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further justice for all adventures in Key Wild Wild West, including a review of "Colossal" (the movie)

Sancho Panza replied to yesterday's post at afoolsworkneverends ...

In a very subtle way you are also saying that Major's death was murder; that the killing was self inflicted, yes, but that the reason for his death was the psychological pressure being put on him by an unknown evildoer who might as well had pulled the trigger "herself". It's funny how you claim that the Angels have infallible information that they provide to you and yet, they didn't tell you what was going to happen to you before all the bad shit that has happened to you has happened to you! Are they sadists who like to screw with you to see you suffer?  Something does not compute, my friend... with such friends, who needs enemies! Anyway, at least your life has been an awesome adventure because you chose to follow the angelic-demonic route.  *>:) devil

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:

Hardly subtle. Between Major and his persecutor, more murders were committed, if you consider souls killed, so to speak. But, at another level, it was suicide, or execution. Major was little league daddying his young son by his second marriage, repeat of what he did with his son by his first marriage, which destroyed that boy. Major could not be allowed to do that to another son. So a method was arranged to stop it. Many bit players, who perhaps thought they had leading roles. 

The angels tend to give me heads ups. They gave me 2 about the Boulder wife, but it was too late, I had already given her my word. No heads up about the Little Torch Key land and trailer I bought, which ended up costing me $15,000 less, approximately, than I gave Brenda. But taking a huge loss on the land and trailer was a capitalistic venture, so it was socially acceptable. '

Giving money to a poor, half crazy, medically impaired, hugely spiritually-gifted younger woman, like an adopted daughter, to keep her alive, not socially acceptable, will never hear the end of that. Fucked up values, capitalism more important than a human life and soul and God's gifts, which I have not seen much of in bu$ine$$ circle$.

Saw "Colossal" this afternoon at Tropic Cinema. Colossal film. Deep. Maybe too far out for scientists and religious conservatives. I told Kari she should see it. Why?, she asked. Just see it, she'd know why. She's the deepest person I have gotten to know in Key West since I got here in late 2000, and she had spent most of her life running from it. She hates what she's capable off. Seriously disturbing for me, and nothing I can do about it but give her back to her momma. Maybe that will cause people here to stop bothering her because she and I were an item. Maybe it will cause her to leave the Florida Keys. I'm the only thing I see holding her here. 

If angels tell us what's going to happen, is there any point in living? Isn't life supposed to be full of surprises? Isn't that what Eve gave to Adam, who had to be one seriously boring fellow before she showed up - si?


Sancho wrote:

I will watch Colossal later on today! Nacho Vigalondo was born in 1977 in Cabez√≥n de la Sal, Cantabria, Spain. He is a writer and actor, known for Timecrimes (2007), Colossal (2016) and Open Windows (2014).

As you probably know, Cervantes was the creator of the modern Novel, have you read his work? Don Quixote saw connections to the veiled hands of evil wizards in every event that didn't turn out as he remind me a lot of his main character... on the outside the work seems like a comic adventure and yet those of us who look deeper see that... we are all fools, we see what we want to see, we get lost in our roles looking for meaning, for connection... or we simply keep on battling for survival(in some cases beyond death). Glory, glory, Hallelujah, Glory, glory, Hallelujah... *:(fight) fight

I replied:

Don't recall reading anything Cervantes wrote, but you have been calling me Don Quixote a long time, and I knew of him, and his counterpoint witness-scribe, and that's how I came to call you Sancho Panza. Don't know if Cervantes had angels on his ass 24-7, 365. A sho nuff different experience from what I see going on around me generally in the invasive species. Colossal had a preview of the new Alien movie. Fun. Rhymes with run. For your life. Haney made me an offer something like that before dawn today.

Sancho wrote:

I replied:
Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2017 5:25 AM
Subject: Florida Statute Chapter 770.1, Notice condition precedent to action or prosecution for libel or slander


May 7, 2017

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr 
PO Box 2681
Key West, FL 33045

Re: Florida Statute Chapter 770.1, Notice condition precedent to action or prosecution for libel or slander

Mr. Bashinsky:

The case against you in Monroe County Circuit Court has been dismissed without prejudice and the case was closed on May 5, 2017.

