Tuesday, May 30, 2017

bait and switch and related phenomena in Key West and America

Yesterday, the awful tension and toxic feeling in my gut released. What seemed to be the trigger was what I published yesterday at this website.
Had a fairly good sleep last night in the police station front lobby. 

The deeply-troubled woman, who has been sleeping there at night lately, was pretty quiet.

Talking with her the other morning before I set foot back on the hard rock pile (Key West), I learned she has had serious troubles with men. I said I'd had 8 wives and could relate. Men and women are two entirely different species. She seemed to agree with that.

She has really had it rough, that's for sure. 

The other night, I concluded she represents a woman friend of mine on the mainland, who is difficult to get along with about serious issues. 
My dreams last night, however, had me in federal court prosecuting Judith Eloise Haney, of Leeds, Alabama, who sued me at the end of 2016 for libel, cyberstalking and invasion of privacy, only to have all of her pleadings tossed out by Key West (Monroe County) Circuit Judge Bonnie J. Helms. Judge Helms tossed out all of my defensive pleadings, too. Effectively dismissing the lawsuit.

Judge Helms did not seem inclined to entertain my 1st Amendment defensive arguments. 

A federal court would entertain 1st Amendment defensive arguments. 

And arguments that Haney violated federal laws herself, by using the Internet to file and prosecute a frivolous lawsuit against me; by using the Internet to falsely accuse me of criminal behavior; by using the internet to falsely allege to a federal agency and a federal court that I had violated her copyright by publishing excerpts from her website without her permission, which I written permission I had and included with what I published from her website; by using the internet to violate my 1st Amendment right to free speech and as a journalist/media outlet/commentator; by using the internet to extort my website hosts with frivolous litigation if the host did not shut down my websites, which the host did even though I had broken no laws; by using the internet to run a bait and switch on me; by using the internet to make false promises and representations to me; by crossing state lines to further all of the above; by engaging in interstate commerce to further all of the above.

If Haney sues me again in a state court, I imagine I will file a motion to remove the lawsuit to the appropriate federal court, due to federal issues and diversity of citizenship (Haney lives in Alabama, I live in Key West), which I probably should have done when Haney sued me in Key West. 

I can't wait to see Haney carry on in a federal court the way she carried on in the Key West court. 

But then, perhaps the angels have in mind me proactively suing Haney in federal court, to help her learn about the federal judiciary, the FBI, which she threatened to sic on me, the U.S. Marshals, etc.

Hanney's 4th husband, Robert Fureigh, who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, told me, that when Haney was covering the White Water (Bill and Hillary Clinton) trials, as a journalist, in Little Rock, the Little Rock U.S. Marshal's office called her "the psycho bitch from hell". 

U.S. Marshals are stationed in federal buildings and courthouses. 

Maybe Haney will try to pay off-duty U.S. Marshals to protect her from me, because I threatened to kill her with a pitchfork. 

I do hope Haney does that. 
I can't way to show U.S. Marshals, the FBI, a US Attorney and a United States District Judge what I actually published, and what Robert Fureigh wrote to me about Haney, and what a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge in Arkansas wrote about Haney.

I got the impression as my dreams unfolded last night, that not only did Haney run a bait and switch on me last December, with all those promises about bringing me to Birmingham, Alabama on her dime for 7 months, the angels were running a bait and switch on Haney, using me as the bait. Me, who the angels knew would not turn out to be anything like Haney had ever dealt with before. Beyond her wildest imagination, me. 

Haney has long been in the Roger Shuler (legalschnauzer.blogspot.com) "where de fuck are we?" conspiracy camp: that I was in on my brother Major's death, despite I was in Key West/Florida Keys for several years before he died, and despite the Birmingham local legal authorities and the Birmingham F.B.I. concluded it was suicide made to look like murder, which I was told by the angels and published it at my my websites the day I learned Major had gone missing, before anyone knew what had become of him.

I wonder if it even yet has occurred to Haney that her bringing me to Birmingham last December and putting me in an apartment with a great view of the public golf course pond where Major's body was found, was inspired by the angels who run me, because they wanted me to consider Haney might be the person who extorted Major and drove him to kill himself and try to make it look like suicide? 

I wonder if it even yet occurred to Haney that the angels lured her into bringing me to Birmingham to learn what she really is: a vexatious litigator and abuser of law enforcement process against people she does not like?

I might really be looking forward to talking with Birmingham area FBI, US Marshals, United States Attorney and United States District Court about all of that.

Maybe the angels will induce Haney to bring me back to Birmingham again on her dime, so they can complete that unfinished business with Haney where she lives, and it gets splashed in all the news media up there.

Maybe the angels want Haney to learn: when you destroy your reputation, you can be free.

One other thing about my dreams about federal court. 

Historically, such dreams mean I am prosecuting in God's Court, where everyone is on trial, including me. 

Where there is no 5th Amendment. 

Where there are no secrets, nor any fig leaves.

On the southernmost continental America asteroid law enforcement front this morning:
An inaccurate video is making the rounds that implies a Key West Police Officer asked a crash victim about his immigration status. The Key West Police Department wants to clarify the facts in this incident. The crash took place outside KWPD jurisdiction on Stock Island. Our officer was on Stock Island to help ease traffic congestion during rush hour. Our officer saw the crash. He called for rescue, FHP and the county, whose jurisdiction it is. The county deputy conducted a conversation with the victim and asked about the victim’s immigration status.
The Key West Police Department’s stance on illegal immigration enforcement has not changed: we are not enforcing federal immigration laws; we enforce violations of Florida state statute and Key West City ordinances.
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Sloan Bashinsky Naja Girard, co-publisher of Key West the Newspaper (thebluepaper.com), which broke this story, but when it went viral, the other news media using it did not mention the blue paper as being the reason for the story ( the Key West Citizen and the Keynoter have yet to run the story) told me about this conversation thread and a similar one at Key West the Newspaper's Facebook page.

