked crosswalk – seen in the video – that has two very large signs depicting that it is a pedestrian crossing. Bicycles in marked crosswalks are considered pedestrians by law. The traffic signal you speak of is across the street and has nothing to do with this accident. We do not know who called ICE. The Sheriff does not have a policy in place requiring his deputies to report when they do so.
Great Job Deputy Lariz!! Law enforcement does not mean enforcing the laws we like! And ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL.
desertcogo says:
What is going to happen when there are not enough workers to fill all of the service jobs on this island? There are employers who hire undocumented workers because they can pay them far less. They take advantage of them because they know these workers won’t make waves for fear of being deported. I’d also like ask the Sheriff’s Department why this man was cited with “obstructing traffic” when he was hit in a crosswalk and the guilty woman got off without being cited?
They will have to pay we citizens a livable wage that what will happen.That is what Bernie Sanders has been advocating for right ???
The rent a slave( illegal aliens cheap) is ending thanks to Trump. The Florida Marine patrol has been arresting illegal aliens prior to Trump. There was never any question if the FMP had a duty to arrest illegal aliens, why is it a concern when our sheriffs enforce our laws ??
This illegal alien just cost us about $ 2000.00 in emergency room medical cost
Dr Geno says:
Perhaps, when these Illegal invaders have been taken care of according to the law and the people who hire them are punished as The Law prescribed maybe the Welfare cadre diagnosised as Termonal Laziness be put to something useful ???
keysbum says:
am I the only one who thinks that cop needs to attend charm school? his people skills are seriously flawed. and for all you law and order commenters…. why the silence on the “white privilege”?
They are taught in the academy that the friendly officer is ten more times likely to be killed or assaulted by the public.
They are also ten times more likely to be attacked when doing a motor vehicle stop. These are true stats and are why LEO’s act and respond in such manners.
dickford cohn says:
Ahem! Where do you get this “white privilege” crap from?
And…as for “people skills”? How would you suggest that these officers respond?
While the victim was offered assistance to stand, officers are trained to avoid physical contact with the victim UNLESS they are trained and equipped as medical responders…for obvious reasons.
Blue Paper Editor says:
I do believe that officers are trained in standard first aid. One should never ask a person who has suffered a trauma such as being hit by a car to move. He should not have been asked to stand up or helped to stand up. He should have been put on a stretcher – which the ambulance crew eventually did because he was unable to get into the ambulance. I have this from trained medical personnel practicing for over 25 years.
desertcogo says:
I keep hearing the same line “if they are here illegally they should be deported”. Can any of you answer this question, “why do they choose to come here illegally”? The answer is because there are employers willing to hire them. If there were no jobs here, word would get around and they would stop coming. When was the last time you heard of a business owner being held accountable for hiring them? It all comes down to money. Most employers will hire undocumented workers if it will save them a buck. The fact that really bothers me is the guy on the bicycle gets cited while the “guilty” woman in the truck drives away without so much as a ticket. So the undocumented guy has to pay off a ticket he should not have gotten on his way out of the country. The lesson here is if you’re involved in any kind of traffic accident that is your fault just hope the other person involved is here illegally so you can avoid charges.
I attended that city commission meeting and heard citizen speaker after citizen speaker, one human family came up a lot to justify the resolution being passed.
The city has been trying to drive homeless people away for a long time.
The city gives homeless people one-way bus tickets not to ever come back.
An independent survey of Bahama Village and other city blacks would not result in a strong showing for them feeling they are part of any city one human family.
If the lady ran over the bicyclist, even if he was a felon fugitive from justice, she should have been cited.
Mayor Cates’ daughter ran over and killed a homeless man on North Roosevelt Blvd, and was cited for traffic violation, shortly after Cates was elected the first time in 2009. Then when the man’s family asked only that the burial expenses be paid, the insurance family and the Cates’ family declined. The family filed a lawsuit for the funeral expenses.
However, it was spun and promoted, it looked to me that Commissioner Jimmy Weekley’s “sanctuary city” resolution really was about money. For, in fact, without non-Americans in Key West – East Europeans, Hispanics from south of the American borders, Key West’s economy would tank, because most of the “infrastructure” (dirt cheap) workers would be gone.
I suppose also in play is the ascending religious right in the national government: Vice President Pence, Speaker of the House Ryan, Senator Cruz. God help America if they ever can call the shots. As if Trump is not terrifying. And, gosh, he just loves young East European women, don’t he?
Well, back to the fellow ICE got. I feel for him and any family he has in America, or south of the border depending on money he was sending them. I get invitations all the time to leave Key West and the Florida Keys. Not friendly invitations. I piss off a lot of people with what I publish. I wonder if the ICE captive ever pissed off anyone? Maybe he was so happy to be in Key West he was a model citizen.
