Friday, June 22, 2018

I can be me in open air insane asylum Key West ...

As of 10:25 a.m. today, there were 8 candidates who had qualified for the Key West mayor race.

In alphabetical order on the Supervisor of Elections website:

Sloan Bashinsky
Randy Becker
George Bellenger
Bill Foley
Teri Johnston
Carie Noda
Margaret Romero
Mark Rossi

There are 2 prefiled candidates who could qualify by the qualifying deadline, which is 12 noon, today:

Robert "Bob" Goodreau
Mitchell Jones

There are 7 withdrawn candidates:

David Bethune
Rick Brown
Wayne Coulter
Danny Hughes
Kate Miano
Daren Smith
Mark Songer

Kinda reminds me of a class the first day at the University of Alabama School of Law, in Tuscaloosa, when the professor told us students to look to the left and look to the right. That's how many students won't be there if we are who graduates. And that was how it proved out. 1/3 of my freshman class graduated.

In Birmingham was Samford University, to which was attached the Cumberland School of Law. Samford was a Baptist college. It and Cumberland's tuitions were much higher than state school Alabama's. Cumberland's graduation rate was about 95 percent. 

The rest of the story was the Alabama State Bar Exam.

95 percent of the University of Alabama School of Law's graduating students passed the bar exam. 50 percent of Cumberland's students passed.

I tell that today because of Mike Tolbert's comment under yesterday's post at this blog, which I imagine was provoked by what Sancho Panza wrote about Mike and me, as reported in yesterday's post:
Yea I might have neglected Informing Ya I actually gots me some of that high faluenting College edjumaction not a bunch just short 4 yrs What kinds? The Kinds that none of your Business kinds! Buts I gots me a Heap Diverse Vocabularys when I fells like using it. But its much easier to slide under radar if IDIOTs that went to U of A when Audburn has a real school that teaches more than football right down the road think ya is a dumb hick. I found in sales I can usually let them think they won while Cleaning the fuck up. Glad your Buddy was fooled,. Least he got the YOU A DUMMY part right!

In fact, both Alabama and Auburn are excellent state universities, probably equal academically. 

In fact, each school's football team is the most important thing to most of the students and alumni.

This is known to anyone who lives in Alabama and is not brain dead.

The same can be said of Florida's three best known universities: Florida, Florida State and Miami.

This is known to anyone who lives in Florida and is not brain dead.

In fact, I attended Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee, before attending the University of Alabama School of Law. Vanderbilt then had, perhaps still has, a higher academic rating than Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State and Miami. 

Here is Hoodoo Witch's comment about Sancho Panza's remarks in yesterday's post at this blog:
I'm pleased to see the return of Sancho Panza .... and in such good form at that!

A retired Lucent Technologies scientist, Sancho Panza was born in the Dominican Republic and migrated with his parents to America when he was a boy. He is tied with a homeless man in Key West and a lawyer I knew in Birmingham, Alabama, since deceased, as the most educated and well-read men friends I have had the privilege to know. 

Sancho is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Latin, and probably other western languages. If he harpoons your ignorance, or stupidity, and you don't stop and pause and wonder and blush, then you are brain dead, in my opinion. Or, so full of yourself that you might as well be brain dead. 

Hoodoo Witch ain't no slouch. Her IQ got her into MENSA. She is a professional psychic with a national client base. She is very well read. She has a stable of spirit advisers who show up when she has something brewing in their area of expertise. If she harpoons you and you brush it off, then too bad for you.

But set Hoodoo Witch and Sancho aside and simply consider what the expert on Mike Tolbert, Mike Tolbert himself, writes, and let that be how you measure his education level, smarts and morals.

Yesterday also brought an email from my childhood friend in Birmingham, whose thoughts sometimes appear in posts at this blog:
Enough of this bs.  Start watching your adopted college team in the College World Series and get your other, more likable, head screwed back on right!  TG

I made a long reply covering a lot of personal terrain most of which is not pertinent here. Excerpts:

I've felt this way about my son-in-law’s baseball team since he was head baseball coach. Let the season unfold, then party at the end.

My daughter doesn't like me publishing anything that might cause hubby extra work due to people asking him questions about his father-in-law. 

In Key West, I don't have to hold back. I can be me. 

Today, I paid the filing fee for the Key west mayor's race, which officially qualified me. I held off to nearly the end, because I was hoping I would get a pass, but I didn't. Maybe after the mayor's race is over, this tour of duty will be finished and then I will sense where to be next.

