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Happy Mother's Day from Key Way West of Weird, when it is all finished, you will see it was never random

Many times when I was a boy, my mother told me, depending on her mood about me in that moment:

"Only a mother could love it!"

"You have great sidewalk manners, but ... "

"You have such pretty legs, you should have been a girl!"

"I am a terrible mother!"

"My claim to fame as a mother is I had you potty trained before you were a year old."

One time, when we were in a running argument about whether I had done something, my exasperated mother finally said, "I have the memory of a camel. I never forget!" I said, "Camels go for a long time without water. Elephants never forget." She retold that quite a few times.
The other day, a homeless man nearby went off on a loud tear about why Mother's Day had been created?!?! Yet another holiday!!! He rattled off other holidays, including Father's Day. What's the point?!?! He would not shut up. 

Finally, I said, maybe a person who loved his mother came up with Mother's Day. 

That stopped him.

He said he loved his mother.

Then, he went off on the loud tear again. 

I said, I have other things to worry over. Such as ... the President of the United States just fired the FBI Director, who was investigating the President and his friends’ dealings with the Russians. 

The fellow said he knows nothing about that, he doesn't follow the news. He went back on his loud tear. 

I figured he might have serious issues with his mother.

That caused me to wonder why I didn't recall ever hearing anything about Donald Trump's mother. Is that significant? Did Trump even have a mother? Is Trump hiding something? Or hiding from something?
Perhaps, yet what I found online overall spoke very well for Trump's impoverished immigrant mother, and for Trump's sister, who is a respected federal judge, believe it or not.

Here's a teaser for a comprehensive a DAILY MAIL (British) article I found by googling "Donald Trump's mother", who today might be one of the domestic immigrants Trump decries entering, or staying, in the US - well, Trump married three immigrants.

Donald Trump's mother WAS an immigrant chasing the American dream

Documents reveal penniless Scot purposely traveled to America for better life rather than overstaying vacation as the tycoon claims 

·       Donald Trump's mother Mary Anne née Macleod did not travel to America 'on holiday' as he has often said
·       Immigration documents reveal she intended to emigrate permanently to the USA
·       Left abject poverty in desolate Scottish Isle of Lewis seeking a better life 
·       Arrived in New York in 1930 with $50 to her name with the intention of working as a domestic 
·       Married Trump's father Fred, already a successful businessman, in 1936

I wonder how Trump's deceased mother and his federal judge sister feel about Trump firing the FBI Director for investigating Trump and his cronies' relations with Russia?


I wonder how Trump's mother and his federal judge sister feel about Trump's relationship with the free press?

Syndicated article in today's Key West Citizen:

President Donald Trump threatened to shut down daily press briefings Friday as he sought to defend his White House from criticism of its shifting explanations and misstatements about the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Trump’s statements, through a tweet and later television interview, threaten a Washington institution that is the most high-profile forum for journalists to question the government about policy and the news of the day. In the Trump era, it has become a cable TV hit and cultural touchstone. Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who was back behind the podium Friday after Sarah Huckabee Sanders subbed for him for two days, has been the subject of memorable lampoons by comic Melissa McCarthy on “Saturday Night Live.” Spicer was back to answering questions Friday about Comey’s firing. The White House first said this week that Trump made the move because of a negative memo about Comey from the Justice Department, only to have the president later say he made the decision before seeing the memo. Conflicting stories were the topic of much media discussion. That led Trump to tweet Friday morning, “As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy.” He added, “Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future ‘press briefings’ and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???” In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Jeannine Pirro set to air Saturday, Trump suggested eliminating the daily briefings and instead having one every two weeks — conducted by him. “First of all, you have a level of hostility that’s incredible and it’s very unfair,” he said. He said Spicer is a nice man “but he gets beat up.” Trump would not directly answer questions about whether Spicer, who was out two days because of Naval Reserve duty.
If I wuz President of the United States of America, I would never let someone else speak for me to the news media. I would do it myself. Every day. 
Also, I would have a blog where I speak daily to the American people, and to the world, so it would come straight from me, and not just through the news media. 
I personally have had many experiences with Key West and Florida Keys journalists and editors twisting, spinning and not even reporting what I actually told them, and reporting what other people said I said or wrote, but not what I actually said or wrote.
In her lawsuit against me, which Circuit Judge Bonnie Helms recently struck in its entirely as vexatious, having no apparent merit and burdensome on the court, Judith Haney repeatedly twisted in her pleadings what I had published about her, including I had published I intended to kill her. Haney cannot show any judge, nor any law enforcement officer, anything I wrote in which I threatened to kill her. 
I imagine anyone with half a brain could see in Haney's lawsuit pleadings and recent emails to me, that she wants me dead.
I imagine if I end up dead not by natural causes, Haney will be the prime suspect. And there will be suspected accomplices. 
In yesterday's post at this website I reported on a childhood friend who got onto me  about continuing to write about Judith Haney, and what I emailed back to him.