Under Florida law, it is unlawful for you to engage in defamation of my character and reputation. Defamation and defamation per se consists of (1) a statement that tends to injure reputation; (2) communicated to another; (3) that the speaker knew or should have known was false; (4) that hurts someone's business or trade; (5) falsely states someone has been involved in criminal activity.

Your defamatory, libelous, publishing's, your repeated lies, your repeated malicious utterances, about my mental health, my family history, my marital history, my credit history, my business activity including repeatedly publishing a false and fraudulent ripoff report, all are actionable. Your lies about my having anything to do with Major Bashinsky prior to his death constitutes defamation per se.

You have invaded my privacy by publishing private facts about me including my social security number, two credit card numbers, my physical location, my mailing address, my telephone number, my full name, my date of birth, my bankruptcy records, my court records.

Accordingly, I demand that you immediately cease and desist your unlawful libel, slander, defamation, lies and publishing's about me and immediately remove it all from the Internet in each and every place you have published it including Facebook,, and Googleblogspot.

If you do not comply with this cease and desist demand within five (5) days, I will seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your defamation. I will pursue all available legal remedies, including monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay all costs including court costs and attorney's fees.

Be advised that I am not going to settle any claim I have against you. Your takedown of your defamatory publishing's will be done by you absent any conditions that I settle my claims against you. You have five days to take it all down and stop publishing anything about me or you will be sued.

When I file my claims against you they will be fully adjudicated and will establish a permanent record of your lies, harassment, libel, defamation, slander, stalking, cyberstalking, invasion of privacy, and other crimes that you are committing against me.

I have filed reports against you with law enforcement and I am keeping a daily record of your unlawful activities for evidentiary purposes with the intent to obtain warrants for your arrest in Alabama and Florida for harassment, stalking, and cyberstalking.


Judith Haney 
PO Box 380911
Birmingham, AL 35238

My various ruminations, readers feel free to send in comments, which will be kept anonymous:

I suppose I should be glad Haney is recording the evidence she wants me to destroy. Maybe she if she ever sues me again, or reports me to law enforcement again, she will provide verbatim what I wrote about her, including the context, instead of cherry picking bits and snatches that change the meaning.

If Judge Helms does not grant my motions to dismiss with prejudice by the end of the 4th day of Haney's demand, my inclination right now is to do what I have offered to do since my January 6 settlement offer: take down everything I published about Haney starting December 2016. However, I will sleep on Haney's demand and see what the angels say.

Meanwhile ...

Much of what I published about Haney disappeared when she had,, and taken down by Blue Host.

I can take down in about 10 minutes all the posts at the newer Taking down all the posts entirely will remove everything online about Haney, compared to trying to redact out of each post anything about Haney and risk missing something.

Taking down the afoolsworkneverends posts will kill the links at Facebook. Facebook titles containing Haney's name can be removed one at a time.

I have no control over what is on's Coconut Telegraph. I can ask the owner of that social comment forum to take down anything he published there about Haney, which I wrote. I submitted a few things. He historically cherry picks from my websites without telling me he will use it on the Coconut Telegraph.

Meanwhile ...

Haney invaded both her and my privacy, when she sicced the Birmingham police on me last December, after I told her in an email, if she did that, it would be a public event and I would publish her and my Facebook chat and emails, which contained her private information. 

Haney sicced the police on me because I would not agree to give her back what she had already given me: an apartment prepaid 7 months to live in. I had her email telling me she had done that, no strings, financial, or otherwise. I had kept Haney's identity secret up to that point in time. 

If Haney's Key West lawsuit against me was closed on May 5, why'd Haney file a motion on May 6 to strike my May 6 motion to dismiss with prejudice?

Excerpts from The Key West Citizen the other day:

"While Haney made no mention of bringing the case to her home turf, she will “very likely refile the case,” she said. The order was fair and will give Haney time to recuperate from a January heart attack and obtain counsel, she said. “I think (Helms) did the correct thing in setting the case back to square one, giving both sides time to refile our arguments,” Haney said. “I can see why she did it and her rationale was quite clear — don’t take up my time this way.”

