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good old-fashioned American hoodoo magic and pitchforking

A mainland amiga told me about an American folk spell (aka hoodoo) the other day:

You could go Folksy on her, write her name on a piece of paper... better yet if you have a print out of a document she's placed her signature on.... place it (with or without that outdated pic) in a baggie or jar of water, and place it in the freezer.  Since you don't have a freezer perhaps you have a folksy friend who would allow you to use their's.   According to Ozark and (I think) Pennsylvania Dutch, and Appalachian folk magic.... it stops (freezes) someone from further action against you.  Doesn't harm them physically.  Just freezes the action.

Kidding, I think..... the angels might not like it.... but then again, perhaps the angels will take care of this themselves.


I told amiga to sleep on it, and she reported a dream, in which she was told there is more room in her freezer, so she asked me for something in Judith Haney’s handwriting and I emailed a PDF containing one of Haney’s signed pleadings in her lawsuit against me.

Amiga then sent:

Attached is a photo of the jars in the freezer.  The quart jar contains the 8 page document with her signature on it and the pint jar contains that last verbal threat.... note all the "sweet junk food" placed around those jars.  Will find copies of what was put on ice and email separately. 


Then, amiga reported dreaming of Haney going to one lawyer after another and they ushered her out the door.

Amiga emailed yesterday:

Ya know.... perhaps this (below) should go on ice as well... what d'ya think?

"Mr. Bashinsky, you need to fully comprehend this fact: As long as I live - for however many days I have left on this Earth - no matter how much it costs and no matter how long it takes - I will pursue my claims against you to ensure that you are held fully accountable in appropriate courts of jurisdiction for your unlawful acts that you are committing against me on a daily basis. I will NEVER settle my claims against you because I want a full vetting of your criminaml acts to be established for the record."

I replied this morning:

Yes, I thought you already had put it into the freezer.

Here's a link to a pretty good review of RED NOTICE. Which explains how the sanctions were applied to the Russian Oligarchs. I don't see anything yet in the book tying that into Trump and his buddies going to Russia, as it perhaps was not known by the author when he wrote his expose of Putin and the Oligarchs. In fact, the RED NOTICE was published in 2015, before Trump ran for president in 2016. 


...there is no doubt that Browder has succeeded in annoying Putin in a way that few have. In the wake of Magnitsky’s murder, he began a campaign to bring his killers to justice. Since they occupied high positions in Russia’s interior ministry and FSB spy agency there was little prospect of this happening. Instead, Browder took advantage of an obscure law passed by president George W Bush in 2004, which allows the US to impose visa sanctions on corrupt foreign officials.
Browder took his campaign to Washington, where the state department gave him short shrift. The Obama administration had “reset” relations with Russia and didn’t want to rock the boat. Indefatigable, bloody-minded, a sort of virtuous pain-in-the-arse Ancient Mariner, Browder continued to lobby senators, journalists and anybody who would listen to him. Against the odds, Congress passed a landmark Magnitsky law in 2012, blocking 18 officials from entering the US. Most importantly, the law denied them access to US banking.

Inadvertently, Browder had found Putin and co’s Achilles heel, and a model that might be used against other mid-ranking human rights abusers. In Soviet times, the politburo lived quite a bit better than the average Soviet citizen. It had special shops and holidays on the Black Sea. In Putin’s Russia, however, the difference was vast: top bureaucrats were worth millions and enjoyed international lifestyles. They owned property in London and Florida. They sent their kids to British private schools. What was the point of stealing all that money if you could only spend it in Sochi, with its scruffy, pebbly beach?

I can easily imagine Trump sent his buddies to Russia to try to cut a deal: you help Trump become president, Trump lifts the sanctions against the Russian oligarchs.

When I once wrote that the lady suing me reminded me a lot of Trump and I'd like to stick a pitchfork through her into him until death do they part, of course that's metaphor, but it won't surprise me if she files a pleading in her lawsuit against me claiming to killed her with a pitchfork, I thought the metaphor was obvious - what is known to use a pitchfork?