His reply:

You know what, Bash, I really enjoyed reading that piece today, primarily because it was not a redundant regurging of all that legal stuff you have been sticking in your posts for the past several months, and instead, retold, for the most part, the pretty interesting narrative of what all was going on in the Bashinsky clan during that time some years ago when Major went missing.  Further, I am a moderate, always voting for whom I feel to be most qualified to accomplish the tasks at hand.  I did not vote for Donald Trump, never would, never will.  I find some of his early policies fairly easy to agree with, but as a messenger, he sucks.  Perhaps we will chat next week sometime and I will relate to you a conversation I had with a close friend who is a retired FBI Special Agent with impressive credentials while at the Bureau about his insider's perspective of some of the events of the past week.  Have a nice weekend. 

I replied:

Thanks. Am up to the gills writing about the lawsuit stuff. 

Was glad to get a somewhat different angle for today. Would love to hear, anonymous, what your FBI friend had to say. The Republican Party has its work cut out for it, having 'adopted' Trump as its polestar. Might be Trump will end up wishing he never heard of the FBI, if Comey truly was popular as its Director. Sure looks to me Trump tried to killed the messenger. Shameful. I'm hearing this compared to Watergate. But given the Russian connection, it might be a bit bigger than Watergate. 


Childhood friend replied:

We will talk next week.  Looking forward to it. 

I replied:

An insane, egotistical notion came to me yesterday. I should tell the FBI agents allegedly investigating me, as reported in my post yesterday, that they might wish to tell the new FBI Director after he is installed that they have finally located Agent Mulder hiding out in Key West, and he offered to use his extra sensory abilities (he said nothing about angels, God, demons) to help you seine the bull shit from the real shit in investigations of national and international interest. In return, he said, he only wants to be paid what the average FBI field agent is paid.

Ha, ha, ha

Dreams last night left me thinking there is a loose end, or two, left over from what I published yesterday about by brother Major's suicide made to look like murder.
Back in 2010, I published having had a dream in which a lawyer friend of mine in Birmingham and his wife (they once lived across street from me and my family on West Montcrest Drive) came to me and showed me Scout Carr. I took that to mean Scout might be who was threatening to out Major about being bisexual. 

Judith Haney had emailed me about Scout having dated Major, before Haney dated him, and one day Scout gave Haney hell about having dated Major. Haney told me Scout seemed mentally deranged

I did not know Scout well. I knew a number of her friends much better. She was different. I figured back then she might have had a jealous streak and she went off on Haney. 

Today, I have to wonder if that was another story Haney did not tell all of? 

For I have come, thanks to Haney herself, to view her like the little sheepherd boy who kept crying wolf, to the point that when the wolf finally did come, the townspeople did not respond.

Today, I have to wonder if Haney told me that about Scout to divert me away from Haney?

Haney got deeply involved in emailing me after Major went missing in early 2010. I published at my websites what Haney was telling me back then.

On March 31 of this year, before Circuit Judge Bonnie J. Helms in Key West, Haney testified under oath that she told me in 2010 that she had dated Major briefly and they had spent a weekend together in a Panama City motel. Haney denied telling me back in 2010 that Major had a defective penis.

Haney indeed told me back in 2010 that Major had a defective penis, which prevented him from being able to make love to her. See yesterday's post for the full report.

I reported in yesterday's post that back in 2010 Haney was in the Roger Shuler camp and on Shuler was trying to pin Major's death on me, Chip Hazelrig, and others. Shuler beat that drum a long time.

Shuler later fantasized/published my step sister Suzanne's later death from cancer was suspicious. And my 1st cousin Bubba Major's even later suicide with suicide note and pistol beside his body was suspicious. And the even later brain cancer death of Major's first wife Gail was suspicious. 

That's the investigative blogger Haney followed, she testified on March 31. Not so much me, she testified on March 31.

Haney had dropped this on me circa 2009:

Every time I read something you have written it sounds like sour grapes, i.e., bitterness.
When I think of all you accomplished in your life, i.e., children, education; and all that you have been born to, i.e., a good family and financial security, I think you are one of the most ungrateful, bitter, people I have ever run into.
What are you doing to alleviate the homeless problem in Key West, etc?
Instead of always complaining and whining, why don’t you use what’s left of your life to change the world for the better.
I can’t see any redeeming qualities in your bitter diatrites.
Get honest and stop playing games that people have to spend time trying to figure out. You are similar to a maze with no way to get or out. In order to see what’s inside you have to stand on top of it and look down.
Judith Haney

She dropped that on me on's Coconut Telegraph.