I doubt it matters in the big scheme where I am. I will be a pain in the ass at times, and charming at other times. 

As for my adopted college baseball team ...

My older daughter's husband is the athletic director of an excellent state university in the Southeastern Conference.

Mississippi State's baseball team is in the College World Series Super Regional playoffs, almost a miracle, given how badly the first half of their season went after their head coach resigned before the season started, in the wake of being charged with running around on his wife. My son-in-law appointed an assistant coach to be the interim head coach. The team clawed and scratched its way into the College World Series playoffs, and then into the Super Regionals, and bumped off 3 higher-ranked teams along the way.

Not long after my son-in-law was appointed athletic director, another SEC school hired away his head football coach and he had to find a suitable replacement head coach. He did. Fast. 

Before he was appointed athletic director, my son-in-law was Mississippi State's head baseball coach. Before that, he was the head baseball coach at another SEC school, where his team won the SEC and he was voted Coach of the Year. Before that, he was the batting coach at another SEC school. Before that, he was the head coach at a regional state university. Before that, he was an assistant coach at a Big 12 university. Before that, he played in the professional baseball minor leagues. Before that, he was an All-American at Mississippi State. His senior year, his team came in 2nd in the College World Series. When he was head baseball coach at Mississippi State, two of  his teams went to the College World Series. One team came in 2nd. Just getting into the College World Series playoffs is a major achievement.

My son-in-law's father was one of my favorite law professors at the University of Alabama School of Law. He was called "Hatchet Harry" by the students, because he gave out lots of Cs, Ds and Fs. I made As in two courses he taught, which I took. One of the A's was the highest grade in the class. 

Hatchet Harry's son is one of the most remarkable men I have ever known. He is loved at his university and in his city. He is highly-regarded throughout the SEC and the NCAA. He is smart as hell. And canny. He probably would have been a great general if he gone into the U.S. Military. He tolerates me. I have things to worry about, which he does not. He has things to worry about, which I do not. I love him like a son.

He and my daughter, and my childhood friend, and anyone who has been at city and county commission meetings, school board meetings and candidate forums when I spoke, can vouch for my not charming and charming sides.
Meanwhile, while at the Supervisor of Elections Office yesterday, qualifying for yet another fool's errand, the nice ladies and I had a hoot of a conversation about the lady ghost, Angela, who has lived in that building since anyone remembers. I told the ladies that I just might tell the audience at Hometown!'s Call to Candidates this afternoon, starting 5 p.m., at Studios of Key West on Eaton Street, about Angela, and that she is on Ghost Tours iterinary. Time for folks who don't think there is any such thing as ghosts to loosen up, I said. Ha, ha, the nice ladies replied. Then, they told me about the ghost in the Clerk of the Court's building across the parking lot.

You've tried everything else, so why not try crazy?

Everybody knows Key West is an open air insane asylum, so why not make it official? 

Sloan for Mayor!

trying to make a difference in Key West and the Florida Keys since 2000

political advertisement, created and paid for and prepared by me, Sloan Bashinsky

Well actually I don't think this political ad cost me any money, because someone gave me this laptop 2 years ago when I was homeless and this is a free Google blog and I am using the wi-fi in the home of the blue paper publishers, where I rent an efficiency apartment.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

lampooning and lambasting v. love and light in schizophrenic U.S. and Key West politics v. working for money v. working for the soul

Sancho Panza returned from sabbatical yesterday, my Yahoo is Mike Tolbert:

Strange how this Yahoo of yours uses words like "Satirical" and "Intestinal Fortitude"...... also, how he doesn't seem to get enough of you... seems more like a ventriloquist act to me!  But maybe you and God are the real ventriloquist act... I guess that would make you the dummy and he, the dummy's dummy?!  *>:) devil

Hope things are going well and quiet with the family... don't lose touch again!     

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:


I been a wondering at times if you got abducted by aliens or tired of my jabberings and special needs guests. 

I'm in contact with my family.

I get up each morning wondering what God has dreamed up to mess my mind, emotions and soul this day, and I turn in each night wondering same. 

Hope you are doing well given all variables.

Your great white father in Warshington sure is making an ... impression 

[A retired Lucent Technologies scientist fluent in several languages, Sancho and Mike Tolbert both voted for Donald Trump. Tolbert hoped Trump would save America from everything Tolbert fears (hates), including me. Sancho hoped Trump would wreck America faster than Hillary Clinton, and then perhaps things would get better, or over.]

