Friday, May 19, 2017

alien covenants: Key West, Leeds, Alabama, Washington D.C.

Last night was the first good night’s sleep in quite a while.
In today’s Key West Citizen (, my interjected thoughts in bold italics:
April Thomason

Lawyer: Motorist in fatal crash was insane
Key West Citizen

A jury will decide if the motorist accused of striking and killing a pedestrian on South Roosevelt Boulevard in September 2015 was insane at the time of the crash. 
The motorist was a professional stripper and escort in Key West. According to jail inmate Kari Dangler, although April Thomason, said to have some Jewish blood, did not attend synagogue, shortly after she was admitted to the county jail, a local rabbi, whose cell phone number April had, came to the jail and soon she was eating kosher instead of standard jail food. According to Dangler, when April came into the women's block, she would get down on the floor and say she was having a seizure, but it did not look like a seizure. It looked faked. According to Dangler, April finally told a number of inmates, including Dangler, that she knew the woman she ran over, she saw the woman walking with another woman on the sidewalk, she got jealous, and she ran over the woman on purpose. I arranged for Dangler to speak with State Attorney Dennis Ward about that, by telephone. Dangler told me she told Ward what she had told me about April saying she ran over the woman on purpose. According to Dangler this morning, she has not been further interviewed about April by the State Attorney Office. 
April Dawn Thomason, 45, of Key West faces one count of first-degree life-felony second-degree murder, two counts of first-degree felony attempted second-degree murder and third-degree felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She also faces a charge of first-degree felony hit-and-run involving death.
Prosecutors allege Thomason was driving a black 2003 Mercedes sedan eastbound on the 3700 block of South Roosevelt Boulevard at 5:43 p.m. on Sept. 16 when she struck and killed dental hygienist Verna Stephanie Collins, 49, of Cudjoe Key, who was walking on the sidewalk.
Assistant Public Defender Kevin McCarthy filed a notice to the court that he was preparing an insanity defense on May 9, citing “severe anxiolytic withdrawal syndrome,” as found by Dr. Frederick Covan, according to court records.
Right after this happened, I saw online screenshots of April writing on her Facebook page that she was in terrible Xanax withdrawal. That was reported in the Key West Citizen. Mike Tolbert was one of April's partners. I knew from both Tolbert and his wife. Tolbert told me: his wife had just lost her best friend, April, and if April is prosecuted, a lot of people in high places in the Florida Keys will go down; April was taking Xanax 4-packs, a quadruple dose known as "french fry" on the street; google "Xanax french fry". I googled it, this came up.
Tolbert told me a local "pill mill" doctor, Gilbert Shapiro, M.D., had prescribed April's Xanax. Kari Dangler told me that April told her that she had used Shapiro in the past, but she had gotten the Xanax from someone else. That's when I suspected Tolbert was April's Xanax supplier. I knew from Tolbert and his wife that he and April had done drugs together. I told Tolbert, and I published several times, that if I were April's defense lawyer, I would argue April was insane due to acute Xanax withdrawal. That was before Dangler told me that April told her and other other inmates that she had run over the woman on purpose. Dangler told me word in the jail was a female inmate had talked with the State Attorney Office about April and that inmate then had been put into protective custody in the jail, and then she was released, and then she was back in the jail for another offense. 
Prosecutors Val Winter and Colleen Dunne are expected to bring their own medical experts to court to counter that claim. They declined to comment citing the pending trial, which had yet to be scheduled as of Friday. Her next pretrial hearing date is June 2 before Judge Wayne Miller.
Toxicology reports state that Thomason had Butalbital in her system. Butalbital is a barbiturate that is commonly used with other medications for pain, particularly migraines. Side effects include dizziness, feelings of intoxication and impairment of judgment, among others.
Butalbital is a barbiturate with an intermediate duration of action. Butalbital is often combined with other medications, such as acetaminophen or aspirin, and is commonly prescribed for the treatment of pain and headache. Wikipedia
How important that toxicology report will be at trial is unclear given it doesn’t clarify questions over Thomason’s state of sobriety at the time of the crash. It only notes that she had the drug in her system, but it doesn’t state how much or whether she was under the influence.
Why is not Assistant Public Defender McCarthy arguing what April posted on her Facebook page? She was in acute Xanax withdrawal?
Thomason has been ruled mentally competent to stand trial, which is a different legal issue than the insanity defense.
In brief:
Competency is measured while a defendant is in court and it implies the person has a basic understanding that they are in court, they are being represented by a lawyer, they understand the charges and what the penalties would be.
Sanity, on the other hand, refers to a person’s state of mind at the time of the alleged offense. Sanity is defined by the courts as per the definition that is read to jurors:
“A person is considered to be insane when he or she had a mental infirmity, disease, or defect and because of that condition he or she did not know what he or she was doing or its consequences or although he or she knew what he or she was doing and its consequences, he or she did not know it was wrong.”
In other words, although Thomason was found to be competent it is still legally possible for her to prepare an insanity defense.
All people are presumed to be sane, as per the law. The defendant has the burden of proving they are insane by clear and convincing evidence to jurors. 
A person can be sane at the time of the offense, but become incompetent later during court or vice versa.
She remains in Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island in lieu of $400,000 bail, according to jail records. Thomason has no prior criminal history in Monroe County, other than several speeding tickets.
Mike Tolbert,
taken from his Facebook page

Tolbert works for Southern Homeless Assistance League (SHAL), which is paid by the City of Key West to manage the city's homeless shelter on the Sheriff's land on Stock Island, the next key above Key West. Tolbert manages KOTS for SHAL. 