During my cross examination of Haney on March 31, I asked her if she had sent me a Facebook message in February 2016, saying I was one of the best writers she’d ever read?

No, Haney said, under oath.

I was looking at my copy of this 2016 private Facebook message in a Word file on my laptop:
  • Conversation started February 22
  • 2/22, 6:42am

    Judith Haney

    Hi Sloan, I just read your Major redoubt and was glad to know that more of the pieces of the puzzle are finally set in place. Major’s death was a huge loss to so many people. Although I only knew him briefly via tennis, I really felt so sad to learn of his death. I hope you are doing well. I also enjoy your ramblings. You are one of the best writer’s I have ever read. Take good care.

“Major redoubt” was the title of a comprehensive retrospective article I wrote about Major's case circa 2013, as I recall the date.

After the Haney's December 2016 mission to save Sloan bloom left, this showed up on's Coconut Telegraph:

[Sloan’s Christmas Vacation] Sloan leaves for Birmingham screws up every hobos dream free rent spending money and a car to drive. His benefactor say not to spend her money on that crazy drunk that shoots and waves guns and he takes her to Outback gives her a 100 bucks, brags about being a kept man. Then he is surprised when his benefactor is pissed and tosses him out of her apt? And the worst part is he was in his home town and even his own family would not take him in for Christmas, no less. He claims to be working for the people of Key West. Well news flash, Court Jester, your services are neither needed nor wanted here. The university of Alabama sure does not teach you much if you cannot find a homeless shelter in your own hometown. One can only hope KWPD gets as tired of his crap as the rest of us and locks him away till he expires. His expiration date is long overdue! Maybe his wife, as he lies and says Kari is, will have enough of him ruining what’s left of her life and take care of him. She does have practice beating boyfriends after all.

I thought that was Mike Tolbert using legal schnauzer’s email address, because it read like stuff Mike Tolbert had been writing online about me, and it said: “Your services are neither wanted nor wanted here.” Tolbert is here, Key West. Schnauzer is there, Birmingham. 

I covered Tolbert in yesterday’s post. He, Haney, Shuler – the anti-Sloan gang of three.

As for what was on the Coconut Telegraph:

My family did not know I was in Birmingham in December last year.

Haney had given me $1,000 without any restrictions:

12/11, 12:26pm

Judith Haney

This is a gift, not a loan. Let me know how you want me to send it. Paypal takes too long. Walmart allows instant cash up to $900.

I can send $1000.00 right now to you via Walmart. Can you get to a Walmart?

Haney had induced me to come to Birmingham at her expense:

12/12, 6:54am

Judith Haney

If you come here you can leave at any time. There are no strings attached whatsoever. No financial strings, relationship strings, etc. It is a way to improve your health.

Don’t worry about having the right clothes, etc. That can be taken care of very easily with one shopping trip.

I know you have strong attachments there and you will maintain those no matter where you are. Remember this is not forever, it is just for a short time to regain your strength.

I know you have mixed feeling about being in Birmingham. However, you might be surprised and enjoy yourself. The five points [S]outh/UAB area is full of neat places and people.

Instead of finding me an apartment or efficiency where she had told me she would, Haney prepaid the rent for 7 months on an apartment with a nice view of the public golf course pond where Major’s body was found in 2010.

I concluded in yesterday's post that the only thing that made sense to me was, Haney, in league with Roger Shuler and Mike Tolbert, brought me to Birmingham hoping to pin Major's death on me. 

As the publisher of's Coconut Telegraph once told his readers, "Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you."

Haney sued him for publishing what someone submitted to the Coconut Telegraph, blasting Haney for how she had treated me in Birmingham and then for sung me.

It’s a hell of a thing to think when you are dealing with those three (Judith Haney, Mike Tolbert, Roger Shuler), the chances of them telling the truth, or telling something else, are 50/50, which adds to 100 percent. But then, I think the same thing about Donald Trump.

Since I think Judith Haney and Donald Trump are a lot alike, and since this is Mother's Day, I have to wonder about Haney’s mother? 

Do I believe what Haney wrote on her website?