Only one guess allowed.
Yeah, it is just too simple to say Trump is possessed by the Devil. That explains him too neat, too clean. Even so, that's my view and I'm sticking to it, and people who want to keep trying to explain him in other ways are welcome to keep doing that.

I have the same view of Hillary, as you know. She is a different presentation of the same too neat, too clean, explanation.

Maybe someone needs to stick me with a pitchfork to see if I'm done.

I also emailed amiga this morning:

Here's an old photo of Judith Haney for the freezer.

Perhaps you can lift a photo off her selfie You Tube.

Maybe she will file a motion to enjoin unknown friend of Sloan Bashinsky and Sloan from casting hoodoo spells on her. Maybe she will report it to FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully. Maybe she will call her travel agent. 
Amiga wrote:

Hey, thanks!  This book sounds interesting.... and would might also make an excellent movie.  Reading of dead people being placed on trial and convicted caused me to think of Haney.  That would be her style, don't you think.... if she could convince U.S. courts to allow it!?!

I put the old photo on ice along with the 8 page diatribe she signed.  AND I just checked, and that other threat was included in the small jar along with the last email in which she stated she was going after you in Alabama, Florida and in Federal Court.

I replied:

You up do doing some hoodoo on Donald Trump😊. See what your DREAM MAKER sez.  

Recent Haney/Comey/Trump jabber with the indefatigable Sancho Panza living in a safe house somewhere in NY City – some of this was reported already, much of it is new:
Sancho wrote:

Don't you see that she's setting you up for another lawsuit?   She's like the TERMINATOR and you are sooooo predictable... she's playing you again!

A shape-shifting Terminator II is coming your way....

I replied:

I think she was going to sue me no matter what, and try to get me arrested and prosecuted.

Might be she wanted me to take it down so she show law enforcement or a court what she wanted them to see and I didn't have the originals any more.

Hard to know what she is thinking until it is seen

More on this tomorrow

Sancho wrote:

I meant that you could have just ignored her recent email communications and not publish them!  Why do exactly what she expects you to do? Whatever her game, you're playing alone.

I replied:

If, in fact, and I have every reason to believe she is trying to get Alabama, Florida and Federal law enforcement on me, same if she is trying to get a lawyer to take her case, I felt it was a good idea to give them something to look at beside what she was telling them. If they wanted something to look at. I also wanted something for a judge to look at: her emails and my responses. 

That email account was shut down yesterday evening by Microsoft, for one of several policy violations. Young Prophet called me yesterday afternoon and told me he'd dreamt I was walking on the road in front of the courthouse down here and I saw a bomb and watched it blow up and I turned and walked away, and after a few steps, I was grinning. 

If Haney got to Microsoft, that could be the bomb going off. There was a lot of important emails in that account, not having to do with Haney. And it contained all of her email correspondence with me. Getting a person at Microsoft to speak with you is not easy. Will see how that goes ...

Sancho wrote:

Not  logical, erasure of records works both ways ...  she is just trying to hurt you in anyway she can and she knows how....
the more you fight back, the more she feels validated and empowered... like I said, you're playing her game.  This is a dangerous time for you, your shields are being dismantled by someone with diabolical cunning and a prideful will to get her pound of flesh... the feminine side is not all nurturing and sensitivity... you're indeed a fool if you still think so! 

I replied:

I received a notice from MicroSoft saying the suspension of my other email account was lifted by MicroSoft. I wrote back asking why the suspension happened, and was it something I did? Have not heard back.

I think I recall reading of appellate court decisions saying copies of online writings are not reliable evidence because they are so easy to alter and the BEST evidence is the original email, for example. Unless, the party objecting to a copy destroyed the original. 

Another legal doctrine is the original writing is the best evidence, and it has to be produced, or a darn good reason provided for it not being produced. Haney had Blue Host take down my 3 old websites. She had Blue Host take down that evidence. So, can she now claim her copies of that evidence is admissible?