I checked out both threads.

I called Naja and told her what this looks like to me is Donald Trump supporters, white trash, against everyone else. What this looks like to me is a fair presentation of the American people.

I said, what Trump actually is he himself produced in 10 seconds at the NATO conference. This link opens the video of what he produced.


in 10 seconds Donald Trump shows the world what he really is

Not only is this the true Trump, it is his rabid supporters.

Do not take heart Democrats who backed Hillary Clinton. She was as bad as Trump. If you Democrats all had backed Bernie Sanders, he would be America's president now. Instead, America fielded two terrible candidates in 2016. Take heart, there are worse candidates waiting in the wings.

I'd wager the conch farm that the illegal immigrant bicyclist is far more spiritually developed than Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the people who backed them.

On top of that, he was used by God to show Key West just how big a joke its "One Human Family" official creed really is.

He also was used to show just how little regard Key West motorists have for pedestrian crosswalks. Key West should pass an ordinance making it illegal to walk or ride a bicycle.

I posted much the same into 2 threads on the blue paper's Facebook page.

Back to the big top ...
Nota happy with how men were thinking,
Kali cut off a lot of men's heads -
that's Shiva under Kali's feet,
he figured the only way to stop
her rampage was to lie down under her
and nicely ask her to stop

In the downstairs shower at the Martin Luther King Center in Bahama Village yesterday, I struck up a conversation with a young man from India. This led to that. 

He asked me how life is for me? 

I said, I'm pushing 75, life has just about worn me out. 

Better than being dead, he said.

I chuckled, said, since you are from India, I will tell you what happened to me in October 2002, in Key West. 

A woman I was seeing came to me in a dream, my name is Sloan by the way, and she told me, "Sloan, you married Kali!!!" I woke up, in shock.

Kali?, the fellow asked? Perhaps wondering how a white guy in Key West would have such a dream, or even know about Kali?

Yeah, Kali. Being from India, you know about her, I said.

Yeah, he said. 

Well, what's it been like for you, being married to her. Has she treated you well?

She has turned me every which a way but loose. I don't talk much about her around here, though. White people don't know shit about Kali. I mostly talk around here about what Jesus, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek do to me. They are after me, too. 

The fellow chuckled. Said, well good luck.

I asked if he used the internet?


I write daily about what Kali and those other three do to me. Check out afoolsworkneverends.blogspot.com. That's a Google website. 

He laughed at the name of the website. Said he would check it out.

I said, I might write about Kali tomorrow, don't want her to think I don't respect her. Not even Shiva messes with Kali.

The fellow laughed.

I doubt there is a white person in Key West I could have had that conversation with.

America is so insular. Inbred. Uninformed.

Donald Trump is perfect for its president.

Moving laterally ...
After dinner yesterday evening, I bicycled to the Mallory Pier sunset celebration to kill some time. I saw a woman psychic at her table. I had seen her there many times, but had never spoken with her. 

I walked over to her, she did not have a customer. I said, do you ever pick up on what's going on with Donald Trump? 

By remote viewing?, she asked.

That, and by just watching and listening to him, I said.

She smiled. 

All you have to do it watch and listen to him, to see him. No remote viewing necessary. T-Rex.

She smiled.

Since you brought up remote viewing, I will tell you about a book a man once wrote. One of the main people in the book was Rudolph Steiner. Ever hear of him? 


He was able to do remote viewing. He used it to sit in on meetings Adolph Hitler had with his high command. Then, he reported what he had learned to the Allied Command. The Nazis twice tried to kill him, and he did not defend himself. He was rescued by other people, who had learned of the plots.

The book also tells how Hitler became possessed by a demonic spirit. 



What's the name of the book? I want to get it.

THE SPEAR OF DESTINY,  I said. It's still available.
I will get it, she said. She wrote it down.

I asked, what is your country? She had an accent.

Canada, she said.

French, you?


Montreal, Quebec?


I doubt there was anyone else I Key West I could have had that conversation with.
I'm always on the lookout for being able to have such conversations, but they happen seldom. So insular thinking is Key West and the Florida Keys. 

I found many more people in Birmingham interested in such matters, than here.

Which makes no sense to me, given Key West sits at the origin point of a major earth energy vortex, such as is found in the Andes in South America, the Himalaya in Asia, and the Sangre de Cristo in New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Usually at an earth vortex, the native people are far more attuned to other dimensions. But not Key West and the Florida Keys, through which the vortex energy runs up into Florida and into the eastern US and into Canada.
That earth vortex energy might have something to do with why so many different kinds of people come to Key West. Yet, when they get here, they are swamped by an entirely different energy. 

Last today, breaking news yesterday re a former American idol:
Tiger Woods has issued a public statement roughly 15 hours after being arrested for DUI in Jupiter, Florida. Woods indicated in his statement that alcohol was not involved, and that his condition resulted from “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.”
Here is Woods’ statement:
Look at Tiger's eyes. Windows to his soul. 

I wonder if he has anyone in his life talking with him about karma, God, Lucifer?

I see no signs that Donald Trump has anyone talking to him about those topics.


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