Judith Haney testified on March 31 of this year, that she gave SHAL $1,500. Haney had noticed a subpoena for Tolbert to testify against me on March 31. 

Haney also had noticed a subpoena for State Attorney Dennis Ward to testify against me on March 31. Ward was in the audience that day and Haney did not call him as a witness. Ward had told me that twice the State Attorney Office's investigator had declined Haney's efforts to have the State Attorney Office prosecute me. 

Haney testified on March 31 that she did not know where Mike Tolbert was. 

Haney testified  she did not give SHAL $1500 to for Tolbert to testify against me. I had published on my website that I was looking forward to cross examining Tolbert on March 31. He had published stuff online slamming me, taking Haney's side. 

I had published at my website that Tolbert should be prosecuted as April Thomason's accomplice. 

I had published at my website that, despite April being so close to Tolbert and his wife, neither of them had visited April in the Sheriff's jail, according to Kari Dangler, who had heard it from April.
The irascible, irreverent, indefatigable Sancho Panza replied to yesterday’s post at this website:

I find a funny connection between you, beauty contest [Judith Haney] and POTUS... you're all not boring! *>:) devil

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:

Arranged by angels & demons for your entertainment :-)

My friend who did the folk freeze spell on Miss Leeds USA [Judith Haney] was told in her sleep Paul Ryan is more dangerous than Trump and do the freeze ritual on Ryan. 

She said she hopes she gets told to do it on Trump, too. If so, She said she will use the Ryan-Trump cartoon in today's post. 

She was worried last week about getting sued for "casting spells", but she looked it up online and under the law spells are superstition and not actionable.

Hee haw
My folk spell casting friend also told me yesterday that she cracked up reading about beauty contest’s outrage over people looking up the “dirt” on her online after she had sued me for libel. Not only did my friends look it up where it sat in plain view, there were no quotations. It was dirt. Made by beauty contest.

When I called the city of attorney of Leeds, Alabama earlier this year, he told me beauty contest had sued him earlier that day for my publishing what he had told me about her reputation in Leeds and nearby. I told him she was claiming in her lawsuit against me that I had damaged her reputation in Leeds. He chuckled, said, what reputation?

The first time I called the Leeds city attorney, I had already spoken with the Leeds chief of police. Both men told me that beauty contest had a reputation of suing and calling the police in on people she did not like, and she had driven away three families living in the home across the street from her, and was doing it to the fourth family. I heard the same from the fourth family.

Before all of that, I had gotten much the same, and more, from beauty contest’s 4th husband, who was with her when they lived near Little Rock, Arkansas. 

I told my folk spell casting friend that beauty contest seems to think she is God and everyone else is supposed to do her bidding. My friend said, well, beauty contest found out differently in Key West.

I told my folk spell casting friend that I told the Leeds city attorney that what needs to happen is an Alabama judge determines beauty contest is not competent to file her own lawsuits. A guardian is appointed to file lawsuits for her - with leave of a court. That was the approach I took down here in my pleadings in beauty contest's lawsuit against me. Judge Bonnie Helms’ achieved much the same result by striking all of beauty contest’s pleadings and telling her, and me, to get lawyers to file our pleadings, or file them correctly ourselves, or they would be struck as well.

The lawyer I used to be was still in hibernation when beauty contest sued me on December 30. He was slow to wake up, because he really did not want to wake up. Well, he’s awake now, and while he still don’t like practicing law, if beauty contest sues me again, he’s going to start chanting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

Fired FBI Director James Comey

Yesterday, I promoted the special prosecutor and every American should read Bill Browder’s RED NOTICE expose of Vladimir Putin and his barbarians, and his American friends Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Today, I found this online:


Trump could be ‘absolute windfall’ for Putin, says Hermitage CEO

Friday, 20 Jan 2017 | 3:46 AM ET
Bill Browder 

Russian President Vladimir Putin stands to make a 'windfall' if President-elect Donald Trump lets his 'emotions' get in the way, the head of Hermitage Capital and long-time anti-Russia activist told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Friday.
There is no relationship between the U.S. and Russia yet, Bill Browder said, beyond hope on the Russian side and some tweets from Trump, there was little concrete indication at this stage of how the bilateral relations would develop.
"If the Russia policy is driven by the defense secretary, the head of the CIA, head of homeland security or various others, then Russians aren't going to get any gifts," contended Browder before describing the alternative possibility.
"If policy is driven by whatever Trump's emotions were at the moment that he made those statements, then it could be an absolute windfall for Vladimir Putin and Russia," he continued.
Stephane de Sakutin, Mandel Ngan, Odd Ardersen | AFP | Getty Images

