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If you do something, it's best to go whole hog (cutting the puppet strings and other missions improbable in Washington D.C., Key West and outer and inner space)

Kari Dangler called me this morning to say she saw The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) on "Saturday Night Live" last night. The Rock announced he is running for President in 2020.

Stephen Baldwin was standing beside The Rock, thinking he was going to be announced as The Rock's VP running mate,

But then in walks Tom Hanks and the Rock announces Hanks as his VP running mate and Baldwin looks crushed.
I laughed, said, Hanks has much better name and face recognition than Baldwin. 

Kari said, Baldwin can be Secretary of State. Great choice, I said. 

Kari asked, who should be Secretary of Defense? 
Arnold Schwarzenegger, I said. He's been advertising video war games on TV. Kari said she didn't know that. 

And make Sylvester Stallone CIA Director, I said. We need Rambo running the CIA. 
No, Schwarzenegger should run the CIA, Kari said. 

I recanted and agreed. Schwarzenegger is Austrian, he has foreign experience. And, he was a bad Terminator, then he was a good Terminator. And, he defeated a Predator. He should be CIA Director

Make Rambo Secretary of Defense. 
Kari agreed. 

DaVinci Code/Angels & Demons star Hanks can make sure demons do not take over The Rock's regime. But who does President Rock appoint as FBI Director?

Just the facts, please, LAPD Sergeant Joe Friday?
FBI Special Agent William "Spooky" Mulder?
LAPD Detective Dirty Harry?
FBI Special Agent Dana Scully?
Down here in the tiny kingdom, aka the tip end of the asteroid belt, my uninvited comments in bold italics:

Three to file to run for mayor

Mayor in final [2-year] term

by Scottn Unger

Key West Citizen (

Although Key West Mayor Craig Cates is only seven months into his final term, three candidates have announced their intentions to run for the office in 2018.

The filing deadline for that mayor's race is June 2018. This is May 2017. The term for mayor should be increased from 2 to 4 years, so the mayor is not running for reelection the same year he/she is sworn in. 

Residents Wayne Coulter, Bill Foley and Mitch Jones pre-filed official paperwork with the Monroe County Supervisors of Election office. The first-time candidates all cited affordable housing and traffic as major issues for Key West and a frustration with either local or national politics as a contributing factor in their decision to run for public office.

This 5-time KW mayor candidate sez: forget pretending you have any solution for traffic congestion and parking problems, because, other than a direct hit from a category 5 hurricane, which reduces Key West and lower keys population and tourism by one half, there are no solutions. Also forget affordable housing solution, because the cure for that is the same category 5 hurricane.

Coulter, 59, said he was inspired by the 2016 Presidential election to run after he “wasn’t pleased” with the results. Running as a champion of the work force, Coulter said Key West is split into unfair economic factions and the working class needs help with housing and wages.

Agreed, but you will not make a dent there, either, although a category 5 hurricane will.

“I really think the island has become an island of two different sides, the have and have-nots,” Coulter said. “There are people on this island that are struggling, we have to help them.”


Likening his campaign to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ run for the presidency, Coulter said affordable housing solutions will be a major priority, along with eight to 10 other plans including working for wage raises and tax breaks for workers.

Go for it, that's the only way to learn.

Foley, 45, decided to run after becoming frustrated at the “talking in circles” that occurs during city meetings. “So many times I’ve left the room thinking, I wish I had the last hour of my life back,” said Foley, who serves on the Board of Directors of the Key West Bight Preservation Association.

I think much the same every time I am sitting in a city commission meeting, and in a county commission or school board meeting - I ran for county commission three times, and for school board once. I attended hundreds of public government meetings.

Also an employee for Key West Express, Foley said the proposed parking garage on Greene Street near the Bight is a bad idea for the neighborhood and one of many retreaded ideas. “There’s lots of things like that could be easily solved or killed but for some reason they keep coming back up,” he said.

Delta employee and comedian host of bingo at 801 Bourbon Bar,  Jones said Key West needs to focus on a 20-year plan to address problems and maintain its small community culture. Key West policies only focus on the immediate future and long-term plans are needed to curtail the amount of cars and soaring rent prices on the island while creating a balance between the local and tourist communities, Jones said.

801 is a gay/lesbian/bi/trans nightclub with a backroom sex den. You will do pretty well in the mayor's race, if you get the city's large gay-les-bi/trans vote.

Also citing the 2016 presidential election, the 10-year Key West resident originallyfrom North Carolina said he is not satisfied with the current direction of the country and decided to run for office for the first time to effect change on a local level and hope it spreads nationally.

More candidates are expected for the mayoral election on Nov. 6, 2018.

A lot can happen between now and the June 2018 filing deadline. 

Such as, I told a friend who asked me if I will run for mayor in 2018?, I'm nearly 75, I could die any minute. 

Such as, I saw on CNN last night talk in Congress of impeaching Donald Trump for firing FBI Director James Comey because he was investigating Trump and his friends' dealings with Russia.

I bet The Rock would not have fired Comey

I bet The Terminator and Rambo are outraged Trump fired Comey. 

