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Alas, poor Gulliver, I knew him well! Giants and midgets, in the so-called land of the free and the home of the brave

Deer Ed handiwork
Bruce Gorman, aka Deer Ed, publisher of the popular Coconut Telegraph public forum, emailed me about the email he had sent to me from one of his readers, slamming me, which I included in yesterday's post at this website:
From: <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 8:27 AM
To: Sloan Bashinsky
Subject: RE: [FWD: Coconut Telegraph, etc]

(I hope you realize I didn't publish that scathing comment.)
Save your typing, I never question your actions because you are an honest man.  I do question your illusion of angles. That is your downfall.

I replied:

I saw on CT yesterday that you had not published it. You have published as bad about me in the past.

It's not my fault you and 99 percent of your readers are one-dimensional. 

I suppose it would be too scary for you and those readers to consider the possibility, however slight in your and their minds, that what I describe about myself is accurate. For, gosh, if it is accurate, then what does that say about you and those readers?

Kari Dangler had a dream about that very thing last night, which will be in my post today.

My folk spell casting amiga continued our conversations about superhuman and supernatural beings reported in recent posts at this website:

It's all about as clear as mud... but this article articulates how the same message or story may be found in differing cultures ... with a spin unique to the particular culture.
I replied:

Clear as mud sums it up.

However, similar historical reports in different Earthling tribes' lore cannot be sanely dismissed out of hand. 

Kari reported a new dream last night.

She was up somewhere looking down at me. I was strapped down on the ground like Gulliver, ants were crawling all over me, eating me.

I told her that's how I felt most of yesterday, and how I feel much of the time. Being tied down and chewed on by small-minded people.

Kari said she is tired of having dreams about me and other people. I said she can kill herself and stop it. Or she can get used to it. I told her when she and I first were becoming an item, that if she went down that road, the angels would start messing with her. That happened to every woman I was with, after the angels came calling in early 1987. And it happened to several women friends after that event, and to a few of my men friends.
Sancho Panza emailed yesterday:

You might find this interesting!
A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied.

Trey Gowdy put darn good questions to the FBI agent.

In the video you sent, the FBI agent is shifty, suspicious, seems to be protecting Hillary.

Yet, the FBI sunk Hillary's ship and put Trump in the White House.

I wonder how Gowdy felt about the FBI after that happened? 

I wonder how Gowdy now feels about the FBI trying to sink Trump's ship?

I wonder how foreign leaders really feel about Trump after the recent FBI Trump broadsides?

I wonder if foreign leaders feel comfortable making deals with Trump, when he has a history of reneging deals in his business life, and he now has an increasingly hostile, even in the Republican side, Congress?

I wonder how Godwy feels about Trump making up his own laws like Gowdy bitches in the video that Obama did when he was president?

Here's Wikipedia's bio on Gowdy:
Trey Gowdy official congressional photo.jpg
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from South Carolina's 4th district
Assumed office
January 3, 2011
Preceded byBob Inglis
Chair of the House Benghazi Committee
In office
May 8, 2014 – July 8, 2016
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byPosition abolished
Personal details
BornHarold Watson Gowdy III
August 22, 1964 (age 52)
GreenvilleSouth Carolina,
Political partyRepublican
Spouse(s)Terri Dillard
EducationBaylor University (BA)
University of South Carolina,
WebsiteHouse website
Letter to the editor in today's Key West Citizen, my interjected thoughts in bold italics:

Thanks commissioners for decisions 
Commissioners [Billy] Wardlow and [Margaret] Romero were exactly correct for voting against softened sanctuary status. The vote does not change current practice; however, it has many negative implications. The motivation to vote “yes” was 100 percent political. The argument that Key West needs illegal immigrants, some of whom are felons, is totally wrong. It was simply a way to stick a finger in the eye of the federal government and, in some misguided way, against the current administration.  Which has all of its fingers stuck in its own eye. This resolution is reminiscent of the way laws were passed and enforced in the Old Wild West in the 1800s. Mr. Weekley and other commissioners demonstrated total disregard for federal law just to make a public statement. We are a nation of laws to be obeyed and followed. This action breaks a long-standing federal law. If anyone disagrees with the law they should work hard to have it changed and not go around the system and create their own law.  President Trump is the most law abiding president ever, right? 
This sends a negative message to the citizens and youth of our city. It exposes Key West to retribution from the federal government and also tourists who disagree with this lawlessness. Immigrants who are felons will be attracted to towns like Key West because they will not be punished for their crimes.    
Get over your small self. Murderers, bank robbers, etc. will be vigorously prosecuted, including those who are not illegal immigrants.
Business owners will be boycotted by some number of Key West citizens not wanting to support a business that advocates breaking federal law, which puts citizens at risk. 
Dream on. I suppose every business of any size in Key West, especially the grocery stores, employ immigrants. Key West is a city of immigrants. Even the white natives' ancestors were immigrants from the Bahamas.
The success of our country requires that all entities operate as a team. A non-team player promotes conflict and polarization. The country right now is more divided than anyone can remember. There is a total lack of respect for the democratic process. A democracy does not work this way. 
Actually, that is precisely how a democracy works. However, America is not a democracy, which you would know if you actually read the US Constitution. In a democracy, every person has one vote and each person's vote counts the same. If America were a democracy, Hillary Clinton would be president, because she got a few million more popular votes than Trump got.
Once a person is fairly elected, the country should rally around that person and support their direction until discovered to be destructive. 
Trump's direction was destructive before he was elected and that continued after he was elected, by the Russians, more than half, I bet, of Americans believe.
Instead of supporting our democracy and our country, Key West commissioners unilaterally decided to create a resolution disobeying federal law. This is an act of polarization and should be considered anti-American. 
Chet Hauck Key West
Did you just move to Key West? I ask, because anyone who has lived here for a month and didn't stay inside watching TV all that time knows Key West is a nation unto itself, which pretends to be part of USA when that's to the city's advantage.

Also in today's Key West Citizen:
Frederick A. Douglass, 
escaped slave,
advisor to President Abraham Lincoln
and US Congress,
surely Dr. Martin Luther King's pole star

Bahama Village fitting location for museum 
This is in reference to the May 14 letter, “Questions museum in Bahama Village” in which the author questioned the importance of placing a museum in Bahama Village. He stated that a diverse crowd would not patronize the museum due to what he describes as fake reports of heavy crime activity in Bahama Village. I disagree that we as a community should concede to false rumors meant to degrade any area of town. Furthermore, on any given day, there is a diverse crowd of locals and tourists enjoying the Bahama Village area. The African American community on the island of Key West has history in abundance; much of which originated in and around Bahama Village. I cannot see a more fitting place for an African history museum. The former band room is the ideal place for it. The city should allow the Frederick Douglass Black Educators, a nonprofit organization, to be granted the use of the building for the betterment of keeping the Key West African heritage alive. We had African slaves that were buried in Key West, and most of the “Conchs” grandparents came to Key West on a boat in the 1800s. My grandfather, Harvey Sweeting was a sponger by trade who came to Key West in the 1800s from Eleutra. We need to share our history with our children and the numerous tourists that visit our island. 
Marcia Sweeting-Somersall Key West

My white man thoughts:

Well said, Marcia. 

I attended the two city commission meetings, at which it was emphatically stated by city staff (planning director, assistant city manager), and by the medical center staff, and by City Commissioner Clayton Lopez, 
Clayton Lopez

that the Frederick Douglass Band Room was the ONLY place where the Bahama Village medical clinic could be housed while the Frederick Douglass Gymnasium building was being renovated. It was emphatically stated that the medical clinic could not be moved from the Frederick Douglass Gymnasium building to the Gato county government building on Simonton Street, outside of Bahama Village. It was emphatically stated the medical clinic had to be in Bahama Village, because it would be too inconvenient for it to be outside Bahama Village.

At the end of the first of those two city commission meetings, after the many African-decent citizens had spoken from their hearts for the African-Caribbean culture museum to be in the Frederick Douglass Band Room had left Old City Hall, Commissioner Lopez, who chaired that commission meeting, because he is vice-mayor and the mayor was out of town that night, blasted the absent African-decent citizens for about 15 minutes. Called them liars. This white man wanted to run up to the dais and grab Lopez by the scruff of his neck and drag him over the dais and turn him over my knee and pull off my leather belt and give him the lashing of his life on the city TV station. What a sorry chicken shit thing Lopez had done, waiting until the people he wanted to blast had all left and were by then at home, clueless what Lopez had up his sleeve. How the African-decent Bahama Village residents found out about that was I reported it at and went out of my way to tell African-decent Bahama Village residents about their midget among men city commissioner.

Well, guess what? "They" put the medical clinic in the Gato building. 

Well, guess what? "They" did not call the African Culture Center citizens and tell them they could have the Band Room after all.

"They" are 6 WHITE elected officials and their mascot, Clayton Lopez.

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