Although she didn’t rule out seeking monetary damages in a later case, Haney said her goal is to stop the alleged harassment from Bashinsky, not to go after a potential inheritance from his family, which owns a majority share of Golden Enterprises, the makers of Golden Flakes potato chips. “I would never at my age hold out to (gain) a cent from the man’s inheritance,” she said. “The chances of him recovering anything in his lifetime is slim and none.”

In the Key West lawsuit, Haney went after my inheritance in her 2nd amended complaint. She's threatening to do that again, since I am a pauper, live on the street, have no money of my own, which she can get in a lawsuit. 

On January 5 of this year, I was served in Key West by a process server with Haney's lawsuit papers. That was 2 days after the alleged heart attack, which Haney disclosed for the first time when she asked to continue a February 15 hearing in Key West, which she had pushed hard to be set.

The day after I was served, January 6, I emailed Haney a settlement offer, in which I would take down everything I had ever published about her, and would publish nothing further about her, if she would dismiss with prejudice her lawsuit against me, and stop trying to get police to prosecute me, and we took the agreement to Judge Bonnie Helms to approve. Haney did not acknowledge my settlement offer, which remained open and was restated in my two recent motions to dismiss with prejudice, reported at I don't know whether or not Judge Bonnie Helms will rule on my motions to dismiss with prejudice. 

The question that won't go away: If Haney was that sick, why did she keep suing me like there was no tomorrow? Why didn't she take my offer take down everything I had published about her, and I would stop publishing about her? 

I did not publish Haney was in on my brother Major's death. I did publish that I had reasons to wonder, provided by Haney, if she was in on it, and I asked her in what I published to please tell me it was not so, and she did not respond, which caused me to wonder even more if she was in on it?

Haney testified under oath on March 31 before Judge Helms in Key West, that she had dated Major years before his death and they had gone to Panama City, Florida together and stayed in a motel there. Haney testified under oath on March 31, that she had put me in a Birmingham apartment with a view of the public golf course pond where Major's body was found in early 2010. Haney testified under oath on March 31 that she had email correspondence with me in 2010 about Major.

Haney initiated the email correspondence. She told me Major had something wrong with his penis, which prevented him from making love with her. Under oath March 31, Haney testified she had not told me Major had something wrong with his penis. Major had nothing wrong with his penis that I had ever seen. He and his first wife produced two children after he had dated Haney. A girlfriend after Haney emailed me in 2010 that Major had nothing wrong with his penis, he was studley.

I lost that email account years ago. Haney got my websites shut down by Blue Host. I cannot prove what was written in 2010.

The Ripoff report several of my friends found and shared with me is easily found by anyone googling Judith Haney. It's a he-said, she said, with the accuser claiming Haney ripped him off and Haney denying it. I just now Googled "Judith Haney" and the Rip Off report came up at the very top. I am not aware that Haney sued Rip Off or the accuser for injunctive relief and money damages. 

I was an idiot not googling Judith Haney before I accepted her offer to bring me to Birmingham on her time last December, and house and maintain me there for 7 months.

Judi Jordan, USNEWSLINK Editor

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Much of what I published about Haney in 2017 was told to me by people who knew or had known her. The Leeds, Alabama chief of police. The Leeds city attorney. Haney's neighbor across the street in Leeds. Haney's 4th husband, who lived with her in Arkansas.

Meanwhile, I will continue reporting and commenting on what public figure Haney henceforth writes about public figure me. I am an interactive journalist and commentator. I report and comment on the news. Threatening me with police is news. Threatening to sue me is news. Suing me is news. If public figure Haney doesn't want me to report and comment on her threatening and suing public figure me, she should not threaten and sue me. 

According to the bio on Haney's website, she is a nationally and internationally recognized journalist and commentator, and congressional lobbyist. 

Judi Jordan, USNEWSLINK Editor

The concept, layout, and design of USNEWSLINK is credited to Judi Jordan.

Call Judi at 501-915-0550 for internet access, web hosting, and web site design.

Permission to use, reproduce, and distribute documents and related graphics from USNEWSLINK is hereby granted, provided that author and publication are given full credit and the copyright and the permission notice are shown. All other rights reserved.

USNEWSLINK is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. Judi Jordan Publishing Company, Inc., P.O. Box 8131, Hot Springs Village AR 71910 Telephone 501-915-0550

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According to Alabama Court records, Haney has a long history of pro se civil litigation in Alabama, which also makes her a public figure.