If Hollywood cowboy star Ronald Reagan can become President, then so can The Rock, who is at least as popular an actor as was Ronald Reagan, and The Rock also was a professional wrestling superstar!

Wonder how black belt judo practitioner Vladimir Putin would do in a ring with The Rock?
Okay, it's time to really go multidimensional.
My folk spell casting amiga's dream reported in yesterday's post at this website:
The Puppet Show

There is no left wing; there is no right wing, or even true moderates.  It's all a puppet show for the purpose of distracting and dividing those who haven't the capacity to recognize what's playing out before us.
We need to identify the puppet masters pulling the strings and staging the show......  not get sucked in by the show itself..... but discover means of severing the strings and stopping the show. 

I emailed amiga:

There is yet another possibility re puppet masters not mentioned in today's post, but since I reviewed Greg Bear's novel today [Take Back the Sky], if you read Barbara Marciniac's Bringers of the Dawn and its sequel, she reported the Pleiadeans told her the reptiles are messing with human beings on this planet. So are the Pleadians, but they were not so forthcoming with that, I wrote to Marciniac after I read her first book, and she gave that more attention in her sequel, not mentioning my input.

Amiga emailed:

I remember reading or at least skimming through Marcianic's "Bringers of the Dawn" quite a few years ago.  Perhaps will revisit it..... because....

After reading your post, the reference to Psalms 111:10 jumped out at me with a remembrance that when I was studying comparative interpretations of the original works, most commentaries were claiming that the word interpreted in English as fear.... would more accurately be interpreted as "awe" or "reverence."  So I went off in search of that..... but first wanted to review the whole of Psalms 111.

When I got to verse 6 of that Psalm, it struck me as seeming to speak more to a tribal notion of God rather than to the creator of this universe... which may be only one of many universes....

Psalms 111:6 - He has shown his people the power of his works,
    giving them the lands of other nations.

Say what?!?  What kind of God discriminates - favoring ONE nation.  And doesn't this resemble what we might imagine in association with puppet masters and warmongering?!?

This zapped me back to contemplating similarities between Sumerian tales and Genesis.....  we The Gods (Elohim is plural) inter-planetary or inter-dimensional travelers who created a slave race on this planet.... genetically modifying pre human.  In the Sumerian tale it took what might be interpreted as some DNA extracted from the chief scientist "god" to get it right.

Just missed your call.  I was writing this and my phone was in the living room. 


I called Amiga yesterday afternoon and said I knew of the Elohim, but had written to her about the Nephilim. We talked about several related topics, including reptiles, Pleiadeans, etc. are taking human form, I have seen a few, Science no more can prove how human life began on this planet, or that there was a big bang, or what caused it, than science can prove there is no God, no angels, no demons, no Elohim, no Nephilim, no angels. 

I told amiga this book's view of Adam and Eve. 

Adam and Eve, two advanced beings, were prepared on Nebanon, a distant planet, to come by serapath transport to this planet, known as Urantia, to help its developing humans further develop. Eve was warned on Nebanon to stick tight with Adam. Monogamy was not practiced by them, or on Nebanon. Adam and Eve were not supposed to breed with Urantia humans until they got the go ahead from Nebanon. Eve jumped the gun with a Urantia male leader. That was the "fall". Adam loved Eve so much that he jumped the gun with quite a few Urantia female humans. Falling with Eve. Urantia representatives arrived, sized up the situation, told Adam and Eve's natural children, who were innocent, they could stay or go back to Urantia. Some stayed, some went back to Urantia. Adam and Eve lost their spirit enhancers. The Tree of Life was diminished. Yet they still lived perhaps 600 years and provided a major genetic and spiritual upgrade to Urantia humans, and that was viewed as fairly good by Nebanon. Adam and Eve returned to Nebanon, leaving their Urantia human bodies behind. It was left that there might be yet another Adam and Eve interdiction on Urantia, which is an experimental planet. Constructed, not natural.

The Urantia Foundation is in Chicago. That's where anyone can obtain THE URANTIA BOOK, which dwarfs the Bible in pages, but, oddly, like the Bible, no mention of dinosaurs. 
I first learned of the Urantia Book circa 1983 from a dear Islamorada friend and watercolor artist and teacher of note, Millard Wells, who told me reading THE URANTIA BOOK catalyzed him to stop drinking and turn his life around. The story of how Millard learned about and then found a copy of the book was interesting in the woo woo sense. Hardly an accident, which he certainly knew.

Right, THE URANTIA BOOK was channeled.

Amiga emailed again:

Regarding our conversation about the Nephilim, I see correlations between the Biblical Nephilim and the jotunn/jotnar of the pre-Christian Norse and early Germanic peoples.  Other cultures also have their stories of giants, little people, dragons, etc. 

Some scientists are quick to point out that the Nephilim could not have really been "giants." because there is no evidence.  However, there are tales of modern day peoples discovering the bones of giants (or huge humans).... generally the tale goes that when reported, the "authorities" take the remains for study and those remains disappear or become unavailable to anyone inquiring of them.   