Another legal doctrine says: if a party in a court action alters or destroys evidence, then every adverse inference against that party may be made by the trier of fact (judge or jury).

So, yes, getting my email account suspended or shut down would be kinda whipsawish.

As for the feminine ...

My last three posts were about 95 percent feminine, not unlike a skunk stinks awful to make its predators vamoose. 

It looks to me that the plaintiff's feminine is not operating, if it even still is in her. 

It looks to me that what's really in charge of her you do not admit exists. I have been its target since she first showed up in my life, perhaps as far back as 2009, certainly by 2010. 

Someone with my training always is the target of what you do not admit exists. I am also always the bait for something else you do not admit exists. It's a twin-bill fishing rodeo, everything life serves me something to engage, and, as far as I know, I'm the only person in the rodeos who knows what I just explained to you. 

Brenda somewhat understands that. I have known people in past times who knew it, and that they themselves were both the bait of one, the target of the other. 

That's why Malachi Martin named his chilling book, HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL. The priest becomes the Devil's hostage, so to speak, to give the possessed a chance to wake up and try to escape. The priest knows the huge risk he takes doing it. One slip up, he's penetrated by the Devil, his physical death pretty much assured, perhaps he will retain his soul. Martin describes such a priest in his book. Not light reading.

It looks to me in Haney v. Bashinsky that the possession is what Martin described as "perfected", there is no chance to save the lady suing me. The mission is to try to stop her suing anyone. Her true nature came out in her and my recent email tango. Also in her motion to get Judge Helms to disqualify herself.

She has caused a great deal of damage to quite a few people. She is a litigation terrorist. A public menace. Dangerous in the psychic and money harm sense. She may be dangerous in the physical sense. 

The Alabama and Arkansas courts were remiss not stopping her in those states. Perhaps the Florida Keys judges will stop her down here in Florida.

She is going full speed ahead against Bruce Gorman and his wife. Bruce publishes the Coconut Telegraph all by his lonesome. It's not incorporated. It's a sole proprietorship. His wife never has had anything to do with the Coconut Telegraph, as far as I know. Yet haney recently (May 7) filed a pleading arguing her right to sue Bruce's wife, because she lives in the same home as Bruce, benefits from what he makes on the Coconut Telegraph, perhaps co-owns Bruce's computers, etc.

Haney is not claiming medical impairment in that lawsuit. Nor did she claim medical impairment in her lawsuits against Naja Girard and Rick Boettger. 

In all events, I am engaging Haney in both judicial systems: Caesars' and God's. It's a shit job somebody has to do, likened to Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing.

What else would I be doing if Haney wasn't around?  Usually, she's a lot more interesting than government meetings. But then, so are lions and tigers after they break out of zoos. 

I think in the new Aliens movie, the nice creatures make it to planet Earth, thanks, I imagine, to some really stupid behavior of the interstellar explorers. I wonder if that film will produce a sequel, in which the Predator species rushes to planet Earth to mano mano Aliens and, indirectly, save humanity.
Maybe Donald Trump will be collateral damage. Toss in the Republican and Democratic parties, too. And, the religions. 

Sancho wrote:


I don't trust anybody looking to help me, philanthropists, priests and specially, politicians.... All Humans are Devil worshipers
... some hide it better than others! 

I replied:

A fiend was assessing the plaintiff yesterday, lay psychological assessment. I said it's much simpler, but she didn't care to think the Devil has to do with anything, or for that matter, that there is a Devil. 

I have met it, it's for real. And I ain't talking about people acting like the Devil, of which plenty happens and tends to keep the Devil on vacation more than should happen :-).

Your take on Trump firing FBI Director?

Sancho wrote:

If I were Trump, I wouldn't have waited this long... I would have fired everybody with a law degree!   