Haney testified under oath during the March 31 hearing before Judge Helms, that, in 2012, she ran for Mayor of Leeds, Alabama. 

Haney testified on March 31, that she then was suing the city attorney of Leeds, because he had spoken with me about Haney and I had published what he had told me about her. 

Haney testified that she had sued the Lees city attorney before, and the Leeds mayor and other city officials.

Haney testified on March 31 that she could not recall ever having used a lawyer in her lawsuits in Alabama, and she identified as accurate, printed out court records of her many Alabama lawsuits.

I published that the Leeds city attorney told me that Haney had no reputation in Leeds, which could be damaged. That Haney was well known in the her county's courts and in the nearby Birmingham courts. That he thought Haney was the only non lawyer in Alabama who had an Alabama courts e-filing portal. That he thought Haney must stay up all night working on her lawsuits.

Haney reminds me of Donald Trump. 

Moving laterally in paradise pretend...

Reader comments under the Wisteria Island Comedy Theater lead article in the most recent every Friday online edition of Key West the Newspaper ( grew more hairy legs:

by Naja and Arnaud Girard…….
Get out of the tent! Joe Sanders had just woken up to deputies yelling orders. As he peers through the slit in his tent his eye suddenly focuses on the barrel of a deputy’s gun 6 inches away and pointed straight at him. Now, according to the federal government, Joe had pitched his tent on public land.Continue reading »

Responses to “Wisteria Island: Nature’s Champions or Schemers?”