Sancho responded:

I am just hanging around this place, sort of going through the motions.... you know what I mean?  Oink! 

I replied:


A rare thing happened yesterday. A friend agreed with me about something.

That Donald Trump is a leader of a religious cult, whose members think he can do no wrong. I said Trump reminds me of Jim Jones.

In today's Key West Citizen is a syndicated article about your schizophrenic Yahoo, whom my friend also agreed with me the Democrats elected by backing Hillary Clinton.

Trump plans to end immigrant separation

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said he would be signing an executive order later Wednesday that would end the process of separating children from families after they are detained crossing the border illegally. 

“We want to keep families together. It’s very important,” Trump told reporters during a White House meeting with members of Congress. “I’ll be signing something in a little while that’s going to do that.” 

The effort would mark a dramatic departure for an administration that has been insisting, wrongly, that it has no choice but to separate families apprehended at the border because of the law and a court decision. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the president and other officials have repeatedly said the only way to end the practice is for Congress to pass new legislation, though both Democrats and some Republicans have said the president could reverse it by himself. 

The news in recent days has been dominated by searing images of children held in cages at border facilities, as well as audio recordings of young children crying for their parents — images that have sparked fury, question of morality and concern from Republicans about a negative impact on their races in November’s midterm elections. 

Trump pointed to those images in his meeting, saying they’d “affect everybody” but that he was torn. “We want the heart,” he said, “but we also want strong borders and we want no crime.” 

The administration recently put into place a “zero tolerance” policy in which all unlawful border crossings are referred for prosecution — a process that moves adults to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service and sends many children to facilities run by the Department of Health and Human Services. Under the Obama administration, such families were usually referred for civil deportation proceedings, not requiring separation.

Recent facebook love and light encouragement from a Key West friend:
Jim Hendrick My dear looney friend Sloan: your arguments are worthy of serious consideration, but they aren't enhanced by ad hominem attacks.
Sloan Bashinsky Aw, Jim, thanks so much, but you ain't in my skin looking at years of collective local government officials heads up the assness I don't depend on, like you and your developer clients do, to make a fine living. The only way I can stay sane in such a sea of looney tunes is to use the lampoon, which kinda rhymes with harpoon. But if you can perform a warm fuzzy miracle that makes the blinded ones see, then please proceed.
Jim Hendrick Some of us work for a living; others are heirs. I don't denigrate the latter, nor do I find the need to vilify those who hold opposing views. If your argument has merit, it will be persuasive if stated rationally. Attacking the presumed motives of your opponents is a classic logical fallacy and adds nothing but vitriol to discourse on these important issues.
Sloan Bashinsky Jim Hendrick Jim, I cannot possibly recall all the times I did it your way at city commission and county commission meetings and all that came back were blank stares, or heat, or looks that said I was crazy.

From my blog post today:

"Starting maybe three years ago, during closing citizen comments at city commission meetings, I sometimes said consent agenda items at county commission meetings, which were not pulled for discussion, were passed in bulk without the County Clerk reading all the consent agenda items into the record. It would save time if the same was done at city commission meetings. Blank stares was the only response I ever got from the mayor, city commissioners, city clerk, city manager and city attorney, even though a number of times I had heard them grumble about how terribly long and tiring some city commission meetings were.

"However, I recently noticed during city commission meetings that consent agenda items, which were not pulled for discussion, were being passed in bulk, like at county commission meetings ...

"Imagine all the time spent over the years by the City Clerk reading city commission consent agenda items into the record, when those items were already in the record by virtue of being on the printed agenda."

So, I concluded that it didn't matter what I said, regardless of how meritorious it might be, and I decided to start trying to enjoy what sure looked like mass head up the assness (aka madness) to me.
Mostly, I went for the lampoon and the harpoon on my blogs, and still tried to be civil, not always, at government and public meetings. Such as last night's city commission meeting.

I was astounded your developers item had gotten through city staff and the city's planning board, and that it had been approved at the first city commission reading. Just based on the difficulty of fire trucks getting into there, I would have voted no. Of course, that would not be in your developer client's best interest. But I have come to regard developers as predators without souls. And that's who you represent and make good money doing it.