Who the hell knows what's really going on behind the scene! Beats me why Trump would want to ruin his easy, beautiful life for this Game of Throne BS! Will he lose his head in the end? He's almost as big a fool as you! 

I replied:

Now you have hurt my feelings. I've been comparing Trump to the nice lady suing me. Now you done went and made it a menage. Trump can't git rid of all the lawyers. He would go into lethal toxic shock withdrawal, about like the nice lady suing me would do if she quit suing people.

Sancho wrote:

Comey stands  above most everybody else and he felt he was special, untouchable... Trump is unpredictable, is not playing by their rules and the Establishment hates that and it scares the shit out of them... that's why I voted for him! I love to see this shit;;; I hope he nukes NK next!     I feel so irredeemable, right now!

I replied this morning:

I published quite a few times in 2015 and 2016, that Trump would take America to the great train wreck that is needed to give America a chance of rising up out of the rubble transformed faster than anyone else in view would. For that reason alone I could have voted for Trump, but I don’t pull the lever for Evil, and that’s why I didn’t vote for Hillary either.

Had interesting conversation yesterday with a prominent Key West lawyer about what he says is why Trump fired Comey. I will cover it in today’s post. I think the lawyer nailed it.

Sancho wrote:

I remain unconvinced that ANYTHING that Humans can come up with will change the way people THINK.... WE are the enemy; WE are the problem... Trump IS the President we deserve! Don't be a hypocrite... you're suckling at the beast's tits, just like the rest of us!

I replied:

Aw shucks, I have published Trump is the president America deserves, we be on same page on dat. But dat don't mean I be rootin' for him and his disciples. I want to see them and the Republicans as upset as Hillary and her disciples and the Democrats.

I also agree we on same page about humans not being able to come up with anything that changes how humans think. Yesterday? I published, as far as I see, only being terrified of God can change how humans think.

Syndicated article in today’s Key West Citizen (

The Associated Press

Undermining previous White House explanations, President Donald Trump declared Thursday he had planned to fire FBI Director James Comey all along, regardless of whether top Justice Department officials recommended the stunning decision. His assertions came as Comey’s temporary replacement joined in, contradicting other administration statements on the snowballing controversy. 

In an interview with NBC News, Trump also said he’d asked Comey point-blank if he was under investigation, showing no concern about the prospect of interfering in an active FBI probe. He said Comey told him three times — at a dinner and in two phone calls — that he was not, as the bureau probed his presidential campaign’s possible ties to Russia’s election meddling. 

“I said, ‘If it’s possible, would you let me know am I under investigation?’ He said you are not under investigation,” Trump told NBC. 

The shifting accounts of the decision to fire Comey, whom Trump derided as a “showboat” and “grandstander,” added to a mounting sense of uncertainty and chaos in the West Wing, as aides scrambled to get their stories straight and appease an angry president. 

Not even Vice President Mike Pence was spared the embarrassment of having told a version of events that was later discredited by Trump. 

The White House’s explanations continued to crumble throughout the day Thursday. 

On Capitol Hill, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe strongly disputed the White House’s assertion that Comey had been fired in part because he had lost the confidence of the FBI’s rank-and-file. “That is not accurate,” McCabe said. “Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI and still does to this day.” 

Unfazed, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted she had heard from “countless” members of the FBI who welcomed the president’s decision. 

McCabe also pointed out the remarkable nature of Trump’s version of his conversations with Comey. McCabe told a Senate panel it was not “standard practice” to tell an individual whether they are or are not under investigation. Previous presidents have made a public show of staying out of legal matters, so as not to appear to be injecting politics.  

Trump’s comments demonstrated his striking deviation from that practice and scant concern for the appearance of FBI independence.

The ousted director himself is said to be confident that his own version of events will come out, possibly in an appearance before Congress, according to an associate who has been in touch with him since his firing Tuesday. l

In closing today's hambeast feast:
In her recent motion to dismiss without prejudice her lawsuit against me, Haney alleged her medical supervision does not permit her to prosecute litigation in Key West, not even with Key West legal counsel, when she lives in Alabama.  