  1. Looks to me, until the 800 pound gorilla (BLM) takes charge, gives the Sheriff the go ahead to arrest people who are not permitted on the island, before or after dark (or after whenever), Wisteria Island is going to be a colorful sitcom. (soap opera?).
    I kinda imagine the people using the island now hope the gorilla takes his sweet time. Like, forever. Like, never, doing anything.
    We have you, Naja, to thank for [t]his fun theater. And one angel dream I had telling me to tell you to keep after it. You would find something you had not yet found.
    I kinda think people trashing the island should be keel hauled.
    Can’t say I have any sorrowful feelings for the Bernsteins, given the way their “chain of title” originated with a quit claim (effectively) deed from the State of Florida to a Key West mover and shaker state legislator, over the very visible objection of the U.S. Navy Dockmaster in Washington, D.C., as I recall who objected for the U.S. 8 million pound gorilla.
    i think this case should become a cornerstone in real property cases in Florida law schools. Imagine the beer drunk in pubs while wannabe lawyers and their law professors giggle over the Wisteria Island saga – blue paper required reading for final exam ;-).
    Chow maim
    The beatings will continue until morale improves
  2. Maybe this is Bernstein’s way of getting even for his loss created by stupidity to buy land with a clouded deed and lost. Why should the city or county be so concerned over such a few people on the island ? Yes likely creating some human waste but other than that the rest is easily corrected with a clean up.
    What is the real issue ? Seems to be no real serious crimes on the island or boats. I think it is an effort to remove the homeless. Why should BLM give a shit when you consider that the island was basically created by what some would call trash. It was created by dredging and this basically was creating 22 acres of trash. So how do you trash trash ? We are in KW now and from going past the island by boat on sunset cruse did not see anything trashy.
    The fire 3 years ago just might have been started as a cheap way to clear land so construction costs would be lower.
    As to cops waking up people and ordering them out of a tent they best be careful of harrasment charges. Until that property is properly posted I do not believe a crime was created. KW created the lack of affordable housing for workers so they end up on boats and tents.
    As to the waste they are so worried about , take a serious look of who is the real creator. All of your trash from spilled drinks, vomiting streets, food spilled by people onto the street from roadside venders and even urination by some all wash into the storm drains on the streets. Some of that is even oil from old cars. So let’s try to get to the real reason to go after campers.
    • Just to be sure: the wannabe developers had nothing to do with the fire three years ago. They didn’t start it and they didn’t do anything toward putting it out.
      • well, if they didn’t do anything toward putting it out, that’s having something to do with it, isn’t it? Like, I bet they were not crying the fire was burning up trees and bushes they would bulldoze and burn, if they were going to develope the island. There is not a stick, I don’t think, of natural vegetation on the island across the cut – Sunset Key, which the Bernsteins’ Wisteria development partner, the Walsh family, developed. Something did a number on the [Wisteria] Australian pines around 2005. I heard people saw aircraft fly over the island dumping something. I heard Hurricane Wilma tidal surge killed the pines on Wisteria. Funny, that was the only Australian pines what got killed around here and up the Keys by Wilma. I would not put it past somebody who wanted Wisteria developed to drop a defoliant on it out of aircraft. There have been volunteer clean ups of Wisteria. What I don’t get is why some people who use it trash it. There is another spoil island, called Demolition Key, which was built many years ago from dredging. I think the name came from the Navy testing explosives on it. Today, it is beautiful. Looks like a wild nature park. It is a rookery. It is a park of some kind. It is illegal to set foot on it. Wisteria would look much like Demolition Key, if people stayed off of it.
        • I haven’t gone and looked for myself but from what I hear the other islands that do not have people frequenting them have an awful lot of trash washing up on the shores — that too takes people to do a clean up from time to time. On Wisteria people clean the shoreline constantly.
  3. There are a few things we know for certain. Bernstein has absolutely no authority or standing to do anything to, on or about Wisteria Island. He lost in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and the case did not go to the U.S. Supreme Court. It is OVER. I don’t know why the article said he is still in a legal fight for ownership. He is NOT. He is done. There are no legal options left. The decision on the Statute of Limitations completely closes any other avenues of approach or argument. The island NEVER legally went into private hands. It is FEDERAL LAND.
    We also all know that Wisteria Island is NOT part of Key West, so the KWPD has no jurisdiction at all. That leaves the Sheriff who also has no jurisdiction at all. Until the Federal Government enters into a law enforcement compact with the Sheriff’s Office that is published in the federal record allowing the sheriff to enforce local and state law, the Sheriff is just engaging in harrassment of the people living there. The Sheriff is NOT going to arrest ANYONE for any petty offense nor is the state attorney going to prosecute when it has no jurisdiction to do so.
    What everyone does not know, is that you can legally live and work on Wisteria Island and there is nothing the local coppers or anyone else can do about it.
    How you might ask? By filing a federal mining claim. Exactly how to do that you will have to figure out for yourselves. There are also arguments to be made that the land is public domain. That you will also have to figure out for yourselves.
    • Two things.
      First – yes the Sheriff can enforce local laws on BLM land. Here is the federal code:
      43 CFR § 8365.1-7 State and local laws.
      Except as otherwise provided by Federal law or regulation, State and local laws and ordinances shall apply and be enforced by the appropriate State and local authorities. This includes, but is not limited to, State and local laws and ordinances governing:
      (a) Operation and use of motor vehicles, aircraft and boats;
      (b) Hunting and fishing;
      (c) Use of firearms or other weapons;
      (d) Injury to persons, or destruction or damage to property;
      (e) Air and water pollution;
      (f) Littering;
      (g) Sanitation;
      (h) Use of fire;
      (i) Pets;
      (j) Forest products; and
      (k) Caves.
      Two: Make no mistake Mr. Bernstein continues to fight for ownership. No, it won’t be a federal case under the Quiet Title Act – but there are ways. What do you think he is paying those lawyers for?
  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Naja, you got dat right! Odds about zero, while Roger Bernstein is still breathing, he will stop trying to turn Wisteria Island into Sunset Key Deux. It ain’t for nuttin’ he thinks you is a witch. Now you can do your cackle and hop on your boom.
Another blue paper piece caught my fancy:

Each work morning, Monroe County’s supervisor of solid waste and recycling Mike Basham drives along Blimp Road on Cudjoe Key to check for dumped items that need to be collected. At about 7:50 Thursday morning, where the road ends at the boat ramp, he noticed an unusual site: a submerged truck about 100 feet offshore.Continue reading »

One Response to “Monroe County Supervisor Saves Woman in Submerged Truck”

  1. This story seems to be missing a piece, or two.
    The water was less deep (lower tide) when she left the road. Anyone I know would have walked to dry land, able to swim or not, afraid of sharks and snakes, or not.
    Is it known whether she got tested for booze, Xanax, meth, spice, etc?

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