Browder, who has spent several years fighting to bring to justice those responsible for the death in a Moscow prison of his lawyer and friend, Sergei Magnitsky, and is a well-known bête-noire of the Putin regime, expressed his astonishment at the behavior of the President-elect towards various foreign counterparts.
"It bewilders me and it bewilders everybody else around us. It doesn't make any sense why he would be so unfriendly towards a lot of our allies and then so friendly towards a country which is an adversary towards the United States," he said.
However, the successful hedge fund manager was much clearer on Putin's motivations for establishing improved relations.
"Russia comes down to really one thing, which is oil. If the oil price stays here or goes higher then Russia will kind of muddle through. If the oil price goes down, Russia will go down. You can track the rouble, you can track the stock market just off the price of oil," Browder explained.
"They don't have enough money at $51 a barrel to do everything they want to do. It doesn't mean he's going to get kicked out but they don't have enough money. That's why he's so desperate to get sanctions lifted," he affirmed.
"While everybody is saying they are surviving with sanctions, let me tell you every morning Putin is praying for sanctions to be lifted and every evening he is praying for sanctions to be lifted. It would be the biggest single gift that could ever be given to him if it was to happen with the new Trump administration," Browder concluded.
From yesterday’s post:

I finished reading Bill Browder's RED NOTICE, which I hope the special prosecutor reads pronto, if he has not yet read it.

Anyone wishing to have dealings with Russia, its oligarchs, its government, its secret police and Vladimir Putin should read Browder's book before doing anything else. 

Not only does Browder strip naked Putin & Gang, down to their barbarian true selves, Browder exposes President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wanna be Secretary of State John Kerry and a few other important American officials of being in bed with the Russian barbarians knowing full well of their massive human rights violations.

Only by act of an outraged Browder-informed U.S. Congress, were Obama, Clinton and Kerry forced to stop letting Russian oligarchs move to America and use American banks to launder and protect their ill gotten mega billions.

It was in the court of public opinion, not in the courts of law, that Browder was able to generate the heat to beat Putin & Gang, and President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, by passage of:

The Magnitsky Act, formally known as the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012, is a bipartisan bill passed by the U.S. Congress and President Obama in November–December 2012, intending to punish Russian officials responsible for the death of Russian lawyer ...
Magnitsky Act - Wikipedia

I can imagine Trump sent people to Russia to offer to repeal that Act of Congress, if Russia got Trump elected, and that's why Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to back off that investigation, and that's why Trump then fired Comey after he did not back off. And, I can imagine, that is why Trump is saying that conversation with Comey never happened. 

Trump had fun last year chanting, "Lock her up," and I kinda thought he was right. I kinda think sauce for the goose is good for the gander, too.

Back when beauty contest was filing new pleadings daily against me, sometimes more than one pleading a day, I published:
Will someone please see that this Presidents Day not in anywise surgical strike legions of collateral damages fully intended post gets to President Lucifer's Trumpet, to make sure he knows he has in Leeds, Alabama, a more than able Cain-ish successor to his throne? Not that I thought Hillary was any better than Trump.

I nominate first for that carrier pigeon to the White House role, an in-the-closet-Donald Trump-loving friend of mine, who came to me in a dream before dawn this morning and told me to check out what people are saying in Marathon. [The Ryan-Trump cartoon was in the Keynoter, headquartered in Marathon, 50 miles up the keys from Key West.] When the dream came, I was sleeping somewhat peacefully in the front lobby of the Key West police station, after I had mused several times yesterday that I just might have to get out my own pitchfork today and stick it through Judith Haney into Donald Trump till death do they part. 

That's metaphor, folks, but it would not surprise me if Haney adds it to her lawsuit, saying I threatened to kill her with a pitchfork, and I libeled her by comparing her to Donald Trump.

Beauty contest did just what I had predicted. She filed not one but hordes of pleadings claiming I had threatened to kill her with a pitchfork.

She reported me to local law enforcement for threatening to kill her with a pitchfork.

How did she figure I was able to do that, when I am indigent and cannot get to Leeds, Alabama to buy a pitchfork at a farm supply store? For I would not be allowed to bring a pitchfork on a Greyhound bus or an airplane.

How did she figure I would be allowed to bring a pitchfork into the Key West courthouse through all of those deputy sheriffs?

I'm going to take in "Alien Covenant" at Regal Cinema today, because beauty contest reminds me of the alien queen mother.

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