“While in the Company of Women” excerpts:

The women who raised me taught me to be kind, gracious, polite, generous, pretty, charming, to sing, to display good manners and speak with precise diction. They taught me how to cook, keep house, sew and wear pretty clothes, and to accept and be accepted by others. These were important skills that would enhance my success later on as a wife and homemaker.
Thank you to ALL of the women who raised me  - my Mother, Addie Mae Jordan Haney, Mary Ann Haney,  Cloy Thompson Blackburn, and Eleanor Saunders Newby. I miss you. You are always with me wherever I go.
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Do I believe what Haney’s 4th husband Robert Fureigh told me Haney told him?

That when Haney was a young girl, her mother left home one day and never came back, and Haney ended up being raised by an aunt because of social pressure? 

I suppose I could toss a coin. 

But why do that, when I have seen Haney twist and spin more times than I will ever remember, and when I have yet to think Robert Fureigh twisted and spun anything he told me about Haney.

Fureigh’s report fits better for me, given what all I have observed and personally experienced with Haney.

Private Facebook chat from Fureigh to me:

JAN 6TH, 6:31AM
Sloan, I ran across your recent saga involving Judith Haney. I'm almost embarrassed to mention it, but I married her in 1987 (soon after we first met) and filed for divorce in '92. The litigation ran on for 7.5 years. I hope you are soon able to get her out of your life. Robert Fureigh North Little Rock, Arkansas (501) XXX-XXXX (cell)

You accepted Robert's request.

It was around 2002-03 that she had a comprehensive website that focused entirely on me -- offering $1 million" ... for information leading to the arrest and conviction of sadistic criminal, Robert Fureigh"

I had to jump through many hoops to get her website -- offering the reward -- removed.

JAN 7TH, 12:45AM
...Her style is to batter her opponents with court filings -- usually causing them to waste money on attorney fees, while she remains pro se. She takes pleasure in witnessing her adversary spending money and time fighting her frivolous actions. Sadly, that is the way of vexatious litigants, and the courts don't seem to have an answer -- especially when they are acting pro se. 

In 1988, her psychiatrist (psychologist?) told me Judy has a severe persecution complex. Obviously, her mental has not improved.
In 1988, her psychiatrist (psychologist?) told me Judy has a severe persecution complex. Obviously, her mental health has not improved.
, and I forgot the names you gave the other 2
FEB 10TH, 1:35AM
Yes, early in our marriage, her shrink told me her two most serious disorders were (a) multiple personality disorder, and (b) a severe persecution complex. At the time, he believed she had three or more personalities. As time passed, I witnessed four or more. The one I married was Judy; the other three were Phyllis, Barbara and Suzanne. (I gave them their names.) In May, 1992, I filed for divorce. That action and related litigation lasted 7.5 years. In the middle of this (perhaps 1995 or 1996), Judy showed up in Little Rock -- as a journalist, covering the Whitewater trial. She went by a name other than Judith Haney or Judith Fureigh. I can't remember what it was. Regardless, neither Judy, Phyllis, Barbara nor Suzanne ever had any training or ambition in journalism. This caused me to amend my perception ... that Judy was one of five or more personalities.

Fureigh’s report also fits better with U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Mary D. Scott’s opinion of Haney:

Bankruptcy No. 98-41169 S. Adversary No. 98-4059.

238 B.R. 432 (1999)
In re Judith Eloise HANEY. Robert Fureigh, Plaintiff, v. Judith Eloise Haney, Defendant.
United States Bankruptcy Court, E.D. Arkansas, Western Division.
August 25, 1999.

MARY D. SCOTT, Bankruptcy Judge.


"The debtor testified that she has mental health problems. The Court file in the case, this adversary proceeding, and the conduct of this trial, reveal the credibility of this statement. She testified that she needs therapy and that she has been urged by various doctors to seek such assistance. While she previously had customers, she testified that she had effectively "driven" them away. She even believes that she may have suffered some sort of brain damage a decade ago. While the debtor introduced no supporting documentation or other evidence of her disabilities, the Court can readily believe she has been repeatedly urged to seek professional mental care."

Just my fool's opinion:

Something killed Haney's feminine, which, in all human beings, is an emanation of the female side of God, Shekinah in Judaism. The Holy spirit in Christendom, although Christendom views the Trinity as all male.

Something also killed Donald Trump's feminine.

Here's the cure.
To further remind me of the proper perspective in my wacky life, Florida Keys amigo Todd German emailed yesterday:

Made me think of you.
That's sums up pretty well how the angels taught me to approach life.

Todd looks something like Major (to me).

And, Todd seems like a younger brother (to me).

In 2003, I met Todd at a mayor's race candidate forum in Key West. Since thien, whenever I dream of Todd, or of Major, I have to determine if it is Todd, or Major, and then figure out what the dream message actually is.

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