Also from my blog post today, after an extensive report on your item last night:

"During closing citizen comments last night, when citizens can speak for 3 minutes about anything, I said it had come out during the discussion of the Oceanside item that part of the 24 new affordable units were low income and part were median income, and the public views median income as market rate, not affordable, just as the public views Perry Court Apartments as market rate, not affordable.

"I then shifted gears and said I wanted to report what I once had told the County Commission:

"That when a developer's application is being presented by a lawyer, the lawyer's job is to get the developer the best possible deal, even if that means the local government is injured. It is legal malpractice for the lawyer not to try to get the developer the best possible deal. We have been reading a lot in the newspapers about developments that were approved and then turned out to be something else. The city and county now are approving developments and wondering what they approved will really end up being? How will they be had this time by a developer? Is there any way to know or prevent it? I asked. But this you should do. You should view any developer who comes before you as the enemy."
Sloan Bashinsky A thought arrived just now. By some unexplainable mechanism, you and I become each other. I have your job, which pays you well, and you have my job, which pays me nothing in human tender. We do that for a week. Then by the same unexplainable mechanism, we become ourselves again. Then, we compare notes and sit down and write a book about it and see if it makes money. If it did, it would be the 1st of around 20 books I wrote with heaps of blood, sweat and tears that passed the money test 😎
Jim Hendrick Sloan Bashinsky "The Horror!" But I'm not saying no quite yet.
Sloan Bashinsky Horror indeed, if you factor in writing my blog every day, having my dreams every nap and night, being used as a human sewage treatment plant, being a dart board for devils, human and hell, and angels.
Susie Rodnon
Susie Rodnon And Jim Hendrick there is another option: some “working people” care about their legacy more than the size of their bank account.
Regarding the Key West mayor's race (circus): 
I pedaled my environmentally-friendly Jurassic vintage bicycle to Jack Flats sports bar restaurant last night to have dinner and watch the big screens and escape, if only briefly, my non-paying job and my bizarre life. 

By some unexplainable mechanism, I sat on a bar stool next to a local ambulance-chaser lawyer friend, who is friends with Jim Hendrick and his benevolent mega bucks developer friend, Pritam Singh. 

I knew from having seen it on the Supervisor of Elections website, that my lawyer friend had contributed to mayor candidate Mark Rossi's campaign. 

Mark is a former Key West city commissioner who owns a number of "clubs" on lower Duval Street. American evangelists who support their sainted Donald Trump would call those clubs, "sin clubs". Naked women, oceans of booze, illegal drugs, negotiating extra curricular activities elsewhere, etc.

When I told my lawyer friend how I had learned about his contributing to Mark Rossi's campaign, my friend seemed a bit flustered that such information was a public record. 

I said, Not to worry, I was only wanting to ask what you think about Mark qualifying for the mayor's race, and then declaring he was taking a 6-week vacation? 

My lawyer friend said that was a strange thing to do. 

Seemed a bit cocky, I said. 

But when Mark gets back, I suppose he will campaign hard, my lawyer friend said. 

By then, the candidate forums will be over, I said. 

Oh, my lawyer friend said. 

My lawyer friend said, as he had said a number of times when by some mechanism we sat next to each other in Jack Flats, that he keeps wondering when I will send him the case that will enable him to retire?

I said, Funny you said that, because just around noon, on my bicycle rounding a nearby corner from here, I told you in my thoughts that I was wondering when I would find that case for you?

I did once find a great case for you against Pritam Singh. But the plaintiff was the kind of person no lawyer would want for a client, and maybe the jurisdiction did not lie here but in another state, but there was a heap of money involved. 

I did not say that it might be that was the case fate had brought by some unexplainable mechanism for me to give to my lawyer friend, which would enable him to retire - AFTER he paid me a fat fee for running the case to him, which is totally illegal. But then, I have my wonderments about how Pritam Singh keeps bamboozling our city and county governments? 

If I were local government elected official, I would automatically vote against any development application by Pritam Singh, because I know that by some unexplainable mechanism Singh will come out smelling like a rose and my government will come out smelling like shit.

You've tried everything else, so why not try crazy?

Everybody knows Key West is an open air insane asylum, so why not make it official? 

Sloan for Mayor!

trying to make a difference in Key West and the Florida Keys since 2000

political advertisement, created and paid for and prepared by me, Sloan Bashinsky

Well actually I don't think this political ad cost me any money, because someone gave me this laptop 2 years ago when I was homeless and this is a free Google blog and I am using the wi-fi in the home of the blue paper publishers, where I rent an efficiency apartment.