Alas, he was here illegally. He knew he was here illegally. He apparently did not understand the officers, and an officer is blamed because he does not speak Spanish? Many Hispanic people in Key West do not speak much English. Some of them were born in Key West. They still do not speak English. That bugs me.
I suppose the ICE captive should be grateful he was not seriously injured. A broken leg. Fractured spine. Cracked skull. Paralyzed.
Why was the motorist who struck him not prosecuted? That most bugs me about this report.
Dr. Larry Murray says:
You knew it was going to happen and it will happen again, and again, and again. ICE will always grab the low-hanging fruit, the easy pickings. They are not going to go after the gangs in Miami, LA and elsewhere–too hard, too dangerous. Just another Trump promise twisted in its application.
John Donnelly says:
Naja & Arnaud,
An invaluable video with evidentiary importance.
Nothing happens in a vacuum. A snippet of video does not tell “the rest of the story”. Anyone who would welcome having their every action and word recorded, as they work and engage in their occupations, with difficult people in uncertain settings, every moment that they are on duty; please raise your hand.
As a Combat Marine, Teacher of Disadvantaged Students, Counselor, Mentor, Father and Family Member; I’m eternally grateful that I did not have a video camera affixed to my person, recording every conversation and action I had ever participated in.
That being said, I did not like the verbal exchanges and the manner in which one of the responding officers interacted with the wounded and injured human being, who had been knocked to the ground.
This man was struck, unaware and unprotected, by a 7,000 lb. SUV. I didn’t view any sense of urgency or effort made to provide comfort to this disabled man, by the responding officers in the video.
This individual was delivered a blow by a 3+ Ton vehicle, while crossing the street in a “Crosswalk” (As stated by the driver of the SUV in the Video).
Evident to me was the fact that this injured person required immediate medical attention. As identified by the driver, this man appeared innocent of any crime and was defenseless, when said 7,000 lb. vehicle collided with him.
If you’re not trained or skilled to render first aide, or you simply don’t want to help this human being; secure the area and quickly get medical responders to the scene of the accident (crime). Harshly interrogating an individual under the circumstances identified in the video; appears to me to be inappropriate, distasteful and indecent.
I did not like what I saw. It presents the Law-Enforcement Community in a bad light. Too many brave “Officers of the Law” have been killed and injured, while courageously sacrificing their lives for injured, disabled and innocent human beings. “The Behavior” I viewed in this video did not accurately reflect the gallant and selfless nature of law-enforcement. To me, it denigrates and tarnishes their valiant service.
It appears to me, the only person in the video who may have warranted being arrested, is the driver of the vehicle. Certainly, the victim of that crime (accident), is not the individual to be arrested.
Key West City Commissioners for the most part are spineless blow hearts, filled with a lot of hot air. That’s what the majority of people want in Key West. You voted for them. You put them in positions of power. Congratulations…
By the way, 2 days ago the Key West Commission declared themselves a “sanctuary city”. How bold and courageous of them. Tell me how their decision and vote positively impacted the life of this injured victim on the verge of being imprisoned and deported?
More baloney and disingenuous nonsense spewed from a City, which recently paid out $900,000 to cover their part in Killing an innocent, defenseless, surrendering and disabled old man.
United States Marines withstanding heavy losses during ferocious combat, rounded up their prisoners after Battle and administered first aide and tended to the wounds of their enemy, with a higher degree of sensitivity and professionalism, then what I witnessed in the aforementioned video.
Leadership, integrity and commitment to a code of conduct; must forever take precedence under all circumstances; or you’re left with an armed group, which can rapidly turn into a rogue pack of Killers and Murderers. Able to rationalize and make up the rules as they go along.
Rather than grandstanding before a camera, Key West City Commissioners might actually consider serving their citizens and communities. They could do some work on behalf of the People and iron out the details and specifics, as they relate to the arrest and deportation of their citizens.
Why has the Commission allowed the people who work in their city to be savagely abused; when “Federal Law”, as articulated by Homeland Security, forbids such barbarous action?
Dr Geno says:
Well said John, governments are a necessary evil. Unfortunately it’s not the government that create the problems, its the people in the government that create problems. The People have the power to do something about changing this situation, however, instead The People choose to sit on their hands with the—“let someone else” take care of it, I’m toooooooooooo busy with my social networking and other self made calamities. There’s so many illustrations right here in Monroe County of how the electorate sits on their asses while the BOCC lies, cheats, steals, misappropriates Tax monies for their own nefarious purposes, while the electorate continues to re-elect these liars, cheats and thieves over, and over and over. “Stupid is as Stupid does”. Is there any hope??? Not likely.
desertcogo says:
I will not let this go. Citing the bicyclist for “obstructing traffic” when he was doing nothing wrong is wrong and I will be following up on this. The woman in the big truck could have killed him and she does not get cited? If any one of the people here crying “deport him” had been on that bicycle I’m sure none of you would be defending what Officer Lariz did.

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