I don't know if this is true, but I have heard that there are skulls in the basement of the Smithsonian that differ from ours in significant manner.  Not that of head binding.... but something about the number of plates making up the skull.  When asked why these are not on display, the response is that there has been no time or funding to research them.  If it is true that such anomalous skulls exist, I would think studying and coming to understand as much as possible about their age, and where they may fit in the history of life on the planet would be top priority.  Apparently not.  Perhaps it's all conspiracy theory.

However, when it comes to various creation myths, I don't believe that early peoples were writing sci fi, or fantasy fiction.  I believe they were describing as best they could elements of their experience.

I've heard some Christian pastors proclaim that the Nephilim - or their offspring, since there is even debate whether the Nephilim are the OFFSPRING of the Sons of God OR if they are the sons of God, or fallen angels - whatever, some Christians will claim that the Bible does not mean to indicate that they were a race larger in size than man.... but instead they were "men of renown" .... mighty brave and warrior like.

Except that obviously from Biblical stories, humans feared them and were very tiny in comparison with the giants.

So were/are the Nephilim fallen angels, or the Sons of the Gods?  Or were the Nephilim the progeny of sexual unions between the Sons of God and the Daughters of Men?!?  

Numbers 13 contains an interesting tale of spies assessing Canaan encountering the giants. 

I've also read accounts of the children of the Nephilim being a separate race known as the Elioud, but I've not taken time to research much into that. 

I do want to read the Book of Enoch.... to refresh my memory concerning what's contained there.  When I read it the first time, I was young and it seemed fantastical, and I gave up midway through.  I won't give up and toss the work when I pick it up again. 

I replied this morning:

In early 2004, I met at Higgs Beach in Key West and over the course of time got to know somewhat a young man, perhaps early 30s. What he told me about his own experiences with the angelic realm convinced me he, too, had been captured and trained by something not of this world. 

He said his mission was just getting started, and it was to defeat the Nephilim, which had caused a lot of trouble for human beings on this world. I tried to persuade him to consider he could be about more than that, but he was closed to that possibility. 

He also was not comfortable with my answer to his question: Where do we come from? My answer was, I think we are projections into form of our soul, which is a projection out of something much larger, which I call our spirit, which is a projection out of God. 

I myself was having quite a struggle in early 2004, screwing up my daily assignments from  the angels, doing it my way, instead of their way; I finally nearly went nuts and it would take the angels 2 years to repair me. 

Early in the screwing up, the young man decided he wanted nothing further to do with me, his master had trained him well, he emailed me from the mainland, and I would not hear further from him. He did not respond to my reply email, and I have not heard from him since, at least not in a way he identified himself as that same young man going after the Nephilim. 

He was the only person I met in Key West, who had been captured. He was the only person I met since I arrived in Key West in late 2000, who knew the vast difference between doing his own will vs. doing what Jesus called doing God's will. He knew the difference, because it had been drilled into him experientially, painfully, by what had captured him, which is what had happened to me. 

We both had reverence, awe and respect for God, that went without saying. But it went further. We both were terrified of doing our will, instead of doing God's will. That, too, had been instilled in us. It was not theoretical with us. It was not Biblical with us. It was not superstition with us. We had the direct experience many times. Physically, emotionally, mentally and soulfully palpable. That's how I arrived at summing Jesus up in this way: God's will, not my will, be done. 

The angels told me many times that imposing human will on a situation, without their permission, was witchcraft. That's why I told you to see if you got dream permission to do the folk freeze ritual on certain people. You got dream permission for those people. I don't now think you were give permission for that ritual on Donald Trump and Paul Ryan. Being told in a dream about the puppet masters and their strings needed to be cut indicated a different approach than the freeze spell is needed. 

I can't say I know what that approach might be. I can say, if human beings were captured the way that young man and I were captured. If they had the literal fear of God put into them, the way it was put into us. Then human beings would behave very differently. I mean ALL human beings. Donald Trump. Everyone I know. Everyone. 

This is not something that can be known/appreciated, until it is experienced. However, there are stories of people in the Bible who had the experience, and they are the people who are revered in Judaism and Christendom. 

I imagine I went with my will, not God's, when I outed Judith Haney after she did a 180 on me last December. Then it fell on me to proceed from there doing what I then was shown to do. I suffered plenty during that ordeal. I might suffer more for it. Still, if I had simply told what happened in Birmingham without identifying her, would that have been okay, given what I later learned about her from people who knew her far better? And where does that go from here? I don't know. 

What I do know is ETs are messing with human beings. Demons are messing with human beings. Nephilim and probably other suprahuman or supernatural beings are messing with human beings. In light of that, "free will" is kinda a joke. More so, given the subconscious dwarfs the conscious. 

How do all of those puppet strings get cut? I know no mechanical way to do it. I know no spirit or magic technology to do it. I know angels such as captured me can do it, but they don't do it, so there must be a reason they don't do it. 

Meanwhile, I am stuck with the angels bossing me around, not always pleasantly. And I know from that, if they were doing the same to Donald Trump, he would be behaving very differently. As would any person having that happen behave very differently.
Moi talking to my absent incumbent mayor opponent, 
Craig Cates, 
during a 2016 Key West candidate forum

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