Did a different Judith Haney, who is not medically impaired, sue Bruce Gorman and his wife, in Key West?

Did a different Judith Haney, who is not medically impaired, sue Naja Girard, in Key West?

Did a different Judith Haney, who is not medically impaired, sue Rick Boettger in Key West?

Haney's 4th husband wrote to me out of the blue on Facebook, the morning after I was served with Haney's lawsuit papers:

JAN 6TH, 6:31AM
Sloan, I ran across your recent saga involving Judith Haney. I'm almost embarrassed to mention it, but I married her in 1987 (soon after we first met) and filed for divorce in '92. The litigation ran on for 7.5 years. I hope you are soon able to get her out of your life. Robert Fureigh North Little Rock, Arkansas (501) 240-7800 (cell)
You accepted Robert's request.

It was around 2002-03 that she had a comprehensive website that focused entirely on me -- offering $1 million" ... for information leading to the arrest and conviction of sadistic criminal, Robert Fureigh"

I had to jump through many hoops to get her website -- offering the reward -- removed.

JAN 7TH, 12:45AM
...Her style is to batter her opponents with court filings -- usually causing them to waste money on attorney fees, while she remains pro se. She takes pleasure in witnessing her adversary spending money and time fighting her frivolous actions. Sadly, that is the way of vexatious litigants, and the courts don't seem to have an answer -- especially when they are acting pro se. 

In 1988, her psychiatrist (psychologist?) told me Judy has a severe persecution complex. Obviously, her mental has not improved.
In 1988, her psychiatrist (psychologist?) told me Judy has a severe persecution complex. Obviously, her mental health has not improved.
, and I forgot the names you gave the other 2
FEB 10TH, 1:35AM
Yes, early in our marriage, her shrink told me her two most serious disorders were (a) multiple personality disorder, and (b) a severe persecution complex. At the time, he believed she had three or more personalities. As time passed, I witnessed four or more. The one I married was Judy; the other three were Phyllis, Barbara and Suzanne. (I gave them their names.) In May, 1992, I filed for divorce. That action and related litigation lasted 7.5 years. In the middle of this (perhaps 1995 or 1996), Judy showed up in Little Rock -- as a journalist, covering the Whitewater trial. She went by a name other than Judith Haney or Judith Fureigh. I can't remember what it was. Regardless, neither Judy, Phyllis, Barbara nor Suzanne ever had any training or ambition in journalism. This caused me to amend my perception ... that Judy was one of five or more personalities.

IN RE HANEY | 238 B.R. 432 (1999) |


Bankruptcy No. 98-41169 S. Adversary No. 98-4059.

238 B.R. 432 (1999)
In re Judith Eloise HANEY. Robert Fureigh, Plaintiff, v. Judith Eloise Haney, Defendant.
United States Bankruptcy Court, E.D. Arkansas, Western Division.
August 25, 1999.

The debtor testified that she has mental health problems. The Court file in the case, this adversary proceeding, and the conduct of this trial, reveal the credibility of this statement. She testified that she needs therapy and that she has been urged by various doctors to seek such assistance. While she previously had customers, she testified that she had effectively "driven" them away. She even believes that she may have suffered some sort of brain damage a decade ago. While the debtor introduced no supporting documentation or other evidence of her disabilities, the Court can readily believe she has been repeatedly urged to seek professional mental care.


1. On the eve of trial, the debtor sought to dismiss her chapter 7 bankruptcy case, but also appeared to indicate that she would file another bankruptcy case.

After Judge Bonnie Helms issued a sua sponte order (on Judge Helms' own motion), striking all of Haney's and my pleadings in Haney's lawsuit against me, Haney moved to dismiss without prejudice, which would let her sue me again. Looks to me Haney is judge shopping. Hoping if she sues me again in Key West, she will get a different judge. Or, if she sues me in Alabama, she will find a judge there she has not already pissed off.

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